Fishing News 20231009-20231015

Fishing News 20231009-20231015
Top Fishing Gadgets – Fishing News 20231009-20231015

Fishing News 20231009-20231015

Fishing News 20231009-20231015
Fishing News 20231009-20231015

Fishing News 20231009-20231015 – Here you can check out some international news that has something to do with fishing. Some items are very actual.

Snow Crab Fishers Adapt to Protect Northern Right Whales (Fishing News 20231009-20231015)

October 9, 2023

(source: by Danielle Beurteaux)

The Unexpected Challenge

This season, snow crab fishers in Nova Scotia faced an unexpected challenge: a 37 percent reduction in their fishing quota. Even more daunting, Northern right whales, a critically endangered species, made their first-ever appearance in the region’s fishing zone. Marc Lefort, a seasoned snow crab harvester with 19 years of experience in western Cape Breton Island, described it as a “challenging season.” The presence of these whales raised concerns about their potential entanglement in the fishing gear, compelling fisheries to rethink their approach.

Protecting the Endangered Northern Right Whales

Conservation efforts aimed at protecting the Northern right whale have primarily focused on fisheries using fixed gear, such as traps connected to buoys by ropes. These ropes pose a significant threat to the whales, as they can become entangled in them. As a result, the lobster and snow crab fisheries have been under pressure to implement new measures and adopt innovative fishing gear to ensure the safety of these marine mammals.

Embracing Ropeless Fishing Gear (Fishing News 20231009-20231015)

One fisherman, Marc Lefort, found a solution to the closures and entanglement concerns: ropeless fishing gear. Lefort partnered with the CanFish Gear Lending Program to test this innovative equipment in his area. This program could potentially hold the key to resolving the Northern right whale crisis. It offers fishers a chance to experiment with ropeless gear, effectively enabling them to “try before they buy.”

A Promising Solution for the Fishing Industry

The CanFish Gear Lending Program not only aids in protecting the endangered Northern right whales but also presents a promising solution for the fishing industry. It allows fishers to adapt to the changing circumstances and ensure the sustainability of their livelihoods while conserving the environment. This innovative approach, with its focus on ropeless gear, offers hope for a harmonious coexistence between the fishing community and marine wildlife.

End of an Era for a Fishing Landmark on New York’s Salmon River (Fishing News 20231009-20231015)

October 10, 2023

(source: by ???)

A Thriving Industry Faces Closure

The freshwater fishing industry in New York boasts an impressive annual revenue of $2 billion, with the famous Salmon River on the eastern shores of Lake Ontario playing a significant role. Anglers from around the globe have been drawn to this location for decades, enticed by the yearly salmon run that promises the thrill of catching a 30-pound behemoth while wading in the river.

A Trusted Fishing Resource

For the past half-century, the Salmon River Sports Shop in Pulaski, New York, has served as the go-to hub for fishermen. Established by Ron Gervaise in 1972, this tackle shop evolved into more than just a store; it became a vital source of information for anglers. Ron introduced the Salmon River hotline, allowing eager fishermen to call in for the latest fishing reports. For decades, the Gervaise family has been at the heart of salmon fishing in Pulaski.

Passing the Torch to the Next Generation (Fishing News 20231009-20231015)

In 2018, the business took a significant turn when Ron’s granddaughter, Zana Gervaise, purchased the shop from her father, who was ready to retire and faced the looming threat of closure. Zana didn’t just maintain the status quo; she modernized the fishing reports and even became a YouTube sensation, with many of her reports garnering thousands of views. However, despite the steady success the tackle shop experiences during the eight-week salmon run, it’s facing an insurmountable challenge.

The Struggle for Survival

The historic 72-year-old building that stands at the heart of Pulaski is in dire need of structural repairs, and the burden of this financial challenge falls on Zana Gervaise’s shoulders. The estimated cost of renovation hovers around $400,000, a staggering sum she cannot readily afford. Zana applied for a New York State grant in the hopes of saving the beloved Salmon River Sports Shop, but her request was met with a disheartening denial.

The Uncertain Future

As the iconic tackle shop faces potential closure, its loyal patrons, and the entire fishing community in Pulaski, are left to wonder what the future holds. The end of an era seems imminent, and the Salmon River, which has been synonymous with world-class fishing experiences, stands to lose a cherished landmark that has been an integral part of its history.

Nanomedicine Meets Zebrafish: A Path to Safe Drug Development (Fishing News 20231009-20231015)

October 11, 2023

(source: by SARAH ANDERSON, Ph.D.)

Embracing Disruptive Technologies

In the 1990s, Robyn Tanguay vividly recalls the isolation she felt during Society of Toxicology meetings. Back then, rodent systems dominated the toxicology field, leaving little room for new models like zebrafish. Tanguay, a pioneer of toxicology studies in zebrafish at Oregon State University, disrupted the status quo of in vivo data with this emerging model.

Nanomedicine: A Game-Changing Disruption

Simultaneously, nanomedicine, a field utilizing nanomaterials on a minute, billionth-of-a-meter scale, emerged as a disruptive technology. Nanomaterials with tunable surface properties held great potential for drug design. Their ability to infiltrate cells and traverse biological membranes made them ideal for drug delivery and diagnostics. The scientific community witnessed an explosion of nanomedicine advancements, resulting in over 50 FDA-approved nanodrugs since 1995. Notably, mRNA vaccines for COVID-19 utilized lipid nanoparticles for safe delivery.

Challenges in the Nanomedicine Landscape (Fishing News 20231009-20231015)

While nanomedicine promises groundbreaking achievements, it also brings forth challenges. Stefan Wilhelm, a nanomedicine researcher at the University of Oklahoma, acknowledges the need to address adverse effects, toxicity, and safety issues. As nanomedicine gains momentum in real-world applications, tackling these challenges is essential for its continued success.

Unveiling the Complexities: Zebrafish as a Model

Recognizing that not all nanomaterials remain inert within biological systems, scientists have embarked on an exploration of the intricate relationship between nanomaterial design and toxicity. Robyn Tanguay and her fellow researchers have amplified the disruption by evaluating how these materials impact zebrafish in terms of development, physiology, and behavior. Zebrafish serve as a bridge between the efficiency of cell culture and the complexity of animal models, offering insights to guide the development of safe nano drugs.

Revival of Herring Fishing: A Historic Moment for Manx Fishermen (Fishing News 20231009-20231015)

October 12, 2023

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A Remarkable Comeback

A group of Manx fishermen has embarked on an extraordinary journey by venturing into herring fishing around the Isle of Man, marking the first such endeavor in 25 years. Their excitement is palpable as they describe this endeavor as “amazing.” The return of herring fishing signifies the revival of a cherished tradition with deep historical roots.

A Post-Brexit Deal Ignites Hope

This resurgence owes its existence to a post-Brexit agreement between the UK and the Manx government. It’s a testament to the power of cooperation and negotiation in rekindling an industry that once thrived on the Isle of Man.

A Step into the Past (Fishing News 20231009-20231015)

Adie Kinrade, a boat owner in the Manx fishing community, aptly describes the revival of herring fishing as a “little piece of history.” This small but significant step serves as a tribute to the island’s rich fishing heritage when the herring industry reigned supreme.

A Landmark for Manx Fisheries

Clare Barber, the Environment Minister, rightly labels this moment as a “landmark” in the history of Manx fisheries. The allocated quotas for herring represent a rare opportunity, and the anticipation of witnessing more Manx boats engaging in herring fishing in the coming years is brimming with excitement.

A Promising Future

The initial 100-tonne limit for the year 2023 is just the beginning. The herring fishery is expected to grow, with quotas set to increase in the near future, enabling more boats to participate. This expansion is not just a revival but also a diversification opportunity for the Manx fishing fleet, steering them away from their traditional focus on shellfish.

Illegal Fishing in Australia’s Waters: A Growing Concern (Fishing News 20231009-20231015)

October 13, 2023

(source: by Rosanne Maloney and Hannah Murphy)

Uncovering Illicit Activity

A conservationist, while journeying through northern Australia, captured damning evidence of six foreign boats engaging in illegal fishing off Western Australia’s Kimberley coast. This revelation sheds light on a troubling issue that threatens the region’s marine ecosystem.

Escalating Legislative Forfeitures

The frequency of legislative forfeitures, which involve seizing fishing gear and confiscated catches, has surged in Australian waters. In August, these actions occurred 25 times, and by September, they had nearly doubled to 42 incidents. This marked increase suggests a growing need for stricter enforcement and deterrence.

Foreign Intrusion in Kalumburu (Fishing News 20231009-20231015)

Disturbingly, a foreign fishing vessel successfully made its way to the shores of Kalumburu in the northern Kimberley earlier this year. This infiltration raises questions about the effectiveness of current monitoring and security measures in safeguarding Australian waters.

Conservationist’s Witness Account

Sophie Kalkowski-Pope, the conservationist who witnessed these illegal activities, reported observing five Indonesian boats engaged in unauthorized fishing near Mermaid Reef, a protected area within the Commonwealth Marine Reserve, approximately 280 kilometers northwest of Broome. Another illegal fishing operation was spotted near Imperieuse Reef. The presence of foreign vessels in these restricted zones violates strict prohibitions on fishing and the collection of marine specimens.

Angler Sets New State Record with Massive Coho Salmon (Fishing News 20231009-20231015)

October 14, 2023

(source: by ???)

A Record-Breaking Catch

In a remarkable feat, angler David Cichosz reeled in a colossal coho salmon from Lake Superior in St. Louis County, setting a new state record. This achievement shattered the previous record, which had stood since 1970.

The Perfect Day

Cichosz’s extraordinary catch occurred on a picturesque morning, during a charter fishing trip with his wife, Chris Sky. Their journey had already been fruitful, with Sky securing a sizeable lake trout as their first catch. As they neared their limit of lake trout, they decided to shift their focus to salmon.

The Thrilling Battle (Fishing News 20231009-20231015)

Guided by Captain Kent Paulsen, they were enjoying the tranquil morning when they noticed significant rod movement. Cichosz took on the challenge, embarking on a thrilling fight with the unseen giant beneath. Despite the temptation to tighten the drag, Paulsen advised him to allow the fish to run. It wasn’t long before the fish surfaced, and the captain’s reaction confirmed they had something extraordinary.

Verifying the Record

After weighing the impressive salmon and capturing photos of the remarkable catch, they went the extra mile to confirm their achievement. They located a certified scale at a grocery store in Duluth and promptly submitted the necessary paperwork to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources the following day.

Alaska Native Organization Backs Federal Government in Subsistence Rights Battle (Fishing News 20231009-20231015)

October 15, 2023

(source: by Alex DeMarban)

Intervention in a Complex Battle

This week, Alaska’s largest Native organization, AFN, has taken a significant step by intervening on the side of the federal government and other advocacy groups in an ongoing dispute with the state of Alaska. The battle revolves around subsistence rights and salmon fishing on the Kuskokwim River in Southwest Alaska.

The Federal Challenge

The federal government initiated the case against the state last year, primarily stemming from disagreements with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game regarding the management authority of a substantial 180-mile stretch of the Kuskokwim River within the Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge.

A Broader Impact (Fishing News 20231009-20231015)

AFN and fellow intervening groups assert that the ramifications of this case extend far beyond the confines of the Southwest Alaska River. They argue that the state’s actions jeopardize the legal foundation of federal subsistence fishing rights, which prioritize rural subsistence families during periods of scarcity.

A Judicial Stage

The legal battle is unfolding in the U.S. District Court in Anchorage, under the oversight of Judge Sharon Gleason. In a significant development, Judge Gleason granted AFN’s intervention request, signifying the organization’s pivotal role in this complex matter.

AFN’s Significant Representation

AFN serves as the voice for approximately 160,000 Alaska Native members. The organization’s involvement in this case underscores its dedication to upholding the rights and interests of Alaska Native communities. It is worth noting that AFN is on the brink of its annual convention, where the group’s political direction for the future will be charted.

The Context: A Struggle Amid Salmon Runs

The backdrop of this dispute dates back to 2021, marked by a crisis in king and chum salmon runs, which has further intensified the significance of resolving these subsistence and fishing rights issues.

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