Fish Attractants

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Fish Attractants

One way to think of a fishing attractant is as an alluring aroma that can be used to entice a wide variety of fish species, including bass, trout, walleye, catfish, panfish, and carp. (article about Groundbait on Wikipedia)

The attractants work by using a natural scent that fish recognize as being associated with food. This encourages the fish to not only swim toward your lure in the belief that they will get a delicious meal but also to hold on to your line once they have bit onto it.

However, as the term suggests, the fish may be “attracted” and circle the area in search of the food, but they will spit a lure in a fraction of a second if the bait feels unnatural or has an unnatural taste, so it is important to do some research and practice techniques that mimic the natural forage that is found in the lake.

The difference between fishing and catching fish will be determined by this factor.

Fish Scent Attractants

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Best Sellers at Fish Attractants

Atlas-Mike’s Miracle Thread Bait Wrap Thread

All goods must meet stringent quality and performance requirements.

Scents that are extreme for all species of fish

This product is intended for both beginner and professional anglers.

Miracle The thread is absolutely transparent and will not be noticed by fish.

This is excellent for tying your own egg sacs.

It aids in keeping your bait on the hook for a longer period of time. Simply turn it around, and it will stay in place.

It is simple to use; no knots are required.

Each bundle contains one 100-foot spool of thread.

Atlas Fishing Bait Mallows

Dimensions of the package: 15.0 ” L x 8.0 ” W x 5.0 ” H


The USA is the country of origin.

5.0-pound package weight

Baitmate Classic Scent Fish Attractant, for Lures and Baits – 5 fl oz (Fish Attractants)

Natural fish oils produce a scent that fish cannot stand.

Fish pheromones stimulate fish genetically and trigger predatory instincts.

Anise oil masks unpleasant odors that may repel fish.

There are formulas available to attract Bass, Catfish, crappies, and Panfish.

Spray Bottle, 5 FL. OZ.

Baitmate Flip and Dips for Soft Plastic Lures, SwimBaits, Spinners, and Jigs including Flipping Jigs

The Baitmate Flip and Dip Jar makes it simple to apply baits without having to use your hands.

Convenient wide mouth, a flip-top lid that opens with one hand and allows for simple application

Dip delivery ensures that your lure receives the maximum amount of coverage with the least amount of waste.

The square jar helps to keep things from rolling around.

Jar with a capacity of 6.0 fl oz

Berkley Gulp Alive Recharge Liquid Bait (Fish Attractants)

High-quality materials were used to create this product.

Designed to assist anglers in catching more fish

The most trusted brand in all fishing equipment.

To increase the effectiveness of Gulp and Gulp Alive bait, add ReCharge.

It’s ideal for filling the Gulp Alive Bait Management Container.

Available in convenient 2 oz and 8 oz bottles.

Berkley PowerBait Attractant, Bass Scent, 8-Ounce

Simple to put into practice

PowerBait smell and flavor are added to standard lures or live bait to make them more effective.

a liquid attractant that is water-soluble

PowerBait’s tried-and-true recipe is now available in a bottle!

It improves the appearance of ordinary lures or live bait.

Simple, quick, and handy to use

8 oz. glass bottle

It is available in the scent of bass.

Fish Scent Attractants

Cedars Bill Dance Porcupine Fish Attractor Spheres, Fishing Attractant Habitat, Lakes, Rivers, Ponds Structure (Fish Attractants)

It is simple to construct and install. It doesn’t move. Excellent visibility on LCR and flashing sonar equipment. For both night and ice-fishing outings, mark your locations with a GPS or landmarks to make navigation easier.

When algae and plankton bloom to attract baitfish, larger fish are drawn to the area, allowing them to form a quick bond with them. Young fish benefit from the refuge and shade provided, which increases their chances of survival.

All fish species benefit from the structure provided by Porcupine Fish Attractors, which improves spawning habitat while also providing valuable structure for all fish species in all-size lakes.

From farm ponds to large reservoirs, these fish attractors assist anglers, scientists, and professional lake management firms in increasing both the quantity and quality of fish in their ponds and reservoirs. Professional guides, tournament anglers, and others use artificial lures to draw fish to specified places on the water.

When it comes time to create Fish Attractors, you may cut your own 1/2-inch PVC tubing to any length you choose. (This applies ONLY to spheres.) NOTE: PVC piping is NOT included.

Crappie Magnet 96-Piece Kit – 80 Bodies, 2 E-Z Floats, 6 Crappie Magnet Jig Heads, 8 Double Cross Jig Heads, Freshwater Fishing Gear and Accessories

ONE-OF-A-KIND SPLIT TAIL STAYS OPEN: Although the body has little action, it consistently outfishes skirts and curly tails that have more action.

PROVEN: One of the best vertical crappie fishing jigs on the market; has won several tournaments over the years.

EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR CRAPPIE IS INCLUDED IN THIS KIT: Our most popular crappie magnet body colors, double-cross jig heads, and E-Z crappie floats For best results, fish the lure vertically or beneath a float.

DURABLE: This Lure simply catches crappie and is more durable than tube jigs or other small crappie jigs.

MADE IN THE UNITED STATES: Made of high-quality plastic and bright colors that will not tear like other plastics on the market.

EYEBEADS 18pcs Assorted Reflective Silver Fishing Lure Stickers Adhesive Laser Waterproof Fish Scale Film for Fishing Lure (Fish Attractants)

REFLECTIVE LASER MATERIAL: Reflective laser material is waterproof, making it ideal for creating visually appealing lures.

LARGE SIZE: 7.8*3.9inches, large stickers are excellent for large lures because of their size.

APPLICATIONS: Stickers may be used to update an old lure, turn a gold lure into a silver bait, and make a DIY fishing lure. They can also be used for handwork, decoration, and a variety of other purposes.

HOW TO USE: Cut stickers to the size and form of your lures, and then apply them straight to your lures with a glue stick.

IN THE BOX: You will receive 18 sheets of stickers, each with two sheets of each pattern. There are nine different patterns in total.

Liquid Mayhem Fish Attractant Scent Gel Made with Real Bait Particles – Fish Bite and Hold On Longer; Bass, Muskie, Freshwater, Saltwater, Apply to Lures, Plastics, Spoons, Plugs, Topwaters, Jigs

GEL FISHING BAIT: Our fishing paste makes catching fish efficient and simple. This gel has a natural smell and tastes that fish love, thanks to real bait particles infused with powerful amino acids. Our gel is simple to apply to any fishing lure.

HIGH-QUALITY FISH BAIT: Our scent lure is made with naturally scented bite stimulants to entice fish to hold onto lures for a longer period of time. This long-lasting formula is intended to adhere to the lure and elicit aggressive fish strikes in murky waters.

MESS-FREE, LONG-LASTING PASTE: This baitfish gel is mess-free and only requires a small amount for application. Unlike other fishing-bait pastes, which only last a few casts, our formula lasts up to 30 casts and retains its scent with each line cast.

FISHING TACKLE-BOX ACCESSORY: Our fish-attractor paste is an excellent complement to a lure and hook collection. This scented bait gel contains a real, live bait concentration and an advanced UV package to help make your fishing trips a success.

GREAT FISHING GIFT IDEAS FOR BOTH MEN AND WOMEN: Our bait scent is the ideal fishing gift for men and women who enjoy fishing. This fish attractant contains everything a fisher needs for a successful catch, whether they are a tournament pro, a recreational fisherman, or a beginner.

Mike’s Fishing Bait/Lure Lunker Lotion (Fish Attractants)

Formula with a sticky consistency

Has a longer duration of action

Increases the number of strikes

A powerful blend of smells, tastes, amino acids, and bright colors is used.

Apply immediately on any lure or bait of your choice.

OriGlam 【Happy Shopping Day】 100pcs Soft Plastic Luminous Glow Fishing Beads, Beads Round Beads Fishing Lures, Green Sea Fishing Bead Fishing Tackle Tools

Glow in the dark green soft plastic egg-shaped beads that are soft and glow in the dark. Soft and easily attached to a fishing hook.

Great Value – The colored beads can be used on lures, hooks, or just above the hook on your line for an added attraction while night fishing or deep water fishing.

Full of Surprise – The bead has a hole in the center through which the fishing line can be threaded. Fishing tackle is useful.

Luminous – Luminous beads add a splash of color when night fishing or deep-sea fishing. Soft Plastic Oval Shaped can reduce resistance while also protecting the fishing rod head and float chamber.

Perfect for Deep Drop Rigs, Rigging Trolling Lures, Stream, Pool, Lake, and River Fishing, and More.

Fish Scent Attractants

Pautzke Fishing Scent Attractant Fire Gel Bait (Fish Attractants)

Our future vision is based on our past as we strive to continue bringing innovative, industry-leading products to market and remain eager to serve you – our extended Team Pautzke family.

Longest-lasting, most potent, and most effective fish-attracting scent for anglers

Simple to use, professional strength Fire Gel is designed to work on flies, lures, bait, and other items.

Sporting activity: fishing

Pro-Cure Catfish Magic Chicken Liver Cure, 12 Ounce

This product is made from real-entire bait.

All of our bait smells are UV enhanced, which means that your bait or lure will be more visible to fish when used in conjunction with them.

Amino acids are added to the bait, which enhances the natural flavors while also triggering an impulse in the fish’s brain to feed.

Pro-Cure Gizzard Shad Super Gel, 2 Ounce (Fish Attractants)

The USA is the country of origin.


Dimensions of the package: 10.668 cm x 5.334 cm x 2.794 cm

0.200 pound package weight

Pro-Cure Inshore Salt Water Super Gel, 2 Ounce

Made entirely of real bait

UV boosted

A rich source of amino acids

Super sticky, super strong, and super-efficient.

excellent for all artificial bait

Sporting activity: fishing

Pro-Cure Inshore Salt Water Super Gel, 8 Ounce

Made entirely of real bait

UV flash added for effect

A rich source of amino acids

Bite stimulants have been added.

Excellent for all artificial baits.

Pro-Cure Mullet Super Gel, 2 Ounce (Fish Attractants)

Enhanced by ultraviolet light

Bite stimulants based on amino acids for increased attractiveness

Made entirely of actual bait that has been stabilized

Pro-Cure PC-4RK Rock Salt Bulk in Poly Bag 4 lb

Not suitable for human consumption

Ideal for brining or salting baits.

A must for brining herring, shrimp, and other seafood.

Iodized or not Iodized

Simple to use

Fish Scent Attractants

Pro-Cure Rainbow Trout Super Gel, 2 Ounce

Made entirely of real bait

UV boosted

A rich source of amino acids

Super sticky, super strong, and super-efficient.

excellent for all artificial bait

Pro-Cure Shrimp Super Gel, 2 Ounce (Fish Attractants)

This product is made entirely of actual baits.

Enhanced by ultraviolet light

Contains a high concentration of amino acids

It’s incredibly sticky, incredibly strong, and extremely effective.

The bait adheres to artificial baits remarkably effectively.

Sporting activity: fishing

Pro-Cure Shrimp Super Gel, 8 Ounce

Made entirely of real baits

UV boosted

A rich source of amino acids

Super sticky, super strong, and super-efficient.

Sticks exceptionally well to artificial baits

Pro-Cure Sweet Corn Scent Bait Oil, 2 Ounce (Fish Attractants)

Bite stimulants with high potency cause bites.

UV Flash Enhancement

Marinate or incorporate into baits

Pro-Cure Trophy Bass Super Gel, 2 Ounce

This product is made entirely of actual baits.

Enhanced by ultraviolet light

Contains a high concentration of amino acids

It’s incredibly sticky, incredibly strong, and extremely effective.

The bait adheres to artificial baits remarkably effectively.

Pro-Cure Trophy Trout Baitwaxx, 0.55 Ounce

The USA is the country of origin.




Pro-Cure Trophy Walleye Super Gel, 2 Ounce (Fish Attractants)

Made entirely of real bait

UV boosted

A rich source of amino acids

Super sticky, super strong, and super-efficient.

excellent for all artificial bait

Pro-Cure Wizard Kokanee Killer Korn Dye, 4 Ounce, Pink

Corn gains a strong scent as a result of this addition.

Toughens corn and aids in its preservation.

Kokanee adores it.

Corn is dyed a brilliant fluorescent pink.

A must-have item for serious kokanee anglers.