Boat Seat Accessories

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Boat Seat Accessories

Boat Seat Accessories
Boat Seats
Seats Boat Accessories

Boat Seat Accessories – There are many accessories to make your boat seat comfortable: seat covers, backrests, cushions, armrests, footrests, hinges, etc … (Article about “Sliding Seats (for rowers)” on

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Best Sellers at Boat Seat Accessories

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Attwood 1002 Lock’N-Pin 3/4″ Pin Seat Mount – Zinc Plated Steel, 2-3/4″ Steel Pin with Spring

Construction of zinc-plated steel

B is the ABYC code.

Height when installed: 1″

Attwood 15700-3 Seat Mount, Clamp-On With Swivel, Adjusts from 7 ½ inches to 18 inches, Black, Powder-Coated Aluminum

Most seat hole patterns can be accommodated by a swivel action seat mount.

A sturdy aluminum frame with a black powder-coated finish

For boats with bench seat depths ranging from 7.5″ to 18″.

This versatile mount is perfect for use in Jon boats.

Please follow the instructions and properly tighten the wing nuts – ideally with long needle nose pliers – to prevent the seat mount from coming loose.

ABYC Code B Compliant

Attwood 17720 Seat Swivel, For Boat Seat, 6 ¼ Inches, 0-Degrees Tilt, Aluminum, Black Powder Coated (Boat Seat Accessories)

The tilt is set at zero degrees.

Powder-coated in a dark gray color

Attwood 91320-ADJ Swivel-Eze Adjustable Pedestal, Height Adjustable 11 ½-17 ½ Inches, For Boat Seat, Black Powder Coated

A strong and dependable mounting point for a boat seat

It is an exceptional value due to its outstanding durability and height adjustability.

The sturdy pedestal has reinforced welded joints for added strength.

The marine environment will be able to withstand the rigors of the black powder-coat finish.

It has an integrated base mounting plate as well as a seat mounting plate.

Heavy-duty 2-7/8″ posts and 9″ dia. machined bases are designed for strength and safety in harsh offshore environments.

Positive-locking ergonomic handles with stainless steel components

Attwood 97749-7 Swivel-Eze Lock’N-Pin ¾-Inch Pedestal Package, Brushed Aluminum Finish, 11 Inches Tall, 7-Inch x 7-Inch Base Plate

Includes all of the mounting hardware needed to install a boat seat, so all you need to do is add a seat (sold separately)

Finishing Kit in Brushed Aluminum

An 11-inch-tall post is topped with a black, e-coated seat mount with spring.

Posting without a thread

Meets ABYC Code B requirements.

Attwood Economy Pedestal (Boat Seat Accessories)

Sturdy non-swivel boat seat mounting point

The sturdy pedestal has reinforced welded joints for added strength.

It has an integrated base mounting plate as well as a seat mounting plate.

It has a black powder-coat finish that will stand up to the rigors of a marine environment.

Dimensions of the product: 7″ H x 6.75″ W x 6.75″ L

Range of Hole Mounting Patterns: 4.85″ W x 4.85″ L to 5.8″ W x 5.8″ L

Seats Boat Accessories

Attwood Lock’N-Pin 3/4″ Adjustable Power Pedestal Boat Seat Pin Post SP-3204-R-T Threaded

Variable from 24 to “1.77” diameter brushed aluminum boat seat extension post with threaded, steel pin, up to 30″ high

The 3rd “system provides exceptional economic performance

This product is ideal for adding seating to fishing, pontoon, or cruising boats.

Lock’N-Pin products are ABYC-compliant.

Attwood Lock’N-Pin 3/4″ Boat Seat Pin Post SP-2114 – Non-Threaded

11″ tall, 1.5″ diameter brushed aluminum boat seat extension post with a steel pin that is not threaded.

Lock’n-pin prevents unintentional seat mount, post, and base detachment.

The 3/4 inch System provides exceptional economic performance.

This product is ideal for adding seating to fishing, pontoon, or cruising boats.

Products with a lock’n-pin Comply with the ABYC standard

Attwood Lock’n-Pin 3/4″ Boat Seat Post Base Stainless Steel Non-Threaded Lock’n-Pin 3/4″ Boat Seat Post Base SP-64839 Stainless Steel Non-Threaded (Boat Seat Accessories)

lock’n-pin 4″ x 8″ The 3/4″ pin base is a stainless steel top plate with a steel Lip tube for reinforcement. It uses a non-threaded pedestal pin and has acetal bushing for a secure fit and long life.

Clearcoat finish for a nice appearance and corrosion resistance

Attachment with six bolts or screws (hardware not included)

Attwood SP-2134-T Lock’N-Pin ¾-Inch Pin Post, 13 Inches Tall, 1.5-Inch Diameter, Brushed Aluminum, Threaded, Steel Pin

A dependable boat seat mounting post

A brushed aluminum finish improves the visual appeal of a craft.

13-inch-tall with a 1.5-inch-diameter outside diameter

Meets ABYC Code B requirements.

Attwood SP-37904 2″ Wedge Extension Post – 13″ to 19″

The tubing is precisely sized and satin-anodized.

Designed to avoid unintentional detachment

Seat mounts of type B are intended to lock into the post.

13″ to 19″ in length

Seat mounts of type B are intended to “lock” into the post. Designed to avoid unintentional detachment

Individually sized heavy-duty bushings with peripheral bearing system and exclusive “crush ribs” for a precise fit

The tubing is precisely sized and satin-anodized. Tubing is available in a variety of styles. Pedestals are available in a variety of lengths, including the patented “J-Slot” design.

Attwood SP-68914 Wedge 2-Inch Base Plate, Round, 9-Inch Diameter, Brushed Aluminum, Extends 2 Inches Below Deck (Boat Seat Accessories)

Wedge Extension Posts and other seat mounting components, such as Wedge Extension Posts, can be mounted on this stable foundation (sold separately)

The design is round, having a 9-inch diameter.

It is installed with the help of six fasteners.

A mounting hole with a diameter of 3.25 inches is required.

reaches a depth of 2 inches below the decking surface

It complies with ABYC Code AO requirements.

Seats Boat Accessories

Attwood Wedge 2 Inch Extension Post

Mounting point for a boat seat that is strong and dependable.

Anodized aluminum with a satin finish

Extension Post (2-Inch Diameter)

11 inches tall

With 2-point stainless steel riveting, the bushing is securely fastened to the post.

Meets ABYC Code B requirements.

Leader Accessories Aluminum Adjustable Height Locking Boat Seat Pedestal (Boat Seat Accessories)

Strong and long-lasting anodized aluminum is the material used.

Height can be adjusted anywhere between 14 and 19 inches, and there are 7 different lock-in positions.

Platform measuring 13 inches by 7 inches with a smooth fore and aft travel slide.

Base dimensions are an outside diameter of 9 inches and a diameter of 2 7/8 inches.

Rotation of 360 degrees with a locking knob. Weight: 12LB

Leader Accessories Marine Boat Seat Swivel (Boat Seat Accessories)

Swivel with ball bearings made of black powder-coated steel

Swivels 360 degree

The hole pattern is suitable for most seats.

6″x6″ square swivel,standard 5″ x 5″ pattern

Warranty for One Year

ONHI Adjustable Height Locking Boat Seat Pedestal

Material(s): Anodized Aluminum, which is sturdy and long-lasting, with a smooth, thick wall and a polished finish.

The seat mount has a full 360-degree swivel and a base that measures 9 inches in diameter and 2-7/8 inches in diameter.

13 inches to 19 inches high, with 7 different lock-in positions for the height.

Compatible: Designed to fit all makes and models of Seats and complies with Class AD (Drive Grade) Standards

Weight: 7LB

Shoreline Marine Seat Post

Most standard 7″ x 7″ seat mounts are compatible.

3/4 of a “For stability, pin-type mounting and a tight-fitting nylon bushing are used.

Pin that is not threaded

Most seat mounts are compatible.

11 brushed aluminum “seat elongation post

Springfield 1632013 Power-Rise Stand-Up Pedestal – 22-1/2″ to 29-1/2″

Adjustable in height for use as a seating or leaning post

360-degree rotation

Adjusts from 22-1/2″ to 29-1/2″ in length.

It is designed to be used with Threaded KingPin bases, which are sold separately.

Seats Boat Accessories

Springfield Marine 1610413-OSS Kingpin Offset Post – 1-3/4″ (Boat Seat Accessories)

13th “Total Length

1-3/4″ in diameter”

Composition of Stainless Steel

To be used with any KingPin seat mount and any standard base (sold separately)

Springfield Marine TRAC-Lock Bushing 2 7/8″

China is the country of origin.

The Arrangement: The product’s height is 30.5 centimeters.

The product’s package length is 12.7 centimeters.

The product’s package width is 15.2 centimeters.

Sporting activity: boating

Swivl-Eze 2064 Lock’N-Pin Posts – Fixed Hgt. 6”, 1.50” Dia, Bulk Pack,Non-Threaded

Swivl-Eze 3/4″ King Pin Seat Post or a 6″ extension is brand new.

The Lock N Pin 3/4″ system provides exceptional economic performance. Lock N Pin components are designed to prevent unintentional detachment of seat mounts, posts, and bases. They exceed ABYC standards. The posts have a 1-1/2″ diameter and are made of brushed aluminum. Non-threaded steel pins are used in the posts.

Please double-check your own fitment.

Swivl-Eze SP-67749 Swivl-Eze Lock’N-Pin Aluminum Boat Seat Pedestal Mount – 7-Inch x 7-Inch Base, 3/4-Inch (Boat Seat Accessories)

7th “Aluminum Lock’N-Pin 3/4″ Pin Base measures 7″ x 7”. It is compatible with non-threaded 3/4″ tubing “pedestal pins and an acetal bushing for a secure fit and long life.

Brushed aluminum finish for a stylish appearance and corrosion resistance

Attachment with six bolts or screws (hardware not included)

Components Included: End Product; Information

Boating is a sport.

TRAC-Lock III Swivel 2-3/8″

Aluminum alloy with a powder-coated finish

2-and-a-half-inch post mount with bushing for a snug fit

360° rotation

The locking handle is centrally located and easy to reach with either the left or right hand.

Sporting activity: boating

Wise 3059-1882 Pontoon Double Drink Holder

Ideal for pontoons, runabouts, cruisers, and fishing boats.

It has two stainless steel cups, a marine-grade plastic frame, and vinyl and foam padding.

A weighted vinyl flap secures the drink holder to the Pontoon seat by tucking it between the seat and back cushions.

A cleverly designed drop flap keeps the flap securely in place even in the most violent of waves.

Height: 4.625″, width: 7.5″, depth: 12.25″

Seats Boat Accessories

Wise 8WD2003 King Pin Power Rise Pedestal (Boat Seat Accessories)

Power Rise King Pin Casting Seat Pedestal with Adjustable Height

Air-powered height adjustment from 22.5″ to 29.5″, 360-degree rotation

Seat Mount and Height Adjustment Lever Integrated

Use with a 3/4″ diameter King Pin Type Pedestal Base.

Designed for boat speeds of no more than five miles per hour.

Wise 8WP21-18S Boat Seat Pedestal, Adjustable Height from 12″ to 18″, with Standard Seat Mount

Adjustable Height Locking Pedestal – adjusts in height from 12″ to 18″

2 7/8″ polished anodized aluminum posts with thick walls, 9″ diameter base with recessed mounting holes

Seat spider mount with locking paddle handle and adjustment knob, 360° rotation with locking knob

The standard 5 1/4″ hole pattern is compatible with virtually all marine seat brands.

According to ABYC standards, Class AD is certified.

Wise 8WP21-374 Adjustable Pedestal with Slide, Silver (Boat Seat Accessories)

Height adjustment ranges from 12 to 18 inches, with a 7-inch travel seat slide; 360° rotation with a locking knob.

Pedestal Post: 2 7/8-Inch Diameter, Base: 9-Inch Diameter

Polished Anodized Aluminum

Fits all seat brands and meets Class AD (Drive Grade) standards.

Wise Boat Seat Caddy Gear Holder

Fits Wise 8WD138 and 8WD139 style seats to provide a convenient location for gear and drinks.

Fits most seat brands with the same style frame as well.

Various Storage Options for Gear and Drinks

The mounting hardware is included.

3″ in height, 13.75″ in width, and 6.25″ in-depth

Wise WD10 360-Degree Flat Boat Seat Swivel, Black

360-degree swivel boat seat with ball bearings

Steel construction with a black powder coat finish

6 1/4 inches in total length

Most boat seats have a 5 1/4-inch bolt pattern.

Made in the USA

WOMACO 2 Pack Boat Seat Cover, Outdoor Waterproof Pedestal Pontoon Captain Boat Bench Chair Seat Cover, Oxford Fabric Helm Chair Protective Covers (Boat Seat Accessories)

Oxford 210D fabric

Our single-seat cover is made of 210D Oxford fabric and is both trailer and breathable. It shields your seat from rain, snow, frost, dust, and the sun. UV protection keeps your seat from fading.

Waterproof, and weatherproof, keep the boat seats dry, cool, and more durable. Protect your captain’s chairs from UV rays, saltwater, rain, dirt, bird droppings, and stains.

A Necessary Boat Seat Cover with a Perfect Fit. This boat seat cover measures 22″ Lx24″ Wx25″ H/566164cm and fits most boat seats up to 25 inches in length. No matter what brand of boat you have, our boat seat covers will provide excellent protection.

EASY TO APPLY – Simply drape the cover over the seat and tighten the elastic drawstring in the bottom hem for a secure, snug fit.

Protection – They will be perfectly protected by our boat seat cover. Whatever the design of your boat. It can help to prevent sun-induced discoloration and cracking of boat seats.

XGEAR Deluxe Low Back Boat Seat, Fold-Down Fishing Boat Seat

Marine-grade vinyl is durable enough to withstand years of use.

Aluminum hinges and a seat frame made of high-impact injection-molded plastic

Ample high-compression foam padding ensures maximum comfort.

Tie-down straps and mounting hardware are included. When not in use, the backrest folds down!

Standard 5″ x 5″ mounting bolt pattern