Fishing News 20231023-20231029

Fishing News 20231023-20231029
Top Fishing Gadgets – Fishing News 20231023-20231029

Fishing News 20231023-20231029

Fishing News 20231023-20231029
Fishing News 20231023-20231029

Fishing News 20231023-20231029 – Here you can check out some international news that has something to do with fishing. Some items are very actual.

Three buddies go lost while deep-sea fishing 80 miles off the coast of Georgia. (Fishing News 20231023-20231029)

October 23, 2023



On October 14th, 2023, three fishermen set out on a deep-sea fishing excursion off the coast of Georgia. Dalton Conway, Caleb Wilkinson, and Tyler Barlow were expected to return to Brunswick on October 19th, but their 31-foot vessel, the Carol Ann, never made it back to port.

Coast Guard Search

The US Coast Guard launched a search for the missing men, but it has been hampered by a lack of information. The Coast Guard has searched over 20,000 square nautical miles since Friday, but there has been no sign of the Carol Ann or its crew.

Family and Friends Speak Out

Relatives of the missing men have expressed their deep concern and frustration at the lack of progress in the search. They have described the situation as “a nightmare” and said that they are “sick to the stomach” at the thought of what could have happened to their loved ones.

Coast Guard Remains Hopeful (Fishing News 20231023-20231029)

The Coast Guard has said that the search for the missing men is “complicated” due to the size of the area being searched and the lack of information about their whereabouts. However, the Coast Guard has also said that they remain “hopeful” that the men will be found.

Search Expands

The search for the missing fishermen has expanded north of Brunswick towards the Carolinas. Their loved ones are hoping for a miracle and that the men will be found safe and sound.

Families and Friends Ask for Help

The families and friends of the missing men are asking anyone with information about their whereabouts to contact the US Coast Guard immediately. They are also asking for the public’s support in keeping the search effort alive.


The search for the three missing fishermen is ongoing. The Coast Guard is working tirelessly to find the men, and their families and friends are holding out hope that they will be brought home safely.

The rehabilitation of Weymouth Harbour will provide new facilities for fishermen and harbourside companies. (Fishing News 20231023-20231029)

October 24, 2023

(source: by  Daniel Face)

Fishing News 20231023-20231029

Transforming Weymouth Harbour Peninsula: A Boost for Fishing, Charter, and the Community

Nestled along the picturesque shores of the Jurassic Coast, the Weymouth Harbour Peninsula is currently undergoing a remarkable transformation. The quayside is being revitalized to accommodate a wide range of businesses, including fishing, charter, and harbourside enterprises, while also enhancing public spaces. This ambitious project is set to breathe new life into the disused area behind the Pavilion, promising a host of facilities and amenities that will invigorate both the local economy and community life.

A Homecoming for Fishermen (Fishing News 20231023-20231029)

At the heart of the redevelopment is the creation of a modern fish landing quay, which will serve as a bustling hub for fishermen to bring in their catches. With cutting-edge equipment, such as an ice-making facility and a refrigerated chilled catch store, this quay will not only provide critical infrastructure for local fishermen but also maintain the freshness and quality of their catch until it reaches the market. This development acknowledges the vital role that the fishing industry plays in the region’s economy, ensuring it remains at the forefront of Weymouth’s identity.

Fueling Progress with a Pontoon

In addition to the fish landing quay, a new fuel pontoon is being installed, simplifying the refueling process for both fishing vessels and charter boats. This not only improves the efficiency of operations but also ensures the safety of those working at the harbor. A focus on sustainability and safety is evident, reflecting the responsible approach taken by the authorities.

Storage Solutions for Fishermen

Recognizing the need for storage solutions for the harbor and fishers’ materials, the project also includes compound areas. These secure compounds offer ample space for fishermen to store their gear and equipment, promoting order and organization within the industry. This aspect of the development serves to foster a sense of community and camaraderie among those who rely on the harbor for their livelihood.

Enhanced Public Spaces for All (Fishing News 20231023-20231029)

Dorset Council’s vision for the Weymouth Harbour Peninsula extends beyond the economic benefits. The project includes the improvement of pedestrianized access and seating areas, making it a more inviting and accessible space for locals and tourists alike. The ultimate goal is to create a seamless link between the bustling harbor and the sun-kissed shores of Weymouth Beach.

Investment in Weymouth’s Future

Councillor Ray Bryan, a key figure in this transformative endeavor, emphasizes the significance of the project. “Between this brownfield site development and the various Levelling Up projects, Dorset Council is investing many millions in Weymouth right now,” he says. Indeed, this is an investment that not only revitalizes a historic harbor but also bolsters the local economy.


Harbor businesses have long been integral to the community’s prosperity, and these changes are expected to help retain the talent and entrepreneurship within the town. Furthermore, it offers an attractive proposition for start-up businesses looking to position themselves strategically. The regeneration schemes promise to bring not only short-term economic benefits but long-term rewards for residents, businesses, and visitors to Weymouth.


The transformation of the Weymouth Harbour Peninsula signifies a commitment to preserving the town’s maritime heritage while embracing the opportunities of the future. With modern facilities, enhanced public spaces, and a strong focus on sustainability, Weymouth’s rejuvenated harbor promises to be a vibrant and thriving centerpiece for the community, inviting both locals and visitors to enjoy the beauty and economic vitality of this coastal gem.

A man from Western Pennsylvania was jailed in a fishing controversy for illegally killing deer. (Fishing News 20231023-20231029)

October 25, 2023

(source: by  MADELINE BARTOS)

From Fish to Deer: Mercer County Man Faces Wildlife Violations

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Chase Cominsky, a 36-year-old resident of Hermitage in Mercer County, has found himself in hot water once again, this time facing a slew of charges related to illegal deer harvesting. This comes shortly after his involvement in a fishy situation that led to legal repercussions. Cominsky now faces a double whammy of wildlife and hunting violations, marking a worrisome pattern in his behavior.

Deer-Harvesting Dilemma

The most recent allegations against Cominsky are causing quite a stir in Mercer County. According to WKBN, a vigilant individual tipped off a state game warden about Cominsky’s suspicious collection of mounted deer in his home. What’s particularly damning is the claim that these deer were harvested illegally, under the cover of night and outside of the designated hunting season.


Wildlife officials, upon further investigation, discovered an even more disturbing detail. Cominsky had been prohibited from hunting since 2008 due to previous violations. This revelation paints a picture of a man who has not heeded the consequences of his past actions.


Upon inspection of Cominsky’s home, authorities found five antlered deer heads hanging on his walls, with some even bearing tags that belonged to individuals who had never reported killing a deer. This shocking revelation deepens the legal trouble Cominsky now faces.

A Fishy Past (Fishing News 20231023-20231029)

This incident is not Cominsky’s first brush with wildlife-related controversies. Earlier this year, he made headlines alongside 43-year-old Jacob Runyan for their involvement in an unusual and ill-fated scheme to win the Lake Erie Walleye Trail tournament in September 2022. The two were accused of tampering with fish by stuffing them with lead weights and fish fillets in a blatant attempt to manipulate the competition’s outcome.


Their actions did not go unnoticed, and the legal consequences were swift and significant. Both Cominsky and Runyan were sentenced to ten days in jail, serving as a stern warning to those who might consider cheating in the realm of competitive fishing. Furthermore, Cominsky was forced to relinquish his boat, valued at over $100,000, as part of his penalty.

A Troubling Pattern

Chase Cominsky’s recent run-ins with the law paint a concerning pattern of disregard for wildlife regulations and ethical hunting practices. Whether it’s cheating in a fishing tournament or illegally harvesting deer, his actions have raised eyebrows and prompted authorities to take decisive action to protect the integrity of outdoor sports and the region’s natural resources.


The Mercer County community and wildlife enthusiasts are left wondering what led to Cominsky’s repeated violations. As the legal process unfolds, it’s clear that these actions will have consequences, serving as a reminder that the preservation of wildlife and the fair play of outdoor sports should always be upheld and respected.

Taiwan tightens its grip on illegal Chinese fishermen. (Fishing News 20231023-20231029)

October 26, 2023

(source: by Kelvin Chen)

Taiwan Successfully Expels Over 650 Chinese Fishing Vessels in Nine Months

In a resolute effort to safeguard its maritime borders, Taiwan has taken decisive action against unauthorized Chinese fishing vessels. According to Ocean Affairs Council Minister Kuan Pi-ling, a total of 652 Chinese fishing vessels were forcefully expelled between January and September of this year. Moreover, authorities detained the crews of 20 of these vessels, sending a clear message about the nation’s commitment to enforcing its maritime regulations.


The deterrent measures also included imposing substantial fines, with a cumulative total of NT$13.75 million (US$423,181) collected during this nine-month period. These stern actions were necessary to address the persistent issue of Chinese vessels venturing into restricted and prohibited Taiwanese waters for fishing purposes.

Utilizing Technology and Surveillance for Border Control (Fishing News 20231023-20231029)

Taiwan has demonstrated its resolve by deploying radar technology, extensive surveillance systems, and vigilant Coast Guard patrols. These efforts have collectively bolstered the nation’s capability to monitor its maritime borders rigorously. By employing these technological advancements, Taiwan aims to curb illegal fishing activities and sand dredging, ensuring the sanctity of its territorial waters.

Addressing the Challenge of Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration, too, has been a concern, with 71 individuals apprehended during this period. Notably, a significant portion of those apprehended were Vietnamese nationals. In response to this challenge, various authorities, including the police and the National Immigration Agency, have collaborated closely to tackle the issue. The joint efforts of these agencies reflect Taiwan’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of its immigration system and national security.

For the fifth year in a row, the California Dungeness crab fishing season has been postponed. (Fishing News 20231023-20231029)

October 27, 2023

(source: by Tara Duggan)

California Delays Dungeness Crab Fishing Season to Protect Whales

Californian wildlife officials have delivered disappointing news to Bay Area fishers and seafood enthusiasts as they announced a delay in the Dungeness crab commercial fishing season. This delay extends beyond the traditional November 15 opening date, with the aim of safeguarding migrating whales along the coast.


Director Charlton H. Bonham of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife emphasized the risk of entanglement for humpback whales. These whales have been foraging extensively in the region between Bodega Bay and Monterey, and the use of crab traps in these areas could pose a serious threat to their safety.


This marks the fifth consecutive year that the Dungeness crab fishing season has been postponed beyond its customary November 15 opener. In 2017, a lawsuit led to the introduction of new regulations concerning fishing gear to protect the whales, causing the season to start later than usual.

Limited Recreational Fishing and Ongoing Evaluation (Fishing News 20231023-20231029)

The Department of Fish and Wildlife will permit sport crab fishing statewide from November 4. However, in the Bay Area vicinity, from the Sonoma-Mendocino County line to Lopez Point in Monterey County, only equipment such as hoop nets and crab snares can be used, while crab pots are restricted. On November 17, Director Bonham will reevaluate the situation, considering the risk, to determine whether commercial fishing can commence by December 1 and if recreational fishers can then use crab traps.

A Conservation Effort Based on Survey Data

The decision to delay the season is founded on recent aerial surveys, conducted earlier in the month, which counted over 100 humpback whales in the fishing zones extending from Mendocino County to Big Sur. Experts believe changes in humpback whale migration patterns resulted from ocean warming, which caused their prey to move closer to the shore. This, combined with a growing population of humpback whales, has raised the risk of entanglement in fishing lines.


These whales, still classified as endangered, can become fatally ensnared in the lines that connect crab pots on the seafloor to buoys on the water’s surface. To mitigate this threat, the delay in the crab fishing season is seen as a necessary conservation measure.

Impact on the Fishing Industry (Fishing News 20231023-20231029)

This delay presents yet another challenge for the commercial fishing industry, which has already been grappling with the complete closure of Chinook salmon fishing this year and limited seasons for both salmon and Dungeness crab in recent years.


The traditional early opening of the Dungeness crab season in the Bay Area was advantageous for fishers, providing them with a head start on West Coast crab fishing and typically ensuring favorable prices. The postponement of the season due to whale protection concerns not only impacts the fishing industry but also the culinary traditions of the region’s residents and visitors.

Finnish anglers band together to pay a record €10 million in fisheries fees, leading the push for sustainable fishing. (Fishing News 20231023-20231029)

October 28, 2023

(source: by ???)

Finnish Anglers Display Greater Commitment to Fisheries Management Fees

Finland has witnessed a remarkable uptick in the payment of mandatory fisheries management fees, with nearly €10 million collected this year, a substantial increase from the previous year’s 267,000 fees. This surge underscores a growing dedication among Finnish anglers to responsible fishing practices.

Regional Variations in Payment Ratios

Certain regions, such as Lapland, Kainuu, and North Karelia, have emerged as leaders in terms of payment ratios, where approximately 14-15% of their 18-64-year-old populations have contributed to the fee. This stands in sharp contrast to areas like Uusimaa and Ostrobothnia. Despite Uusimaa having the highest absolute number of payers, only 6% of its eligible population has engaged with the scheme.

A Positive Uptick in Fee Payments (Fishing News 20231023-20231029)

In total, around 285,000 fees have been purchased this year, a substantial increase from the previous year, highlighting a growing awareness of and adherence to fisheries management regulations among Finnish fishers.

Sustaining Finland’s Fishing Industry

The fees collected play a pivotal role in ensuring the sustainability of Finland’s fishing industry. The fisheries management fee is obligatory for individuals aged 18 to 64 who engage in most types of fishing, excluding ice fishing, fishing with a single hook and line, or using a simple herring rig. These funds are transferred entirely to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry by Metsähallitus, and they are allocated in accordance with the Fishing Act. This allocation ensures the preservation and enhancement of the country’s fishing waters and overall fishing environment.

Promoting Responsible Fishing and Environmental Awareness

The ability to pay the fee for a day, a week, or an entire year reflects the Finnish government’s dedication to responsible fishing and the sustainable management of aquatic resources. The increased participation in fee payment not only provides financial support for fisheries management but also serves as an indicator of the growing environmental consciousness and commitment of the Finnish community to preserving their natural heritage.

After winning the Gulf Coast competition, a Florida angler advances to the regional championship. (Fishing News 20231023-20231029)

October 29, 2023

(source: by JON CHAPMAN)

A Shared Journey in Home Waters

When Alex Keith began the Power Pole National Redfish Tour Gulf Coast Go Live One-Man Tournament on October 21, he had his wife as a marshal, embarking on a unique fishing adventure in their home waters of Port Charlotte. However, this tournament required Alex to handle every aspect of fishing on his own, from casting and fighting the fish to netting and weighing them. While his wife could assist in filming and recording the fish’s weight, the physical work was solely on his shoulders.

The Unusual Challenge of the Tournament

The Power Pole National Redfish Tour Gulf Coast Go Live One-Man Tournament presents a distinctive challenge to its participants. Anglers are tasked with catching, weighing, and filming three redfish, each weighing no more than 8 pounds, within a single day. The precision required is exceptional, as an 8-pound fish is the target, while even a fraction of an ounce over 8 pounds is considered too large. This challenge is set against the backdrop of the Gulf Coast of Florida, where anglers commence their quest at 7:30 a.m., scattered across the region.

A Promising Start and an Unexpected Twist (Fishing News 20231023-20231029)

For Alex Keith, the tournament began with a promising start, possibly with a slight advantage due to his southern location. A front moved in early on a Saturday morning, providing favorable conditions. “First thing in the morning, I had a 7-pound fish in the boat at 7:34. Then at 7:45, I had another 6-pounder, bringing my total close to 14 pounds,” noted Keith. However, the tournament’s rules added an unexpected twist. Anglers had to use artificial lures, and they were prohibited from fishing near anyone chumming the waters. Unfortunately, when another boat began chumming nearby, Keith had no choice but to leave his promising spot.

A Unique Test of Skill and Adaptability

The Power Pole National Redfish Tour Gulf Coast Go Live One-Man Tournament is not just a test of anglers’ skill and precision but also their adaptability to the dynamic and ever-changing conditions of the Gulf Coast. The competition makes for an exciting and distinctive event within the world of competitive fishing, pushing participants to the limits of their abilities and ingenuity.

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