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Fish Finder Garmin – The electronic fish finder’s transducer is the component responsible for the majority of the effort. Sonar waves are transmitted and received by the device, which allows it to determine the distance between itself and objects, as well as their size and shape.

There are many different kinds of transducers, each of which has particular benefits and drawbacks that are determined by the applications. The transducer is the working component of the fish finder, and the location in which you choose to install it is of critical significance.

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The Garmin company (Fish Finder GARMIN)

Legally, the company Garmin Ltd. is based in Switzerland. However, it is now headquartered in Olathe, Kansas. The company is considered one of the largest manufacturers of GPS (Global Positioning System) devices in the world. Garmin Ltd. was founded in 1989 in Lenexa, Kansas, and was then called “ProNav”.

Later the name was changed to “GARMIN” which is an acronym for the first names of the two founders. These were GARy Burrel and Dr. MIN Kao. When the company was founded, both gentlemen were mainly concerned with integrating GPS technology into navigation equipment. These devices could be used in various industry sectors. Garmin has 14,500 employees in 65 locations around the world.

Some details :

  • Exchange: NASDAQ: GRMN
  • Establishment: 1989
  • Founder (s): Gary Burrel, Min Kao (Board Chairman)
  • Key people: Cliff Pemble (President and CEO), Doug Boessen: Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer (CFO), Andrew Etkind (Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary)
  • Headquarters: Schaffhausen, Switzerland
  • Employees: 10,000+ (2013)
  • Industry: Technology
  • Profit / year: 2.8 billion

One of Garmin’s slogans is “Built for the future”. These four words fully describe the company, its products, and its culture. Garmin’s superior products play an important role in the lives of many of their customers. Their devices are used in various sectors such as automobiles, vessels, aircraft, sports, and nature.

Various sectors in which the Fish Finder GARMIN is used

Fish Finder GARMIN - Automotive

Automotive sector:

handy Garmin devices that can make life easy for a vehicle driver. And this for cars, trucks, campers with caravans, mobile homes, and motorcycles. They can even be used in rally sports. The driver becomes much more aware that he is “on the road”. And then they also have the rearview cameras and dash cams.

Water activities:

here the passenger (s) can enjoy sunbathing, fishing or sailing without having to worry. Garmin GPS devices are very reliable.

Water Activities
Water Activities
Sports Activities
Sports Activities

Sports activities:

here the devices mainly serve to register the results of walking, cycling, golfing, running, swimming, diving. Even owners who want to train their dogs can find what they want in such a Garmin device.


Garmin also has an extensive range here. From a small, portable navigator to the most luxurious flight decks. Be it an airplane, a cargo plane, or a helicopter, there is something for everyone.



STRIKER™ Plus Series: Choose from 4″, 5″, 7″, and 9″ models of GPS fishfinders with sunlight-readable displays, industry-leading sonar and Garmin Quickdraw™  Contours mapping software.

Garmin STRIKER™  Series: Garmin STRIKER fishfinders include built-in GPS plus CHIRP sonar and CHIRP scanning sonar capability

Portable Fishing Kit: Rugged, portable fishing kit perfect for kayaking, johnboats and more.

Garmin Striker Plus 4 with Dual-Beam transducer, 010-01870-00

Includes a dual-beam transducer with Garmin Chirp traditional sonar for clear images and great target separation.

Built-in Garmin quickdraw contours mapping software lets you make and store maps with 1′ contours for up to 2 million acres.

Built-in GPS lets you mark waypoints, make routes, and see how fast the boat is going.

The 4.3-inch screen is bright and easy to read in direct sunlight.

Rugged design for every fishing environment. Frequencies supported: Traditional: 50/77/83/200 kHz, power to transmit: 200 W (RMS)

PROS and CONS from verified buyers on Amazon

As you can see there are both positive and negative impressions of the product… So you can clearly see that every person has his own opinion, and what is good for one person, is bad for another, and vice versa. Therefore, you can actually really rate the product if you try it out yourself. The choice is yours!


  • This fish locator/GPS/Depth gauge is awesome for the price.
  • The compact size makes it a perfect device for kayak use. 
  • Striker 4 is easy to mount
  • Easy to use and installation was perfect.
  • It does so much its insane how little it costs!
  • You can’t get a better plotter
  • This product adds a lot of fun to our outdoor life and enhances our friendship.
  • Seems to be very Accurate.


  • Didn’t come with transom mount only trolling motor mount.
  • the thing keeps saying the transponder is not connected
  • Made in Taiwan with Chinese cables
  • There was no connection between sonar and the machine whatsoever
  • there is only 1 mounting hole instead of 2
  • It doesn’t read depth right. The gps is off. The light is dim. Depth alarm will randomly go off for no reason.

Garmin Striker Plus 4 Ice Fishing Bundle & Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy 4,000-9,000-BTU Indoor-Safe Portable Propane Radiant Heater, Red-Black

Product 1: A 4″ color fishfinder that is easy to use and has a high-sensitivity GPS built in.

Product 1: It has a dual-beam ice fishing transducer with Garmin CHIRP traditional sonar for clear images and great target separation.

Product 1 has Quickdraw Contours mapping built in.

Find fish, mark hot spots, docks, and ramps, and go back to them.

Product 2: A radiant heater with 4,000 to 9,000 BTUs that can heat an area up to 225 square feet. Approved for use indoors and outdoors; burns cleanly; nearly 100% efficient

Product 2: If you use the heater at a height of more than 7,000 feet above sea level, it may turn off.

Product 2: Turns off automatically if it falls over, if the pilot light goes out, or if it senses that there isn’t enough oxygen. Fuel Consumption/Burn Rate (Gal/Hr) = 0.044 at 4000 BTU and 0.099 at 9000 BTU.

Product 2 has a handle that folds down, a regulator that swivels out, and a connection for a propane tank (not included); Run Time (3 Hours at Max BTU):

PROS and CONS from verified buyers on Amazon

As you can see there are both positive and negative impressions of the product… So you can clearly see that every person has his own opinion, and what is good for one person, is bad for another, and vice versa. Therefore, you can actually really rate the product if you try it out yourself. The choice is yours!


  • this is a great unit for beginners, super easy to use, understand, and play with the settings
  • The battery is great, it never runs out!
  • Highly recommended!Awesome performance and the best value ice fishing fishfinder on the market!
  • Awesome performance and the best value ice fishing fish finder on the market!
  • I highly recommend this for any ice fisherman.
  • For the $, this is a great flasher
  •  I would buy again and recommend
  • The battery life is almost unbelievable
  • Very user-friendly and easy to dial in!
  • Awesome to watch the fish come right up to the jig on the screen!


  • I thought this would be a simple plug-and-play item
  • There are many pieces and bolts and instructions to put this unit together
  • Arrived dead. Called Garmin they sent out a cable/power. Still dead.

Garmin Striker Vivid 7cv, Easy-to-Use 7-inch Color Fish Finder and Sonar Transducer, Vivid Scanning Sonar Color Palettes (010-02552-00)

The 7-inch color fishfinder is easy to use and has new vivid scanning sonar color palettes that make it easy to tell the difference between fish and structure. It also comes with a tilt/swivel bail mount bracket.

Includes a GT20 transducer for the built-in Garmin CHIRP traditional sonar and CHIRP ClearVü scanning sonar

A high-sensitivity GPS that lets you mark waypoints, make routes and see how fast your boat is going.

Includes Quickdraw Contours mapping built-in

Wi-Fi connectivity lets you connect to the ActiveCaptain app with a compatible smartphone to transfer waypoints, get smart notifications (including software update notifications), and access the Garmin Quickdraw Community.

PROS and CONS from verified buyers on Amazon

As you can see there are both positive and negative impressions of the product… So you can clearly see that every person has his own opinion, and what is good for one person, is bad for another, and vice versa. Therefore, you can actually really rate the product if you try it out yourself. The choice is yours!


  • Bought this unit for my kayak to map out depth contours and mark structure and drops works great haven’t had a bad day on the water since!
  • Very simple to install.
  • This device is pretty much intuitive. Connect it up, turn it on, and it works just like I would expect and hope it would.
  • Great fish finder for the money.
  • Love the contour mapping and the ease of use.
  • one hell of a fish finder for the price


  • You cannot download maps and doesn’t come with maps.
  • when I spend $500 on a product I would expect it would work well
  • The water temp has NEVER been accurate.
  • The base mount bracket crumbled to pieces. Before I ever had a chance to try to mount it. Really poor quality plastics.

Products for cars

  • Garmin Drive: travel-ready navigation systems with a clear screen in sizes. 5″, 5.5″ or 6.95″. They feature simple on-screen menus and integrated travel tips.
  • Garmin DriveAssist: navigation systems with a built-in dashcam.
  • Garmin DriveSmart: a GPS with a 5.5 “or a 6.95” screen. The device has a high-resolution screen, hands-free calling, and traffic information/traffic tips are also displayed.
  • Garmin Catalyst: this device is suitable for racers among us. It is a “Driving Performance Optimiser” that can be used on different tracks and all levels.

Products for motorcycles:

This is the zūmo® series: robust navigators with clear, glove-friendly displays and options for off-road guidance.

Products for trucks:

Here we have the following: dēzl™ LGV Series, dēzl™ Series, Garmin Dash Cam Series.

Products for campers:

With the Camper Series and the Overlander.

Products for the fleet:

Garmin fleet™ 700 series with the cables FMI 75 for data and digital traffic information, FMI 45 (data and traffic information), FMI 25 (data and traffic information), FMI 15 data cable, FMI 35 serial data cable with FM antenna.

Products for running:

fēni® x 6 series, Forerunner® 745, Instinct™ Series, Forerunner® 945, Forerunner® 245/245 music, Forerunner® 45/455, Venu® series,  vívoactive® 4/45, Forerunner® 735XT, Forerunner® 935, Forerunner® 235, Forerunner® 35, vívosport®, tactix® Delta Series, Descent™ Mk1, vívoactive® 3 series, fēnix® 5 Plus Series, Forerunner® 30.

Products for bicycles:

Edge® 1030 Plus, Edge® 130 Plus, Varia RVR/RTL Edge® 530, Edge® 830, Edge® 1030, Vector™ 3/3S, Edge® 520 Plus, Edge® 130, Edge® Explore, Varia™ UT 800.

Products for Activity Tracking:

Venu® series, vívomove® series, vívoactive® 4/4S, vívofit® jr. 2, Legacy Saga series, Legacy Hero Series, vívoactive® 3 Series, vívomove® HR, vívosmart® 4, vívosport®, vívofit® 4, vívofit® jr., Garmin Index™ Smart Scale.

Products for golf:

Approach® S62, Approach® S40, Approach® Z82, Approach® S60, Approach® S10, Approach® CT10, Approach S20, and CT10 bundle, Approach® G30,  Approach® G10, fēnix® 6 series, MARQ™ collection, vívoactive® 4/4S, Venu® Series, Forerunner® 935, Descent™ Mk1, Forerunner® 945, fēnix® 5 Plus series.

Products for Indoor Training:

Tacx Training app, Tacx NEO Bike Smart Trainer, Tacx® NEO 2T Smart Trainer, Tacx® Flow Smart Trainer, Tacx FLUX 5 Smart Trainer, Tacx FLUX 2 Smart Trainer, Tacx® Antaris Basic Trainer, Tacx® NEO-trolley.

Products for Multisport:

fēnix® 6 series, Forerunner® 945, Forerunner® 745, Venu® series, vívoactive® 4/4S, quatix® 6 series, Descent™  Mk1, Forerunner® 935, Forerunner® 735XT, tactix® Delta Series, Instinct™ Series, fēnix® 5 Plus Series, vívoactive® 3 Series.

Products for Swimming:

Garmin Swim™ 2, fēnix® 6 series, Instinct™ Series, Forerunner® 945, Forerunner® 745, Venu®  Series, vívoactive® 4/4S, Descent™ Mk1, quatix® 6 series, Forerunner® 935, Forerunner® 735XT, tactix® Delta Series, fēnix® 5 Plus Series, vívoactive® 3 Series.

Product for Diving:

Descent™ Mk1

Products for Water Sports:

Fusion® StereoActive™, Fusion® ActiveSafe™ , fēnix® 6 series, Descent™ Mk1, quatix® 6 series, fēnix® 5 Plus Series, tactix® Delta Series.

Products for Hiken and Handhelds:

inReach® Mini, GPSMAP® 66 series, Montana® 700 series, GPSMAP® 65 Series, inReach®, GPSMAP® 64x series, Oregon® 750t, Oregon® 750, Oregon® 700, eTrex® 22x/32x, Montana® 680t, Montana® 680, Montana® 610, eTrex® Touch 35, eTrex® Touch 25, GPSMAP® 276Cx, eTrex® 10.

Products for Satellite Communication:

inReach® Mini, GPSMAP® 66 series, Montana® 700 Series, GPSMAP® 86 series, inReach®

Products for Sports & Tactics:

fēnix® 6 series, tactix® Delta Series, Xero™ A1 & A1i, Xero® S1 Trapshooting Trainer, Instinct™ Series, Foretrex® series.

Products for sports dogs:

Atemos 100, Atemos 50, K 5 & KT 15, Alpha® 100 & T 5, Alpha® 50, Alpha® 100 & TT15, T 5 Dog Devices, Garmin DriveTrack™ 71, PRO 550 Plus, Sport PRO™, PRO 550, PRO 70, Delta Upland™ XC, Delta Sport™ XC, Delta™ XC, PT 10 Dog Device (PRO 70/PRO 550), Delta® XV/Delta Sport™, BarkLimiter™ Deluxe.

Products for Pets:

Delta® XC, Delta Sport™ XC, Delta Upland™ XC, Delta® XC/Delta Sport™ XC Dog Device, BarkLimiter™ Deluxe.

Products – Chartplotters:

GPSMAP® 84xx, GPSMAP® 74xx, GPSMAP 7×2/9×2/12×2 Plus, GPSMAP 7×2/9×2/12×2 Touch, GPSMAPGPSMAP 7×2/9×2/12×2 10×2/12×2, ECHOMAP Ultra Series, ECHOMAP™ UHD Series, GPSMAP® 820xs, GPSMAP® 820, GPS 158i, GPSMAP® 8700 Black Box, Volvo Penta glass cockpit system, Bundles for ice fishing.

Products – Autopilots:

GHC™ 20-control unit for the autopilot, starter pack for the Compact Reactor™ 40 hydraulic autopilot, Compact Reactor™ 40 Hydraulic Autopilot with GHC™ 20 Base Package, Reactor™ 40 hydraulic autopilot, Reactor™ Mechanical/Retrofit/Solenoid core pack, GHP Compact Reactor™ 40 hydraulic autopilot, with GHC™ 20 and Shadow Drive™ package, Reactor™ 40 Steer-by-wire standard core pack, Reactor™ 40 Hydraulic Corepack with SmartPump v2, Reactor™ 40 Kicker Autopilot, Reactor™ 40 Steer-by-wire core pack for Yamaha® Helmet Master™.

Product – Radar:

Radar Series

Products – Panoptix:


Products – Sonar Black Boxes:

Panoptix LiveScope System, Ultra High-Definition Scanning Sonar System, GCV™ 10 Scanning Sonar System, GSD™ 26, GSD™ 25 premium sonar module, GSD™ 24, GLS™ 10 sonar module, OnDeck™ Hub.

Products – Transducers:

Garmin Traditional Transducers, Garmin Traditional Transducers, and ClearVû and SideVû, Garmin Traditional Transducers and ClearVû, Garmin ClearVû and SideVû, Garmin GT8HW-IF, Garmin GT10HN-IF, Garmin GT30-TM, and GT8HW-IH transducer bundle, Garmin GT30-TM and GT15M-IH transducer bundle, Garmin GT15M-TH, Panoptix™ PS21-TM, Panoptix™ PS22-TR, Panoptix™ PS30, Panoptix™ PS31, Panoptix™ PS51-TH, Panoptix™ PS60, Panoptix LiveScope System, Panoptix LiveScope™ LVS12 Transducer, Intelliducer, NMEA 2000® (13-24° tilt)

Products – instruments and instrument packages:

Wind Transducer Bundles, Wind Instruments, Wind Transducers, GND™ 10 black-box bridge.

Products – VHF & AIS:

VHF 115i, VHF 215i, VHF 215i AIS, VHF 315i Marine Radio, GHS™ 11i wired VHF handset, AIS™ 600, AIS™ 800 Blackbox transceiver.

Products – Cameras:

GC™ 100 wireless camera, GC™ water sports camera, GC™ 200 IP-water sports camera, GC™ 10 maritime camera, mirror.

Products – Antennas and Sensors:

SteadyCast™ heading sensor, 9-axis heading sensor, GPS 19x NMEA 2000®, GPS 19x HVS (NMEA 0183), Marine Heading Sensor, GNT™ 10 NMEA 2000®-transceiver, GTEMP10-TH through-the-skin temperature sensor, Water speed sensor (4-pins), GLO™, GTV6 dome antenna for satellite TV powered by KVH®, GTV5 dome antenna for satellite TV powered by KVH®, GA™ 38 GPS/GLONASS-antenna.


This brings me to the conclusion of this article. I hope you enjoyed it, and please feel free to leave any questions, more information, comments, ambiguities, or untruths in the comments.

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