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Fishing News Nov 21 - Nov 20, 2027
Fishing News Nov 21 – Nov 20, 2027

Fishing News 20221121-20221127: Here you can check out some international news that has something to do with fishing. Some items are very actual.

Remembering the Joanna C fishing boat tragedy on the second anniversary

Nov 21, 2022

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Today marks the second anniversary of the tragic sinking of the Joanna C fishing boat off the Sussex coast near the port of Newhaven, which claimed the lives of two fishermen.

On the morning of November 21, 2020, at 6 a.m., HM Coastguard received an EPIRB alert from the vessel Joanna C, which was located approximately three nautical miles off the coast of Seaford, near Newhaven.

HM Coastguard immediately dispatched the Coastguard rescue helicopter from Lydd, which was assisted by the Coastguard rescue helicopter based at Lee On Solent and RNLI all-weather lifeboats from Newhaven and Eastbourne. Local coastguard teams were dispatched to conduct shore searches.

Cardinal Czerny: More help necessary for small-scale fisheries

Nov 21, 2022

(source: by Joseph Tulloch)

On World Fisheries Day, the head of the Vatican’s Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development declares that the industry’s “endemic problems” disproportionately affect small-scale fishers, calling for “individual and collective conversion.”

Cardinal Michael Czerny, Prefect of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, has issued a message in honor of World Fisheries Day, which takes place on November 21st.

In his message, he emphasized the importance of the fishing industry as well as the numerous problems it faces, and he called for “individual and collective conversion.”

Provincial Government Recognizes World Fisheries Day

Nov 21, 2022

(source: by Fisheries, Forestry, and Agriculture)

Today is World Fisheries Day, and Newfoundlanders and Labradorians are encouraged to reflect on the significant contributions that all those involved in the fishing industry make to our province.

Since 1998, November 21 has been designated as World Fisheries Day. It is an opportunity to recognize the hard work of the province’s 17,000 fishery sector workers while also emphasizing the importance of wild fisheries and aquaculture to 400 communities across Newfoundland and Labrador.

The 2021 fishing season was one of the most successful in the province’s history, with over $1 billion in landed dollar value. The fishing industry in Newfoundland and Labrador is meeting the growing global demand for its world-class fish and seafood products. Consumers from more than 40 countries continue to prefer the province’s seafood products because of their taste, quality, safety, and sustainability.

Angler lands one of the world’s largest goldfish in French lake (Fishing News 20221121-20221127)

Nov 21, 2022

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Andy Hackett catches the Carrot, an elusive 30kg leather carp-koi hybrid released 20 years ago into a fishing lake.

Goldfish are usually large enough to live in a bowl in people’s homes, happily passing the time and barely taking up enough space to cause any problems.

Angler Andy Hackett, on the other hand, caught a much larger version of the fairground prize favorite, landing one of the world’s largest weighing more than 30kg (67 pounds, or five stone).

The elusive Carrot, named after its orange color, was caught at Bluewater Lakes in Champagne, France. It was dumped in the lake 20 years ago and has been a difficult customer ever since.

No pāua fishing on the Kaikōura coast this summer

Nov 22, 2022

(source: by Jennifer Eder)

Fishing News 20221121-20221127
Paua Fishing

As the fishery remains closed, Kaimoana lovers in Kaikoura and south Marlborough may be without fresh pua on the grill this summer.

Last year at this time, there was an influx of people heading to the coast for pua as the fishery opened for a three-month trial season for the first time since the 2016 earthquakes harmed the population.

However, the pua fishery will be closed this summer, and the Ministry of Primary Industries would like to remind people that catching pua is currently illegal.

According to Howard Reid, regional fisheries compliance manager, last summer’s trial season was so popular that MPI decided to reopen the fishery after the upcoming summer vacation. A consultation was currently taking place to shape the next season.

Solon seeks to develop Pag-Asa Island as a leisure fishing tourism site

Nov 22, 2022

(source: by CNN Philippines Staff)

Metro Manila, November 22 (CNN Philippines) — Rep. Johnny Pimentel of Surigao del Sur has introduced legislation to designate and develop Pag-Asa Island as a recreational fishing tourism destination.

House Bill 6228, according to Pimentel’s explanatory note, proposes developing the island to provide Kalayaan town in Palawan, which currently has little to no income, with a new recurring revenue stream from tourism-related activities.

Making the island a leisure fishing tourism site, according to the bill dated Nov. 21, will provide small-scale fisherfolk with additional sources of income, such as leasing their boats and providing services to tourists.

According to the 2020 census, Kalayaan, a sixth-class municipality, has the fewest residents in the country, with only 193 people living on Pag-Asa Island. Pag-asa is the municipal government’s seat.

Canada’s efforts to rebuild depleted fish stocks are flopping, says an independent audit (Fishing News 20221121-20221127)

Nov 22, 2022

(source: by Paul Withers)

An environmental group says that the government spent $120 million but didn’t make much of a difference.

According to the 2022 Fishery Audit released this week by the environmental group Oceana Canada, major spending increases and policy changes by the federal government to protect and rebuild wild fish stocks in Canada have resulted in little improvement.

According to Oceana’s sixth annual audit, fewer than one-third of Canada’s wild marine fish stocks are considered healthy, and most critically depleted stocks lack plans to rebuild them.

“Despite investments in rebuilding, we are seeing a troubling lack of change in our marine fish populations. We haven’t seen the needle move at all, which is very concerning “Robert Rangeley, Oceana’s science director, told CBC News.

The audit examined 194 Canadian fish stocks.

World’s first solar fishing vessel made in India wins international award

Nov 23, 2022

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India is making progress in reducing carbon footprints by embracing renewable energy. The world’s first sea-going solar fishing ship, Srav, designed and developed by Kochi-based NavAlt Solar and Electric Boats, has won the iconic Gustave Trouve Award for the World’s Best Electric Work Boat.

This award category was hotly contested, with nominations from some of the world’s largest boat builders from 30 countries.

There are 250,000 fishing vessels that run on gasoline and kerosene, and hundreds of thousands of people rely on them for offshore fishing. The ever-increasing price of fossil fuels is a major source of concern for the fishing industry, especially since they operate on very thin margins from the catch that they receive.

Srav, according to Sandith Thandassery, NavAlt’s Founder-CEO, is part of the company’s seagoing vessel series, which also includes solar-powered small and large fishing vessels. “Srav is an enthralling beast to ride. It can accommodate up to six fishermen. It has a range of 50 kilometers and is ideal for small fishermen. The energy bill would be less than Rs.10,000, while the cost of fossil fuels would be around Rs.3 lakh. Wear and tear will also be significantly reduced. The Srav is extremely stable and quiet.”

False Bay anglers arrested for drone fishing say the law is vague, biased, and used to discriminate

Nov 23, 2022

(source: by Kristin Engel)

Cape Town – Three False Bay anglers appeared in Muizenberg Magistrate’s Court on Saturday after being arrested for suspected drone fishing at Fisherman’s Lane in Strandfontein.

This year has seen an increase in fishing fines, and supporters believe the angling community is being targeted.

The anglers expressed dissatisfaction with having to constantly defend their fishing rights as a result of unclear laws and no signage prohibiting recreational drone fishing done for sport in their fishing areas.

The suspects were charged with angling outside the boundaries of the Marine Living Resources Act and for not having permits for the activities they engaged in, which included fishing with drones.

Reel life (Fishing News 20221121-20221127)

Nov 24, 2022

(source: by Kevin Tyler)

It took nearly two years to plan a fishing trip, but Mother Nature intervened once more, with the weather last weekend ensuring we spent another couple of days on the couch.

So, we’re back to square one: basic planning. The snapper fishing trip has been rescheduled for early next month, with one major caveat: weather permitting.

Rod Lawn of Adamas Fishing Charters in Queenscliff has assured us that snapper, calamari, squid, salmon, and couta are all on the menu.

I can live without couta, though they make good bait and are fun to catch; however, their teeth tend to bite through lines, so a good leader is required if you fish for them.

Rod predicted that once the weather calmed down, the fishing would be good again, and that kingfish would begin to bite as the holiday season approached. They are among the best fighting fish available.

New rules to support hāpuku and bass fisheries

Nov 24, 2022

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In some areas, the daily limit for recreationally caught hapuku (also known as groper) and bass will be reduced to two per person, with a new accumulation limit of three per person on multi-day trips.

According to Oceans and Fisheries Minister David Parker, the rule changes will go into effect on November 28 and will aid in the recovery of stocks in some areas.

The changes apply to the North Island and the west coast of the South Island, as well as the recreational fishing areas of Auckland East and Auckland West, Central, and Challenger.

Fish stocks are stable and steady

Nov 25, 2022

(source: by Department of Agriculture and Water Resources)

According to a new report from the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES), the majority of stocks assessed were neither overfished nor overfishing.

The ABARES Fishery Status Reports 2022 provide an annual, independent assessment of these fisheries’ performance.

According to ABARES Executive Director Dr. Jared Greenville, the Fishery Status Reports 2022 show that Commonwealth fisheries are still well-managed. Dr. Greenville noted that 69 of the 101 stocks assessed were not overfished, and 81 were not subject to overfishing.

Fish Festival opens in Accra (Fishing News 20221121-20221127)

Nov 25, 2022

(source: by Emelia Ennin Abbey)

The third edition of the Accra Fish Festival has begun with an exhibition of fish products and discussions about promoting sustainable fisheries and the aquaculture sector.
The two-day celebration will also honor the efforts of fishermen and fish processors.

It drew stakeholders from the fisheries sector and had the theme ‘Promoting Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture for National Development.’

Aside from the exhibitors, who included fish farmers, fish processors, and fish traders who displayed a variety of fish and fish products, the event also drew dealers in fishing and fish farming materials such as fish feed and fishing nets.

Patrons of the festival, including workers from the Ministries Enclave, business owners in the Independence Square surrounding communities, and schoolchildren, were able to sample and enjoy many fish recipes for free from some of the exhibitors.

Patrons were seen sampling more than ten tuna recipes, including tuna jollof, tuna salad, and tuna yam balls, among others, at the Tuna Merchants Association stands.


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