Fishing News 09-28-2022

Top Fishing Gadgets: Fishing News 09-28-2022

Fishing News 09-28-2022
Fishing News Sep 28, 2022

Fishing News 09-28-2022: Here you can check out some international news that has something to do with fishing. Some items are very actual.

Fishing report: Perch bite picks up as conditions transition to fall

Sep 28, 2022

(source: by Bill Hilts Jr.)

Recent rains and cooler weather in the lower Niagara River and Lake Ontario set off the fall salmon run. The next thing to feel it will be streamed. On Lake Erie, walleye are giving way to perch, and bass fishing is getting better. After a few inches of rain, the trout runs in the rivers that feed into Lake Erie should be getting better.

The weather is nice. The fishing is …

Sep 28, 2022

(source: – Compiled by Mari Erin Roth)

Lake Almanor

The bad news is that fishing on Almanor is still hard. Trollers continue to struggle to find and/or catch fish as the water level continues to drop and the algal bloom spreads. The good news is that Plumas County will have beautiful fall weather for at least the next week, with lows in the low 40s at night and highs in the high 70s during the day.

Louisiana National Hunting and Fishing Day Draws Thousands to Four Locations

Sep 28, 2022

(source: – by ???)

After being canceled for two years because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Louisiana’s National Hunting and Fishing Day (NHFD) was held at four Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) sites across the state on Saturday, September 24.

More than 800 people went to the Waddill Wildlife Refuge in Baton Rouge, which is part of the LDWF.

At the Baton Rouge site, more than 70 kids took part in the Family Fun Fest Youth Fishing Contest, which was one of the events. In the “Little Catfish” category, Brayden Allison came in first, Bryson Allison came in second, and Annie Sullivan came in third. Sayde Beaman won first place in the “Little Other” category. In the “Junior Catfish” category, Kasen Bergeron, Jaxon Hines, and Nate Scott won first, second, and third place, respectively. In the “Junior Other” category, Leroy London won first place.

Fishing, canoeing, kayaking, skeet shooting, archery, exhibitors, free food, cooking demonstrations, a mobile fish touch tank, inflatable casting targets, falconry demonstrations, face painting, and door prizes were also part of the Baton Rouge event.

China’s Capture Of Ghana’s Fishing Industry Threatening Food Security

Sep 28, 2022

(source: – by News Desk)

Kwabena Adu Koranteng wrote the story. The Global Reporting Center paid for it.

In Brief:
• Businesspeople in Ghana with ties to the government work as fronts for Chinese fishing companies;

• It is against the law for foreign ships to fish in Ghana’s waters, but over the past 10 years, Chinese businesses have bought and run a lot of ships;

• The methods aren’t sustainable because they use nets that are considered “illegal” or “irregular” because they catch fish from different depths even though the trawlers don’t always try to catch those fish;

• Using industrial methods hurts the local fishermen, but the people who run the trawlers have made friends with them by selling them their extra catches.

The 2023 Texas State-Fish Art Contest is Now Open for Entries

Sep 28, 2022

(source: – by ???)

ATHENS—The Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center (TFFC) is happy to announce that entries for the 2023 Texas division of Wildlife Forever’s Fish Art Contest will be accepted until Feb. 28. The Fish Art Contest is part of an international program to teach about fisheries and fishing and to get young people interested in them.

Tom Lang, who is in charge of the TFFC, said, “The Fish Art Contest does a great job of introducing Texas students to the wonders of fish and fisheries resources through art.” “We always look forward to this time of year because it’s when these young Texans amaze us with their great work and artistic ideas.”

Participants must send in a filled-out entry form and an original drawing of a Texas wild fish. All participants in grades 4–12 must also submit a one-page piece of creative writing. After sending in the entry form, applicants must mail their artwork to the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center at 5550 FM 2495, Athens, TX 75752. The artwork must be between 8×10″ and 9×12″ and have a postmark by February 28, 2023.

ODFW seeks candidates for sport fishing and commercial salmon industry representatives on the Fish Restoration and Enhancement Program Board

Sep 28, 2022

(source: by ???)

SALEM, Oregon — The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) is looking for qualified people to fill positions on the Fish Restoration and Enhancement (R and E) Program Board for sport fishing and the commercial salmon industry. People who want to apply must do so by October 16, 2022.

The best candidate for sport fishing will live in Oregon and be able to represent sports anglers well. Participation in local fishing groups or fish management, past experience with boards or commissions, and knowledge of or participation in Oregon’s many different sport fishing opportunities are all desirable.

The best candidate for commercial fishing will be an Oregon resident who can do a good job of representing Oregon’s commercial salmon industry. People who can speak for seafood processors, the commercial troll fleet, or the gillnet fleet should apply. Being involved with local fishing groups or fish management, having worked on boards or commissions before, and knowing about or being involved with commercially caught salmon in Oregon are all desirable qualities.

Closure of fishing near penguin colonies a little late: conservationists

Sep 28, 2022

(source: by Ernest Mabuza)

If the Department of Forestry, fisheries, and the Environment had stopped fishing near some African penguin breeding colonies six months ago, it might have helped the penguins more in 2022.

This is what four conservation groups think after the department said on September 16 that commercial fishing for anchovies and sardines would be banned in some areas near the biggest penguin colonies starting on September 1.

The department said that these rules came about after long talks with seabird protection groups and the pelagic fishing industry.

Alkimos and Yanchep men were prosecuted for using illegal fish traps to catch marron

Sep 28, 2022

(source: – by Justin Bianchini)

Three men who went fishing in the bush—two from the northern suburbs and one from a Mandurah suburb—were each fined $1500 plus court costs of $259.30 for using illegal gear.

A 34-year-old man from Alkimos and a 32-year-old man from Yanchep were fishing for marron in the Moore River near Regans Ford on a Friday morning in May. They were found by Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development compliance officers.

You can only fish for marron from noon on January 8 until noon on February 5.

Island’s fate tied to fishing, residents say: “I think we’re being pushed out”

Sep 28, 2022

(source: – by Jennifer Osborn)

STONINGTON: Windmills are coming.

This was one of the worries that fishermen and small business owners from Deer Isle and Stonington brought up at a breakfast economic development meeting on Friday at the Stonington town office.

Some locals and small business owners said they think the fishing industry is being pushed out to make room for windmills. This would help Governor Janet Mills and the federal government move forward with their green energy plans.

Seafood Watch at the Monterey Bay Aquarium said on September 6 that people shouldn’t eat lobster because North Atlantic right whales could get caught in fishing gear. This hasn’t helped.

The often-anticipated Pyramid Lake fishing opener is Saturday

Sep 28, 2022

(source: – by JIM KRAJEWSKI )

Pyramid Lake’s fishing season starts on Saturday, and local fishing experts think it should be a good year.

Early in the season, when the water is still pretty warm, the Lahontan cutthroat will be a little farther out.

There should be a lot of fish that didn’t get caught last year. This means that there could be some big fish, up to 25 pounds, swimming around.

Last season, a 28-pound, 8-ounce cutthroat was the biggest fish that was reported. However, it is likely that bigger fish were caught but not reported.

The RGJ talked to fishermen in the area about fishing at Pyramid. Here are some tips for fishermen who want to go to the 125,000-acre lake 35 miles northeast of Reno.

MLA president appeals for aid to Sorrento voters

Sep 28, 2022

(source: – by Malachy Flynn )

The annual Sorrento Town Meeting was held on September 24, and a visitor from out of town was there. Kristan Porter, the president of the Maine Lobstermen’s Association, came to the meeting to ask people to support Maine’s lobster industry as it gets ready for upcoming legal battles.

The group is appealing a decision made by the U.S. District Judge James E. Boasberg talked about the National Marine Fisheries Service’s plan to reduce the risk that fishing gear might pose to right whales. For this appeal, the group needs money to pay for the legal fees.

Porter said at the meeting, “We asked all the coastal communities to contribute to our Legal Defense Fund in any amount they felt comfortable with.” “Right now, we have an appeal, and it will cost a lot.”

Porter told the people in the room that the association had been on the defensive in legal battles about right whales for a long time, but that because of the recent ruling, the group had decided to go on the offensive instead.

Maryland Fishing Report – September 28

Sep 28, 2022

(source: – by ???)

As September comes to a close, anglers are seeing some exciting fishing action. Cooling water temperatures are changing some marine fisheries and making the freshwater fish feed more aggressively.

The end of summer made the Atlantic Coast a bit more interesting. Two new state record fish were caught out of Ocean City. Jeff Jacobs caught a 339-pound swordfish, and Thomas “Tad” Bodmer caught a 77-pound albacore.

Fishing competition ideal for removing smallmouth bass

Sep 28, 2022

(source: – by Jim Mimiaga Journal staff writer)

70% fewer people went to the event at Ridgway State Park, and cash prizes were given out.

Ridgway State Park used a fishing tournament to get rid of the smallmouth bass, which is not native to the area and is bad for the environment.

A news release from Colorado Parks and Wildlife says that the population of smallmouth bass was cut by 70% because of the eighth annual Ridgeway Smallmouth Bass Classic.

This year, 58 fishermen put bait in the water. In 2021, only 25 did. For the best catches and for catching bass that had been tagged, there were cash prizes.

Chase Nicholson from Ridgway was named the winner of the competition for the fourth year in a row. He won $3,000 because he caught 3,036 smallmouth bass. He also turned in seven fish with tags, which earned him an extra $1,600.

Cultural fishing inquiry prompts NSW government program to boost Indigenous employment

Sep 28, 2022

(source: – by ABC South East NSW / By Keira Proust)

There are hopes that a plan by the NSW government to give Indigenous fishers more jobs will be a “game changer” for communities along the east coast of the state.

The government said the program was made because of concerns raised in a parliamentary inquiry into cultural fishing. The inquiry was started in November of last year to find out why legislation to protect the practice had been sitting on the shelf for more than a decade.

In July and August of this year, the upper house inquiry heard from divers, lawyers, and people who work for human rights about the effects of decades of prosecuting Indigenous fishers, even though federal native title law recognizes their rights.

The inquiry’s report is due in November, but the state government has already announced a program to help more Indigenous people get jobs in commercial fishing, which was brought up at the first hearing in Narooma.


This brings me to the conclusion of this various news (09-28-2022). I hope you enjoyed it, and please feel free to leave any questions, more information, comments, ambiguities, or untruths in the comments.

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