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Fishing News Sep 21, 2022

Fishing News 09-21-2022: Here you can check out some international news that has something to do with fishing. Some items are very actual.

After delay, Lower Cascade River fall fishing season opener set

Sep 21, 2022

(source: by Staff Report)

MILL CREEK — A press release from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife says that fishing will begin on Saturday on the lower Cascade River in Skagit County.

Anglers can’t fish from the mouth of the Cascade River upstream to the bridge on Rockport-Cascade Road because of the opening. The rules for this fishery are the same as those in the 2022/23 Washington Sport Fishing Rules pamphlet, except that bait is not allowed.

Only on Wednesdays through Saturdays will you be able to fish. There are rules against snagging and closing at night. The release said that during this time, you can only catch four Coho each day that are at least 12 inches long. All other salmon must be let go by anglers.

The release also said that sport fishing isn’t allowed on Sundays through Tuesdays so that fishing gear doesn’t get in the way of tribal fishing.

Call the WDFW Mill Creek Regional Office at 425-775-1311 to find out more.

White River fishing report by Cotter Trout Dock (Fishing News 09-21-2022)

Sep 21, 2022

(source: by Cotter Trout Dock)

Cotter, Arkansas — The days are finally getting shorter and cooler. After a long time of high water, the tailwaters below Bull Shoals Dam are still running low.

Bull Shoals Lake, which is at a height of 658.67 feet MSL, is below the seasonal power pool of 661 feet MSL. The river flow is between 1,000 and 2,000 cubic feet per second (CFS) and is less than one unit. In the late afternoon, the river flow increases, but it drops again before dawn.


The rainbow catch has been absolutely amazing. Use spinners with gold blades and olive/brown skirts or your favorite Rooster Tail with a rainbow body and a bright pink tail to catch healthy, brightly colored trout.

If you bob a 1/8-ounce jig with a white, white-gray, or orange-black skirt in the middle channel, you might catch a few fish. You could also set up a line with garlic-flavored yellow or pink PowerBait and shrimp to keep you busy reeling.

Float your bait just above the riverbed. The river bed is easy to see in the White River because the water is so clear. During low water, it’s best to keep it in or near the river channel.

For now, brown trout are still most interested in minnows, but when the spawn gets going in about a month, you should have a variety of baits on hand to keep them interested.

September 21, Iowa Fishing Report

Sep 21, 2022

(source: by Chris Berg)

Call the Black Hawk District office at 712-657-2638 to find out more.

Fair: Troll or drift small crappie jigs along the north shore of Beeds Lake.

Lake Clear
The lake is 3.2 inches below its highest point. The water is only in the low 70s. The water is about 28 inches clear. A walleye slot is set aside on Clear Lake. All 17- to 22-inch walleye must be released right away without harm. Each day, you can only catch one walleye that is 22 inches or longer.

Fair: Try jigs and spinnerbaits near the edge of the plants to catch largemouth bass. Fair: September is a great month to go fishing for muskies. Cast baits near docks, places with lots of plants, and reefs.


Fair: Use jigs and live bait near plants or rock reefs to catch walleye. Walleye are spread out, so look for active fish in different places.

Fair: Use small jigs with crawlers or minnows on the end to catch yellow bass. Keep moving and look for groups of yellow bass.

Slow Rice Lake is home to Yellow Perch. Any water west of the North boat ramp is a waterfowl refuge. From September 1 to the end of duck season, you can’t do anything there. Fair: Largemouth Bass Slow: Yellow Perch

Silver Lake (Worth) Good: Use small jigs to catch bluegills that are a good size. Good: Use spinnerbaits and jigs fished near plants to catch largemouth bass. Good: Try small jigs with crawlers or minnows on the end.

East Okoboji Lake Lake is in the low 70s right now. The water is three inches below its highest point. Crappie, bluegill, and yellow perch have been biting pretty well as of late. Bigger fish are 12 to 17 feet deep, while smaller fish are closer to the shore. Fishing for fish has been working pretty well. Good: The best places to catch black crappie are in 10-15 feet of water along weed lines. Bluegill – Good: Use tube jigs, plastics, or other small jigs to catch fish. Wax worms, wigglers, and red worms are good live bait. Muskellunge – Good: Walleye: Fair. In the main basins, try spinners, crankbaits, and long, shallow shad raps. An hour before and after sunset is the best time to eat. Good. Yellow Bass.

MLF Announces 2023 BFL Schedule, Entry Dates, Advancement Opportunities (Fishing News 09-21-2022)

Sep 21, 2022

(source: by MLF Communications)

The dates, rules, payouts, and entry dates for the 2023 Phoenix Bass Fishing League were announced today by Major League Fishing. Presented by T-H Marine, this is the only circuit that gives weekend anglers a chance to move on to the prestigious All-American, Toyota Series Championship, and, starting in 2023, REDCREST – the Bass Pro Tour Championship – for a chance to win top boater awards of $120,000, $235,000, and $300,000, respectively, as well as lucrative Phoenix MLF Bonuses.

Visit Oconee South Carolina will host the 2023 Phoenix Bass Fishing League All-American from May 31 to June 2 at Lake Hartwell in Seneca, South Carolina. The top six boaters and co-anglers from each of the six Regional tournaments and the Wild Card will qualify. The top boater and co-angler from each Regional and the All-American Wild Card move on to the Toyota Series Championship, where they have a chance to win $235,000, which includes a $35,000 bonus. Phoenix MLF Bonus – If you beat just five other anglers at your regional, you can move on to a second no-entry-fee championship and try to win one of the biggest payouts in the sport. The winner of the All-American boater will also go to REDCREST 2024 for a chance to win $300,000.

Ken Sloan, President and CEO of Visit Oconee South Carolina, said, “We have enjoyed and benefited from our relationship with the Phoenix Bass Fishing League for well over a decade, and we are looking forward to the All-American on Lake Hartwell.” “We are very excited that this will be the first big event at Seneca Creek’s new mega ramp.”

Fishermen Encounter Elusive Megamouth Sharks Off California Coast

Sep 21, 2022

(source: by COP26)

A man who recently went fishing with friends off the coast of San Diego got a video of a megamouth shark, which lives in deep water and is one of the shark species that is rarely seen.

David Stabile wrote on Twitter on September 16: “This weekend, my friends and I went fishing off the coast of San Diego and caught two of the world’s most elusive sharks on video.”

Stabile told Storyful that the megamouth shark was “rarely seen in the wild” and that it had only been seen alive around six times in the United States.

The fish was only found in 1976, and since then, it has been seen at least 273 times.

“Most of the time, they are caught in fishing nets or wash up dead on the beach. They are not filmed in their natural habitat,” Stabile said.

Dovi Kacev, a researcher at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, told NBC that the megamouth shark is rarely seen because it spends most of its time in deep water, far from shore.

“We don’t know much about them, like where they live, because we don’t see them very often,” Kacev said. Credit: Storyful and David Stabile

BFAR exec cites the potential of PH ornamental fish trade industry (Fishing News 09-21-2022)

Sep 21, 2022

(source: Stephanie Sevillano)

MANILA – Wednesday, the Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (DA-BFAR) said it wants to improve the country’s ability to trade in ornamental fish around the world.

At the first ornamental fish summit of the National Fisheries Research and Development Institute (NFRDI), DA-BFAR officer-in-charge Demosthenes Escoto said that the ornamental fish trade gives Filipino fishers a lot of ways to make a living.

“This summit is not only a big deal, but it also comes at a good time and is important for the fisheries sector, which is starting to recover from the negative social and economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic… “Not everyone knows that petting ornamental fish is good for your health and that the ornamental fish business is a profitable one around the world, with jobs and trade opportunities,” he said.

Escoto said that the ornamental fish business is growing steadily and is the second most popular hobby in the world.

The BFAR is confident that the country’s trade in ornamental fish will grow and give fishers and hobbyists a way to make a living.

The BFAR said that the country is “one of the major players in the ornamental fish industry.” It makes goldfish, koi, angelfish, guppy, and molly, among other fish.

“The Philippines is one of the biggest exporters in the world,” Escoto said. “From 2009 to 2016, the Philippines exported an average of 5,215 metric tons.”

The Philippines can make over PHP283.1 million worth of marine and freshwater ornamental fish every year. This is 23,216,618 pieces.

Oil leak from a ship off Gibraltar affects fishing, beaches

Sep 21, 2022

(source: by CIARÁN GILES, Associated Press)

MADRID (AP) — Officials said Wednesday that teams are working to lessen the effects of a new oil leak from a partially sunk cargo ship in Gibraltar. The leak has made fishing and swimming dangerous on British territory and in a nearby town in Spain.

The bad weather over the weekend, according to the people in charge of the port in Gibraltar, caused the leak. The authorities said that Tuesday, when the weather was better, they were able to put a boom around the ship to try to stop the oil spill.

Two beaches in Gibraltar and one in the Spanish town of La Lnea de La Concepción were closed so that workers could clean them of oil waste.

On August 29, the ship ran into another ship. Most of the fuel was pumped out of the ship, but some leaked out in the first week and ended up on beaches, which made it hard to fish and do other things in the port.

Since the collision, the town hall of La Lnea said that fishing has been stopped in several places nearby. It said that the most recent leak was smaller than the first one.

Authorities in Gibraltar say the ship was pretty much split in half and is now on the seabed in shallow water. Gibraltar Port said that the most recent spill happened because there was oil on board that pumps couldn’t get rid of.

The salvage crews haven’t decided yet what the best way is to get rid of the shipwreck.

Veterans enjoy a free day of fishing at Montauk State Park (Fishing News 09-21-2022)

Sep 21, 2022

(source: by ???)

Hooked on Vets and the Missouri Department of Conservation worked together to put on the Veterans Free Fishing Extravaganza on September 10. We fed about 100 veterans at this event and gave each one a door prize, which could be anything from a fishing pole to a hat. We also held a few raffles to raise money for our non-profit organization, Hooked on Vets, which helps veterans in need.

During this event, we also gave veterans a chance to talk to the Missouri Veterans Commission and gave them a chance to talk to other veterans about how they could help each other with any needs they had. This process involved taking these men and women to the river to catch trout, either with flies or baits.

The general feeling was that we were very grateful and happy that we could put on an event that was only meant to help them. We sent guides with each of the veterans to the river, where they either helped them catch fish or, if they wanted, taught them how to fly fish. I’ve used fly fishing to help other veterans get through some problems.


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