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14-16ft Oxford Fabric Trailerable 210D Boat Cover, Heavy Duty Waterproof UV Resistant Marine Grade Oxford Fabric fits V-Hull, TRI-Hull, Trailer, Pro-Style, Fishing Ski, Runabout, Bass Boat with Strap Black

Product Material – Made of premium 14-16Ft 210D ox fabric, which ensures long-lasting durability, UV resistance, and an air vent design. Fits boats with lengths between 14 and 16 feet and beam widths up to 90 inches; please refer to the boat cover size chart to determine the appropriate size for your boat.

Exceptional Full Protection – Boat cover of superior quality that will keep your boat protected from harsh weather all year long. It is resistant to tearing, fading, wetting, and cold cracking, and has an elastic cord sewn in around the hemline to ensure a secure and snug fit.

Product performance – Excellent waterproofing, dust-proofing, scratch-proofing, and sun protection characteristics, making it suitable for both long-term storage and trailering as well as mooring.

Upgraded weatherproof – The upgraded high-density oxford cloth can help to prevent aging and extend the service life of the product. Seams are double stitched to prevent water from entering the seams. Elastic cords around the bottom edge of the boat ensure a secure fit while also protecting it. Includes a complimentary storage bag.

1 x Boat Cover, 1 x Roll of White Nylon Straps, and 1 x Storage Bag are all included in the package.

Boat Cover Support Poles 1 PK Support Systems – One Adjustable Small to Large Posts Boat Cover Pole for Jon Boat Pontoon Boat Cover Aluminum Boat Tarps Bimini Tops Marine Grade (Boat Covers Online)

The boat cover support pole has an easy-to-use telescoping pole that adjusts to any height from 23.5″ to 56″ to hold up covers and tarps made of canvas or plastic and prevent water from pooling. The pole can be adjusted to any height from 23.5″ to 56″.

WITH MUSHROOM CAP AND BUTTON SNAP RUBBER END: These boat cover support poles with mushroom cap and snap system can accommodate a variety of cover styles. Snap the cover to the frame to keep it in place, or use the rounded cap to prevent the cover from tearing.

ULTRA DURABLE MARINE GRADE: This prop boat cover pole is made of strong yet lightweight aluminum to resist rust and extend its useful life. It is designed to withstand the rigors of the marine environment. Our aluminum tarp poles will not bend or break in pontoons, deck boats, fishing, ski, paddle, or jon boats, among other types of watercraft.

If you want to use straps, you can do so through the three slits in the rounded cap, which will hold the boat pole cover upright while you’re putting it on or during high winter winds. If you don’t want to use straps, you can leave them out. Multiple boat covers should be used for pontoon boats or larger boat covers.

WHY BETTER BOAT: We are a small family-owned American business dedicated to manufacturing high-quality RV care and boat cleaning products of the highest quality. We stand behind our boat care accessories, which include our bimini and boat cover posts, and we guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Fuprosico Boat Cover, 600D Waterproof Boat Cover 16 17 18 ft Foot Fits Bass Boat, V-Hull Tri-Hull, Runabout Bowrider, Fish and Ski Boat 16′-18.5′, Heavy Duty Canvas, Double Rear Air Vents, Black

LONGER SERVICE LIFE: The Fuprosico bass boat cover is made of superior quality 6.9 oz 600-D marine-grade polyester fabric that has been mixed with Anti-UV Composite to make it more tear-resistant and durable than other covers. We specifically thicken the cover’s easily worn sharp bow to increase its ability to withstand friction; all seams are folded three times and double stitched, with no raw edges, making it difficult to tear; and all buttons are double stitched.

EXCELLENT WATERPROOF PERFORMANCE: Fuprosico has treated the fabric with three coats of PU to improve its water-resistant properties. All of the inside seams are taped to prevent rainwater from leaking into the boat from the top; the double rear air vents on both sides of the 16 17 18 ft foot boat cover allow inside moisture to escape more quickly and keep the inside dry.

WINDPROOF LOCK SYSTEM: Reinforced Tie-down loops are made of military-grade three-stitched sewn material, which is more tear-resistant than other types of materials. Integrated windproof buckles and an adjustable tie-down straps system allow you to fasten the cover securely to your craft and prevent it from being blown away, whether you are trailering it or mooring it. A strong shock cord is sewn throughout the hem to ensure a snug fit for your boat.

A Jon boat cover from Fuprosico that can be used universally Compatible with lengths ranging from 16′ to 18.5′ Up to 94″ beam width for Bass Tracker, V-Hull Tri-Hull Boat, Fishing Runabout Bowrider Boat, Fish, and Ski Boat, and other similar vessels. The package contains a heavy-duty Boat cover, a 600D storage bag, windproof buckle straps (the number of which varies depending on the size of the boat), a detailed installation and care instruction manual, and a warranty card.

If something does not provide good value for money, it is of no use to you. – We have developed the Fuprosico brand superior trailerable boat cover using superior raw materials and technology, as well as providing excellent value for money. With a limited warranty of two years, we will be here for you long after you have made your purchase. When you make the right decision, it all comes together.

iCOVER Boat Cover Support Pole, Boat Cover Support System (Boat Covers Online)

Adjustable Height – This boat cover support pole has six separate poles for extension, and the height can be adjusted from 12″ to 54″, allowing it to be customized to fit any boat cover perfectly.

Using a mushroom cap as the top and a large 7″ stable base, this support pole can be used to support a variety of objects. The large round base adds stability and durability to the boat cover or boat tarp, allowing it to remain in place even in adverse weather conditions.

Great Feature – This support pole can be used to support any area under your boat cover, prevent debris and water build-up, and help to extend the life of your vessel.

Material – The ABS material used to construct this boat cover support pole is extremely durable.

However, if you live in an area where there is a lot of wind or rain, we strongly advise you to choose our aluminum pole for better protection against the elements.

iCOVER Boat Cover Support Pole System-Height Adjustable Aluminum Telescoping Pole and Webbing Strap Prevent Water from Sagging

Removes the possibility of water pooling on a boat cover. If you own a boat and store it outside, you are well aware of how harsh the elements can be on a cover. By using this Boat Cover Support Pole System, you can eliminate all areas where water could potentially pool and collect, as well as any pockets of water that could form under the boat cover. It contributes to the longevity of your boat cover.

QUICK AND EASY TO INSTALL AND VERY STURDY-This support Pole system includes three 28-foot-long straps with a male and a female buckle at one end for quick release and length adjustment; a height-adjustable aluminum telescoping boat cover support pole; a mushroom cap that fits on top of the pole for strap threading; and a round base that fits on the bottom of the pole to serve as a stand. This pole is compatible with Vico Marine Boat Vent Cap 2 (sold separately).

The support Pole is self-standing and height-adjustable due to the presence of a large support plate at the bottom of the pole. The height can be adjusted from 23″ to 56.5″ in height. The boat cover support kit strap and pole system will make covering your boat significantly easier, as well as help to prevent your boat cover from ripping and collapsing as you sail. For the best possible support, a pontoon boat will require two systems.

COMPATIBLE WITH THE MOST POPULAR BOATS ON THE MARKET- Compatible with boats up to 25 feet in length. Make use of an accommodating pole to take care of any low sagging areas in the boat cover and to ensure that the straps remain tight. Rain, snow, hail, and other forms of precipitation will pour off the boat. Normally, the pole should be extended approximately 3 to 5 inches above the height of the windshield. You can increase the number of adjusted poles in the low areas to provide the best possible protection. The adjustable aluminum telescoping Boat Cover Support Pole is available for purchase separately from iCOVER.

WARRANTY- At iCOVER, we provide a 12-month warranty on our products. Any request will be responded to within 24 hours; if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

iCOVER Trailerable Boat Cover- 12′-14′ Waterproof Heavy Duty Marine Grade Polyester, Fits V-Hull, Fish&Ski, Pro-Style, Fishing Boat, Runabout, Bass Boat, up to 12ft-14ft Long and 68″ Wide (Boat Covers Online)

This Universal Boat Cover – TRAILERABLE is suitable for V-HULL fishing boats, V-hull tri-hull runabouts, bass boats, Fish&Skis, and Pro-style bass boats. It can accommodate boats up to 12ft-14ft in length and beam width up to 68in; please consult the iCOVER boat cover size chart for assistance in determining the appropriate size for your vessel.

Design that is watertight and UV resistant – Durable Canvas Fabric with a water-resistant PVC coating and an anti-UV finish ensures that this boat cover is easy to tear, fade, and crack when wet or exposed to extreme temperatures, keeping your boat protected from harsh weather all year long.

A heavy-duty elastic cord is sewn around the hemline to ensure that the garment is secure and fits snugly. Easy installation and removal are made possible by an integrated buckle and adjustable strap tightening system that is simple to use.

The cover can be used for a variety of purposes, including boat storage, mooring, and trailering. Please place a support pole beneath the cover to prevent water from accumulating on the surface of the cover. The support pole is available for purchase separately from iCOVER.

Risk-Free Shopping – At iCOVER, we offer a 12-MONTH WARRANTY against any quality-related issues that may arise.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back! There are no questions asked!

Primeshield Outboard Motor Cover, Waterproof Boat Motor Covers, 600D Heavy Duty Motor Hood Cover, Outboard Engine Cover Fits Motor Up to 10Hp

DIMENSIONS AND FIT: 21″ (D) x 12″ (W) x 16″ (H). Boat motors up to 10 horsepower are protected by a heavy-duty waterproof outboard motor cover. It is compatible with the majority of brands.

WATERPROOF PERFORMANCE: The boat motor cover is made of 600D polyester fabric with a waterproof PU coating, which protects your boat engine from damage caused by wind, dust, and other natural elements, ensuring that it remains in good working order at all times. COLOR: BLACK This 600D engine cover is also resistant to cold temperatures of up to -68 degrees Fahrenheit, so it can be used to protect your boat motor during the winter months.

To ensure long-term durability, this boat motor cover is constructed with double-line stitching and high-density bound seams. It comes with heat protection, and it’s simple to keep the cover looking brand new and fresh.

Secure Quick Release System (SQRS): The elastic cord around the bottom hem ensures a tight fit, protecting your motor from all sides and providing 360-degree all-around coverage. You no longer have to be concerned about your motor cover blowing away in a strong wind!

Please be assured that all PrimeShield products are covered by a One-Year warranty. If you have any problems or questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department. To ensure that you get the correct size cover, you must first determine the size of your outboard motor.

Zipper Wax & Zip Lube Marine Grade Zipper Lubricant Stick Zipper Lubricate with Ease Boat, Canvas, Bimini Snap, Metal Zippers, Jackets, Coolers, Vinyl Panels, Wetsuit & Drysuit No Oil & Graphite Mess (Boat Covers Online)

PREVENT SNAP AND ZIPPER STICKING: Apply our snap and zipper lube stick directly to the snaps and zippers that are difficult to open and close to make them easier to use! A waterproof lubricant that is resistant to the elements and allows zippers and snaps to operate smoothly and easily.

APPLICATOR WITHOUT MESSING UP: Our snap and zipper lubricant comes in a tube, which simplifies application and keeps things looking neat and tidy. When compared to liquid graphite lubricant or oil, our mess-free wax stick is significantly easier to apply. A clear, wax-based formula glides on smoothly and won’t stain clothing or other fabrics.

ALMOST EVERYTHING: Our snap and zipper lube stick is great for a variety of applications, including boat covers, jeep zipper lubricant, jackets, plastic zippers, wet and drysuit zip gear, as well as zipper cooler, windows and drawer pulls, and as a component of your zipper repair kit.

Our snap and zipper lube create a protective zipper wax barrier for metal closures on boat canvas panels, car covers, tents, campers, and scuba gear to protect against saltwater and rain as well as the sun and weather. A straightforward zip wax.

WHY BETTER BOAT: We are a family-owned American company dedicated to manufacturing high-quality RV care and boat cleaning and maintenance products and supplies. We stand behind your satisfaction as well as our products, which include our protectant zip-stick protector.