Fishing News 09-29-2022

Top Fishing Gadgets: Fishing News 09-29-2022

Fishing News 09-29-2022
Fishing News Sep 29, 2022

Fishing News 09-29-2022: Here you can check out some international news that has something to do with fishing. Some items are very actual.

The fishing industry in 2021 statistics published

Sep 29, 2022

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Fleet: In 2021, there were 5,783 fishing boats that were registered in the United Kingdom. In the last ten years, this is a 10% drop, but Gross Tonnage (GT) has stayed the same at 202 thousand tonnes. About 20% of the fleet of the United Kingdom is made up of ships longer than 10 meters, and Scotland is in charge of 44% of those ships. About 11,000 fishermen work on boats that are registered in the United Kingdom. This is 1,700 fewer fishermen than there were ten years ago.

In 2021, ships from the United Kingdom brought in 652,000 tons of sea fish worth £921 million. Compared to 2020, this is a 5 percent increase in quantity and an 11 percent increase in value. This is mostly due to the UK’s recovery from the covid period and the extra quota the UK fleet has access to now that it has left the EU. Foreign ships brought 20,000 tonnes of goods into the UK in 2021, which is 48% less than in 2020. On the other hand, UK ships brought 258 thousand tonnes of goods into other countries, which is 5% more than in 2020.

FWP News: Fishing closure lifted on a section of Big Hole River

Sep 29, 2022

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WISE RIVER — The area of the Big Hole River between Maiden Rock Fishing Access Site (FAS) and Tony Schoonen Fishing Access Site (FAS) that was closed to fishing has been opened up again.

On these parts of the Big Hole River, fishing is still not allowed at all:

From Dickie Bridge to where the North Fork Big Hole River joins it,
The North Fork Big Hole River flows under the Saginaw Bridge on Skinner Meadow Road.
Tony Schoonen Tony Schoonen FAS to where the Big Hole River and the Beaverhead River meet.
Fishing restrictions, like hoot owl restrictions and full closures, are put in place to protect fish that are more likely to get sick or die when stressors, like catch-and-release fishing, combined with low water flows and high water temperatures. A list of current restrictions for the whole state can be found at

Sports Fishing Equipment Market Size at over USD 3189.32 million in 2022, is expected to grow at a decent CAGR of 5.43% | Touching New Heights, Advancing Technologies Helps Prominent Players till 2027

Sep 29, 2022

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Sports Fishing Equipment Market Insights 2022 by Types (Fishing Rods, Fishing Reels and Lines, Fishing Hooks and Lures, and Other Fishing Equipment), Applications (Individual Consumers, Clubs, Sports Organizers), By Segmentation, Regions, and Forecasts to 2027. This report has information that no one else has about important statistics, trends, and the competitive landscape.

Global “Sports Fishing Equipment Market” Research Report 2022-2027 gives an in-depth look at future growth trends, as well as an analysis of current and past demand and a SWOT analysis. The goal of the report is to give useful information about the market’s size, share, key players’ financial details with CAGR, industry revenue, and import-export situation. The Sports Fishing Equipment market report (116 pages) gives an in-depth look at the growth of the market as a whole, as well as its main growth drivers, challenges, trends, and opportunities. The report also focuses on regional changes, industry segments, and a competitive landscape analysis that includes a company overview, financial statements, gross margin, price trends, and manufacturing cost structure over the forecast period.

Fishing season’s start expected to draw thousands throughout New Zealand

Sep 29, 2022

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The opening day of the new fishing season is on a Saturday, so there are likely to be a lot of people there.

Corina Jordan, the head of Fish & Game NZ, said that the start of a new freshwater season rarely fell on a Saturday.

Jordan said, “It’s not exactly ‘once in a blue moon,’ but many anglers and their families will treat the start of the season on Saturday as something special to celebrate.

“Many Kiwis have a long-standing tradition of going fishing at the start of the season, but most people have to wait until the weekend if opening day is during the week,” she said.

“So, yes, it makes this opening special, and we’re expecting tens of thousands of people to head to lakes and rivers across the country because of it.”

She said that it looks like the weather will be fine for opening weekend, with some rain on the North Island but mostly nice weather in the South.

240 Pound Yellowfin Caught Off Northern California

Sep 29, 2022

(source: by Bob McNally)

It’s not the biggest yellowfin ever caught in the state, but it’s rare to catch a tuna that big that far north on the West Coast.

This year, the waters off of northern California have been unusually warm. Because of this, offshore anglers have caught an unusually high number of marlin, dolphins, and tuna. But on September 22, a group of fishermen trolling off Fort Bragg, California, which is north of Mendocino, were shocked when they caught a huge tuna.

Dylan Taube, Edmund Jin, and Frank Lovelady were fishing with Seabass Sportfishing’s Capt. Dave Li on Jin’s boat.

The fishermen left at dawn and went about 10 miles out to sea to look for warm water. Around noon, they found water with a temperature of 61.5 degrees.

Lake Seminole Fishing Report – October 2022

Sep 29, 2022

(source: by GON Staff)

Seminole: Level: 0.9 feet below 77.5. Around 80 degrees. Most of it is clear.

Bass: Guide Aaron Crews says, “Bass are flipping like they always do. They are on topwater baits, but there isn’t a lot of light. The bite on spinnerbaits is back because the fish are after shad. With worms, jigs, and deep crankbaits, you can catch fish on ledges. The change to fall will happen very soon. The grass on the shallow sandbars and the grass near the shore will die.

This means that bass will move up to the back of the grass to eat the minnows and baitfish there. In the shallow edges of the grass beds, fish should bite well on jerk baits, Trick Worms, Speed Worms, and Spinnerbaits. Even though the water temperature is high, the bass will move to the backs of the grass lines to eat the schools of minnows.

On September 22, I talked to two fishermen. Even in the middle of the day, they said, the frog bite is still there. One of them used a frog to catch ten basses. The other has been catching hybrids with spoons, Little Georges, and rattletraps on humps and sunken islands.”

RANDY HOWELL: The Small Details That Will Help You Land More Topwater Bites

Sep 29, 2022


In the fall, fishing conditions change quickly, and the best way to stay ahead is to keep moving. Overall, if you don’t live in the Northern states, October is one of the hardest months to fish in. In the Southeast, the fish are going through a change, but it’s not quite cool enough yet for fishing to get better.

So if you want to have a good day on the water, you should cover a lot of ground. That’s how I go about it, and I spend a lot of time fishing with topwater and shallow crankbaits.

Schedule for MLF Invitationals released

Sep 29, 2022

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Details about the 2023 MLF Tackle Warehouse Invitationals have been shared by Major League Fishing. The Invitationals will feature six events with a total prize pool of more than $3.9 million. Each event will have 150 anglers competing for a top prize of up to $115,000 and an invitation to REDCREST 2024, where they could win $300,000. The 2023 season will start in Florida’s Lake Okeechobee in early February and end on the Mississippi River in La Crosse, Wisconsin, in late July.

Anglers who were invited to compete will have three days to catch and weigh five fish. On the first two days, all 150 anglers will compete. On the third and last day, only the top 50 pros will move on. The winner of each Invitational will be the person who caught the most fish over the course of three days. The winner of each of 2023’s six Invitationals will also be invited to compete in 2024’s REDCREST. The Invitational Angler of the Year (AOY) will also get a spot in REDCREST, giving them a total of seven chances to get into REDCREST.

DEC to Host Annual ‘I FISH NY’ Fall Fishing Festival Oct. 15 at Hempstead Lake State Park

Sep 29, 2022

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At the annual Long Island event, kids can fish for free and get rods and bait. There is also a live animal show, contests, and other fun things to do.

The I FISH NY Program and Freshwater Fisheries Unit of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and the State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (State Parks) announced today that the annual Fall Family Fishing and Children’s Festival will be held at Hempstead Lake State Park on Saturday, Oct. 15, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

DEC Regional Director Cathy Haas said, “The Fall Family Fishing and Children’s Festival has been a family tradition on Long Island for 20 years.” “For some, it was their first time fishing, and now they will fish for the rest of their lives. We can’t wait to keep having everyone come to this great event.”

George Gorman, who is in charge of State Parks on Long Island, said, “Hempstead Lake State Park is happy to work with DEC to put on the annual Fall Family Fishing Festival.” “The festival is a great chance for kids and their families to learn about and enjoy fishing, as well as to check out all the new trails and facilities that Hempstead Lake has to offer.”

Lake Oconee Fishing Report – October 2022

Sep 29, 2022

(source: by GON Staff)

Oconee: Level: Full at 435. Temp: 82 degrees. Clarity: There is a small bloom of algae at the bottom.

Bass: Guide Reel Time Guide Service’s Mark Smith says, “Bass fishing is only fair right now. Off the south end points and humps is the best place to fish with a big crankbait. The bass is still in its summer patterns for the most part.

As the weather continues to get cooler, fish will start to move to their fall spots, first to the main lake points and then to the secondary points until they move into the coves to chase big bait schools. Still, crankbaits will be the most popular lure. As the fish move into shallow water, use mid-running baits.

Match the color of your bait to the color of the water. Change happens in October. When the water cools, fishing will keep getting better.”

Reel Life

Sep 29, 2022

(source: by Kevin Tyler)

Even though it is now spring, the cool weather, and constant rain are making fishing in salt water and in our area very hard.

All the rivers are high and dirty, making fishing hard, except for the big water storages like Eildon, the Hume, Dartmouth, and Milwala, and to a lesser extent Waranga Basin, Mulwala, and Nillahcootie.

At Eildon, which was the best place to fish, many people chose to cast a line instead of watching Geelong beat Sydney. Cod and trout were still biting, and fishing was once again good, especially in the arms of the river.


This brings me to the conclusion of this various news (09-29-2022). I hope you enjoyed it, and please feel free to leave any questions, more information, comments, ambiguities, or untruths in the comments.

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