Fishing News 10-05-2022

Top Fishing Gadgets: Fishing News 10-05-2022

Fishing News 10-05-2022
Fishing News Oct 5, 2022

Fishing News 10-05-2022: Here you can check out some international news that has something to do with fishing. Some items are very actual.

Samsung commits to using more ocean-bound plastics in Galaxy devices

Oct 5, 2022

(source: by Sethu Pradeep)

According to Samsung, all gadgets presented during the company’s August event are made from ocean-bound or other post-consumer plastic.

In future Galaxy devices, Samsung will employ more recycled and ocean-bound plastic. The company said recycled plastic resin will be utilized in 50% of Galaxy products by 2030 and 100% by 2050.

“Approximately 640,000 tons of fishing nets end up in our oceans each year, posing a major harm to our marine ecosystem.” Some of these discarded fishing nets are already in the ocean, and some are on their way.

Shellfish deaths: Government to examine toxic chemical study (Fishing News 10-05-2022)

Oct 5, 2022

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A minister says he would “seriously” evaluate a study alleging a pesticide killed more shellfish than algae.

Fishermen on the North East coast have complained that enormous wash-ups of dead crustaceans had ruined their industry.

According to research commissioned by the fishing business, pyridine, which could have been released by dredging, was more likely.

According to Mark Spencer, any evidence “should be properly evaluated.”

The North East Fishing Collective commissioned the £30,000 study, which was carried out by professors from Newcastle, Durham, York, and Hull universities.

It discovered that pyridine, which is utilized in maritime infrastructure as an anti-corrosion treatment, was “extremely hazardous” to crabs “even at low levels.”

Hampton fixing lights, fishing pier at Buckroe Beach following severe flooding

Oct 5, 2022

(source: by Penny Kmitt)

HAMPTON, Virginia – Following Monday’s tremendous weather, the City of Hampton is repairing Buckroe Beach.

According to Mike Holtzclaw, Hampton’s communications coordinator, the boardwalk and pier have little damage.

“There was some damage to the new lighting structures that we installed as part of the boardwalk renovation,” he explained. “The James T. Wilson fishing pier here in Buckroe is generally open 24 hours a day, but it will now close at 6 p.m. due to repair work.”

According to Holtzclaw, the fishing pier’s repairs include light fixtures and some garbage.

While renovations are underway, Hampton will close the pier at 6 p.m. on Tuesday. The city has not yet determined when it will resume normal business hours.

EDITORIAL: On the fishing list of shame again (Fishing News 10-05-2022)

Oct 5, 2022

(source: by ???)

As the ludicrous dispute about whether eating Taiwanese seafood is a “luxury” fades away, a far more severe industrial problem lingers: The nation’s seafood products were placed on the US Department of Labor’s List of Goods Produced by Child Labor or Forced Labor for the third consecutive year on Wednesday last week. An estimated 35,000 migrant workers who operate on the world’s second-largest fishing fleet are among the victims.

Despite considerable worldwide reportage and supposed official steps to reduce the exploitation, Taiwan’s reputation as a maritime slave driver persists.

Naturally, not all employers are evil actors: Crew members of a ship that had been stranded for several weeks after its captain died, for example, told reporters that he had been “extremely friendly” to them.

GALLERY: Fishing classic returns in good measure

Oct 5, 2022

(source: by Jessica McGrath)

The Bjelke-Petersen Dam Inland Fishing Classic returned after a three-year break over the October holiday weekend.

Bill Schloss and Matthew Langford of the Bjelke-Petersen Dam Fish Management Committee welcomed back the popular event on October 1 and 2.

The fishermen went to the South Burnett’s Bjelke-Petersen Dam, which is now completely full and competed in either the ‘Gilled and Gutted’ or ‘Catch N Release’ competitions.

“A lot of people are gravitating toward catch and release now, away from capture and kill – we accommodate both, whoever wants to come, whatever they want to do,” Schloss added.

The Fishing Classic also featured a Junior category (16 years and under) with over 70 young anglers, as well as an open category.

The Capture N Release event drew fishermen of all ages because it allowed them to catch a fish, bring it to shore to be measured for points, and then release it.

Harmful fishing ‘severely damaging seabed around the Isle of Rum’ (Fishing News 10-05-2022)

Oct 5, 2022

(source: by Caroline Lewis)

By permitting dangerous forms of fishing to continue in protected areas, the Scottish Government has been accused of violating pledges.

Environmental activists detected extensive damage to the seabed near the Isle of Rum, despite the fact that it was designated the Small Isles Marine Protected Area (MPA) in 2014 in order to safeguard its rich biodiversity.

No fisheries management measures have been established, therefore dredging and bottom trawling are still allowed.

“It’s not protected, it’s a line on a map that means very little,” said Phil Taylor of the campaign organization Open Seas.

“The government has actively decided to enable this, and as a result, we’re seeing harm like this.”

Filipinos fishing on the frontline of the disputed sea

Oct 5, 2022

(source: by AFP)

Mariel Villamonte, a Filipino fisherman, had spent years fishing for snapper and grouper in the blue seas of Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea – until a Chinese coast guard vessel water cannoned his boat.

That was around the time China took control of the narrow ring of reefs encircling the Philippines, and he hasn’t dared to return.

“Their ships are built of steel, ours are made of wood,” Villamonte, now 31, recalled, recounting how two Chinese vessels chased his outrigger before slamming it with high-pressure water.

The fishing ground, which has been used by Filipinos for generations, is one of many possible flashpoints for military war in the South China Sea.

China and Taiwan both claim sovereignty over nearly the whole sea, while the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Brunei each claim portions of it.

Trillions of dollars in ship-borne trade travel through the river each year, and Navy vessels from the US and Western allies sail through it on a regular basis.

MMEA detains Vietnamese fishing boat carrying 3.5 tonnes of fish in Johor waters (Fishing News 10-05-2022)

Oct 5, 2022

(source: by YEE XIANG YUN)

MERSING: The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) arrested a Vietnam-registered fishing boat carrying 3,500kg of fish for trespassing into Malaysian seas.

According to Mersing zone MMEA director marine commander Khairul Nizam Misran, the vessel was discovered 16 nautical miles (29.6 kilometers) northeast of Pulau Aur on Tuesday around noon (Oct 4).

“The boat had an all-Vietnamese crew of 21 members ranging in age from 17 to 47.” They were all unable to present identification documents.

“We also seized fishing equipment, approximately 3,500 kg of fish, and around 1,000 liters of diesel discovered aboard the boat,” he added on Wednesday (Oct 5).

Khairul Nizam also stated that the accused lacked the necessary permits to fish in Malaysian seas.

The matter is being examined under the Fisheries Act 1985 for trespassing on and catching fish in Malaysian seas without prior permission from the Fisheries Director, as well as the Immigration Act for failing to show acceptable identification credentials.

Delivering better boating and fishing to Lake Burrumbeet

Oct 5, 2022

(source: by ???)

The Victorian Government is improving access to a day on the water in western Victoria by upgrading the boat ramp at Lake Burrumbeet.

The Victorian Recreational Boating Action Plan 2022-23 would upgrade the Lake Burrumbeet boat ramp on Canico Drive.

Sonya Kilkenny, Minister for Fishing and Boating, visited Lake Burrumbeet today, where improvements will be supported by boaters’ registration and license fees as part of the $42 million Better Boating Fund.

The current ramp will be replaced with two concrete lanes with a greater gradient in accordance with current regulations. Further research will include the installation of a new pontoon to allow boats to be temporarily moored.

The lake is popular with anglers looking for stocked trout, as well as skiers and families looking to make memories in the great outdoors by towing a doughnut or simply taking a cruise.

The U.S. is not harvesting as many fish as it could, driving up imports (Fishing News 10-05-2022)

Oct 5, 2022

(source: by Andrea Miller)

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the worldwide fishing sector hit an all-time high of $406 billion in production in 2020.

Fish is a high-protein source, making it critical for feeding the world’s rising population.

New Bedford, Massachusetts, is the most valuable fishing port in the United States, pulling in a record $376.6 million in seafood in 2020.

“Fishing stocks did fall in the 1990s.” It altered the species we were presenting. It altered the accessibility. It altered pricing,” Laura Foley Ramsden, fourth generation “fish mongrels” of Foley Fish in New Bedford, told CNBC.

The decline prompted an amendment to the 1976 Magnusson-Stevens Act forbidding overfishing and mandating population restoration.

LDWF Announces 2023 Derelict Crab Trap Cleanup Event; Volunteers and Sponsors Needed

Oct 5, 2022

(source: by Rene LeBreton Baton Rouge, La.)

This February, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) will hold its annual Derelict Crab Trap Rodeo volunteer cleanup event. Volunteers and sponsors are sought for the 2023 crab trap rodeos and Sportsman’s Paradise.

Volunteers will assist in the collection of traps in the field, loading them at the port, and counting them as they are unloaded. Commercial fishermen are encouraged to participate due to their knowledge of local waterways and their ability to carry traps. Boat owners will be given the tools to collect traps, but they are responsible for transporting them.

Because removing abandoned crab traps is a wet and messy activity, volunteers should dress appropriately and use water-resistant equipment. Volunteers should bring their own personal floatation device and wear it at all times while on the water.

Kodiak Grand Jury indicts fishing captain on Drug Charges (Fishing News 10-05-2022)

Oct 5, 2022

(source: by ???)

Juneau, AK (KINY) – A Kodiak Grand Jury indicted Adam Isaac Ross on six suspected drug trafficking crimes, including fentanyl, heroin, and methamphetamine, on September 22.

On September 16, Kodiak Statewide Drug Enforcement Unit investigators reported seizing 206 grams of methamphetamine (2,060 user doses, street value of $11,771 in Kodiak); 29 grams of heroin (290 user doses, street value of $5,800 in Kodiak); and 64.5 grams (457 pills) of blue M30 fentanyl pills (457 user doses, street value of $11,425 in Kodiak).

According to the lawsuit, methamphetamine, heroin, and M30 tablets were staged for sale in little clear zip bags.

Ross was charged with second-degree, third-degree, and fourth-degree misbehavior involving controlled substances.

Ross’ bail was set at $10,000 for a performance bond, $5,000 for an appearance bond, and PED house arrest. He may face ten to fourteen years in prison for the class A felony due to his prior convictions.

Fishing for sharks: Hot or not?

Oct 5, 2022


Marine biologists’ new research raises warning flags for sharks caught and released by anglers. After being caught, the ocean’s iconic predators heat up, which may have physiological and behavioral effects.

Anglers and scientists throughout the world catch and release sharks near the Irish coast. Do we know enough about how catch-and-release fishing affects endangered animals?

Lucy Harding, a Ph.D. candidate at Trinity College Dublin’s School of Natural Sciences, and her international team of collaborators worked directly with shark angling operators to assess how catch-and-release fishing may be affecting shark behavior and physiology in the Bahamas, off Cape Cod, and in Irish waters around Co. Cork.


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