Fishing News 20230220-20230226

Fishing News 20230220-20230226

Fishing News 20230220-20230226
Fishing News 20230220-20230226

Fishing News 20230220-20230226: Here you can check out some international news that has something to do with fishing. Some items are very actual.

The British government has been trying to prevent Russian citizens from legally fishing in British waters.

Feb 20, 2023

(source: by Rupert Evelyn)

The British ambassador to Denmark will travel to the Faroe Islands in an effort to stop Russian fishing trawlers from operating legally in British waters.

Russian trawlers can fish in a “special area” shared by the UK and Faroe Islands thanks to Faroese fishing licenses.

The UK government has expressed concern to the Faroese government over Russian fishing activity in the UK-Faroes Special Area, according to a government spokesperson who spoke with ITV News.

In a statement, the UK government said, “We will categorically not license any Russian-flagged vessels to fish anywhere in UK waters, and we continue to urge the Faroes to follow our lead by not permitting Russia to fish in the UK – Faroes Special Area.”

According to reports, a British delegation is currently in formal consultation with the Faroese and Danish governments to figure out how to stop the Russians from fishing in the area designated as “special.”

British fishermen are furious at the prospect of Russians legally fishing in British waters for the second time since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The Finest Anglers From Around The World Converge On Melbourne (Fishing News 20230220-20230226)

Feb 20, 2023

(source: by VIC Premier)

Here you can find some information about Melbourne (

Recreational fishing’s top minds from 21 countries have gathered in Melbourne for the 10th World Recreational Fishing Conference (WRFC).

The Conference opened today with around 350 recreational fishery managers, scientists, and academics. Coming from Australia and abroad, including Mongolia, Belize, Belgium, Italy, and The Bahamas, discussing and sharing industry advancements.

Maintaining momentum in a complex and ever-changing global fishery environment will be a central theme at this year’s conference, which will feature presentations from renowned experts in the field.

Speakers include Sascha Clark Danylchuk, the executive director of Keep Fish Wet, and Steve Moyer, the president of Trout Unlimited in the United States, as well as Keno Ferter, a researcher in fisheries in Norway, Christopher Bova, a scientist in South Africa, and Robson Green, the host of the British television show Extreme Fishing.

With a bid spearheaded by the Victorian Fisheries Authority (VFA) and supported by the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation and recreational fishing organizations like VRFish, FutureFish Foundation, and Women in Recreational Fishing Network, the Andrews Labor Government was awarded hosting rights.

Australians are hooked on fishing for fun

Feb 21, 2023

(source: by NSW Nationals)

One-fifth of Australian adults go fishing for fun each year, a trend that boosts motivation. It creates 100,000 jobs, and pumps $11 billion into Australia’s economy, according to a recent national survey.

ABARES, the University of Canberra, and the Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation collaborated to conduct the first national survey of recreational fishermen in over 20 years with the National Social and Economic Survey of Recreational Fishers.

Dr. Jared Greenville, the Executive Director of ABARES, has stated that the survey paints a current picture of recreational fishing in Australia, including participation rates and the economic and social benefits.

One-fifth of Australia’s adult population, or 4.2 million people, go fishing for fun at least once a year. Since 2000, both the population and the number of fishermen have grown, but “the percentage of fishermen has stayed about the same,” as Dr. Greenville put it.

If you’re going ice fishing, keep an eye on the weather. (Fishing News 20230220-20230226)

Feb 21, 2023

(source: by Angela Kazmierczak)

CALGARY, AB – This year’s ice fishing season will end soon, even with today’s blast of winter.

The Alberta Fish and Game Association encourages anglers to enjoy the transition from ice fishing to regular fishing.

Generally, popular fishing spots are safer, according to Kelly Carter, CEO of the Alberta Fish and Game Association. Avoid going to rivers and isolated fishing spots. In addition, he advises listening for ice that is a uniform color.

Uneven freezing layers are common in rivers because the water is constantly moving beneath the surface.

Also, eight inches of ice is ideal for group ice fishing or driving snowmobiles on the ice. Near the end of the season, when snowmobiles and other heavy equipment are still in use, accidents are more common.

Carter advises watching lakes and cattle ponds for indicators, especially in spring.

Skyway Fishing Pier in Florida is where wildlife officials are showing their opposition to fishing gear bans.

Feb 22, 2023

(source: by Max Chesnes)

Fishing News 20230220-20230226
Ball O Sun over Skyway Fishing Pier – Florida –

Despite thousands of birds becoming entangled in fishing gear at the Skyway Fishing Pier State Park in recent years, Florida wildlife commissioners on Tuesday signaled their hesitance to approve monthlong bans on certain fishing gear for anglers. The discussion lasted for more than two hours.

Instead of imposing blanket gear bans, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s leadership has tasked its experts with brainstorming novel approaches to reducing the number of seabirds killed when they become entangled in fishing lines in one of the state’s most popular fishing spots. For instance, they recommended exploring options for physically discouraging the birds from approaching fishing lines.

Fishing equipment with multiple hooks, such as sabiki rigs and treble hooks, would be prohibited from use between November 1 and March 31 of each year, which was a departure from the proposed set of rules wildlife staffers presented to the commission (which leaders still technically approved, with the caveat that they will be overhauling them). In order to successfully catch baitfish, a sabiki rig must have multiple small hooks.

Before the commission meets again to discuss the matter in July, the proposed rules will undergo significant revisions.

In March, Lake Norman will host the Major League Fishing championship. (Fishing News 20230220-20230226)

Feb 24, 2023

(source: by Post Sports)

On March 8-12, 2023, the world champion of professional bass fishing will be crowned at Lake Norman during the Bass Pro Tour championship presented by Major League Fishing.

Top 40 2022 Bass Pro Tour anglers will compete for $300,000 in the five-day Discovery Channel and Outdoor Channel tournament.

South Carolina native and General Tire pro-Andy Montgomery of Blacksburg will be making his fourth Redcrest appearance. “Lake Norman is absolutely thriving – it’s one of the best-spotted bass lakes in the country,” he said. To paraphrase, “there is plenty of fish in the lake, and the fishing is excellent right now. We anticipate a great time at the tournament.

The Captain of a Fishing Trawler Denies Hearing a Warning Whistle From the Approaching Bulk Carrier

Feb 24, 2023

(source: by MI News Network)

A fishing trawler’s captain testified before the High Court that he was not alerted to the approaching danger by the large merchant ship’s warning whistle before the vessels collided off the coast of Kerry. Joaquin Maria Antelo Madale, captain of the trawler Kirrixhi, said he could not radio the bulk carrier Hua Shen Hai.

The fatal collision occurred about midnight on 11 October 2019, 24 nm northwest of the Blasket Islands’ Inishtearagh Lighthouse. The massive ship was carrying a 44,000-ton cargo of bauxite to Limerick’s Aughinish Alumina.

The vessels’ owners have apparently filed lawsuits against one another, blaming each other’s negligence for the damages.

Every year, the firefighters of the Fisher River Valley hold a fishing derby to raise money for their organization. (Fishing News 20230220-20230226)

Feb 24, 2023


The Fisher River Valley Fire and Rescue Department held its annual ice fishing derby, and more than 500 adults registered to participate.

Last weekend, anglers from all over northwest Montana competed in the department’s primary fundraiser. They hoped to bring home cash, prizes, and a catch for dinner.

According to organizers, the derby has been going on for around 25 years, and it is put on by the department’s auxiliary.

More than 500 adults signed up, and we don’t even register children, so it was a good turnout, according to the EMS captain of the department, Barb Neumann.

Anglers of all ages who finished in the top three for rainbow trout, northern pike, yellow perch, and salmon are listed below.

Charter boat tracking law is struck down by a US court

Feb 24, 2023

(source: by KEVIN McGILL, Associated Press)

The Associated Press reports that in New Orleans, A group of charter operators from Louisiana and Florida won a lawsuit filed in 2020 challenging a federal fisheries management rule that mandated the installation of tracking devices on privately owned charter boats operating in the Gulf of Mexico.

The New Orleans-based 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals panel’s ruling on Thursday overturned a lower court decision upholding the regulation, which had been drafted to assist regulators in keeping track of the quantity of fish caught on recreational charter vessels.

The panel disagreed with government claims that tracking devices are the sort of thing that can be required of recreational boats in order to comply with the Magnuson-Stevens Act, a federal law that regulates the commercial fishing industry.

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