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Acogedor Telescopic Fishing Gaff, Retractable Fishing Hand Gaff, Telescope Gaff Hook for Fishing, Stainless Steel Fish Gaff Hook, for Saltwater, Ice, Boat, Kayak Fishing, etc

Hook Material: Stainless Steel; Shaft Material: Aluminum Alloy; Silver and black in color; 60cm / 23.62″ Stretch Length “; Retracted length: 27cm / 10.62”

Telescopic Gaff Hook – These are necessary tools. Alloy body material, stretch design, easy to use, high weight, high speed, and large foot-size

Convenient and practical – Suitable for all types of fishing activities, including ice fishing, boat fishing, saltwater fishing, kayaking, and so on.

Fishing Gaff Feature – The hook head is made of stainless steel, has cold resistance, and can be used safely. Soft EVA grip and wrist strap for a secure grip and slip resistance. Sharp stainless steel hooks make it easy to catch fish.

Guarantee – If you have any problems with this product, please CONTACT US and we will provide the best solution the first time. we guarantee replacement or refund.

AFTCO Roller Troller Flat Line Release Clip

Roller made of stainless steel

An fl on a bearing that has been treated

Micro tension alterations

Heavy-duty snap swivel

Longevity and durability

Andux Metal Fly Fishing Foam Handle Fish Whacker Fish Bat Y-QYQ-01 (Fishing Gaffs)

The fish priest with a modern shape and long-lasting all-metal construction.

The EVA handle can improve your grip.

With a hand strap lanyard, it’s simple to transport.

Perfect for taking out a struggling fish.

Aufee Retractable Fishing Gaff, Stainless Steel Saltwater Sharp Hook, Telescopic Ice Fishing Gear Hook Tackle with Soft EVA Handle

STRONG ALUMINUM: Retractable aluminum alloy shaft that is both strong and light. A sharp stainless steel hook makes it simple to catch fish. This heavy-duty fish gaff has a stainless steel hook and an aluminum alloy shaft, making it ideal for fishermen.

RETRACTABLE DESIGN: Stretch length: approximately 60cm / 23.62″, Retracted Length: approximately 27cm / 10.62″. A specially designed lanyard to keep your sea fishing gaff from accidentally falling overboard.

ERGONOMIC GRIP: Equipped with a non-slip EVA foaming handle for a secure grip. Soft EVA handles with wrist strap for a secure grip and non-slip grip. With a protective cap, it is extremely safe to store and transport.

SUITABLE FOR: A wide range of fishing activities, including ice fishing, boat fishing, saltwater gaffing, and kayak gaffing. Retractable hooks are lightweight, but they are strong enough for large fish and are ideal for outdoor fishing.

AFTER-SALES SERVICE GUARANTEE: If this product does not meet or exceed your expectations, please contact us immediately and we will resolve the issue. We expect high-quality products while also wishing customers a pleasant shopping experience.

Big Fat Tackle USA Bronze Darts Predrilled with 3/8″ Straight-bore & 9/32″ Cross Hole for Tuna, Shark, Swordfish & Other Big Game Fishing (Fishing Gaffs)

Darts are made of high-quality cast bronze.

3/8″ Straight-bore and 9/32″ Cross Hole are predrilled.

The weight is about 5 ounces.

The total length is 5″.

Made in the United States.

BUBBA Portable Gaff with Stainless Steel Offset Hook, Non-Slip Grip Handle, and Carbon Fiber Shaft for Fishing, Boating, and Outdoors


RELIABLE: The patented Bubba Blade Non-Slip Grip handle keeps the gaff firmly in your hand even when wet.

DURABLE: 17-PH, High-Strength Stainless Steel Construction with Carbon Fiber Handle for Reliable Lightweight Usability – Designed for Maximum Control, Strength, and Durability

EASY TO USE: The offset hook design with a detachable hook cover creates a better center of gravity for a stable and effortless lift into the boat.

VERSATILITY: This rod holder is designed to fit most rod holders.

Camco 41942 Fishing Gaff Attachment, Stainless Steel

China is the source of this product.

Product Classification: AUTO ACCESSORY

Dimensions of the package: 2.4 cm x 10.9 cm x 33.4 cm

Weight of the package: 0.21 kilogram

Deep Blue Gaff Mounting Bracket for 3-Inch Gaff

Fits most gaffs and is designed to keep the hook covered and the shaft supported.

For quick removal, use a simple one-handed in-out motion.

Spending time on the water has also been beneficial to the company’s development.

This product is a must-have for any fisherman due to its high-quality craftsmanship and materials.

Fiblink Fishing Gaff Portable Fish Gaff with Stainless Steel Fishing Hook, Non-Slip Grip Handle, and Fiberglass Shaft for Saltwater Offshore 3’/5’/6′

Robust Construction—- The fishing gaff is fiberglass for maximum strength and durability.

Suitability for Large Fish—-

Stainless steel hook that has been sharpened and has a protective tip.

Lightweight but powerful enough to catch big fish with sharp teeth.

Grip Ergonomic—-

Non-slip grips provide a secure and comfortable grip on the gaff whether your hands are sweating or not.

Design that is one-of-a-kind—-

The stainless steel hook keeper has been specially designed to prevent your fishing gaff from accidentally falling overboard.

Warranty & Fishing Bonuses—-

One-Year Warranty against any flaws!

Money-back guarantee for non-artificial damage and 100% customer satisfaction!

The fish gaff will make an excellent Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day gift for your children, boyfriend, husband, or wife.

Fiblink Fishing Gaff with Stainless Steel Hook Fiberglass Pole Non-Slip Grip Handle Hook Gaff (3’ & 5’ & 6’, 66lb Test)

Usage – Many different types of fishing activities, including boat fishing, saltwater fishing, and kayak fishing. There are three sizes available (3FT, 5FT, and 6FT). They are suitable for large fish and are ideal for outdoor fishing.

Durable – Solid glass fiber construction is strong and structurally enhanced, with a high-strength stainless steel hook.

Security and protection – Metal ring to prevent loss, hook protection sleeve, and exquisite craftsmanship to meet your high-end needs.

Non-Slip Spiral Grip – Not only does the spiral rubber shrink tube handle provide comfort, but it also increases friction between the hand and the rod, making it more anti-skid.

Strong – It can hold items weighing up to 66lb, making it capable of catching large fish with sharp teeth.

Junluck Fishing Gaff Hook, Stainless Steel Retractable Fishing Gaff Lightweight Sharp Hook Non-Slip Fishing Gear Hook Tackle with Soft EVA Handle for Saltwater Fishing/Boat Fishing/Kayak Fishing (Fishing Gaffs)

Retractable aluminum alloy shaft that is both strong and light.

A sharp stainless steel hook makes it simple to catch fish.

A soft EVA handle with a wrist strap allows for a comfortable grip and non-slip performance.

With a protective cap, it is extremely safe to store and transport.

Ideal for saltwater, boat, and kayak fishing.

Kill Fish Hand Made All Natural Calcutta Fishing Gaff

THE REAL DEAL: Handmade Authentic Calcutta fishing gaff available in lengths of 3, 4, 5, and 6 feet; each gaff features a bamboo handle and the sharpest hook on the market, which can withstand any large fish.

The heat-treated stainless steel gaff hook will not rust or break. It will penetrate every fish. This is not merely a claim; it has been tried and tested.

Each gaff is handcrafted in the United States to ensure quality construction and floatability. Individually packaged with the highest quality materials, you can rely on these saltwater fishing gaffs to last for years.

NON-SLIP GRIPS: Hand-wrapped non-slip grips ensure that you get the best swing at your target fish at the crucial moment when it is close to the boat.

All black powder-coated hooks are more resistant to chipping, scratching, fading, and wear and tear than other finishes.

Klein Tools 72 Replacement Pole Climbing Gaffs, TORX Screws, and Wrench for 1972AR Series

1-1/2-Inch (38 mm) Pole Climbing Gaffs (supplied with the 1972AR series) (supplied with the 1972AR series)

Gaffs, TORX screws, and a wrench are included.

Only sold in pairs

For use with Klein Tools pole and tree climbing equipment

Made in the USA

KUFA Sports Fishing Hand Gaff Landing Hook and Harpoon

Hand Gaff is a KUFA sport.

Hook made of stainless steel with a protective tip cover

Lightweight and easy to transport and store

Make it simple to load your big fish.

Laxygo Fishing Harpoon Barded Stainless Steel Fishing Gaff Fork Hook with 8mm Screw for Catching Fish Frog in River Lake-Capable for Fishing Pole

Type: 3 prong-designed harpoon, ideal for spearing adventures and ensuring you do not lose your large prey.

Material: high-quality stainless steel fishing gear that is sharp, long-lasting, and corrosion-resistant.

Lightweight: 7inchx3.1inch, compact and easy to carry

Great for catching large fish, frogs, and salmon…

Universal Matching-With an 8mm screw, you could make a pole for it or add it to a pole with an 8mm screw hole to catch more prey.

Ledytech 59~236inch 5~9 Prong Harpoon Gaffs Barbed Diving Spears Gig, Telescopic Locking Fishing Rod Harpoon Pole with 8mm Thread

Universal Connector – The 5 Prong Harpoon Has An 8mm Outside Thread And Can Be Connected To A Pole With An 8mm Inside Thread. And the majority of the pole thread is 8mm.

Durable Material – The 5-Prong Harpoon Is Made of High-Quality Stainless Steel, Hard, Sharp, and Barbed Design, Making It Difficult For The Prey To Escape.

Portability – Dimensions: 16cm x 4.5cm (6.3″ X 1.8″) Portable and lightweight

We can use the harpoon in both salt and fresh water to catch fish and frogs, for example.

Well-Packaged – A Plastic Cover Ensures That The Harpoon Does Not Puncture The Package and Is Easy To Carry During Your Fishing Adventure

O&H AG Auto Gaff Fish Grabber (Fishing Gaffs)

16.51 cm package length

14.223 cm package width

1.524 cm package height

FISHING EQUIPMENT is the product type.

SAN LIKE Telescopic Fishing Gaff, Aluminum/Fiberglass Pole with Nonslip EVA Handle, Stainless Steel Hook with M8 Screw, Fish Gaff Can Float When Extending – Good for Freshwater and Saltwater Fishing

STRONG ALUMINUM: Designed for serious anglers. SAN LIKE Fishing Gaff’s aluminum telescopic pole with nonslip EVA handle and stainless steel hook with M8 Screw make it convenient and easy to handle your big fish.

RETRACTABLE STYLE: Telescopic length ranges from 11.4 to 24 inches.

(Folded length: 11.4″-Expanded length: 24″). The aluminum pole with three segments is lightweight and easy to transport.

ULTRALIGHT: The fishing gaff is made of lightweight aluminum.

Just 4.62oz

PORTABLE LANYARD: A lanyard specially designed to keep your brand new sea fishing gaff from accidentally falling overboard.

ULTRA SAFE: The hook is sharpened and has a protective tip made of high-grade stainless steel.

Lightweight but powerful enough to catch big fish with sharp teeth.

Sea Striker Sea Strike SSHP4 Gaff Hook Protector Stainless 4″ Packaged, Multi (Fishing Gaffs)

Gaff Hook, Sea Striker SSHP4 (Sea Striker SSHP4 Gaff Hook)

Available in both packaged and bulk form.

Stainless Steel Spring for a 4″ Hook – Individually Packaged

The GILL-ATINE Surface Fishing Pole Spear, Harpoon, Vertical Gaff, Gig, Bowfishing Accessory

Construction of Aluminum and Stainless Steel

Reflective Paracord Retrieval Line 20 ft.

Adjustable Strap for Ease of Retrieval and Storage of Line

Limbsaver’s reusable point protector is included.

RPM Bowfishing’s NEW 3-Barb Turbo Point with Quick 3-Twist Fish Removal

Yosoo Health Gear Fishing Gaff Hook, Telescopic Stainless Steel Fishing Hand Gaff with Soft Eva Handle Wrist Strap for Freshwater Saltwater Fishing

Stainless Steel Hook: The hook part of the saltwater fishing gaff hook is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is wear-resistant, durable, and strong, while the pole part is made of lightweight aluminum alloy, which is also durable.

Soft Handle: This gaff fishing hook has a non-slip soft EVA foam handle that provides a comfortable grip and some slip resistance. It has a lanyard design to keep the pole from accidentally falling into the water.

Retractable Design: The length of the gaff hook can be extended from 27cm to 60cm, making it not only convenient to fish with, but also to carry and store when not in use.

Protective Head: This gaff hook for a boat comes with a cover head that not only protects your hook and increases your success rate when fishing but it can also be stored and carried safely to avoid accidentally scratching your hook.

This retractable fishing gaff salt water is ideal for saltwater and freshwater fishing, boat fishing, kayak fishing, and it makes a great gift for fishing enthusiasts.