Fishing News 09-13-2022

Top Fishing Gadgets: Fishing News 09-13-2022

Fishing News 09-13-2022
Fishing News Sep 13, 2022

Fishing News 09-13-2022: Here you can check out some international news that has something to do with fishing. Some items are very actual.

Light Foundation catches Hooked on Fishing (Fishing News 09-13-2022)

Sep 13, 2022

(source: – by Daily Advocate)

GREENVILLE: This fall, the Light Foundation will launch Hooked on Fishing! through their Leadership Academy. Children aged 5 to 17 will enjoy the outdoors while learning everything there is to know about the sport.

Although it is new to The Light Foundation, it is not new to the Darke County community, as it was previously known as “Hooked on Fishing, Not on Drugs,” and it has been in operation for the past 14 years after being founded by the late John Winger. “John had a passion for youth and a very giving heart,” said April Brubaker, Program Director at the Light Foundation.

He collaborated with Darke County Sheriff’s D.A.R.E. Officer Donald Drew, Sr., and local avid angler Bob Farmer, and they sailed the program for over a decade with the help of many like-minded volunteers.

Surviving board member Doug Brickley contacted me, and he was hoping we could continue the popular program well into the future,” Brubaker explained. Brubaker explained.

“He knew this aligned well with our mission because he and his team assisted us with our Fishing Family Fun Day through the LIGHT Project and during partnered programs that take place at Chenoweth Trails Pond,” she continued.

Indian team won the International Fishing Tournament organized by Rosatom

Sep 13, 2022

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On September 7-8, athletes from ten countries (including Russia) competed in the PRO ANGLERS LEAGUE format – a European tournament for spinning fish from boats – in the Gulf of Finland.

The event took place near the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant, Russia’s largest operating nuclear power plant in terms of installed capacity, and one of the first in the world to receive the cutting-edge Generation III+ VVER-1200 reactors offered by Rosatom globally.

The tournament’s geographical scope has grown significantly. The competition featured 26 amateur athletes in total. They represent Russia and the countries where Rosatom is building or plans to build nuclear power plants: Armenia, Hungary, Egypt, India, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, South Africa, and Turkey.

This year, Indian fishermen Arunabha Sannigrahi and Santosh Jaiswar won first place in two categories: biggest single catch and total catch. “During these two days, we lived through some incredible experiences and got a chance to do what we love to do, fishing!” said representatives of the All India Game Fishing Association (AIGFA).

We did it near a nuclear power plant and visited the station, which, of course, astounded us with its size and high level of technology. We hope that Rosatom will continue to hold such tournaments, in which we will gladly participate.”

Free fishing festival set at the refuge

Sep 13, 2022

(source: – by Lew Freedman)

A fishing festival that coincides with an Indiana free fishing day on September 24 is the result of a comprehensive teaching plan to introduce children to fishing.

Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge will host a special event with a variety of programs on a day when we do not need a fishing license anymore, to fish in state waters.

The event is set to begin from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the refuge, 12985 E. Seymour, take US Highway 50. Cane pole making, exhibits and basic fishing information, children’s games and crafts, fishing lessons with provided equipment, and fly fishing and fly tying demonstrations by the Indianapolis Fly Casters will all be part of the program.

According to Park Ranger Donna Stanley, the Indianapolis Fly Casters will be visiting Muscatatuck for the first time in years for such a program on a fall date.

Hywel Morgan urges Welsh Government to invest in marketing fishing tourism (Fishing News 09-13-2022)

Sep 13, 2022

(source: – by Matthew Chandler)

World casting champion Hywel Morgan said last weekend at the first Welsh Game Fair at the Vaynol Estate in Gwynedd that fishing in Wales needs to be better promoted.

The Ceredigion-based fishing guide believes the Welsh fishing industry needs “boots on the ground” exhibiting at public events around the world to showcase the world-class fishing available in his home country.

“I’ve been working at international shows for the past 35 years,” he explained.

“During that time, I’ve noticed that both Ireland and Scotland have dedicated organizations whose sole purpose is to promote the tourism and country pursuits available in their respective regions.”

Fishing Fleet Brexit Voluntary Permanent Cessation Scheme Open for Applications

Sep 13, 2022

(source: – by Team)

The Brexit Voluntary Permanent Cessation (“decommissioning”) Scheme is now open for applications, according to BIM.

The scheme’s goal is to restore the balance between fishing fleet capacity and available quotas following quota reductions resulting from the EU-UK Brexit Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA). The scheme is the result of a recommendation made by the Seafood Task Force, which was established in 2021 by the Minister for Agriculture, Food, and the Marine Charlie McConalogue TD.

The scheme will assist vessels in the polyvalent and beam trawl segments in permanently ceasing all fishing activity, increasing the quota available for remaining vessels, and ensuring the Irish fishing fleet’s long-term profitability.

The Task Force recommends that the voluntary scheme remove up to 60 vessels of 8,000 GT and 21,000 KW at a cost of €60 million. The amount of aid will be calculated based on the capacity of the scrapped vessel, as well as a catch sum payment. The catch sum payment is based on the vessel’s reliance on quotas reduced under the TCA Agreement.


Sep 13, 2022

(source: – by ???)

In a first for the automotive industry, the BMW Group is using recycled marine waste in the injection molding process to produce visible trim parts.

Every hour, the equivalent of about 35 shipping containers of plastic waste ends up in the seas and oceans. Plastic bottles, coffee cups, bags, and even old fishing nets contribute significantly to water pollution. Ocean plastic pollution is a growing problem in many parts of the world. To prevent fishing nets from being discarded in the sea, the BMW Group works preventively by sourcing nets and ropes from ports. These are recycled using an exclusive method into a plastic recyclate, which is now used in an injection molding process to produce visible trim parts. This is unprecedented in the automotive industry.

“Recyclates emit far fewer CO2 emissions during production, lowering the carbon footprint.” “Our ultimate goal remains to be able to completely recycle all products,” says Roberto Rossetti, BMW Group’s Head of Vehicle Lifecycle and Product Sustainability. “In terms of materials, the emphasis is squarely on sustainability. We conduct research in our own laboratories, collaborate with start-ups, and speak with recycling industry representatives.”

‘Fish fingerprinting’: Illegal fishing to be fought with a method to verify seafood origin

Sep 13, 2022

(source: – by Ian Randall)

Based on chemical markers, the technique could also aid in the detection of “seafood fraud,” or the misrepresentation of lower-value or unethical products as higher-quality goods.

A technique known as “fish fingerprinting” is set to become the latest tool in authorities’ arsenal for combating illegal fishing. According to Dr. Zoe Doubleday of the University of South, illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing can have disastrous consequences for marine ecosystems.

This practice contributes significantly to overfishing, can harm animals such as albatrosses and turtles caught as bycatch, and damages marine habitats when destructive and illegal methods such as blast bombing or cyanide fishing are used.

Dr. Doubleday added that seafood fraud enables such fishing by “laundering” illegal products through legitimate supply chains. These are vulnerable due to their complexity, with seafood being one of the world’s most traded products.

Should DNR increase the stocking of Chinook salmon in Lake Michigan? Virtual meeting scheduled (Fishing News 09-13-2022)

Sep 13, 2022

(source: – by ???)

‘A modest increase of 54% from 650K to 1 million spring fingerlings is proposed.’

According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, there are good indicators that a modest increase in Chinook salmon stocking in Lake Michigan is required.

According to the DNR, there have been decades of fish stocking reductions to balance the populations of both alewife and Chinook salmon. The DNR will hold a virtual meeting on Sept. 19 at 7 p.m. to discuss the proposal and solicit public feedback. up to 8:30 p.m.

“We’ve had several years of good Chinook salmon growth and a slight increase in alewife biomass, or fish abundance,” said Jay Wesley, DNR Lake Michigan basin coordinator. “Although alewife biomass is a fraction of what it was historically, we have a good 2021-year class and have seen up to six-year classes of alewives in our fisheries surveys, which means the current population of alewife has up to six different age groups.”

Lake Powell Fishing Report

Sep 13, 2022

(source: – by Mike Reilley)

Hot weather has kept water surface temperatures in the lower 80s, allowing summertime fish behavior to continue. During the summer, it’s always a good idea to get out on the water as early as you can and look for surface fish activity.

This will take you to areas where striped bass is eating shad. Adult stripers cannot stay in 80-degree water for more than a minute or two, so surface activity may be brief. Drop a spoon down to catch more stripers in the cooler water below 30 feet when the surface activity stops.

As shad try to hide from feeding stripers, boils will frequently be in a different location each day. After locating active stripers in the morning, you can often catch them all day by changing tactics as needed. Trolling deep-water crankbaits, vertical jigging with spoons, or dropping cut bait are all viable options.

We caught larger stripers on our last fishing trip in Wahweap by dropping spoons down below the young fish feeding on the surface.

Israeli Navy Attacks Fishing Boats, Abducts Four Fishermen In Gaza (Fishing News 09-13-2022)

Sep 13, 2022

(source: – by IMEMC News)

In the southern Gaza Strip, Israeli navy ships attacked several Palestinian fishing boats, kidnapped four fishermen, and confiscated two fishing boats. Two fishermen were also detained by the Egyptian Navy.

According to media reports, the Israeli Navy fired live rounds and gas bombs at the fishing boats, causing damage, before abducting four fishermen and seizing two boats near Rafah and Khan Younis.

Bayan Khamis Bakr, Rami Ezzat Bakr, Mahmoud Yahia Bakr, and Mohammad Nahedh Bakr have been identified as abducted fishermen.

The fishermen went missing late Monday night, and Palestinians began searching for them, only to learn later that they had been apprehended by the Israeli Navy and taken to an interrogation facility in Ashdod Port.

According to the Palestinian Fishermen Syndicate, the Egyptian Navy also arrested and confiscated the boat of two other fishermen, Odai Mos’ad Bakr and Ahmad Masoud.

Earlier Tuesday, Israeli military vehicles, including bulldozers, invaded and bulldozed Palestinian lands near the perimeter fence east of Gaza’s central district.

Indonesia urged to update the fisher training program to international standards

Sep 13, 2022

(source: – by Basten Gokkon)

JAKARTA — Fisheries and human rights activists in Indonesia are calling for a revamp of the country’s fisher training program ahead of a scheduled review of measures to protect maritime workers at home and abroad.

Indonesia, one of the world’s largest fish producers, has approximately 2.3 million people who identify as fishermen or boat crews working on domestic and foreign-flagged fleets.

However, many of them lack proper training for safety and fishing operations, leaving them vulnerable to exploitative employment practices and endangering their lives, according to experts.

Only 6% of 45 deckhands working at the country’s largest fishing port, the Nizam Zachman port in Jakarta, had government-issued basic safety certification, according to a survey conducted by the NGO Destructive Fishing Watch (DFW) Indonesia from February to April.

DFW discovered that some of the reasons fishers aren’t enrolling in the certification program are the relatively high cost of basic training and certification, low awareness of the benefits, and poor port inspection.

“Such certification is essential as evidence of their presence as crew on fishing vessels,” DFW’s national coordinator Mohamad Abdi Suhufan told Mongabay in a recent interview.

WTO’s landmark fishing subsidies deal a step in the right direction for Africa but enforcement will be key (Fishing News 09-13-2022)

Sep 13, 2022

(source: – by Tim Walker, Denys Reva, and David Willima)

Although the new agreement is groundbreaking, gaps remain that threaten the continent’s aspirations for a blue economy.

After 21 years of negotiations, an agreement was reached that prohibits harmful fishing subsidies, which are a major factor in the depletion of global fish stocks.

This could be a significant development for Africa, where the fisheries sector, which supports over 400 million people’s livelihoods and food security, is vulnerable to exploitation.

According to the African Development Bank, Africa catches approximately seven million tons of fish each year. According to population projections, the fish supply must increase to 13 million tons by 2030 to feed 1.7 billion people, and to 19 million tons by 2050 to feed 2.5 billion.

Coastal states, however, are not catching enough fish to meet Africa’s needs. At least 35 countries on the continent have a fish production deficit and are heavily reliant on imports.


This brings me to the conclusion of this various news (09-13-2022). I hope you enjoyed it, and please feel free to leave any questions, more information, comments, ambiguities, or untruths in the comments.

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