Fishing News 20221205-20221211

Fishing News 20221205-20221211

Fishing News 20221205-20221211
Fishing News 20221205-20221211

Fishing News 20221205-20221211: Here you can check out some international news that has something to do with fishing. Some items are very actual.

As fishing quotas rise, one-third of Ireland’s fleet seeks to quit

Dec 05, 2022

(source: by Robert Besser)

DUBLIN, IRELAND (AP) — According to media reports, up to one-third of the nation’s offshore fishing fleet has applied to be decommissioned.

Out of the total of 180 fishing boats, 64 have requested to be decommissioned. Nineteen of those are said to be from Castletownbere in County Cork.

Local officials, however, are concerned because Castletownbere’s economy is so reliant on the fishing industry.

The decommissioning requests are a result of the Brexit Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA), in which Ireland agreed with the EU to limit the number of fish that Irish boats could catch. The agreement has made it harder for Irish fishermen to make a living.

More participants and more catches at Waimate’s Hook Beach fishing contest

Dec 05, 2022

(source: by Yashas Srinivasa)

The annual Hook Beach fishing contest saw increased participation from anglers this year, and it was a Waimate resident who took home the grand prize of one thousand dollars.

More than 130 people took part in the event that took place on Saturday, and one of the event’s co-organizers, Craig Rowley, reported that the weather was “great” on that day.

Rowley commented on how wonderful the weather was as well as how well-behaved everyone was.

This year’s event had a respectable number of participants, especially considering all of the other activities that took place around the area.

Gaza fishermen rejoice at finally fixing their boats (Fishing News 20221205-20221211)

Dec 05, 2022

(source: by AFP)

CITY OF GAZA: Mohammad Jerboa, a technician wearing sky blue overalls near Gaza’s port, rejoices at the opportunity to finally repair fishing boats after a 15-year Israeli ban on vital materials.

After sanding down the faded paint as part of a team of workers patching up rickety boats with sheets of newly imported fiberglass, he called it a “great achievement.”

The material has been prohibited from entering the Palestinian enclave since 2007, as one of the dozens of items Israel believes Gaza militants could use for military purposes.

Due to the state of the boats, the measures had left fishermen struggling for years to pursue their livelihood – until the United Nations brokered a deal that allows fiberglass to reach a supervised workshop.

“I started working at this workshop two weeks ago… this provided a job opportunity for both the fishermen and us as technicians,” Jerboa explained.

Marine / Offshore wind developers urged to protect fishing industry ahead of a visit to isles this week

Dec 06, 2022

(source: by Shetland News)

OFFSHORE wind farm developers are being urged to use some of their billions of pounds in development funds to safeguard Shetland’s fishing industry.

This includes a call to compensate the local fleet for the potential loss of fishing access and income.

Three proposed floating developments to the east of Shetland, licensed through Crown Estate Scotland’s ScotWind auction, are being backed by Ocean Winds, Mainstream Renewables, and ESB Asset Development.

Three companies’ representatives are scheduled to visit Shetland on Wednesday and Thursday. Shetland News has requested an interview with representatives from the companies behind the proposals.

The Shetland Fishermen’s Association (SFA) is urging them to make a series of commitments to ensure that one of the isles’ most important industries does not lose access to vital fishing grounds.

Safety comes first with early-season ice fishing

Dec 06, 2022

(source: by Gary Howey)

(See article about “Ice Fishing” on Wikipedia)

In a typical year with cold weather, ice anglers look for a place to ice fish.

Not this year, because the weather in November was unseasonably warm, so we haven’t had to answer many ice fishing questions.

With the warm weather, few people are considering ice fishing, as it may be some time before we get any good-safe ice in South Dakota, Nebraska, or Iowa.

Before the colder weather arrives and ice begins to form, it’s a good idea to brush up on our ice safety knowledge.

It makes sense to be eager to get out on ponds and smaller lakes. When it comes to ice, there is always a risk when going out on any body of water to ice fish.

Coast guard to remove sunken fishing boat at Canso wharf (Fishing News 20221205-20221211)

Dec 07, 2022

(source: by Paul Withers )

The Canadian Coast Guard says it will recover the cost of removing a fishing boat that sank at the Tickle Wharf in Canso, N.S., last month.

The RCMP in Guysborough is also looking into why the boat sank.

“At this time, the matter is under investigation, and it is too early to say whether the sinking was accidental or the result of criminality,” said RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Chris Marshall.

Marshall stated that another federal agency notified the RCMP about the sinking, rather than a member of the public or a victim’s complaint.

In 2021, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans transferred ownership of the wharf to the Assembly of Nova Scotia Mi’kmaw Chiefs.

The National Professional Fishing League Announces Changes for the 2023 Season

Dec 07, 2022

(source: by Wired2Fish Editors)

The National Professional Fishing League (NPFL) has announced reduced entry fees and increased payouts for the 2023 season, in addition to a 2023 Championship event for the top 40 anglers in the Progressive Angler of the Year Standings.

The NPFL has always focused on providing anglers with the best platform for competing and earning a living while fishing a high-level professional bass fishing circuit. The new offering includes lower entry fees and a $100,000 first-place payout to the regular season winner. Furthermore, the field of 130 boats will pay out to 41 places, giving anglers the opportunity to earn enough money to fish at the highest level.

Threatened Price Hike Scuppers Shoreside Energy Saving Scheme for Fishing Vessels

Dec 07, 2022

(source: by Team)

Due to a threatened 378 percent increase in prices, fishing vessels have been forced to withdraw from a shore-side energy supply.

The shoreside scheme for larger vessels in Irish fishery harbors aimed to reduce harmful emissions from diesel generators, which were required for freezer trawlers as well as heat, light, and technical equipment on board while in port.

According to a letter obtained by Donegal Daily from the Department of Agriculture, Food, and Marine, it has been advised that current contracts for electricity supply from Electric Ireland, available from the Office of Government Procurement (OGP), expired on November 30th.

A fisherman was killed, and another wounded in firing on a boat (Fishing News 20221205-20221211)

Dec 08, 2022

(source: by Our Correspondent)

In a mysterious shooting incident on a fishing boat, one fisherman was killed and another was seriously injured. When the boat returned to shore on Wednesday, it was revealed.

According to police, some fishermen from Karachi and other coastal areas had gone fishing at sea. When their boat returned to shore, it was discovered that one fisherman had been killed and another had been injured as a result of gunshots.

The deceased and injured were taken to the Civil Hospital in Karachi. According to Docks SHO Pervez Solangi, the shooting occurred in the Jiwani area, but it was unclear who fired and why.

The deceased man was identified as Ibrahim, 50, son of Jumma Baksh, and the injured man as Zain, 45, son of Abdullah. According to the SHO, police and other agencies are investigating the case in order to solve the mystery.

Angler’s fishing trip is rudely interrupted when a tree falls on him in Kota Belud

Dec 08, 2022

(source: by DURIE RAINER FONG)

KOTA KINABALU: A fishing trip in Sabah’s northern Kota Belud district was abruptly cut short when a tree fell on him.

At around 8.30 p.m. on Wednesday, the 59-year-old man was fishing along a riverbank in Kampung Tamu Darat (Dec 7).

“The victim and the tree rolled into the 4m-deep river after the tree fell on him,” a Fire and Rescue Department spokesman said on Thursday (Dec 8).

The man, who clung to the log to stay afloat, was eventually rescued by his son.

A fire team led by Kota Belud fire chief Muhammad Syazwan Latun rushed to the scene after being alerted to the incident and hauled the victim from the river and carried him on a stretcher 15m uphill from the riverbank.

Record Idaho Sea-Run Coho Salmon (Fishing News 20221205-20221211)

Dec 08, 2022

(source: by Bob McNally)

Coho Salmon
Coho Spawning on the Salmon River | The rivers, streams, and… | Flickr

On November 13, Jerry Smith of Lewiston, Idaho, made history by catching, measuring, and releasing a large coho or silver salmon. According to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, he was fishing the North Fork of Idaho’s Clearwater River (in the Clearwater National Forest) (IDFG).

Smith measured and registered the 30-inch coho with IDFG. They declared his catch the state’s first catch-and-release record for the ocean-run species, despite the fact that Idaho’s catch-and-release record program has been in place for six years.

The state hopes that Smith’s catch-and-release record for coho will pave the way for future catch-and-release records for cohos and other state fish species.

Anchovy stock depleting in Black Sea, expert warns

Dec 09, 2022

(source: by ???)

An expert has warned that a fishing ban should be implemented because the anchovy stock in the Black Sea has depleted.

Fishermen in the Black Sea ports, which house nearly 75 percent of the country’s fisheries, set sail on Sept. 1.

According to sector representatives, they were expecting plenty of bonito in the upcoming fishing season, with the number of anchovies declining as they began to migrate to Georgia in recent years.

Noting that the Black Sea anchovy stock has reached depletion, Mehmet Aydn, an Ordu University professor, stated, “The main reason for the decrease in stocks is the anchovy massacre in Georgia.” Our fishing boats travel to Georgia and catch very small anchovies there.”

He stated that anchovies with an average size of 7-8 centimeters are currently available.

US sanctions people and entities over China-based illegal fishing

Dec 09, 2022

(source: by ???)

WASHINGTON – The United States sanctioned individuals and companies, including Nasdaq-listed Pingtan Marine Enterprises (PME), on Friday (Dec 9) for alleged human rights violations related to China-based illegal distant water fishing.

The US Treasury Department sanctioned Li Zhenyu and Xinrong Zhuo, both Chinese nationals, and 10 entities they control, including Dalian Ocean Fishing and Pingtan Marine Enterprise, according to a statement from the US Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

It also said it targeted 157 Chinese-flagged fishing vessels linked to those entities.

Three fishermen still missing off Jersey coast as search called off

Dec 09, 2022

(source: by ???)

A two-day search was launched after a fishing boat with three crew members sank off the coast of Jersey on Thursday morning.

The search for three fishermen who went missing after their fishing boat went down off the coast of New Jersey has been called off.

After a ship collided with a fishing vessel around 5.30 a.m. on Thursday, a massive search and rescue operation was launched.

For the past two days, the coastguard has been coordinating a search with the RNLI’s all-weather lifeboat, Channel Islands Airsearch, the Ports of Jersey tug, and members of the local fishing fleet.

The fishing boat was crewed by a captain, identified as Michael “Mick” Michieli in reports, and two other crew members, all of whom are still missing.

The Ports of Jersey announced on Friday afternoon that the search would be called off at sunset.


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