Fishing News 09-30-2022

Top Fishing Gadgets: Fishing News 09-30-2022

Fishing News 09-30-2022
Fishing News Sep 30, 2022

Fishing News 09-30-2022: Here you can check out some international news that has something to do with fishing. Some items are very actual.

Dhana Wharf Fish Report: Back to Bass-ics

Sep 30, 2022

(source: by Staff)

Every week, Dana Wharf Sportfishing & Whale Watching provides the Dana Point and San Clemente Times with a report on the week’s fishing from Captain Brian Woolley and the weekly fish count.

Here is Captain Woolley’s report for the past week’s action:

More transition this week for us. Water temperatures are in the 70s along the beach here. We’ve got some streaky red tide in some zones, but it hasn’t affected the fishing too much.

On the half-day scene, the bass fishing has been pretty good—a lot of action in the areas with the cleaner water. Lots of fish caught on the fly-lined sardines, and for some anglers choosing to fish the artificial stuff, it was great action on the fluke-style baits with cast after cast catching a fish. Lighter lines got bites the best, as well. Guys fishing the 12-15 line had good shots at fish.

Fishing Cape Cod through the fall and into winter: here’s what to keep in mind

Sep 30, 2022

(source: by Steve Junker)

As gusty winds push us into October, we look forward to fall and winter fishing and say goodbye to another season of The Fishing News.

Kevin Blinkoff from the show “On the Water” joins us to talk about fishing in the fall, including catching tautog. And he reminds us that freshwater fishing in stocked ponds is a specialty of the Cape during the winter.

And we go over the week’s fishing news, like how the Cape Cod Canal has been a good place to catch fish and how albies are still doing well on the south side.

Pay attention.

This is the last issue of Fishing News for the year 2022. See you in May 2023!

Mortimer And Whitehouse: Gone Fishing Season 5 Episode 4: Release Date & Streaming Guide

Sep 30, 2022

(source: by Uzma)

This week, there is a new episode of Mortimer and Whitehouse: Gone Fishing, which is the most honest and relaxing show there is. Now that 6 episodes have been made, the show is almost done.

It was first shown on June 20, 2018. This show was supposed to be about two best friends who are old and like to have fun. The people who made the show didn’t think that so many people would be interested in a show with so little drama.

The good response led to more seasons, each of which took place in a different known fishing spot in the United Kingdom. The two try their best to find different kinds of fish in each place. For example, Episode 1 took place on the River Exe, and the fish to find was a Grilse. Bob and Paul like to fish, eat, and talk, and they often talk about the good old days.

Mortimer and Whitehouse: Gone Fishing is a good show to watch if you want to forget about real life for a little while.

Fishing Report: Pike-family predators and steelhead caught in cooling waters

Sep 30, 2022

(source: by John Hayes)

Monday is the official start of the state’s fall trout stocking season. More than 100 streams and lakes were expected to get about 116,000 brown, rainbow, and brook trout. The extended trout season lasts until Dec. 31, 2022, and then goes on until Feb. 20, 2023.

The daily limit is three trout of different species, and the minimum size at which they can be caught is 7 inches unless the waterway is managed under different rules. In the fall, you can only catch three trout that are at least 15 inches long in Lake Erie and the rivers that flow into it. This includes steelhead trout and lake trout.

October 2022 California Department Of Fish And Wildlife Calendar

Sep 30, 2022

(source: by ???)

September 30, 2022 – All events on the calendar are subject to change as we deal with the COVID-19 pandemic and its changing conditions and rules. Please continue to follow all safety rules, such as keeping a safe distance, wearing a mask, and washing your hands often. Visit for information on how to get a shot in California (opens in a new tab).

Wildfires or damage from wildfires can close wildlife areas, ecological reserves, and other places. Before going on a trip for fun, hunters and people who like being outside should check to see if any areas are closed.

Shared Habitat Alliance for Recreational Enhancement (SHARE) Application Deadlines for Access Permits for Multiple Hunting Opportunities. Through the SHARE program, you can hunt wild pigs, deer, bears, turkeys, doves, and quail. For each hunt choice, you have to pay an application fee of $11.75 that you can’t get back, plus handling fees. Visit for more information.

Europe Fishing Equipments Market Trends 2022: Updated Business Statistics and New Research Methodology

Sep 30, 2022

(source: by amit)

Fishing Equipment Market Research Study 2022: An Overview

During the 10 years from 2017 to 2027, the Fishing Equipment market shows a lot of information that business strategists will find useful. Based on historical data, the Fishing equipment market report gives information about the key segments and their sub-segments, as well as information about revenue and demand, and supply. Taking into account technological advances in the market, the Fishing equipment industry is likely to be a good place for new investors to get started in the Fishing Equipment market.

This report looks at both the upstream and downstream parts of the entire value chain. Important trends like globalization and economic growth make fragmentation, regulation, and environmental concerns more important. This market report goes over technical data, an analysis of manufacturing plants, and an analysis of where raw materials come from in the Fishing Equipments Industry.

It also talks about which product has the most market share, its profit margins, and the status of R&D. The report makes predictions about the future based on an analysis of how the market is divided. This analysis looks at the size of the global market by product category, end-user application, and different regions.

Maryland Fishing Report for Friday, September 30, 2022

Sep 30, 2022

(source: by Maryland Department of Natural Resources)

As September comes to a close, anglers are seeing some exciting fishing action. Cooling water temperatures are changing some marine fisheries and making the freshwater fish feed more aggressively.

The end of summer made the Atlantic Coast a bit more interesting. Two new state record fish were caught out of Ocean City. Jeff Jacobs caught a 339-pound swordfish, and Thomas “Tad” Bodmer caught a 77-pound albacore.

From September 28 to October 4:

This week’s weather will be shaped by what’s left of Hurricane Ian. The whole week will be cool, and it is likely to rain from Friday to Tuesday, with the heaviest rain coming on Friday and Saturday. Through Tuesday, winds of 10 to 20 knots, with stronger gusts, are expected. The water temperature on the surface of Chesapeake Bay has dropped to the low 70s and will continue to drop all week. The water level in rivers in Maryland is between the mid-60s and the upper 50s.

Carnarvon community left devastated after Shark Bay prawn fishery decline sees major employer Sea Harvest leave town

Sep 30, 2022

(source: by Michelle Stanley and Bianca Carbone)

Carnarvon, a small town in the country, is upset because the fishing company Sea Harvest Australia said it will move its home port to the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour at the end of this season, putting 14 people out of work.

Since it started as Nor-West Seafoods in 1962, the prawn business had been a major employer in the town 800 kilometers north of Perth.

Sea Harvest said that the decision was made because they had been catching few prawns in Shark Bay and it was hard to get people to work there.

Eddie Smith, the president of the Carnarvon Shire, said it was sad to hear that 14 people in the town would lose their jobs.

Overseas anglers ‘busting’ to get back into New Zealand waters

Sep 30, 2022

(source: by Rachael Kelly)

A fishing guide says that anglers from other countries are “busting” to get back to New Zealand waters to catch prized trout after Covid 19 closed the borders for two years.

And the guides are excited to get back out on the water with their clients after a period of time when they didn’t have jobs.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, thousands of foreign anglers came to Southland’s rivers in the summer to try to catch a trophy trout. When New Zealand’s borders were closed because of the pandemic, the guiding business dried up.

Now that the borders are open again, guides are expecting a steady stream of anglers to return to the water.

Introducing marine species information boards in Kenya and Tanzania: getting locals on board with artisanal fishing regulations

Sep 30, 2022

(source: by ???)

In response to worries about illegal and unsustainable fishing and trade in East African nearshore fisheries, TRAFFIC has put up information boards to make fishers and traders more aware of species that aren’t allowed to be caught or sold. These boards will also help compliance officers find threatened marine species.

The information boards are a result of the ReTTA project, which was made possible with help from WWF Kenya. They have been put up at key landing spots in Kenya and Tanzania. They include turtles, dolphins, whales, sharks, mollusks, corals, and many other marine species that are all protected by national law. CITES also puts limits on the international trade of some of the species.

In addition to a list of species that fishermen aren’t allowed to catch, the information boards list the fishing methods and gear that aren’t allowed in each country, such as spearguns, monofilament nets, and electricity, as well as the minimum size of fishing nets that are allowed.

If these rules are clearly posted at each landing site, compliance officers will be able to keep an eye on fishing gear. The information boards have text in both Swahili and English, and local fish names have been used so that all stakeholders can understand them.

IFAW: Recent Entanglement Highlights Need for Ropeless Fishing Gear

Sep 30, 2022

(source: by ???)

NANTUCKET — Experts on marine animals say that the fishing industry needs to switch to ropeless fishing gear, which is also called “on-demand gear,” because endangered whales like “Snow Cone,” who comes to the Cape and Islands region often, keep getting caught in fishing gear.

This is Snow Cone’s sixth entanglement. Scientists at the New England Aquarium said that she probably won’t live because of her injuries.

The whale probably has a bone infection because the ropes are digging into its mouth, said Dr. Sarah Sharp, a veterinarian with the International Fund for Animal Welfare. This is a common problem when animals get tangled up.

“We have also seen entanglements and lines around the pectoral flippers cause partial amputations and dead limbs. Sharp said, “These are terrible, painful things that these whales have to go through for months or even years.”

She also said that when whales get caught in nets, organizations like the Center for Coastal Studies have to do something, which can be dangerous for staff.

Walleye Slam, Fall Brawl ready to go: NE Ohio fishing report

Sep 30, 2022

(source: by D’Arcy Egan | special to

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Every year, thousands of anglers sign up early for the Lake Erie Walleye Slam and the Lake Erie Fall Brawl to try to catch big walleye in Lake Erie. Both walleye fishing derbies on Lake Erie will take place from Saturday, October 15, to Sunday, November 27.

Jason Fischer, who runs both the Lake Erie Fall Brawl and the Lake Erie Walleye Trail tournament series, said that the fishing derbies have gotten a lot of people interested in walleye fishing on Lake Erie. The last tournament of the summer LEWT tournament trail, the LEWT Championship walleye shoot-out, will be held Friday and Saturday at Gordon Park in Cleveland Harbor.


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