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Fishing Boat Seat – When it comes to the level of comfort one experiences while boating, the seats in the boat can make a significant difference. Seats are essential for the comfort of anglers, hunters, and people who use boats for pleasure because they keep their backs and behinds from getting sore.

You can be sure that there are plenty of options available that will fulfill the requirements of your boat seat, regardless of what those requirements may be. As with everything, (normally), here also means: that the greater the quality, the higher the price…

When you spend more money, you get better materials that are more resistant to harsh marine environments and are designed to make you feel more comfortable.

It can be difficult to decide which boat seat is best for you. It is dependent on the purpose of your boat, as well as its dimensions, capacity, and number of passengers.

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What are the different types of boat seats?

Back-to-Back Seats:
fishing boat seat
Back-to-back seats in a boat

When it comes to maximizing space while simultaneously increasing passenger capacity, back-to-back boat seats are a fantastic option to consider. They are built on a single setback and have two seats that face each other in opposition. Many are designed to fold down into a seat in the style of a lounge or fold up to take up less space when not in use.

Bass Boat Seats:

Having bass boat seats that are comfortable and flexible can make all the difference in the world, regardless of whether you fish professionally or just on the weekends. In general, bass boats are shorter and narrower than other types of boats; consequently, the seating arrangement on bass boats is just as important to get right as the fishing gear you use.

Casting seats, back boat seats, fold-down seats, and bucket seats are just some of the many varieties of bass boat seats available to accommodate the many different configurations of bass boats.

Bass Seat
2012 Ulitma 172 Bass Seat by SmokerCraft Boats

Boat Chairs:
Chairs on Boat Deck – Mary Celeste

Chairs affixed to boats are not uncommon on larger vessels. They are distinct from seats in that they frequently include arm rests, which raise the bar in terms of the level of comfort offered during open-water cruising. There are two primary types of chairs: permanent chairs, which are fastened to the boat deck and can be removed, and folding models, which resemble high-end, weather-resistant lawn chairs. Both types of chairs can be removed from the boat at any time.

Bench Seats:

Bench seats are the type of boat seats that are used the most frequently and can be found in virtually every type of watercraft. They are typically hollow to reduce their weight, and this allows you to store life jackets, fishing gear, coolers, and other boating necessities inside the boat bench seat. This gives you more space to enjoy your time on the water. Having additional storage eliminates the potential for clutter on the deck, making boating a more enjoyable and secure experience.

Bench Seat
2015 Supra SE Convertible Bench Seat

Bucket & Sports Seats:
Cruisers Sports
Cruisers Sports Series 278 Bow Rider (278 BR)

Individuals riding in bucket seats or sport seats experience a snugger, more comfortable ride that is reminiscent of sport cars. The seats have modern designs and fashionable color patterns to choose from. They also come with a generous amount of cushioning, which enables you to withstand an entire day of bobbing up and down on waves, whether you are towing water skiers or simply cruising.

Captain’s Seat:

The seat cushions on captain’s chairs are typically thickly clustered for increased comfort, and the seats are typically body-forming buckets for improved ergonomics. There is a variety of sliding chairs available, as well as chairs with height and back support that can be adjusted to meet the requirements of the skipper. Look for padded armrests with anodized aluminum mounts and a footrest that is attached for an additional level of comfort.

captain’s chair
US Navy officer sits in captain’s chair aboard New Zealand ship

Folding Boat Seats
fold-down seat
A fold-down seat ahead of the splash well and a 35-gallon livewell to starboard are optional on the boat.

Folding boat seats are an excellent choice for use on vessels with restricted space, such as kayaks and canoes. The seat has a hinge and folds neatly into the seat back on the side of the boat, which frees up a lot of space for people to move around.

It is important to make sure that the hinges are made of stainless steel or anodized aluminum in order to prevent rust from causing the folding mechanism to become stuck.

Jump Boat Seats

Due to the fact that they are built on a frame, jump seats are an excellent choice to make when storage space in your boat is at a premium. The storage space underneath the seat is provided by this structure.
In addition, the frame provides additional height, making it unnecessary to use a pedestal to achieve improved visibility.

Jump Seats
Jump Seats

Leaning Posts:
leaning post
ALCUSTOM AL19, console and leaning post

During drawn-out and physically taxing battles with large fish, anglers can rest their weary arms on leaning posts. They function similarly to pro seats but have bench dimensions, and they enable you to shift some of your body weight away from your feet, which makes it easier to maintain your equilibrium in choppy water.

Some models are modifiable and can be altered to take the form of a seat with an accompanying backrest. In addition to their use as lean-tos, posts frequently come equipped with storage space as well as holders for fishing rods as an integral part of their design.

Lounge Chairs & Seats:

Reclining seats designed specifically for use on pleasure boats are known as lounge chairs. They are an elegant complement to any pontoon, yacht, or sailboat, and have been built specifically with relaxation in mind.

On the other hand, despite their fashionable appearance, they are not very functional. Because of their size and bulk, lounge chairs reduce the amount of room accessible on your vessel.


Molded Fishing Seats:
Molded Fishing Seats
Molded Fishing Seats

A boat seat is essentially the same as any other chair; the only difference is that it was constructed to withstand the rigors of the marine environment.

The frame of the boat seat is constructed from high-strength materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, or high-impact plastic. These particular kinds of building materials are known for being exceptionally lightweight while still retaining their sturdiness.

Swing Back Seats:

Swing back seats are comparable to benches in that the majority of them are spacious enough to accommodate two people. They are frequently constructed with compartments integrated into the base of the unit that they support.

Swing Back Seats
Swing Back Seats

Swivel Seats:
Seat Swivel
2012 Mojo 2.5 Driver’s Seat Swivel

For convenience in maneuverability, the aft section of the boat is outfitted with swivel seats that are mounted on seat pedestals. These seats on the fishing boat have a low, padded back that provides lumbar support.

In addition, they offer a variety of casting positions and do not have an obstruction in the form of a high seatback.

Pro Casting Seats:

Pro seats, which are also known as “pedestal seats” or “butt seats,” are designed to function more as a cushion to lean on. If you prefer to stand while fishing, these seats take the weight off your feet, which helps reduce fatigue.

When standing and angling in rough conditions, pro seats also help maintain stability and balance, which is an advantage. You are going to need to purchase a pedestal in addition to the chair that you intend to use. Invest in an adjustable pedestal so that you can fine-tune the height of the unit to exactly meet your needs. You should also get a seat swivel so that the seat does not restrict the range of motion that you have.

Pro Casting Boat Seat
Pro Casting Boat Seat Chair

Wise 8WD139 Series Molded Fishing Boat Seat with Marine Grade Cushion Pads, Green Shell, Green Cushion

  • Molded Fishing Boat Seat with Cushion Pads Made of Marine-Grade Material
  • Injection Molding of High-Strength Plastic Frame that is Molded and Sturdy Padding Made of High-Compression Foam
  • Embossed Marine Grade Vinyl that is 28 ounces in weight and is resistant to the effects of the sun, heat, rain, and soiling under normal conditions
  • Attaches to any Standard BIA 4 Bolt Pedestal System, and all Necessary Fasteners Are Included.
  • The height of the seat is 15.25 inches, the width is 20.25 inches, and the depth is 18.5 inches. The depth of the seat is 15.25 inches.

PROS and CONS from verified buyers on Amazon

As you can see there are both positive and negative impressions of the product… So you can clearly see that every person has his own opinion, and what is good for one person, is bad for another, and vice versa. Therefore, you can actually really rate the product if you try it out yourself. The choice is yours!


  • Good seat, comfy even for whole day, swivels easy.
  • Thanks for good quality product.
  • I’m 240lbs and I can comfortably lean back on them.
  • This seat is very comfy and you can’t beat this price.
  • Had several seats like this but this one seemed wider and more cushion.
  • Very durable seats. I can sit in them all day just fine.
  • Perfect driver’s seat for my canoe.
  • Well made, study and comfortable.


  • The bracket wasn’t the easiest to secure to the boat.
  • The wing nuts are a bit frustrating to tighten.
  • Poor back support and just not comfortable. I’m disabled veteran and comfort is key to spend long hours out on the water so I ended up returning this one.
  • The seat snapped immediately. Poorly made plastic.
  • Boxes seats came in both had sticker that said “Green” however cut holes in box showed grey contents.

Leader Accessories A Pair of New Low Back Folding Boat Seats(2 Seats)

  • The thick seat cushions and back cushions offer an unbelievable level of comfort.
  • vinyl with UV protection that is marine-grade
  • Hinges made of aluminum alloy, and a seat frame made of injection-molded plastic
  • Make use of the standard mounting bolt pattern of 5″ x 5″
  • Dimension:16″W14″D19″H

PROS and CONS from verified buyers on Amazon

As you can see there are both positive and negative impressions of the product… So you can clearly see that every person has his own opinion, and what is good for one person, is bad for another, and vice versa. Therefore, you can actually really rate the product if you try it out yourself. The choice is yours!


  • Very sturdy, but comfort level.
  • They definitely are well worth the money.
  • Bought the seats to replace the hard plastic ones that were in my boat and I could not be more happy.
  • The size was perfect for my pelican boat.
  • Very comfortable
  • Surprisingly nice seats for the price. Perfect for our 15 foot Livingston.
  • easy install
  • Real nice stitching, seat brackes are heavy duty.


  • after a few hours is a little hard
  • These are good seats but you need to protect them from UV rays.
  • Well, the seat lock strap is too long.
  • Horribly uncomfortable because of poor padding.
  • Within just a few minutes of sitting the foam padding compressed to nothing and makes sitting miserable.
  • Leaned back and they broke.
  • Their fine as long as they don’t get wet then the seat get out of shape

Leader Accessories Aluminum Adjustable Height Locking Boat Seat Pedestal

  • Strong and long-lasting anodized aluminum is the material used.
  • Height can be adjusted anywhere between 12 and 18 inches, and there are 7 different lock-in positions.
  • Base: 9″ OD w/ 2-7/8″ diameter holes
  • Matte, brushed satin are the finishes available.
  • Turn full circles. Weight: 7LB

PROS and CONS from verified buyers on Amazon

As you can see there are both positive and negative impressions of the product… So you can clearly see that every person has his own opinion, and what is good for one person, is bad for another, and vice versa. Therefore, you can actually really rate the product if you try it out yourself. The choice is yours!


  • Nice strong Pedestal.
  • It has adjustable heights and it swivels!
  • We couldn’t ask for any better and the price was good!
  • Looks very well made. Btw these are not polished or shiney.
  • Good quality
  • just what I needed


  • The slide is loose and rattles
  • The thing that was kind of annoying is the release knob rubs against the swivel mount.
  • it is so tight it will not adjust up and down


This brings me to the conclusion of this article. I hope you enjoyed it, and please feel free to leave any questions, more information, comments, ambiguities, or untruths in the comments.

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