Fishing News 20240205-20240211

Fishing News 20240205-20240211
Top Fishing Gadgets – Fishing News 20240205-20240211

Fishing News 20240205-20240211

Fishing News 20240205-20240211
Fishing News 20240205-20240211

Fishing News 20240205-20240211 – Here you can check out some international news that has something to do with fishing. Some items are very actual.

The Agreement on Accrediting Indonesian Migrant Deckhands with Spain (Fishing News 20240205-20240211)

February 5, 2024

(source: – by Basten Gokkon)

Indonesia and Spain Ensure Protection Against Modern Slavery

Indonesia and Spain have inked a crucial agreement aimed at enhancing protection against modern slavery aboard fishing vessels. This mutual recognition agreement between the two nations entails Spain’s validation of competency documents issued by Indonesian authorities for Indonesian individuals aspiring to work on Spanish fishing vessels. This pact serves as a testament to the commitment of both nations to secure the rights and welfare of migrant workers, emphasizing the need for comprehensive administrative requirements to safeguard workers, in adherence to the law.

Ensuring Proper Accreditation for Indonesian Workers in Spain

The agreement seeks to provide a detailed framework concerning the administrative requisites essential for Indonesian migrant workers aspiring to work in Spain. It aims to guarantee that these workers receive the necessary protection and assurance as per the legal provisions. By standardizing and streamlining the accreditation process, the agreement plays a pivotal role in upholding the rights and welfare of Indonesian migrants working on Spanish fishing vessels. This move fosters a more secure and regulated environment for migrant workers, catering to their occupational well-being.

Protecting Indonesian Migrant Deckhands Aboard Spanish Vessels (Fishing News 20240205-20240211)

The Fisheries Ministry reported that approximately 1,000 Indonesians were employed on Spanish fishing boats in the year 2021, earning an average monthly income of around 1,000 euros ($1,075). It is crucial for these Indonesian workers to meet the certification requirements stipulated by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) pursuant to the 1995 Convention of Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping for Fishing Vessel Personnel (STCW-F), which Indonesia ratified in 2019. The allocation of these rigorous certifications reflects the commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of Indonesian migrants in the maritime sector.

Evaluation of Indonesia’s Efforts in Implementation

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is scheduled to evaluate Indonesia’s endeavors in implementing the STCW-F agreement in 2024. Indonesia, known as one of the world’s leading fish producers, sees this evaluation as a critical step in assessing the effective enforcement and adherence to the provisions detailed in the agreement. This evaluation process aims to further strengthen Indonesia’s commitment to upholding the rights and well-being of its migrant workers in the maritime sector. It serves as a checkpoint to measure the progress and effectiveness of Indonesia’s implementation efforts in line with the international agreement.

EU’s Rebuild Project and Libya’s New Cooperative Prospects (Fishing News 20240205-20240211)

February 6, 2024

(source: – by Sami Zaptia)

Exploring New Horizons of Cooperation in Marine Fishing

The EU’s Rebuild project is actively engaging in discussions with Libya to explore fresh avenues of collaboration in marine fishing, environmental sanitation, capacity building, and scientific research. These deliberations, held between the Tripoli-based Libyan government’s Minister of Local Government and various key representatives including the European Union Ambassador, highlight the urgency and commitment to forging enhanced cooperation in vital sectors.

Initiatives to Strengthen Collaboration

During the discussions, the Rebuild project team introduced an outline of two proposed projects intended for implementation in Libya. Noteworthy among these initiatives is the Fishing and Environmental Safety project, a venture that is financially supported by the European Union. With a clear focus on involving ten partner municipalities, including five coastal ones, this endeavor underscores the emphasis placed on reinforcing collaborative efforts and expertise in areas crucial to Libya’s environmental and economic sustainability.

Encouraging Cooperation for Sustainable Development (Fishing News 20240205-20240211)

The exchange of perspectives and ideas between the EU’s Rebuild project and Libya’s government officials signifies the mutual interest in fostering sustainable development through joint initiatives. This collaboration not only sets the stage for strengthening Libya’s capabilities across marine fishing and environmental preservation, but also underscores the collective commitment to building a foundation for scientific research and knowledge exchange.

Prospects for Capacity Building and Environmental Conservation

Within this context, the talks between the EU’s Rebuild project and Libyan authorities offer glimpses of potential progress in capacity building and environmental conservation. The active participation and efforts underscore the significance of mutual collaboration in enabling knowledge transfer, skill development, and the dissemination of best practices in critical areas of marine fishing, environmental management, and scientific research.

Legal Consequences for Illegal Fishing (Fishing News 20240205-20240211)

February 7, 2024

(source: – by Environment Agency)

Guilty Verdict for Illegal Fishing Activity

In a recent legal case brought forth by the Environment Agency, a resident of Coalville, Leicestershire, Tyrone Eliffe, was found guilty of engaging in illegal fishing activities in Warwickshire. Despite his absence, the Northampton Magistrates Court delivered a guilty verdict against him on charges of fishing without a licence at Riddings Fishery, Grendon, Warwickshire.

Penalty Imposed for Unlawful Fishing

As a consequence of his illegal fishing activity, Tyrone Eliffe has been subjected to a total penalty of £443. This encompassed a fine of £220, costs amounting to £135, and an additional victim surcharge of £88. Notably, the cost of an annual fishing licence starts from £33, making it an essential requirement for anglers seeking to operate within the legal framework.

Agency’s Perspective on the Verdict (Fishing News 20240205-20240211)

In response to the court’s decision, a spokesperson for the Environment Agency expressed the hope that the penalty imposed on the unlawful angler serves as a deterrent to anyone considering violating the existing laws and regulations pertaining to fishing activities. Emphasizing the gravity of the offense, the spokesperson highlighted the potential repercussions, asserting that illegal fishing not only warrants a fine of up to £2,500 but also includes the possibility of confiscating the offender’s fishing equipment.

Undermining the Integrity of Fishing Regulations

The Environment Agency reiterated the significance of adhering to fishing regulations and byelaws, emphasizing the detrimental impact of illegal fishing on the agency’s efforts to preserve fish stocks and promote sustainable fishing practices. The money generated from fishing licence sales plays a pivotal role in bolstering fish stocks and enhancing fisheries for the benefit of law-abiding anglers, underscoring the importance of upholding legal requirements.

Promoting Compliance and Access to Fishing Licences

In line with legal stipulations, any angler aged 13 or above is mandated to possess a valid licence when engaging in fishing activities in rivers, canals, or still waters. The availability of options such as a 1-day licence priced from £6.60 and an annual licence starting from £33, with concessions for certain groups, underscores the commitment to ensuring accessible avenues for legal fishing endeavors, particularly for junior anglers aged 13-16 who are eligible for free licences.

Pursuit of College Bass Fishing Excellence (Fishing News 20240205-20240211)

February 8, 2024

(source: – by Kaleb Brown)

Preparing for the Culminating Event

As the culmination of the 2023 Major League College Fishing season approached, slated for late October at Lake Hartwell, the anticipation swelled. Lake Hartwell, renowned as one of the premier tournament destinations, had posed a formidable challenge for my fishing partner, Cole, and me in the past. Understanding the significance of the upcoming tournament as our final opportunity to secure a berth in the national championship, we immersed ourselves in preparing for this pivotal event. Immersed in our determination, we invested over a month and a half, devoting numerous days each week to scout the lake and identify promising fishing locations.

Resilience and Resourcefulness in Preparation

With an unwavering commitment to our goal, we set up a cost-efficient campsite at the lake a week before the tournament, opting for the simplicity of sleeping in a tent and savoring meals cooked over a campfire. This approach allowed us to maximize our time on the water and hone our tactical approach to navigate the challenges presented by Lake Hartwell.

Seizing the Opportunity and Making an Impact (Fishing News 20240205-20240211)

On the eventful day, we were the first to launch off from the ramp, steering our way to our designated spot with unwavering determination. Methodically canvassing different areas, we steadily reeled in largemouth and spotted bass, amassing a credible limit by mid-afternoon. With our eyes fixed on victory, we returned to the boat ramp, showcasing our impressive catch, tipping the scales at 17 pounds and 1 ounce, positioning us firmly at the top of the leaderboard. Witnessing over 200 other competing boats weigh in their catch, none surpassed our score, affirming our hard-earned achievement.

The Fulfillment of Dedication and Efforts

Bearing witness to our relentless pursuit and unwavering commitment paying off, we were called up onto the stage as the final team—a surreal moment that culminated our relentless pursuit of excellence. The pinnacle of our journey materialized as we were proclaimed the first-place team among 250 boats. With beaming pride, we received our trophies, alongside a significant “Happy Gilmore” check, a testament to our dedication and triumphant performance in the realm of college bass fishing.

Scrutiny of Chinese Fishing Fleet in Latin American Waters (Fishing News 20240205-20240211)

February 9, 2024


Chinese Fishing Fleet and Its Impact

The amplified presence of the Chinese fishing fleet in Latin American waters remains a contributing factor to China’s status as one of the foremost seafood exporters globally. However, this robust standing coexists with a disconcerting reputation concerning illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing practices. Notably, this trend took a potent turn in late 2023, as Chinese vessels came under the scrutiny of the U.S. Coast Guard and collaborating nations, aiming to address the questionable tactics employed in the Pacific Ocean, as detailed by NBC News.

Regulatory Measures and Compliance Inspections

In a proactive move to address the challenges posed by the escalating presence of Chinese vessels, the South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organization (SPRFMO) implemented stringent measures. These deliberate efforts prompted the U.S. Coast Guard to engage in inspections of multiple Chinese vessels, marking a significant step in asserting international regulations within the South Pacific Ocean. Spanning fourteen member states, including influential players such as Peru, Chile, and Ecuador, SPRFMO’s regulatory frameworks enable the diligent monitoring and oversight of fishing and shipping activities, effectively combating overfishing within international waters.

Enforcement Actions in the Pacific (Fishing News 20240205-20240211)

Evidencing a tangible commitment to upholding maritime regulations, the U.S. Coast Guard embarked on comprehensive boardings and inspections in the high seas adjacent to Peru. With a primary focus on Chinese fishing vessels, these enforcement actions signal a pivotal juncture in ensuring compliance and sustainability within the Pacific fishing domain. Underscoring the essence of responsible fishing, U.S. Coast Guard Lieutenant Commander Paul Ledbetter articulated the fundamental importance of maintaining sustainable practices for the longevity of marine ecosystems, as emphasized in the report by NBC News.

Global Collaboration for a Sustainable Future

Against this backdrop, the director of Fisheries for the Nature Conservancy, Juan Carlos Sueiro, highlighted the significance of global collaboration to ensure sustainable and responsible fishing practices. This concerted effort underscores the imperative of preserving marine resources for future generations while holding accountable those, like the Chinese fishing fleet, who engage in IUU activities. The amalgamation of international regulations and collaborative oversight commends a promising path towards fostering ecological stability and ensuring a sustainable future for marine ecosystems.

Free Family Fishing Fun at Chain Lakes Provincial Park (Fishing News 20240205-20240211)

February 10, 2024

(source: – by Amir Said)

An Invitation to Ice Fishing on Family Day Weekend

Residents of the Foothills region are cordially invited to partake in an exciting ice fishing experience at Chain Lakes Provincial Park during the upcoming Family Day long weekend. Embracing the spirit of inclusivity, the Okotoks & District Fish and Game Association is spearheading a special fishing event emphasizing the opportunity for first-time anglers to delve into this thrilling recreational activity.

Fishing Day Delights for All Ages

During this designated “Kids Can Catch” fishing day, anglers of all ages, including novices and those yet to explore the intricacies of ice fishing, are encouraged to join in the festivities. The association aims to foster a welcoming environment by offering fishing rods for borrowing and deploying a competent team of mentors to lend guidance and support to participants throughout the event.

Enhanced Experience with Expert Guidance and Freebies (Fishing News 20240205-20240211)

Notably, attendees at the event will benefit from the expertise of the organizing body, which will assist in drilling holes in the ice and provide essential bait for optimal fishing experiences. The on-site mentors are poised to engage with participants, offering invaluable insights into the art of baiting and identifying the fish species caught. Complementing the exhilarating fishing opportunities, the event also offers giveaways including backpacks and fishing kits, enhancing the overall experience for participants.

Event Details and Logistics

Scheduled to take place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 17, the event promises an exhilarating day of fishing if weather conditions are favorable. As a demonstration of its commitment to promoting a memorable and inclusive experience, the event is offered free of charge, as underscored by the commitment of the organizers to provide a rich, engaging event for all attendees. For those seeking further details and registration information, the Alberta Conservation Association website serves as a pivotal resource to access essential event-related information.

Embracing Tradition and Learning at the Vermont Free Ice Fishing Day (Fishing News 20240205-20240211)

February 11, 2024

(source: – by Leah Golding)

Celebrating Vermont’s Heritage Through Fishing Traditions

On a recent Saturday, the bucolic surroundings of Elmore State Park bore witness to a heartwarming spectacle, as over 700 individuals flocked to partake in Vermont’s 11th annual Free Ice Fishing Day. Culminating in a jubilant celebration, the event not only advocated for license-free fishing but also offered a constellation of educational opportunities, accompanied by the sizzling aroma of freshly fried fish. Attendee Ashley Reynolds, a native of Elmore, expressed how such events fortify the community’s bond with Vermont’s cultural legacy, underscoring the sentiment shared by many families that embrace this tradition.

Educational Stations and Gear Provisions (Fishing News 20240205-20240211)

The festival boasted a diverse array of educational stations, strategically positioned along the frozen Lake Elmore, offering participants invaluable insights into crucial facets of ice fishing. Ranging from presentations on ice safety and fish identification to practical demonstrations of knot tying and setting up a tip-up, the event designed by the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department catered to both beginners and seasoned anglers alike. In a bid to encourage broader participation, the department generously supplied free fishing gear to attendees, unwaveringly supporting a spirit of accessibility and inclusion.

Fostering Excitement and Community Engagement

Corey Hart, an educational specialist for the department, emphasized the overarching goal of the occasion, highlighting the significance of instilling a sense of enthusiasm and ardor for the timeless pursuit of fishing. The vibrant congregation of families with young children, experienced anglers, and locals and visitors alike underscored the event’s resounding success in fostering community engagement and creating enduring memories for all participants. Against a backdrop of a gentle snowfall blanketing the serene vistas, the camaraderie fostered among the attendees resonated with the essence of a shared heritage, complemented by the comforting presence of steaming hot chocolate—a cherished symbol of community warmth.

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