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Boat Water Pressure Pump

A variety of water pressure pumps for freshwater systems on boats and RVs. Both 12V and 24V water pressure pumps can pump 23 l/min.

If water does not flow over the side of the deck or through a hole in the hull, generally via a scupper, it will drain into the bilge, which is located lower down inside the ship.

This water could have been caused by stormy seas, rain, leaks in the hull or stuffing box, or any other type of interior spilling. That’s when a Boat Water Pressure Pump comes in handy. (Article about “Bilge” on

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Best Sellers at Boat Water Pressure Pump

ALL NEW SEAFLO 55-Series Diaphragm Pump – 12V DC, 5.5 GPM, 60 PSI with HEAVY DUTY PRESSURE SWITCH

ALL NEW Heavy Duty Pressure Switch with Extra-High Capacity

Self Priming On Demand Water Pressure Pump with 12 Gallons Per Minute

5.5 GPM at a pressure of 60 PSI

Protection from the ignition as well as from thermal damage

Guarantee for 4 Years

Amarine Made 12v Water Pressure Diaphragm Pump 18.9 L/min 5.0 Gpm 60 Psi – Caravan/RV/Boat/Marine (Boat Water Pressure Pump)

The design, which has been granted a patent, ensures a smooth and continuous flow over the entire range of operation while only consuming a minimal amount of electricity.

A thermal breaker is built into the motor as an inherent part, and the balanced design of the motor uses precision ball bearings to ensure a long lifespan.

Every marine duty pump has a switch that is hermetically sealed, and the pump’s finish is an electro coating that prevents corrosion.

When properly installed, marine duty fresh water pumps provide years of silent performance and are protected to prevent any incidental moisture from entering the pump.

When combined with a water system that has low backpressure, an Amarine-made pump has the potential to surpass all expectations.

Amarine Made 12v Water Pressure Diaphragm Pump Self Priming Pump 4.3 L/min 1.1 GPM 35 PSI RV Water Pump for Caravan Boat Marine Agricultural

An automatic water pump that operates on-demand, designed for use with smaller boats, campers, and vans

The incorporated pressure switch of 35 PSI for automated stopping and starting

Self-priming, which makes it possible to put it above the tank; capable of operating even when dry.

Integrated thermal guard; hose barb openings measuring 3/8 inches in diameter

1.1 gallons per minute or 4.2 liters per minute; the new pump has a little bit of water in it because it was being tested at the factory; before being sold, every pump will be put through a series of rigorous tests.

DC HOUSE 42-Series Upgrade Water Diaphragm Pressure Pump, 5.0 GPM 55 PSI 12V DC Self Priming Water Pump for RV Caravan Marine Yacht (Boat Water Pressure Pump)

Features include a 12 Volt DC electric diaphragm water pump with a 5.0 GPM flow capacity and a 7 Amp current rating (16 Max Amps)

Capable of self-priming up to 9.8 feet in the vertical distance

Adjusting the pressure is easy thanks to the built-in pressure switch, which has a range of 40 to 80 psi and is activated and deactivated at 55 psi.

Installing it is simple and it is very quiet.

Service: Four-year Warranty; if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us; we will respond to your inquiry within twenty-four hours.

ECO-WORTHY 40-Series 12V Water Pump Electric with On-Demand Pressure Switch 4.5GPM 40PSI 12 Volt Self Priming Water Pressure Pump for Home Camping RV Food Truck Equipment Booster Transfer Fresh Water

Pump with four chambers, positive displacement, 4.5 gallons per minute (17 liters per minute), 40 pounds per square inch (2.8 bar), and 12 volts of direct current. Power is supplied by an RV.


High Performance – Capable of self-priming to a height of 9.8 feet, which enables effortless lifting up to 131 feet in height while in use. It is incredibly silent, it has thermal protection, and it can run empty without being damaged.


The intelligent pressure switch can be turned on and off at will. Once the pressure hits 40 PSI, the automatic shutoff will occur. Use water just as you’re at home!


The installation is a breeze, and the water flow is fantastic. A helpful device for spraying agricultural crops, moving water, at home, when camping, and in food trucks. It is definitely worth it.


AWESOME Customer Service – Assurance that every WATER PUMP will come with a 4-year warranty. If, for any reason, you are not happy with the order, please get in touch with us as soon as possible through the order.

Flojet Pump Switch Kit, Triplex, 50 Psi 2091050, Pump Switch Kit, Triplex, 50 Psi (Boat Water Pressure Pump)

The length of the package is 12.953 cm

The breadth of the package is 12.7 cm

Height of the package: 3.555 centimeters

ENGINE WATER PUMP is the type of product.

Happybuy RV Water Pump 5.3 GPM 5.5 Gallons Per Minute 12V Water Pump Automatic 70 PSI Diaphragm Pump with 25 Foot Coiled Hose Washdown Pumps for Boats Caravan Rv Marine Yacht

Exceptional Performance: The self-priming 12V pump has an automatic pressure switch control that opens and closes automatically when you open and close the nozzle. This ensures that the pump always operates at optimal pressure. It has a flow capacity of 20 liters per minute (5.5 GPM), high pressure of 70 pounds per square inch (PSI), and it includes built-in thermal overload safety.


High-quality Material The main body of the 5-chamber positive displacement diaphragm pump is composed of ABS engineering plastic; it is also one-piece, sturdy, and tightly sealed. The operation of the pump in tough settings is ensured by a powerful motor that has a waterproof cover and a pressure switch that has been hermetically sealed. Mounting feet made of rubber suppress noise and protect against corrosion.


Complete Wash Pump Kit This washdown pump kit includes a trigger Nozzle with Quick Connect, a Quick Connect Adaptor, a UV-protected 25′ Coiled Hose, and two NPT Connectors with 1/2″ Straight Barb, and a Universal Saltwater Filter/Strainer. All of these components may be found in one convenient package.


The pump head of this water dash pump has an externally threaded port, and the pump head itself comes in a variety of sizes. Additionally, the pump may mount in a variety of designs, allowing for a simple connection to any outlet. The threaded connection on the water pipe is constructed of brass of the highest quality, and the filter may be removed and cleaned independently.


The 12-volt water pump has a duty cycle of 30 minutes and is compatible with both freshwater and saltwater. It is meant for intermittent use. Other uses include: Boats, fish tanks, anchor chains, and beacon stations can all benefit from a thorough cleaning with this product. Additionally, it can be utilized for the cleaning of RVs, yachts, and recreational decks.

iztor Marine Automatic Submersible Boat Bilge Water Pump 12V 1100 GPH Auto Float Switch (Boat Water Pressure Pump)

The snap-off strainer allows for quick and easy cleanup.

1 1/8-inch hose outlet—12-volt bilge pumps come designed with an electronically controlled reed sensor system, allowing for a fully automatic operation that is simple to use.

Housing that is rugged, watertight, and impact resistant; shaft made of stainless steel

Marine wiring that has been obstructed.

Pump and switch in a single integrated unit

There is no need for an additional float switch. -It is possible to use it. The three-wire system can operate automatically, with a switch, or both.

Suitable for use as a flow sensor in bilge pumps The newest version incorporates a removable base, making maintenance and cleanup much simpler. A Heavy Duty flow switch was developed specifically for the most demanding of applications.

Johnson Pumps 10-13406-107 Aqua Jet WPS 5.2 Water Pressure Pump, 12V (Boat Water Pressure Pump)

The package measures 27.177 cm in length, 13.97 cm in height, 18.541 millimeters in width, and weighs 6.5 pounds.

SEAFLO 110V 3.3 GPM 45 PSI Water Diaphragm Pressure Pump – 4-Year Warranty!!! with Plug for Wall Outlet

4 Year Warranty Backed by an Authorized Seaflo USA Dealer!!!

a flow rate of 3.3 gallons per minute, self-priming pressure of 45 psi

Includes the conventional outlet plug with three prongs.

1/2″ Threaded NPT Inlet/Outlet, includes 1/2″ Barbed Hose Adapters and has a Mesh Inlet Strainer.

.75 amps of the current draw at 110 volts AC (1.2 Max Amps)

Seaflo 12V 3.0 GPM 45 PSI Water Diaphragm Pressure Pump – 4-Year Warranty!!! (Boat Water Pressure Pump)

4 Year Warranty Backed by an Authorized Seaflo USA Dealer!!!

A flow rate of 3.0 gallons per minute at 45 psi pressure

Putting Oneself First

1/2″ Threaded NPT Inlet/Outlet, includes 1/2″ Barbed Hose Adapters and has a Mesh Inlet Strainer.

A draw of 3.0 amps with 12V DC Current (6.0 Max Amps)

SEAFLO 42-Series Water Pressure Diaphragm Pump w/Variable Flow For Reduced Cycling – 12V, 3.0GPM, 55PSI

Certified to UL 778 and CSA 22.2 Standards

Pump with a Positive Displacement of 12 Volts, 3.0 GPM, and 55 PSI

Technology that allows for variable flow and bypass, leading to reduced cycling!

Auto-priming and able to function in a run-dry environment

Every single one of SEAFLO’s products comes with a standard warranty of 4 years.

SEAFLO 55-Series Water Pump and Accumulator Tank System – 12V DC, 5.5 GPM, 60 PSI, 2 Gallon Tank (Boat Water Pressure Pump)

Pump with 12 Volts, 5.5 GPM, 60 PSI, and 18.9 Amps Max Draw

Contains the Pump, the Accumulator Tank, the Fittings, and the Strainer

Continuous Duty, the ability to run dry, self-priming, and a reduction in cycling

Drinking-Safe Components for Various Applications

Warranty Period of 4 Years

SEAFLO Accumulator Tank Water Pump Flow Control Internal Bladder 125 psi 23.5 oz

Reduces the amount of pump cycling

the water faucet’s pulsations are smoothed out.

Built-in diaphragm and pre-pressurized to a pressure of 10 psi

Max pressure 125 psi

Mounts made of soft rubber, with 1/2-inch NPT inlets and outlets

SEAFLO Marine Air Conditioning/Seawater Circulation AC Pump 500GPH Submersible – 115V (Boat Water Pressure Pump)

Marine Air Conditioning Circulation Pump Manufactured by SEAFLO

Compatible with a wide variety of marine air conditioning systems, such as those manufactured by Dometic, Webasto, Cruisair, Marine Air, Koolair, and March, amongst others!

500GPH. Compatible with Systems Capable of Generating up to 24,000 BTU

115V 50/60 HZ / Inlet: 3/4″ FPT / Outlet: 1/2″ MPT

Warranty for 4 Years!

YoungTree Self Priming Water Pressure Pump, 5.0 GPM 55 PSI 12V Water Diaphragm Pump for RV Caravan Marine Yacht (FL42-12V)

Technical Specifications: voltage: 12V DC; high flow: 5.0GPM; factory setting pressure: 55PSI (3.8bar); amps: 7.0 A (maximum: 16.0 a); self-priming up to 9.8 feet; (3M).

The water pump has a built-in bypass switch, which serves as a thermal protection device and protects the motor in order to reduce internal cycling.

Protection Equipment – 12V water pump built-in pressure switch protects the water pump by allowing it to start and stop automatically with the tap switch. The operation is smooth and quiet.

Utilized Commonly – The fresh water pump has a multitude of applications, including but not limited to agriculture, industry, irrigation, yacht, and RV pressure systems.

Warranty – This product comes with a 4-year warranty; if you have any questions, feel free to contact us via the message system, and we will respond to you within the next day.

YOUNGTREE Water Diaphragm Pressure Pump 12 Volt DC 3.5 GPM 45PSI, 12V Self Priming Fresh RV Water Diaphragm Pump for Spray Marine Caravan Yacht Camper (Boat Water Pressure Pump)

In the package, you will get a 2,50 mesh intake filter1, a user manual1, a barbed 1/2-inch hose adapter2, and a 3-chamber diaphragm pump1.

Main Parameters – This 12V DC water pump has a self-priming capability up to 9.8 vertical feet, a water flow of 3.5 gallons per minute, and a pressure setting of 45 PSI. It draws a maximum of 9.0 amps.

On-Demand Water Pump – The pump includes a pressure switch that can be adjusted, and it activates and deactivates at 45 PSI. When the electricity is on, the pump will start working or turn off by itself depending on whether or not the tap is turned on.

The pump is a fantastic companion for RVs, boats, gardens, and campers because it is easy to install, produces no noise, and consumes very little power.

CE safety certification, a four-year warranty, protection against thermal overload and ignite, and the ability to run dry without incurring harm. Each and every YOUNGTREE water pump comes with a standard warranty of 4 years. Please get in touch with our customer service team through the order form if you have any questions regarding the products.