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Fishing Belt Harness

The first thing you need to do is educate yourself on the various uses of a fishing rod fighting belt and harness. A fish fighting belt is worn around the wearer’s waist, and the butt of the fishing rod, known as a gimbal, is inserted into the middle of the belt. (article about “A Guide to Fishing Belts & Fighting Harnesses”)

Because of this, the butt of the rod can be secured and anchored to the center of your gravity, which gives you the opportunity to put large amounts of pressure on a fish in a more efficient manner than you would be able to do if you were not using the belt.

Fishing Belt Harness

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20 Pcs Pole Straps Fishing Tackle Tie Nylon Fish Rod Tie 5 Color Spinning Rod Strap Holders Stretchy Magic Stick Belt for Fly Rods Boat Flag Poles (Fishing Belts)

20 Cable Tie Straps with Anti Buckle Fish Pole Holders Accessories are included in the package. Each measures approximately 20cm / 7.8″ x 2cm / 0.8″ Blue, green, red, orange, and black are all colors. You will receive 20 pieces of pole straps in five different colors (red, blue, orange, black, and green), four pieces of each color. Each spinning rod strap is approximately 20 cm/ 7.87 inch long and 2.5 cm/ 0.98 inch wide.

Bundling fishing rods, it can also be used for cable organizers, flags, and golf clubs, and it is lightweight and easy to carry and store. Reliable material: these fishing pole straps are made of quantity Nylon, which is not easily slid and is sturdy for long-term use. You will have a pleasant experience when touching them because of their soft texture.

Size and tightness can be adjusted at will: The size and tightness can be adjusted at will according to their own needs. It’s soft and pliable. How to use: wrap the poles with Nylon strap holders, smooth side in, then pass the black end through the loop, reverse this section, and stick it on the fishing tackle tie after adjusting the length and tightness as desired.


The Magic Stick Belt is made of nylon, which is both durable and easy to clean. Large quantity: your package contains a large number of stretchy magic stick belts that can meet your various needs on various occasions. You can use available wraps to replace your lost, dirty, or broken ones.

Compatibility: Cable Fishing Rod Holders are suitable for all fishing rods. The strong buckle is also simple to use; simply slide the strap over the tip of the fishing rod and tighten it to cover the tip of the fishing rod. Wide range of applications: These stretchy belts for fly rods can be used to organize your fishing rod, but they can also be used to tie other shafts, such as sand spikes, flag poles, golf clubs, clothesline poles, and so on.

ASOCEA Fishing Fighting Waist Belt 2.3 Inch Inner Dia Offshore Tackle Boat Fishing Rod Holder (Fishing Belts)

Buckle fastening

FIGHTING BIG FISH: This fishing rod holder rotates vertically for easy movement. The thickened sponge pad on the back evenly distributes the pressure caused by the fight with the fish, making fishing easier.

FISHING WAIST BELT: The fishing waist belt is made of ABS plastic, which is impact-resistant, anti-corrosion, strong, and lightweight. When fighting a fish, a foam pad can protect both you and your fishing rods.

FISHING ROD LOCK: The gimbals’ stainless steel insert pin secures the rod butt and allows you to fight fish while standing. When fighting a fish, keep your fishing rod locked and secure.

EASY TO USE: Fishing belly belt with a safety quick release buckle that is simple to put on and take off. The deep rod holder ensures a firm grip and flexible control of the rod. The waist belt’s tightness can be adjusted to fit your specific needs.

SIZE ADJUSTABLE: Dimensions are 9.5 x 4.5in. The thickness of the foam pad is 0.3in. The adjustable waist size ranges from 27.5 to 47 inches. The inner diameter of the holder hole is 2.3in, which fits most fishing rod heads. Excellent for boat and rock fishing, allowing you to fully enjoy the pleasure of fishing.

Booms Fishing RB1 Rod Tie Belts Pole Straps

No Loss – Designed for a fishing pole and net, keeping them from falling or being lost.

Anti-slip – Synthetic leather material that is non-slip, wear-resistant, and does not harm rods.

304 stainless steel is rust-free. Strong and long-lasting stainless steel rings that are suitable for use in saltwater.

Fishing Rod – 4.5″ pole straps, recommended rod grip diameter 0.7″-0.9″ (1 belt), 1.2″-1.8″ (2 belts) (2 belts)

No Shedding – Fastener attachment, used in conjunction with a fishing lanyard for maximum effect

Booms Fishing V02 Waist Rod Holder Belt (Fishing Belts)

Hold and protect your rods when changing lures or removing hooks with an extra hand.

Ideal for casting and spinning rods, with a maximum diameter of 1.4″/3.5cm.

The universal belt is one size fits all and adjustable from 27.6″ to 45.3″. (70cm to 115cm)

Detachable swivel hooks and D-rings for hanging fishing gear, convenient and functional

Comfortable nylon webbing that can last for years, with good abrasion resistance and breathability.

DONQL 1 Piece Fishing Belt Fishing Rod Strap Holder Tackle Straps Fishing Rod Straps Fishing Strap for rods Adjustable Length 77-137 cm Black

Convenient storage: Multiple fishing rods can be tied at the same time by combining straps and shoulder straps. This is easy to transport and store, avoiding the loss of fishing rods.

Soft fishing strap: The foam rubber embossing on the fishing strap increases friction with the fishing rod, which is soft and elastic and can hold the fishing rod firmly. The other side’s fishing strap can also be freely adjusted for binding length.

Reduces load: The shoulder straps are paired with soft straps that fit the shape of the shoulders well and do not cause excessive weight during use.

Adjustable shoulder strap: The shoulder strap’s permissible length ranges from 77 to 137 cm. The life of high-quality nylon straps is extended by their strength and wear resistance.

It is suitable for anglers, fishing boats at sea, rock fishing at sea, beach fishing, and other fishing methods.

Fishing Rods Belt Stretchy Rod Straps Fishing Tackle Ties Cable Fishing Rod Holders Fit for Casting Rods, Spinning Rods, and Fly Rods (5 Colors, 10 pcs) (Fishing Belts)

Strong elastic strap with easy stretch to the desired length, good stretch, anti-chafe, smart adjustable Used to keep fishing rods together and make them easier to transport and store. Keep the rod safe.

Used in casting rods, spinning rods, and fly rods for tying, It can be avoided the scattering for the fishing rod bag or storage, convenient and practical, delicate and beautiful!

Made from high-quality nylon and pliable rubber. Elasticity that’s both soft and strong. To secure the fishing rod, use the guide ring slot. The soft surface will not harm tackles.

Strong Velcro buckle and easy stretch to the desired length, Good Stretch, Anti-chafe, Smart Adjustment

Fishing Belt Harness

Huk Fishing Nylon Webbing Belt, Adjustable Sizing, Casual, Lifestyle, Quick Dry, 52″ Max Length

Nylon is made entirely of nylon.


HUK | Performance fishing products that bring all anglers together, from the first cast to the last.

QUALITY MATERIALS | Made of 100% Nylon with a strong zinc alloy buckle.

PERFECT SIZE | Trim to Fit for a consistent fit | Maximum Waist Size is 44″

Nylon Quick Drying Technology

Outdoor Activities

OUTDOORWEI Adjustable Fishing Belt Outdoor Fishing Rod Bracket Rod Holder Adjustable Belt, Travel Fishing Tackle, Fishing Rod Bracket Fishing Waist Belt Rod Holder Waders Straps (Fishing Belts)

The adjustable waist belt is available in a range of sizes to accommodate everyone. The adjustable waist circumference ranges from 33 to 48 inches. You can free your hands while fishing to make the experience more enjoyable.

The adjustable waistband is made of a comfortable nylon webbing that is resistant to wear and has good air permeability; the entire bracket is made of ABS plastic, which is strong, corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and long-lasting.

The fishing rod holder has a height of 20cm and a diameter of 3.5cm. Please verify the size of your fishing rod’s handle before placing your order.

The belt’s fishing rod holder, two buckles, and water bottle buckle make it simple to transport fishing equipment. It is possible to hang towels, water bottles, fish lip clips, scissors, and other small tools.
Please contact our customer service department if you have any questions; we will respond within 24 hours.

RP PIGEON Fishing Waist Rod Holder Belt Fishing Belts Outdoor Lure Fishing Essential Tool Spinning Reel Holder (only Belt Without Rod

Rod holder – When you go fishing, you can free your hands and make your trip more relaxing and enjoyable by using a rod holder.

This rod holder belt is made of leather.

Detachable swivel hooks and D-rings for hanging fishing gear are convenient and functional. Towels, water bottles, bait, scissors, and other small tools can be hung.

Holder for fishing rods Design of reasonable size, suitable for all types of fishing rods. High-quality materials shield the fishing rod from harm.

The size of the fish rod holder belt waistband can be adjusted at will, making it suitable for people of all body types. It can be used by both men and women, as well as children. It is an essential piece of equipment for fishing trips.

Use of a rod belt High-quality materials are durable and can be used for a long time. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service, and we will respond within 24 hours.

SAMSFX 2″ Adjustable Fishing Wader Belt Duty Wading Belts Fits to 55″ Waist Straps

FISHING ROD WAIST HOLDER: The fishing rod holder belt allows you to free your hand when you want to take the lure bait or release the fish during your fishing time. There is no need to put your expensive rods on the ground anymore.

ADJUSTABLE WADER BELT: One size fits most, fully adjustable to a waist size of 55″, suitable for men, women, and children. Wearing comfort and encircling protection have been improved.

ROD HOLDER: Made of high-quality PBT resin with a PVC rubber coating for increased resistance and durability. 1.38″/3.5cm in width, suitable for casting or spinning rod

UNIQUE DESIGN: Made of 2″ (50mm) nylon webbing, a nylon belt with a snap buckle and a ladder loop to take up the slack, two belt clips on each side to make the adjustment easier and smoother, and a portable fishing rod inserter attached.

GOOD FISHING GIFT: A multi-function belt for attaching fishing poles and lightweight fishing equipment while on the water. It is an essential piece of equipment for fishing trips.

SAMSFX Adjustable Fishing Wader Belt Wading Belts for Surf Casting Kayak Fishing Accessories Waders Straps (Fishing Belts)

FISHING ROD WAIST HOLDER: The fishing rod holder belt allows you to free your hand when you want to take the lure bait or release the fish during your fishing time. There is no need to put your expensive rods on the ground anymore.

ADJUSTABLE WADER BELT: One size fits most, fully adjustable from 31″ to 58″ waist, comfortable fit for all chest waders for men, women, and children.

SAMSFX fishing belt includes 2 D rings, 2 swivel hooks, 1 heavy hook, and a removable rod holder.

ROD HOLDER: Made of high-quality PBT resin with a PVC rubber coating for increased resistance and durability. Ideal for casting and spinning rods, with a maximum diameter of 1.38″/3.5cm.

GOOD FISHING GIFT: Multi-function wading belts for hanging fishing tools and fishing rods while on the water, as well as lightweight fishing equipment. It is an essential piece of equipment for fishing trips.

SAMSFX Fishing Quick Rod Ties Leash for Pole Holders Organizer Bungee Cord Straps

4 fishing rod ties in a pack, perfect for tying fishing rods together. It made carrying several rods easier when you were alone.

A stretchy bungee rope with a diameter of 4mm can be used to securely tie the fishing rod. Protect your fishing pole from scratches with 2mm high-density foam padding.

One-touch for quick release and holding; once attached, simply push the clasp’s button to release them. It’s even possible to do it with just one hand.

Medium length 7.8″ / 20CM before stretching, with no issues bundling together 5 medium to large saltwater fishing rods.

It can avoid the scattering of the fishing rod bag or storage by holding together casting rods, spinning rods, and fly rods while being transported.