Fishing News 09-16-2022

Top Fishing Gadgets: Fishing News 09-16-2022

Fishing News 09-16-2022
Fishing News Sep 16, 2022

Fishing News 09-16-2022: Here you can check out some international news that has something to do with fishing. Some items are very actual.

The Fishing Report: Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s new mobile app

Sep 16, 2022

(source: – by Austin Sjong)

KTUU reports from ANCHORAGE, Alaska. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game released a mobile app earlier this year that allows Alaskans to legally carry fishing and hunting licenses on their phones.

The app not only allows residents to carry fishing and fishing licenses, but it also includes a map with e-regulations, allowing the user to click on or search specific waterways throughout Alaska and read the most up-to-date regulations at any time. According to Department Statewide Communication Coordinator Ryan Ragan, the app is working well so far.

“The response thus far has exceeded even our expectations,” Ragan said, noting that the mobile app was released earlier this year. “At the moment, we have around 50,000 downloads for the ADFG mobile app.”

50,000 downloads in less than a year is a significant number for a mobile app’s initial release. The app is supported by iOS and Android and is available for free to all users. Residents simply need to sign in to their MyAlaska or Alaska Department of Fish and Game accounts.

Gone fishin’: Mayfield man still passionate about fishing-gear shop after 36 years (Fishing News 09-16-2022)

Sep 16, 2022

(source: – by Charles Erickson)

MAYFIELD – Seven days a week, just before 5 a.m., Jim Johnson walks a few paces from his childhood home and unlocks the door of a converted garage that has served as the center of his livelihood since April 1986.

Jim’s Bait Shop, located at 118 Second Ave. Ext., is opening for the day. The sole employee is the owner-operator.

Johnson will maintain this schedule until Oct. 15, when hunting season begins, and the bait shop will be open only on Saturdays until the first of December, when the seven-day schedule will resume and last until Oct. 15, 2023. He even opens on holidays, but usually closes at noon.

“I’ve got a few more years before I’m old enough to retire,” Johnson, 57, said about three hours after opening the store on a recent Sunday morning. “However, I’m sure I’ll be here long after I’m old enough to retire.” It’s still entertaining.”

Man drowned after falling overboard in fishing trip, coroner urges safe boating practices

Sep 16, 2022

(source: – by Ludia Lam)

The boatman was fined S$650 for violations such as using his boat for commercial purposes without a license and improperly storing life jackets.

SINGAPORE: A coroner has emphasized the importance of safe boating practices after a man drowned in the sea near Pulau Bukom while fishing.

Mr. Lau Kuan Tek, an IT firm operator, died in hospital on January 30, last year, at the age of 45.

State Coroner Adam Nakhoda ruled his death a misadventure, emphasizing the importance of wearing life jackets on pleasure craft, especially if they cannot swim or are not strong swimmers.

According to him, boaters should also ensure that safety equipment such as life jackets and life buoys are easily accessible and ready for use and that they are well-versed in emergency procedures.

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) fined the boatman for violations such as using his pleasure craft for commercial purposes and failing to ensure that life buoys were easily accessible.

Mr Lau had gone on a fishing trip with his sister’s friend, named only as Madam Lily in court documents, her two sons, and the boatman, named only as Mr. Tan.

On the afternoon of January 30, 2021, the boating party boarded the vessel, an open sampan-style speedboat, at Pandan River’s Small Boat Jetty.

Cong promises sops to woo fishing community in poll-bound Gujarat (Fishing News 09-16-2022)

Sep 16, 2022

(source: – by Newsroom Odisha)

Ahmedabad: In the run-up to the Assembly elections, the Gujarat Congress made a slew of promises to the state’s fishing community, which controls 32 seats.

In a press conference, Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) president Jagdish Thakor and former president Arjun Modhwadia promised fishermen a Rs 50 lakh compensation package for boats apprehended by the Pakistani agency. Furthermore, they promised 36,000 liters of diesel per year to boats that will be exempt from Sales Tax. Small fiber boats will also be permitted to use gasoline, and 4000 liters of gasoline will be exempt from sales tax each year.

Pogy boat dumps 900,000 fish off the Louisiana coast, raising the ire of anglers and conservationists

Sep 16, 2022


Last week, a menhaden fishing boat overwhelmed by an unexpectedly large catch released a massive raft of dead fish off the coast of southwest Louisiana, infuriating conservationists and renewing calls for tougher rules governing the state’s largest but least-regulated fishery.

Omega Protein estimates that it lost about 900,000 menhaden on September 8 when one of its crews cut free a bulging net less than a mile from Holly Beach in Cameron Parish. Over the weekend, dead fish formed a rotting mass, prompting complaints from charter boat captains who target redfish and other species that rely on menhaden for food.

“It’s difficult not to be disgusted when you see that,” said Chris Macaluso, the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership’s marine fisheries director. “It seems excessively wasteful to catch that many fish and then leave them there.” There should be some kind of punishment.”

“A couple of million dollars more is insignificant,” Adriance explained.

Panama City Beach Fishing Rodeo is returning. This is what you can expect this year. (Fishing News 09-16-2022)

Sep 16, 2022

(source: – by Ebonnee Burrell)

BEACH IN PANAMA CITY — Anglers of all ages will have the opportunity to compete for the grand prize at the second annual Panama City Beach Fishing Rodeo.

The Fishing Rodeo begins on September 23 and runs through October 9. This three-weekend, 17-day event, hosted by Captain Anderson’s Marina, 5550 N. Lagoon Drive, will feature 11 species of fish and seven divisions for fishermen to compete in. It also has daily entertainment, vendors, and other attractions.

The rodeo is returning for its second year, thanks to organizers Joe Laymon and James Pulliam.

‘Firework,’ a sea turtle, was rescued with a dozen fish hooks in his body. He’s recovered and returned home.

Where to fish if you don’t have a boat? Not to worry! Here are ten great onshore fishing spots in Bay County.

“A fishing tournament was clearly needed (in Panama City Beach),” Laymon said. “We decided to provide a venue and tournament that people could get excited about after a few conversations with a lot of captains and boat operators.”

The rodeo is open to the public, and participants must bring their own boat or charter. Registration will be open until the end of the tournament.

Deadly Sinking of New England Fishing Vessel Prompts Call for Inspections, Locator Beacons

Sep 16, 2022

(source: – by  Patrick Whittle and David Sharp)

PORTLAND, Me. (AP) — According to investigators, a fishing vessel that sank in New England, killing all four fishermen, capsized due to poor drainage of seawater from the rear deck and leaky hatches.

The National Transportation Safety Board called for increased inspections on Tuesday and reaffirmed its call for personal locator beacons for all crew members. The agency first made that recommendation in 2015, following the loss of the cargo ship El Faro and 33 sailors.

Jennifer Homendy, Chair of the National Transportation Safety Board, urged fishing boat operators to purchase individual radio beacons for crew members.

“Don’t wait for a Coast Guard mandate,” Homendy said in a written statement. “Perhaps some of these devices would still be with us today if the Emmy Rose crew had access to them.”

The tragedy occurred in November 2020, as the Portland-based Emmy Rose was en route to Gloucester, Massachusetts, to offload an estimated 45,000 pounds (20,400 kilograms) of fish.

In a phone call, a crew member told his girlfriend that it was the 82-foot (25-meter) vessel’s biggest catch, and she told investigators that she heard ebullient crewmembers laughing and having fun in the background.

The vessel’s automated distress beacon signaled hours later, early on Nov. 23. The Emmy Rose vanished with no radio distress call.

The Coast Guard sent a cutter and a helicopter to the area about 25 miles (40 kilometers) east of Provincetown, Massachusetts, followed by other boats and aircraft. Rescuers discovered an oil sheen, an empty life raft, and debris. The fishermen’s bodies were never found.

Nigel Duncan on fishing: Anglers are flocking back to Stenhouse (Fishing News 09-16-2022)

Sep 16, 2022

(source: – by Nigel Duncan)

Anglers are returning to Stenhouse Fishery, and they are succeeding. Willie Smith, James Philp, and Donald McKenzie are among those who have caught double digits at the venue, which is popular with fishermen from Edinburgh and the Lothians but has recently been closed due to algae.

According to bosses, the water clarity is now 100 percent after a lot of hard work, and there were 11 boats out on one day in midweek when I visited.

In recent weeks, floating lines have performed admirably in calmer conditions, with CDC, shipmen, and cruncher patters contributing significantly. “For example, three anglers hooked into 30 fish in one day, which is a good number,” Thustain said.

Dry flies, including daddies, have proven to be one of the best picks from the box, but the mid-week sunlight drove the fish away. Anglers were still able to tempt trout, particularly in the lake’s west end.

Fast glass has also been effective, but Graham Thustain (cor), the fishery manager, predicted that midge tip lines would become more prevalent as the season progressed. “We’ve been busy and people should phone first to check on availability before traveling as we have been really busy since we re-opened,” he said.

Ridgeland hosting Boss Tactix Youth Fishing Tournament at Ross Barnett Reservoir

Sep 16, 2022

(source: – by ???)

On Saturday, September 17, Ridgeland will host the Bass Tactix youth fishing tournament at Madison Landing.

The event will draw 300 competitors from across the region for a weekend of competition on the Barnett Reservoir.

The media are invited to the tournament weigh-in ceremony at Madison Landing in Ridgeland on Saturday, September 17 at 2:00 p.m.

Bass Tactix is a Christian-based premier youth bass fishing tournament trail that is associated with The Bass Federation and the Fishers of Men Tournament Trail. Visit for more information.

The Bass Tactix tournament offers scholarships and educational opportunities to young anglers. Furthermore, the Bass Tactix tournament draws hundreds of families to Ridgeland, demonstrating the community’s high-quality outdoor sporting opportunities.

DFO promises to enforce ‘out of season’ moderate livelihood fishery (Fishing News 09-16-2022)

Sep 16, 2022

(source: – by Paul Withers)

A work in progress is the balance between treaty rights, DFO conservation, and sustainability measures.

This summer, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans warned two Nova Scotia First Nations that illegal lobster fishing would result in enforcement.

When the bands went fishing, law enforcement was called in.

Fishery officers from DFO’s conservation and protection branch seized traps, released thousands of lobsters, and arrested members of the Sipekne’katik and Pictou Landing bands in separate actions.

DFO spokesperson Barre Campbell said that in the case of Sipekne’katik, officials wrote to the band on July 5 and Aug. 31 to invite Sipekne’katik fisheries managers to discuss the possibility of “working together towards a moderate livelihood fishing plan that implements their treaty rights while ensuring conservation and sustainability of stocks under transparent and predictable management.”

“This correspondence also conveyed that any commercial fishing occurring outside of licensed moderate livelihood fishing plan activity, or otherwise in contravention of the Fisheries Act and regulations, including seasonal regulation, would be unauthorized, and would be subject to enforcement action,” Campbell said in an email response to questions from CBC News.


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