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Boat Plumbing Fittings

Marine Plumbing Fittings Plastic

The term “boat plumbing fittings” refers to a wide range of products that can be used on boats. There is a wide variety of choices available for marine water pipe fittings, ranging from thru-hulls to raw water strainers, boat sink drains, and vented loops. Due to the wide variety of materials from which fittings can be crafted, including bronze, plastic, stainless steel, and marelon, finding the appropriate component for your undertaking requires some research and shopping. (Article about “Piping and plumbing fitting” on Wikipedia)

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Best Sellers at Boat Plumbing Fittings

Attwood 11587-4 T-Handle Drain Plug, for 1-Inch-Diameter Drains, Locks in Place, Brass-Plated Handle with Chain

Drains on board can be plugged in quickly and reliably with this device.

Insert Drain Insert the plug into the drain opening, and then turn the T-handle in a clockwise direction to secure it.

To unlock it and make its removal simpler, turn the handle in the opposite direction of the clock.

Designed for use in drain openings measuring 1 inch in diameter

The plug features durable rubber construction

The handle has brass plating and a chain attached to it.

Attwood 3873-3 Polypropylene Straight Thru-Hull Connector, White Finish

Provides reassurance of a secure connection through the hull

Suitable for hoses with an internal diameter of 34 inches

Stem Length: 3-1/4 inch

The maximum allowable hull thickness is 1-1/4 inches.

Flange diameter: 2-1/4 inch

Attwood 7524A7 Snap-Handle Drain Plug, For 1-Inch-Diameter Drains, Locks in Place, Brass Handle, Rubber Plug

Free from Restraints

Plugs for drains with a diameter of 1 inch that have a snap-on handle

Attwood 7526A7 T-Handle Drain Plug, For 1-Inch-Diameter Drains, Locks in Place, Brass Handle, Rubber Plug

The plug is designed to fit drains with a 1-inch diameter.

Brass that does not corrode

To unlock it and make its removal simpler, turn the handle in the opposite direction of the clock.

Attwood 7534A3 Brass Livewell/Bailer Drain Plug

Produces a seal that is reliable and impervious to water

Fits a through-hull with an inside diameter of half an inch

The locking cam action lever is flipped down to engage.

Construction made of brass is resistant to corrosion.

Neither fuels nor chemicals are compatible with this product.

For a through-hull with an inside diameter of 7/16 inches

Excellent for use in Livewell drains.

Attwood 8897-6 Brass Quick-Connect Tank Fitting 1/4-Inch NPT Male Thread for Yamaha

Solid brass that has been machined to ensure dependable performance and mental ease.

Installation is simplified by a quick-connect male thread measuring 14 inches.

Compatible with a variety of Mercury and Mariner Brand engines, including those that run on leaded, unleaded, or alcohol-blended fuel. Versatile.

Use with Attwood 8886 or other quick-connect hose fittings of a similar design.

Boating is a type of sport.

The fuel tank fittings and hose fittings manufactured by Attwood are compatible with leaded, unleaded, and alcohol-blended fuels respectively.

Quick-connect male NPT thread measuring 1/4 inch

Marine Plumbing Fittings Plastic

Attwood Universal Rubber Bow Stop, Black, 3″ X 3″ (11201-1)

Rubber that does not leave marring and is long-lasting protects the finish on your boat.

The Y-stop configuration provides a safe and secure grip on the bow of your vessel.

Length and width measuring 3 inches, with a mounting hole measuring 0.5 inches.

Products manufactured by Attwood are not only interchangeable but also dependable because they are designed and constructed with a “never fail” mentality.

Solid brass Drain Plugs, Cast Brass Pipe Plugs with a 1/2 in. NPT Thread

Not hollow like many low-quality plugs that rot and sink boats, these have precision threading and are made of solid brass, making them more durable.

Used on the majority of boats, including Bayliner, Four Winns, Glastron, Larson, Sea Ray, and Starcraft, as well as a great many other models.

A completely brand-new product that is simple to put in.

Direct from the factory pricing, 100% satisfaction guarantee, and best of luck with your shopping!

Honoson 2 Pieces Stainless Steel Drain Snap Plug Boat Drain Plug for Drains

What you will receive: included in the package for your use are two pieces of drain snap plugs made of stainless steel, which is primarily silver and black in color; Enough quantity can satisfy your daily requirements; In addition, the use of this tool, which is both straightforward and functional, will be of great assistance to you in your work.

Material that is suitable for use: these boat drain plugs are made of high-quality stainless steel and rubber, making them resistant to corrosion, not easily broken or deformed, and strong and sturdy enough for you to use for a considerable amount of time. In addition to this, the workmanship is of high quality, they are simple to use, and they have an effect that is both tight and long-lasting.

Information regarding dimensions: each of the drain snap plugs measures approximately 10 x 4 x 3 centimeters or 3.9 x 1.6 x 1 inch, and the diameter of the plug is approximately 1 inch. The weight of the plug is approximately 50 g, which is very suitable for drains with a 1-inch diameter.

You only need to install them from the internal beam, and they will snap in the drain tube. These stainless steel snap handle drain plugs provide you with a pleasant user experience and are simple to operate thanks to their adjustable rotating torque. Additionally, they are easy to handle and operate.

Application areas: these boat drain plugs can be used in a wide variety of applications, including the bottom hatch, lifeboat, breakwater, and so on, which will make your life much more convenient.

ISURE MARINE 2pcs Replacement Nylon Drain Boat Plug & Gasket for Drain Plug

Because the kayak drain plug is made of high-quality nylon, which is durable and difficult to crack, in addition to being lightweight and portable, you can use them without fear of damaging your kayak.

The red gasket creates a watertight seal, so water won’t be able to get into your boat without your permission.

The total length is 54 millimeters. The total width is 25 mm, while the thread width is 18 mm. The caliper measurement standard does not rule out the possibility of differences.

The thread drain plug kit is versatile and can be used in a variety of watercraft, including kayaks (ocean kayak, native kayak, old city kayak), canoes, inflatable boats, inflatable rafts, and more; it provides a pleasant experience when in use.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. 24-Hour

Nylon Kayak Drain Plug Kit Quality Thread Drain Plugs Canoe Boat Hull Thread Drain Plugs for Kayak Dinghy Canoe Boat

You can use them without fear because they are made of long-lasting materials; the kayak drain plug is made of high-quality nylon, which is not only lightweight and portable but also long-lasting and difficult to crack.

Simple to install and remove; all that is required is for you to screw it into the sleeve directly. There is a red rubber ring on each of them, which can increase water resistance and prevent water from entering your boat.

The thread drain plug kit has a wide range of applications and is suitable for a variety of watercraft, including kayaks (ocean kayak, native kayak, old city kayak), canoes, inflatable boats, rafts, and more; it provides a pleasant experience when in use.

Nice performance: the plug kit for kayaks can stop seepage, drain water from the inner hull of your boat, and keep the seal under high-vibration conditions. These features are all possible thanks to the design of the kit.

What you will receive: In the package, you will receive four pieces of 3/4-inch kayak drain plugs. This quantity is sufficient for you to use and replace as needed.

Perko 1045P0SDP 2-Pin Plug-In Type with Waterproof Snap-On Cover – Stainless Steel Face with Black Polymer Body

Ring made of stainless steel, with a bottom made of black polymer

2-pin style fits Perko 1343, 1347, 1348, 1349, 1400, 1440, 1442, 1450, 1451, 1452, 1460, 1454

An integrated safety collar is available.

Constructed using reputable parts and materials

Marine Plumbing Fittings Plastic

Seachoice 18131 90-Degree Angled Thru-Hull Connector, White Finish, 0.75 Inches

Provides reassurance of a secure connection through the hull

Suitable for hoses with an internal diameter of 34 inches

Flange: 1-1/2 inch

Maximum Hull Thickness: 1 1/2 centimeters

Produced using a high-impact, white plastic material

Seachoice 18231 3-Way Y Fitting – Fits 3/4 Inch ID Hose – Black Plastic

Ideal for plumbing in areas that are difficult to access

Connectors with barbed ends to ensure a firm grip

Arrangement of three “Y” connections

Compatible with hoses having an inner diameter (ID) of 3/4 inches

Constructed from a rust-proof black plastic material

SEAFLO Thru-Hull Fitting Through Hull Choose Size and Pack Quantity

SEAFLO Thru-Hull Fittings

Warranty for 4 Years!!

White is the color.

For Hoses Measuring 1 Inch

DIMENSIONS: H – 93mm, D – 61mm, D1 – 26mm

DIMENSIONS: d – 33mm, d1 – 25.5mm, di – 18mm

SeaSense Baitwell Plug (Pair, 5/8- Inch)

constructed entirely out of brass.

livewell/baitwell drain

forms an airtight and watertight barrier by snapping shut.

SeaSense Drain-One Way Safety Plug Only

Brass Connector for the Boat

This Is A Product Of Very High Quality

50032269 is the model number for the Seasense SS One-Way Safety Drain Plug.

China is the country of origin.

Marine Plumbing Fittings Plastic

SeaSense Drain Tube Plug, 3-Inch

This tube has a wall thickness of.035 inches.

This drain tube is for drain plugs with a 1″ diameter.

In order to complete the installation, you will need a Drain Fittings Kit as well as a flanging tool.

SeaSense Garboard Plug

The total length of the package is 11.43 cm

The width of the package is 3.56 centimeters.

Height of package: 0.254 centimeters

The type of product being sold is FISHING EQUIPMENT.

SeaSense Stainless Steel Drain Twist Plug (1- Inch)

Turn the plug.

1″ diameter

Turning the “T” handle in a clockwise direction will make the connection more secure.

Constructed out of stainless steel that is resistant to corrosion

T-H Marine Drain Plug for 1-1/2″ Thru-Hull

Excellent performance when used in conjunction with T-H Marine drain tubes

Injection-molded construction in black color

A large ring makes it possible to remove it easily.

T-H Marine Flow-Max Boat Self-Bailing Ball Scupper Valve – Positive Sealing Ball Drain Replaces Old Flapper Scuppers – Fits Over 1-1/4″ Motorwell Tubes

Replace Worn-Out Flapper Scuppers The Flow Max ball scupper features multiple mounting openings to make retrofits quick and easy. There is no need to fill holes or re-drill, as there is no need to re-drill existing holes.

Better Drainage – The self-bailing scupper drain has a larger exit hole than other boat scuppers, which results in up to 70 percent more water being drained from the boat.

Keep Your Cockpit and Deck Dry—Boat Scupper Balls Use Neutral Buoyancy to Ensure a Tight Seal and Eliminate the Possibility of Water Flowing Back Into Drainage Lines The boat scupper balls use neutral buoyancy to ensure a tight seal and eliminate the

The self-draining scupper features a new design that can be twisted off, making it simple to remove any excess debris that may have accumulated.

Installation – the scupper seal has slots that allow it to fit over 1-1/4″ motor well tubes, and it comes with a safety screw that can be used to keep the valve in place. However, the installation process will require tapered head screws.

T-H Marine ODT-1-DP Overflow Drain Tube

Overflow drain tube with push-in fitting for a 1-1/8-inch drain; 12 inches in length; straight.

Overflow drain tube that is both practical and cost-effective

The drains of the live well and bait well must be completely sealed.

PVC construction of the marine-grade variety for maximum durability.

Draining a live well or bait well with this is much simpler than using a plug.