Fishing News 20231002-20231008

Fishing News 20231002-20231008
Top Fishing Gadgets – Fishing News 20231002-20231008

Fishing News 20231002-20231008

Fishing News 20231002-20231008
Fishing News 20231002-20231008

Fishing News 20231002-20231008 – Here you can check out some international news that has something to do with fishing. Some items are very actual.

Kids Fishing Rodeo No. 13 (Fishing News 20231002-20231008)

October 2, 2023

(source: by WXXV Staff)

A Day of Fishing Fun for Special Needs Children

With the arrival of the brisk fall weather, families in Bay St. Louis found themselves drawn to Jimmy Rutherford Pier, seeking an ideal way to spend their Saturday. The occasion? The 13th annual Special Needs Fishing Rodeo, organized by the Waveland Civic Association (WCA). This heartwarming event brought together numerous families and young anglers for a day filled with joy and angling adventures.

Generous Support from WCA and Sponsors

The Waveland Civic Association, in collaboration with the Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) and other generous sponsors, spared no effort in ensuring that young participants had everything they needed for a successful day of fishing. Fishing poles, bait, tackle, and shrimp were provided, ensuring that the young anglers were well-equipped to cast their lines into the waters of the pier.

Exploration Opportunities and Refreshments (Fishing News 20231002-20231008)

In addition to the angling experience, the event provided young attendees with opportunities for exploration and adventure. Emergency response vehicles were strategically stationed at the venue, allowing kids to indulge their curiosity and explore these fascinating machines. Moreover, the organizers ensured that refreshments were readily available to replenish the energy of both the young and young-at-heart participants. A delectable spread of hot dogs, hamburgers, and snacks awaited those in need of sustenance before resuming their fishing endeavors.

A Heartfelt Gesture from WCA

For WCA President AJ Andres, the Special Needs Fishing Rodeo represents more than just a fun day of fishing; it’s a heartfelt gesture toward the community’s special needs children. He emphasized the significance of this event, explaining, “We want these kids to come out and enjoy a day of fishing, you know they don’t get to do a lot of stuff and this is our way of trying to give back to the community and the kids. This is the one time of year, we normally do this in May, but we’re trying it now around September, October trying to see with the weather being cooler trying to let these kids get out and come fish and enjoy the day.”


In conclusion, the 13th annual Special Needs Fishing Rodeo, organized by the Waveland Civic Association and its partners, provided a heartwarming and memorable experience for special needs children and their families. With a generous supply of fishing gear, exploration opportunities, and delicious refreshments, the event succeeded in its mission to create a joyful and inclusive day of fishing and community bonding.

Alsop Lake has been discovered to have invasive New Zealand mud snails. (Fishing News 20231002-20231008)

October 3, 2023

(source: by ???)

New Zealand Mud Snails: A Growing Concern in Alsop Lake

Alsop Lake, located in Laramie, is the latest site in Wyoming to face a concerning invasion—New Zealand mudsnails. These aquatic invasive species (AIS) have sparked alarm among ecologists due to their remarkable ability to clone and thrive, often reaching astonishing densities of up to 300,000 snails per square meter.

Discovery by a Concerned Resident (Fishing News 20231002-20231008)

The presence of New Zealand mud snails in Alsop Lake came to light thanks to the vigilant efforts of a local resident, Jenny Loveridge. A dedicated enthusiast of snorkeling in Alsop Lake for over 16 years, Loveridge noticed an unusual sight this year. The lake’s vegetation was blanketed by tiny snails, unlike any she had ever encountered in her years of underwater exploration.


Loveridge expressed her astonishment, stating, “They were everywhere. I thought this has got to be a problem, so I reported my observation to Game and Fish.”

A Recent Establishment

Building on Loveridge’s crucial observations, Game and Fish authorities conducted subsequent surveys, concluding that this population of New Zealand mudsnails likely established itself within the last few years. Notably, while several Wyoming rivers have already fallen victim to New Zealand mud snail invasions, Alsop Lake stands out as one of only three lakes in the state currently harboring these invasive snails.

Uncertain Impacts on Alsop Lake

The unique water chemistry of Laramie Plains Lakes, including Alsop Lake, adds a layer of complexity to the situation. Predicting the exact consequences of the mud snail invasion remains challenging. In other ecosystems, mud snails have triggered shifts in water chemistry and outcompeted native snails and invertebrates. These changes can set off a chain reaction, affecting the feeding and growth patterns of sportfish like trout and potentially disrupting the entire ecological balance of the lake.


In summary, the emergence of New Zealand mud snails in Alsop Lake underscores the ongoing threat posed by aquatic invasive species in Wyoming. Jenny Loveridge’s vigilant reporting and Game and Fish’s subsequent investigations have shed light on this growing concern. The situation in Alsop Lake, with its distinct water chemistry, calls for careful monitoring and action to mitigate potential ecological consequences.

A sake maker from Fukushima warms the damaged Japanese fishing community. (Fishing News 20231002-20231008)

October 4, 2023

(source: by Harumi OZAWA)

Reviving Hope through Sake in Fukushima

As life gradually regains its foothold in the once-devastated fishing communities of Japan’s Fukushima region, a beacon of resilience emerges in the form of Daisuke Suzuki. His contribution to the recovery efforts is nothing short of remarkable, for he leverages his expertise to craft the beloved Japanese rice wine, sake.

Surviving the Catastrophe

Daisuke Suzuki, a “toji” sake master, and his family narrowly escaped the cataclysmic events that befell the Fukushima region in March 2011. The massive earthquake and subsequent tsunami wrought unprecedented destruction, claiming the lives of approximately 18,000 individuals and causing a catastrophic incident at the nearby nuclear plant.

Loss of a Cherished Community Hub (Fishing News 20231002-20231008)

The town of Namie, deeply impacted by this disaster, witnessed the obliteration of the venerable Ukedo port and its cherished local fishing industry. Equally devastating was the loss of the Iwaki Kotobuki sake brewery, an establishment owned by Suzuki’s family for five generations. For over two centuries, this brewery had been a wellspring of the rice wine that provided solace and spirit to countless fishermen returning to port after facing the unpredictable Pacific Ocean, their holds laden with a bountiful catch of fish.

Sake and the Sea: A Time-Honored Tradition

The connection between sake and the sea ran deep in these fishing communities. With their hearts buoyed by hope and their palates delighted by the delicate flavors of white-meat sashimi from flounder and bass, delicacies sourced from the Fukushima coast, fishermen would gather to savor cups of Iwaki Kotobuki sake. This tradition was an enduring constant, woven into the fabric of their lives since childhood, a testament to the resilience of a community determined to find solace and strength in familiar rituals.


In essence, Daisuke Suzuki’s unwavering commitment to the craft of sake-making serves as a symbol of hope and revival in Fukushima’s recovering fishing communities. The legacy of the Iwaki Kotobuki sake brewery, intertwined with the region’s deep-seated traditions, is a testament to the enduring spirit of a community that refuses to be defined by catastrophe.

Vietnam makes a concerted effort to prepare for anti-IUU fishing inspections. (Fishing News 20231002-20231008)

October 5, 2023

(source: by ???)

Deputy Prime Minister’s Directive to Combat IUU Fishing

In a significant development, Deputy Prime Minister Tran Luu Quang, on October 4, took a decisive step by signing a Prime Ministerial dispatch addressing the pressing issue of illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing. This dispatch outlines the critical tasks and measures that need immediate attention, all in anticipation of the upcoming fourth inspection visit by the European Commission (EC) team.

Positive Outcomes from Anti-IUU Fishing Efforts

Over the course of nearly six years, extensive efforts have been made to combat IUU fishing, primarily aimed at securing the removal of the EC’s “yellow card” warning. These endeavors have resulted in several positive outcomes. However, with the fourth inspection by the EC team on the horizon, the need for continued vigilance and proactive measures remains paramount.

Key Tasks for the Upcoming Inspection Period (Fishing News 20231002-20231008)

The Prime Minister’s directive underscores a series of crucial tasks that must be initiated in the period leading up to the fourth inspection. Among these tasks is the obligation placed on relevant ministries, departments, and local authorities to allocate the necessary resources and funding to promptly address existing deficiencies and limitations in the fight against IUU fishing. Moreover, they are instructed to create favorable conditions for productive collaboration with the EC inspection team.


In conclusion, the Deputy Prime Minister’s dispatch serves as a clear directive to ensure the effective combatting of IUU fishing. The fourth EC inspection looming, highlights the need for comprehensive efforts at various levels of government to rectify shortcomings, allocate resources, and work closely with the EC team to further advance progress in this vital endeavor.

In New York, a commercial fisherman was convicted of breaching fish regulations by 200,000 pounds. (Fishing News 20231002-20231008)

October 6, 2023

(source: by ???)

Fisherman Convicted for Illegal Fishing Practices

In a federal court in Central Islip, New York, a commercial fisherman, Christopher Winkler, aged 63 and hailing from Montauk, has been found guilty of serious charges. The conviction, delivered on a Wednesday, includes one count of criminal conspiracy, two counts of mail fraud, and two counts of obstruction of justice. Winkler, who served as the captain of a fishing trawler named the New Age, faced allegations of falsifying records to facilitate the illicit sale of fluke and black sea bass, with a total value of nearly $900,000, between 2014 and 2017.

Protecting Ecosystems and Fishing Industry

Assistant Attorney General Todd Kim emphasized the significance of adhering to quotas designed to prevent overfishing and maintain the health of marine ecosystems. Kim stated, “Fluke and black sea bass play a vital part in our marine ecosystem, and quotas are designed to prevent overfishing and stabilize populations for the public good.” The conviction underscores the commitment to enforcing laws that safeguard fisheries and the fishing industry as a whole.

Defense Argument: Outdated Regulations and Regulatory Challenges

In his defense, Winkler’s attorneys, Richard Levitt and Peter Smith, argued that the case was based on outdated limits regarding fluke, also known as summer flounder. They contended that the regulatory system was irrational, placing the blame on the government for targeting Long Island fishermen in what they described as a misguided prosecution. Levitt drew attention to the challenging rules that compel fishermen to discard over-quota fish back into the water, often resulting in significant losses.


As reported by The New York Times, Levitt characterized Winkler as a “working stiff” who had been unfairly treated by the government’s actions in a regulatory system that defied logic. Levitt also highlighted the distressing practice of forcing fishermen to discard excess fish, even if most of them do not survive.


In summary, the conviction of Christopher Winkler serves as a reminder of the strict enforcement of regulations designed to protect marine ecosystems and the fishing industry’s sustainability. While the defense argued against the rationality of the regulatory system, the verdict underscores the authorities’ commitment to upholding laws aimed at safeguarding fisheries and marine life.

If you can’t beat ’em, eat ’em: Italy’s blue crab invasion (Fishing News 20231002-20231008)

October 7, 2023

(source: by  MARCELLO ROSSI)

Fishing News 20231002-20231008

Invasive Blue Crabs Threaten Italian Fisheries and Clam Supply

As the sun cast its morning glow over the Sacca di Goro lagoon in Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region, Marco Bellan and his wife Barbara embarked on their routine catch. This picturesque inlet, where the mighty Po River converges with the Adriatic Sea, has long been a vital source of clams, mussels, and oysters, essential ingredients for Italy’s beloved “spaghetti alle vongole” (spaghetti with clams). However, this year brought an unexpected and decidedly unwelcome addition to their haul: blue crabs.

A Troubling Invasion in Tranquil Waters

In the tranquil shallows of the Sacca di Goro lagoon, where fishermen have traditionally sourced their prized shellfish, the presence of blue crabs is now undeniable. This invasive interloper, originally hailing from the bays and estuaries of the North Atlantic coast of the United States, has found its way to the Mediterranean. Most likely, it hitched a ride in the ballast water of cargo ships, making itself at home in several locations across Italy.

Threats Looming on Multiple Fronts

The repercussions of the blue crab invasion extend beyond mere inconvenience. The local economy, heavily reliant on approximately 3,000 family-run fishing businesses in the area, is under significant threat. Moreover, this unwelcome addition to the ecosystem poses a more extensive menace—jeopardizing the global supply of clams.


Marco Bellan, a third-generation clam and mussel farmer, recounted the changing landscape, noting that, “These crabs have been here for quite a while but were still pretty hard to come by just about a year ago.” As he diligently sorted through the net, he grappled with the increasing presence of these crustaceans, signaling a formidable challenge for the fishing community and the delicate balance of the ecosystem.


In summary, the intrusion of blue crabs into the serene waters of the Sacca di Goro lagoon not only disrupts local fishing livelihoods but also casts a shadow over the global clam supply. This invasion, likely facilitated by maritime transportation, underscores the far-reaching consequences of invasive species in delicate ecosystems.

On a fishing excursion, a man is rescued after a strong wave knocks him overboard. (Fishing News 20231002-20231008)

October 8, 2023

(source: by  ???)

Lucky Rescue from a Treacherous Wave

In a heart-stopping incident off the Waikato coast, the Coastguard orchestrated a miraculous rescue operation. A fishing boat, carrying a total of seventeen individuals, found itself at the mercy of a colossal wave while traversing the Raglan Bar. The tremendous force of the wave smashed the cabin, thrusting one man into the tumultuous sea.

Swift Response by Authorities

Rapid action ensued, as police received an emergency call around 6:50 a.m. on a Sunday, urgently mobilizing resources for a swift response. Police Search and Rescue, in collaboration with the Coastguard and a helicopter, converged upon the scene, their collective focus centered on saving lives.

A Terrifying Ordeal


The fishing expedition, initially a leisurely pursuit, took a harrowing turn when an immense wave violently struck the vessel. The impact resulted in the complete collapse of the cabin, inflicting minor injuries on those who were inside. However, the most alarming consequence was the man who was standing at the rear of the boat when the colossal wave struck—he was mercilessly swept away by its unforgiving force.

A Fortunate Twist of Fate

Despite the perilous circumstances, fortune smiled upon the man who had been cast into the turbulent waters. Thanks to the vigilance and expertise of the Coastguard, he was miraculously located in the water shortly after the incident. The swift recovery effort allowed him to receive an assessment at the hospital, ultimately ensuring his safety and well-being.


In conclusion, the daring rescue mission conducted by the Coastguard and other authorities stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to saving lives. The treacherous encounter with a monstrous wave serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of the sea, where quick thinking and swift action are imperative for survival.

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