Fishing News 09-23-2022

Top Fishing Gadgets: Fishing News 09-23-2022

Fishing News 09-23-2022
Fishing News Sep 23, 2022

Fishing News 09-23-2022: Here you can check out some international news that has something to do with fishing. Some items are very actual.

‘This is going to be a bad one’: Newfoundland’s hardy fishermen, not usually ruffled, wait in fear for Fiona

Sep 23, 2022

(source: by Malone Mullin)

Early Saturday morning, Hurricane Fiona will hit the Port aux Basques area.

Andy Francis points to the sky, where low clouds are moving north quickly.

He says, “Do you see how fast they’re going?”

He tells them that means the bad wind is coming up quickly from behind them.

Francis is from a long line of fishermen, like many Newfoundlanders on the island’s southwestern coast. These fishermen are known as the Port aux Basques’ local meteorologists.

They are used to strong winds and waves that make them feel sick. But what’s coming has most of them looking at the sea and sky with worry on Friday morning.

Celebrate National Hunting and Fishing Day Saturday, Sept. 24

Sep 23, 2022

(source: by ???)

SALEM, Ore.— On September 24, 2022, all of the United States will celebrate National Hunting and Fishing Day.

The first Fish and Wildlife Conservation Day was held in 1972. It is held every year on the fourth Saturday of September to thank hunters and anglers for helping to protect fish and wildlife.

Only last year, hunters and anglers spent $90,223,780 on hunting licenses, tags, and permits. This money went to help ODFW with its conservation efforts.

When they buy hunting and fishing gear, like guns, ammunition, bows, fishing rods, boats, and boat fuel, they bring in more money for conservation and access to the outdoors.

On National Hunting and Fishing Day, Texas hunters, and anglers encouraged to bring a buddy

Sep 23, 2022

(source: by Odessa American)

AUSTIN On Sept. 24, National Hunting and Fishing Day will be 50 years old. To celebrate, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is asking Texans to invite their friends and family outside to help them celebrate.

Most of the money for the state’s wildlife management programs comes from hunters and anglers. They buy licenses and stamps to hunt and fish, and they also pay taxes on hunting and fishing gear, motorboat fuel, firearms, and ammunition. This brings in millions of dollars for conservation programs that help both game animals and other animals across the state.

Carter Smith, the head of TPWD, said in a news release that the best way for Texans to learn about the outdoors is to go on a trip with a friend or family member.

Aleutian Isle fishing vessel recovered after 39 days

Sep 23, 2022

(source: by Julia Lerner, Staff Reporter)

After 39 days, the Aleutian Isle fishing boat has been taken out of the water near San Juan Island, the U.S. Coast Guard said Thursday night.

The ship was sunk in more than 250 feet of water in the Haro Strait. Trying to get it back was hard because of environmental concerns and short diving windows.

In an announcement, USCG Commander Kira Moody said, “We are so happy to see the ship safely out of the water.” “Because of how unique the San Juan Islands are and where the ship was, this was a complicated and technical answer. Because of the team’s skills, we were able to solve any problem quickly and safely.”

Burnett Heads $250 million luxury marina development to transform the fishing village

Sep 23, 2022

(source: by ABC Wide Bay / Johanna Marie)

A small village at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef could look like the Whitsundays with luxury apartments and a “cyclone safe” marina.

Burnett Heads is in the Bundaberg region, which is about 4.5 hours north of Brisbane. With only 2,900 people, it seems like a world away from the busyness of any big city.

On the bike paths along the harbor, people wave to each other and are happy to talk to strangers, especially if the conversation is about fishing.

But the $250 million Gateway marina project is the talk of the town right now. This month, dredging work will mark the start of the first stage of the project.

Jack Markley (1931 – 2022)

Sep 23, 2022

(source: by???)


Jack died peacefully in his sleep early in the morning of September 9, surrounded by his family.

Jack was born and raised in Staunton, Virginia. As a child, he loved to read and do things outside, like fishing, hunting, and climbing around in the woods.

The base for these adventures was a rustic “camp” that Jack’s parents owned in the nearby countryside.

In his childhood, he got fishhooks stuck in his fingers, squirrels bit his ears, he had an alligator as a pet, and he teased his younger brother, Bob. When Bob asked why they shot crows, Jack told him that it was because “crows ate squirrel eggs,” which Bob seemed to believe for a long time. This story is a favorite in the family.

When Jack was 16, he went to Virginia Polytechnic Institute as a cadet. The first two years were hard. World War II had just ended, society was changing, and Jack was taking classes that were heavy on the “ologies” (physics, organic chemistry, multiple labs).

A Fishing Charter for Everyone

Sep 23, 2022

(source: by John Last)

Lake Erie and Presque Isle Bay are great things to have, but not everyone can spend a day fishing on the water. But a local minister is making this possible for a lot of people who would normally have to stay on land.

Rob Wilson, who is both a minister and a captain, runs a fishing charter boat called the Jo-Ann M. His charters in Erie are different from those of others because his boat is easy for people with disabilities or special needs to get on and off.

“On any given day, we take care of everyone with a disability or special needs. “The plan is to just show them a lot of kindness,” says Rob.

In 2016, Rob set up At the Lake Ministries. The idea came to him while he and his father were fishing on Lake Erie. The Western Pennsylvania Conference of United Methodist Churches liked the idea so much that they gave him permission to buy an old commercial fishing boat, which is now called the Jo-Ann M.

Seychelles to ban fishing of small red snappers and groupers in October to protect the stock

Sep 23, 2022

(source: by  Rita Joubert Lawen)

The Seychelles News Agency says: The Seychelles Fishing Authority is taking steps to protect the fish stocks on the Mahe plateau. On October 1, fishing for certain fish species that haven’t grown up yet will be banned.

Red snappers (bourgeois fish) and groupers (job fish) will not be able to be caught with a hand line, and rabbitfish, parrotfish, and emperors will not be able to be caught with a trap on their spawning grounds.

At a meeting on Thursday, the implementation committee for the Mahe plateau trap and line fishery co-management met with relevant partners to work out the details of the upcoming ban on certain fish before they reach a certain size.

“We’ve decided to take serious steps as of October 1 because we had no control over fishing for so long, and it wouldn’t have been fair to punish people all at once,” said Darell Green, vice chair of the committee and a representative of the Praslin fishermen.

From sporty to zen: what to do in New Orleans’ great outdoors

Sep 23, 2022

(source: by  Nick Dauk)

Whether you want to check out the backwaters of the bayou or the Superdome, New Orleans is a great place for sports fans and people who love the outdoors.

New Orleans is known for the many different cultures, foods, and communities that make up the Crescent City. But the wilderness and wildlife that live in and around the Big Easy are just as amazing.

If you go past the balconies of the French Quarter and the grand mansions of the Garden District, you’ll find a whole other side of New Orleans that’s easy to miss.

In this varied landscape, you can go on exciting swamp tours or a cruise down the Mississippi River, among other things.

Kayak Fishing: How To Get Started

Sep 23, 2022

(source: by  Matt Stone)

Kayak fishing is one of the most popular sports in the United States and for good reason. It is cheap, easy to change, and sometimes just plain beautiful to spend time on the water this way. The best part is that it’s easy to start. You don’t need anything fancy for your first kayak.

Choosing A Fishing Kayak

Do a search on the Internet or ask your local dealers for help. Old Town, Hobie, Jackson, Vibe, and Wilderness Systems are all well-known brands. I fish from two Old Town kayaks: a pedal-driven BigWater 132 PDL and a motorized AutoPilot 120. You only need a personal flotation device (PFD), a rod, and some lures in addition to a kayak.

The Sportsman’s Corner: Getting the lead out

Sep 23, 2022

(source: by  ???)

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) announced on Thursday, September 15, that lead fishing gear will no longer be allowed in certain National Wildlife Refuges that are now open to fishing. Several groups, including the American Sportfishing Association, were strongly against this action.

The group’s Vice President of Government Affairs, Mike Leonard, said the following. “It is very disappointing that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) didn’t listen to science or the concerns of the sport fishing industry. The USFWS is in charge of making sure that fish and wildlife resources are managed based on the best available science and data.

This proposed rule goes against that claim and could lead to more fishing gear being banned for no good reason in the future. Even though USFWS says this decision was made because of worries that lead ammunition and fishing tackle are bad for people’s health and the health and well-being of wildlife, USFWS gave no evidence that leads fishing tackle is bad in these refuges.

Albertan and 5 Americans were fined a total of $5,750 for separate hunting, and fishing violations in BC

Sep 23, 2022

(source: by  Iain Burns)

One person from Alberta and five people from the United States have been fined for breaking rules about hunting and fishing in British Columbia.

This week, the BC Conservation Officer Service (COS) told the public about two separate cases in which six people were fined a total of $5,750.

In the first case, five Americans were fishing near Bella Coola when conservation officers found them.

Officers who were patrolling the Dean River checked to see if the group was allowed to fish.

Fishing Team” established as a new club sport at WSC

Sep 23, 2022

(source: by  Press Release)

Wayne State College has a new club called the Fishing Team.

WAYNE, Neb. — Wayne State College has a new Fishing Team for people who like fishing and want to do it competitively or are thinking about it. The club was made by senior Brayden Sharp in the spring of 2022.

Sharp has been fishing with a local club that meets in Nebraska, Kansas, and South Dakota for the past four years. He started fishing when he was young and says he’s been “hooked” on it ever since.

Sharp said, “I’ve been fishing with my dad and grandpa since I was a little kid.” “My dad signed my brother, me, and him up for a father-son tournament at a lake where we grew up, and ever since then, I’ve been “hooked.” I love the atmosphere of competition and the chance to enjoy God’s beautiful world outside.”


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