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Arkansas Fishing Locations
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Some Interesting Fishing Locations in Arkansas (USA)

Arkansas Fishing Locations – For all you sportfishing enthusiasts who feel like fishing somewhere in Arkansas, here are a few locations.

Greers Ferry Lake (Arkansas Fishing Locations)

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Exploring Greers Ferry Dam and its Surroundings

Nestled at the base of the picturesque Round Mountain, in the heart of the enchanting Ozark Mountains of north-central Arkansas, you’ll find the magnificent Greers Ferry Dam. This awe-inspiring natural wonder not only boasts breathtaking vistas but also serves as a gateway to a multitude of recreational possibilities. Here, we’ll delve into the diverse offerings that this splendid destination has to offer.

Natural Beauty and Modern Comforts: Parks and Camping

Greers Ferry Dam isn’t just a sight to behold; it’s also a hub for outdoor enthusiasts seeking adventure and tranquility in equal measure. Spanning across its vicinity are several meticulously maintained parks that cater to visitors of all kinds. These green oases provide modern camping facilities, ensuring that you can immerse yourself in nature while still enjoying the comforts of contemporary living.

A Water Wonderland: Marinas and Water Activities (Arkansas Fishing Locations)

For those with a penchant for water-based activities, Greers Ferry Dam is a dream come true. The area is dotted with marinas that extend a warm welcome to boaters and anglers alike. These marinas offer a plethora of services, from boat rentals to culinary delights, as well as a wide array of essential supplies. Whether you’re in pursuit of an adrenaline-pumping adventure or simply looking to unwind on the water, the options are boundless.

Year-round Fishing Bliss: Greers Ferry Lake’s Waters

One of the most appealing aspects of Greers Ferry Dam is its year-round fishing opportunities. The lake’s pristine waters teem with a variety of fish species, making it a prime destination for anglers. Whether you’re an experienced angler seeking a challenge or a novice looking for a peaceful day by the water, Greers Ferry Lake has something to offer.

Trout Hatchery and the Little Red River: A Unique Partnership

A unique feature of the area is the trout hatchery that supplies trout to the Little Red River, flowing gracefully downstream from the dam. This symbiotic relationship between the hatchery and the river ensures a steady population of trout, making it a delight for fly-fishing enthusiasts.

Trails Through Natural Beauty: Hiking Adventures (Arkansas Fishing Locations)

For those who prefer to explore the land, Greers Ferry Dam offers an extensive network of hiking trails. These trails wind through the lush woods, providing visitors with a chance to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the lake and its surroundings. Whether you’re an avid hiker or a leisurely stroller, the trails offer a picturesque escape from the everyday hustle and bustle.

In Conclusion: An Alluring Destination

In conclusion, the activities on and around Greers Ferry Lake are as diverse as they are captivating. Whether you’re drawn to the tranquility of camping, the excitement of boating, the thrill of fishing, or the serenity of hiking, Greers Ferry Dam and its surroundings have something for everyone. With its breathtaking natural beauty and endless opportunities for adventure, it’s no wonder that this Arkansas gem continues to captivate the hearts of visitors from near and far.

Kings River (Arkansas Fishing Locations)

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Exploring the Kings River in Arkansas

Originating in the rugged Boston Mountains of the Ozark National Forest, the Kings River in Arkansas stands as one of the last free-flowing rivers in the nation. Stretching over 90 miles, it meanders northward, eventually merging with Table Rock Lake at the Missouri state line. This pristine river offers a multitude of opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts, making it an ideal destination for families and adventurers alike.

A Scenic Journey through Nature’s Beauty (Arkansas Fishing Locations)

As you embark on a journey along the Kings River, you’ll be treated to a captivating spectacle of nature’s wonders. The river’s gentle current carries it past imposing rock bluffs, their ancient faces silently witnessing the passage of time. Along the banks, verdant trees cast cooling shadows, providing a welcome respite from the sun’s warmth. Crystal-clear pools beckon to swimmers and snorkelers, promising refreshing moments of immersion in nature’s tranquility.

Recreation and Adventure Abound

The Kings River is a treasure trove of recreational possibilities. Whether you seek the thrill of canoeing, the thrill of hiking, or the peacefulness of a picnic, you’ll find it here. Casting your line into the river’s waters offers the promise of a rewarding fishing experience, while campers can immerse themselves in the serenity of the great outdoors. For wildlife enthusiasts, the Kings River offers a chance to observe a diverse array of creatures in their natural habitat.

A Riverside Haven for All

Perhaps you simply wish to bask in the serenity of the moment and watch the river’s gentle flow. The Kings River provides the perfect setting for contemplation and relaxation, a place where time slows down, and the cares of the world seem distant.

Conclusion (Arkansas Fishing Locations)

In conclusion, the Kings River in Arkansas is a precious natural gem, a testament to the unspoiled beauty of the Ozark region. Its meandering course through breathtaking landscapes offers something for everyone, from adventurous spirits seeking excitement to those yearning for a tranquil escape. Whether you’re drawn to the thrill of outdoor activities or the simple joy of communing with nature, the Kings River invites you to embark on a memorable journey of exploration and discovery.

Lake Atalanta (Arkansas Fishing Locations)

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A Tribute to Atalanta Gregory: A Unique Name with Greek Roots

Opening its gates to the public in November 2016, the “new” Lake Atalanta in Rogers has breathed fresh life into this historic destination. Its name, Lake Atalanta, pays homage to Atalanta Gregory, the wife of O.L. Gregory, whose generous land donation played a pivotal role in the creation of this picturesque dammed reservoir nestled along Prairie Creek. This moniker, uniquely evocative of Greek mythology, harks back to the legend of Atalanta, a graceful and swift-footed huntress.

A Rich History: Lake Atalanta’s Golden Era (Arkansas Fishing Locations)

Originally conceived in 1936 under the aegis of the Works Progress Administration, Lake Atalanta was more than just a tranquil body of water. It stood as a multifaceted recreational haven, boasting a restaurant, a swimming pool, an ice skating rink, boat rental services, a tennis course, and even a miniature golf course. Not only did it serve as a cherished city park, but it also drew tourists from near and far, capturing their imaginations with its diverse offerings.

A Tale of Renewal: Restoring Lake Atalanta’s Glory

However, as the years passed, the ravages of time took their toll, and some of these once-vibrant amenities fell into disrepair. The lake’s rich history and the vision of its restoration combine to create a compelling narrative of renewal and revitalization.

Lake Atkins (Arkansas Fishing Locations)

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An Arkansas Landmark and Its Unique Beginnings

Lake Atkins holds a special place in the history of Arkansas lakes, as it was the first to receive partial financing under the Dingell-Johnson Act, funded by federal excise taxes on fishing equipment. Nestled on the banks of Horsepen and Ten Yard creeks, this lake boasts a unique feature—abundant stumps, brush, and logs that create an exceptional fish habitat. While some boat lanes have been meticulously cut through the timber, boaters must remain vigilant for submerged stumps and logs, ensuring safe navigation.

Enhancing the Angler’s Experience: Fishing Jetties and More

Enhancing the angler’s experience, Lake Atkins offers four strategically placed fishing jetties that extend into the lake, providing bank anglers with access to prime fishing spots. However, the story of Lake Atkins doesn’t stop here. In 2002, the lake underwent a significant transformation, including full drainage to facilitate repairs to the water-control structure and address issues related to rough fish populations.

A Remarkable Restoration: Renovation and Restocking (Arkansas Fishing Locations)

During this renovation, boat lanes were expertly cut, brush piles strategically positioned, and the drawdown tower received a much-needed overhaul. As part of the rejuvenation effort, a brand-new boat ramp was constructed at Lucky Landing, and a courtesy pier was rebuilt at Bell Chapel Access. To ensure a thriving ecosystem, the lake was restocked with a variety of fish species, including Florida-strain largemouth bass, bluegill, redear sunfish, crappie, and channel catfish.

Trophy-Class Fishing and Ongoing Conservation

One notable outcome of this restoration is the remarkable success of the Florida-strain largemouth bass in Lake Atkins. These bass have flourished, earning the lake a reputation for producing trophy-class fish. To further bolster the lake’s ecosystem, annual fertilization has become a routine practice, resulting in larger and more numerous fish.

A Beloved Destination: Lake Atkins Today

Today, Lake Atkins is often celebrated as one of the premier fisheries in western Arkansas. Its unique history, commitment to conservation, and dedication to angler satisfaction have made it a beloved destination for both novice and seasoned fishermen alike. With its thriving fish populations and picturesque surroundings, Lake Atkins continues to be the go-to spot for those seeking a memorable and rewarding fishing experience in the heart of Arkansas.

Lake Catherine (Arkansas Fishing Locations)

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A Natural Haven on Lake Catherine

Nestled in the serene embrace of the Ouachita Mountain region, Lake Catherine State Park is a haven of tranquility and natural beauty. The park enjoys a prime location, overlooking Lake Catherine, one of the five picturesque lakes in this stunning mountainous landscape. Within its serene confines, visitors can bask in the peaceful ambiance and partake in a host of recreational opportunities.

The Marina and More: Amenities at Your Fingertips

At the heart of Lake Catherine State Park lies the only full-service marina on Lake Catherine, a bustling hub of activity during the summer months. Here, visitors can stock up on bait, snacks, drinks, and fuel, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable day on the water. The marina serves as a vital resource for boaters and anglers eager to explore the lake’s pristine waters.

Exploring the Park: Trails, Playgrounds, and Picnic Spots (Arkansas Fishing Locations)

The park’s offerings extend beyond the marina, with a wealth of amenities designed to enhance the visitor experience. A convenient launch ramp beckons boaters to set sail, while pavilions and well-maintained picnic sites invite families and friends to gather and savor the beauty of the surroundings. For the younger guests, playgrounds provide hours of entertainment and outdoor fun.

Trails and Waterfalls: Connecting with Nature

Nature enthusiasts and hikers will be delighted to discover a well-marked trail that winds its way through the park, leading to a captivating waterfall. This trail offers an opportunity to immerse oneself in the natural wonders of the Ouachita Mountains and provides a serene escape from the demands of daily life.

Cabins with a View: Comfortable Retreats

For those seeking an extended stay in this idyllic setting, Lake Catherine State Park offers a selection of 20 fully equipped cabins. Among these accommodations is a two-bedroom cabin with a patio that offers sweeping views of the lake and even boasts private access to the water via its own fishing pier. These cabins provide a comfortable and convenient retreat for those looking to fully embrace the serenity of Lake Catherine.

Preserving History: CCC-Era Buildings (Arkansas Fishing Locations)

Adding to the park’s charm are several native stone and wood buildings, steeped in history dating back to the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in the 1930s. These architectural treasures serve as a testament to the park’s enduring legacy and commitment to preserving its heritage.

Camping Choices: Sites Along the Lakeshore

Lake Catherine State Park goes above and beyond to cater to a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts. The park offers a total of 70 campsites, comprising 47 Class AAA sites and 23 Class B sites. Additionally, there are six primitive tent sites and the unique option of renting a Yurt for those seeking a distinctive camping experience. Many of these sites are strategically positioned along the lakeshore, allowing campers to wake up to breathtaking water views.

Educational Adventures: Interpretive Programs

Throughout the year, the park’s dedicated interpreters offer a diverse array of programs, including guided hikes, informative lake tours, and engaging educational activities. These offerings ensure that visitors can connect with the natural wonders of Lake Catherine State Park while deepening their appreciation for its rich history.

A Year-Round Retreat: Embrace Nature’s Beauty

In conclusion, Lake Catherine State Park stands as a tranquil oasis in the heart of the Ouachita Mountains, where nature’s beauty and recreational opportunities converge. Whether you’re a water enthusiast, a hiker, a history buff, or simply seeking a peaceful escape, the park beckons with its inviting embrace. It’s a place where memories are made, and the wonders of the natural world come to life year-round.

Lake Chicot (Arkansas Fishing Locations)

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Exploring Lake Chicot: Arkansas’s Largest Natural Lake

Stretching an impressive 20 miles in length, Lake Chicot proudly claims the title of being the largest natural lake in the state of Arkansas. Moreover, it holds the distinction of being the largest oxbow lake found anywhere in North America. This sprawling water body is not only a visual masterpiece but also a haven for fishing enthusiasts, who flock to its serene shores year-round in pursuit of their piscatorial passions.

A Birdwatcher’s Paradise: Birding Along the Mississippi Flyway

Nestled in proximity to the mighty Mississippi River, Lake Chicot State Park enjoys a unique geographical location within one of the largest bird flyways in the entire United States. As a result, it has become a veritable paradise for avid birdwatchers, offering a front-row seat to the fascinating avian world. Park programs thoughtfully include guided lake and levee tours, providing visitors with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the natural splendor of the park while gaining insights into its ecological diversity.

Where Nature Meets Comfort: Accommodations at Lake Chicot (Arkansas Fishing Locations)

For those seeking an extended sojourn amidst this captivating landscape, Lake Chicot State Park offers a choice of 14 well-appointed cabins or 85 campsites. Whether you prefer the comforts of a cabin or the rustic charm of camping under the stars, the park caters to a range of overnight accommodation preferences.

Gathering Amidst Nature: Pavilions and Park Amenities

The park’s facilities extend beyond lodging options to embrace larger gatherings and reunions, with inviting pavilions that are perfect for group meetings and social get-togethers. Additionally, the park provides a host of amenities to enhance the visitor experience, including a park store and boat rentals (by reservation only at this time). During the warmer months, a seasonal swimming pool beckons, offering a refreshing respite from the Arkansas sun. Cabin guests enjoy complimentary access to the pool, while others can enjoy its waters for a nominal admission fee.

In Conclusion: Embracing the Beauty of Lake Chicot State Park

In conclusion, Lake Chicot stands as a testament to the natural wonders that grace the state of Arkansas. Its vast expanse, teeming with aquatic life, invites anglers and nature enthusiasts alike to partake in its beauty. The park’s commitment to environmental education and outdoor recreation ensures that visitors of all interests and backgrounds can create lasting memories amidst the breathtaking scenery of Lake Chicot State Park.

Lake Columbia (Arkansas Fishing Locations)

A Labor of Conservation: The Birth of Lake Columbia

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AGFC) undertook a remarkable endeavor by impounding Beech Creek, resulting in the creation of the expansive 3,000-acre Lake Columbia. Situated approximately six miles from the charming town of Magnolia, this man-made lake offers a blend of history and recreational opportunities that beckon visitors year-round.

History Meets Nature: A Rich Tapestry at Lake Columbia

Lake Columbia presents an intriguing juxtaposition of natural beauty and historical significance. Visitors can explore the nearby historic town of Magnolia, which adds an extra layer of cultural richness to their experience. The lake itself serves as a playground for boating enthusiasts and anglers alike, providing a vast expanse of water teeming with possibilities.

AGFC’s Commitment: Ensuring Visitor Comfort and Accessibility (Arkansas Fishing Locations)

AGFC has taken great care to ensure that visitors have the amenities they need to make the most of their time at Lake Columbia. Boat docks and fishing piers are thoughtfully provided, with some offering handicap accessibility, ensuring that everyone can partake in the lake’s offerings without limitations.

Fishing Bliss: Lake Columbia’s Abundant Waters

Anglers who make their way to Lake Columbia can expect a bountiful fishing experience. The lake is renowned for its healthy population of largemouth bass, making it a prime destination for those seeking the thrill of reeling in this prized species. A unique feature of Lake Columbia is the presence of flooded timber that blankets nearly half of the lake’s expanse. This submerged habitat provides a thriving ecosystem that benefits a variety of fish species, creating an angler’s paradise.

A Diverse Bounty: Beyond Largemouth Bass (Arkansas Fishing Locations)

While largemouth bass takes center stage, Lake Columbia also offers excellent opportunities for crappie, channel catfish, bluegills, and red-ear sunfish. Whether you’re an experienced angler looking for a challenge or a novice eager to cast your line, the lake’s diverse fish population ensures an enjoyable and rewarding day on the water.

A Diverse Bounty: Beyond Largemouth Bass

In conclusion, Lake Columbia stands as a testament to the AGFC’s commitment to conservation and recreation. Its creation has not only added a significant natural resource to the region but has also enhanced the cultural and recreational fabric of Magnolia and its surroundings. Whether you’re exploring the historic town, embarking on a boating adventure, or casting your line into the lake’s inviting waters, Lake Columbia promises a memorable experience for all who venture to its shores.

Lake Conway (Arkansas Fishing Locations)

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Inception and Distinction: Lake Conway’s Origins

Lake Conway’s storied legacy traces its roots back to the year 1948 when its very existence sprang forth from the construction of a spillway dam structure on the meandering waters of Palarm Creek. Spanning an impressive 6,700 acres, this remarkable body of water proudly holds the distinction of being the largest lake ever created under the auspices of a conservation agency.

Timeless Beauty: A Lake Unchanged

Throughout its illustrious history, spanning a span of 75 years, Lake Conway has witnessed the ebb and flow of time. While minor winter drawdowns have occurred, the lake has remained steadfast in its commitment to preserving its natural essence. Unlike some counterparts, Lake Conway has not undergone any major renovations, serving as a testament to its enduring allure.

A Beloved Destination: Lake Conway’s Enduring Appeal (Arkansas Fishing Locations)

Despite the challenges it may face in terms of habitat and accessibility, Lake Conway continues to shine as a beloved destination for nature enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Year after year, a staggering 50,000 visitors are drawn to its tranquil shores, captivated by its unspoiled natural beauty and a wealth of recreational opportunities that await exploration.

Angler’s Paradise: The Bounty of Lake Conway

Among the many pursuits that beckon visitors, fishing stands as a perennial favorite. Lake Conway’s waters teem with an abundance of aquatic life, making it a haven for anglers seeking a diverse catch. Crappie, bream, catfish, and the prized largemouth bass are just a few of the species that populate the lake’s aquatic ecosystem, promising an angler’s paradise for those who cast their lines in its embrace.


In conclusion, Lake Conway stands as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of conservation and recreation. Its rich history, spanning nearly eight decades, bears witness to its enduring significance in the hearts of those who cherish the natural wonders of Arkansas. Whether one seeks solace amidst its serene shores or the thrill of a fishing adventure, Lake Conway welcomes all with open arms to partake in its timeless allure.

Lake Dardanelle (Arkansas Fishing Locations)

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Russellville’s Recreational Oasis: Lake Dardanelle’s Main Site

Situated on the shores of Lake Dardanelle, a sprawling 34,300-acre reservoir nestled along the meandering Arkansas River, Lake Dardanelle State Park unfolds its charm across two distinct areas. The primary site is located in the welcoming town of Russellville, where visitors are greeted with a plethora of recreational and educational offerings.

Discovering Nature and History: Lake Dardanelle’s Visitor Center

Russellville’s main site of the park boasts an array of amenities, including the Sport Fishing Weigh-in Pavilion, an inviting fishing pier that extends into the tranquil waters, a picturesque swimming beach, a meandering boardwalk that invites leisurely strolls, and a scenic trail that beckons nature enthusiasts to explore. The crown jewel of this area is the visitor center, a hub of knowledge and exploration. Within its walls, visitors can marvel at five exquisite aquariums showcasing the aquatic life of Lake Dardanelle. Additionally, the Lakeview Room meeting facility provides a versatile space for gatherings and events.

Educational Adventures: Lake Dardanelle’s Interpreters and Programs (Arkansas Fishing Locations)

A dedicated team of park interpreters leads a diverse array of programs and lake tours, ensuring that visitors can delve into the rich natural and cultural heritage that surrounds Lake Dardanelle. These educational experiences add depth to any visit and allow for a deeper appreciation of the park’s offerings.

Camping by the Lake: Overnight Adventures at Lake Dardanelle

For those seeking an overnight adventure, Lake Dardanelle State Park provides a range of camping options. In the Russellville area, there are 57 campsites available, offering a variety of amenities to cater to different preferences. These include 16 Class AAA sites, 14 Class AA sites, and 27 Class B sites. Additionally, the Dardanelle area of the park offers 18 Class B sites for those who prefer a more secluded camping experience.

Honoring History: Lake Dardanelle’s Trail of Tears Legacy

Beyond its recreational allure, Lake Dardanelle State Park holds a distinct historical significance. It proudly bears the certification as a Trail of Tears National Historic Site, commemorating a pivotal chapter in American history. The Visitor Center, located on the Russellville side of the park, offers not only spectacular views of the river but also insightful exhibits that delve into the harrowing story of the Trail of Tears.

A Crossroads of History: Norristown and the Trail of Tears

During the era of forced removal, Dardanelle was more than just a dot on the map; it served as a bustling village and a crucial stopping point for those journeying between Little Rock and Fort Smith. However, the spotlight also falls on Norristown, situated just across the river, which boasted a ferry crossing that played a pivotal role in the removal process.


Removal parties, opting for a southern route toward “Indian Territory,” embarked on their journey by crossing the river from Norristown to Dardanelle. Many continued their arduous trek on the north side of the river, following the road to Dwight Mission or the path that eventually became Hickeytown Road. Between the years 1831 and 1859, groups of Cherokees, Choctaws, Muscogees (Creeks), Seminoles, and Chickasaws traversed or passed by the historic town of Norristown.


In conclusion, Lake Dardanelle State Park seamlessly weaves together the threads of history and the wonders of nature, offering a multifaceted experience for all who visit. Whether one seeks outdoor adventures, educational insights, or a glimpse into the past, this park on the shores of Lake Dardanelle stands as a testament to Arkansas’s diverse heritage and the enduring beauty of its natural landscapes.

Lake Greeson (Arkansas Fishing Locations)

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Origins and Purpose: The Creation of Lake Greeson

Nestled in the picturesque Ouachita River Basin of southwest Arkansas, Lake Greeson takes its place as one of the three enchanting lakes that grace this region. This captivating water body, situated in Pike County, Arkansas, finds its origins in the serene waters of the Little Missouri River.

A Versatile Water Resource: Lake Greeson’s Evolving Roles

Lake Greeson owes its existence to the vision and diligence of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, who embarked on its construction between 1947 and 1950. Originally conceived as part of a flood control and hydropower project, the lake has since evolved to encompass a diverse range of authorized purposes. These include the facilitation of recreation, ensuring water quality, serving as a vital water supply, contributing to conservation efforts, and promoting forestry, fish, and wildlife management.

Gateway to Nature: Outdoor Recreation at Lake Greeson (Arkansas Fishing Locations)

Year after year, Lake Greeson draws the attention of millions of individuals seeking to immerse themselves in the wonders of the great outdoors. Its allure lies not only in its pristine waters but also in the wealth of recreational opportunities that abound along its shores. A network of public parks, marinas, and campgrounds strategically dot the lake’s perimeter, offering a gateway to a plethora of outdoor adventures.

Engineering Marvel and Natural Beauty: Lake Greeson’s Distinctive Features

A distinctive feature of Lake Greeson is its status as a man-made lake, its very existence upheld by the presence of the only all-concrete dam within the Vicksburg District. This engineering marvel, built with precision and foresight, ensures the lake’s stability and longevity. Spanning approximately 12 miles in length, Lake Greeson is encircled by a sprawling 15,842 acres of federally administered public lands, adding to its natural grandeur.

A Playground for All: Recreational Diversity at Lake Greeson

Visitors to Lake Greeson are presented with an array of recreational possibilities. Whether one’s heart yearns for the exhilaration of boating or the refreshing embrace of a swim in its crystalline waters, the lake delivers. Additionally, those with an appreciation for the beauty of the land will find solace in the network of trails that wind through the surrounding wilderness.


In conclusion, Lake Greeson stands as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of human engineering and natural splendor. Its evolution from a flood control project to a haven for outdoor enthusiasts showcases the adaptability and resilience of Arkansas’s landscapes. Whether you’re seeking adventure on the water or serenity on its shores, Lake Greeson invites you to partake in its timeless beauty and the boundless opportunities it affords.

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