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Best Sellers at Fishing Tackle Storage Trays

Calcutta 2-Latch Tackle Trays – 3 Pack, Fishing Storage Box Organizer Case

TACKLE TRAY: The Calcutta 2-Latch Tackle Trays are ideal for organizing and separating terminal tackle, soft plastics, stick lures, and other items around the boat or in the house. They will take care of all of your storage needs and will ensure that you are safe while out on the water.

WELL-MADE: Each box is equipped with heavy-duty hinges that will keep the lid closed even when you need it the most. If you want the best storage solution for your lures, this will keep them organized and ready to catch fish on your next voyage.

COMPARTMENTS: The adjustable dividers allow you to customize your tackle tray to fit the contents of your tackle box or tackle box set. It is see-through to allow for quick identification of your fishing gear and to prevent you from rummaging through all of your fishing gear. Fill your tackle bag with them, and swap them out after each trip.

SIZE: These tackle boxes are available in three different sizes, each with three trays: The 3500 measures 9 inches by 5 inches by 1 inch, the 3600 measures 11 inches by 7 inches by 1.5 inches, and the 3700 measures 14 inches by 8.5 inches by 2 inches.

CALCUTTA: Calcutta was founded in the back of a Florida tackle shop in 1991 with a rebellious spirit and an ambitious goal in mind: to build hardworking gear for those who have a passion for the outdoor lifestyle.

Flambeau Tackle XL 3-Tray Tackle Box, Black/Dark Gray (Fishing Tackle Storage Trays)

Fishing is the most popular recreational sport in the world.

China is where the product is manufactured.

Made from the highest-quality materials available.

Drawtite latch, Tip-Guard try supports, and all-weather, worm-proof materials are included in the package.

The use of tongue-and-groove construction between the lid and the base results in a water-resistant design that is also precise in fit.

Includes detachable dividers to increase the amount of storage space available.

Variable depth of try for increased capacity options

There are up to 37 compartments.

Gourami Fishing Snelled Hook Holder Fishing Leader Holder for Organize Snelled Fishing Hooks Rigs Holder Leader Tray Jigs Board

Specifications 11in length, 2.4in width, 1pc, 2pcs, 4pcs, three colors to choose from, for hook storage fishing.

Snelled hook holder for storing different lengths of fishing line and hooks to avoid tangling.

Hook holder material: fishing hook holder made of high-quality ABS plastic and spring, not easily deformed, and can be used on both sides.

Good elasticity: the fishing leader holder has a spring and can be randomly stored in different lengths of line; the spring elasticity is high, allowing the line to hang firmly and not fall off.

100% Guarantee: We promise to provide you with the best after-sales service possible. Please contact me if you have any questions about this product.

King wow Fishing Lure Box Double Sided Tackle Storage Trays Fishing Tackle Storage 14 Compartment Waterproof Visible Plastic Box Fishing Tackle Container

The fishing box measures approximately 27 x 18 x 4.5cm/10.6 x 1.9 inches (10.6 x 7.1 cm). This size is suitable for the majority of road bags, making it a good choice for those who enjoy outdoor fishing.

There are 14 compartments for storing fishing tackle and lures on this shelf.

Waterproof, double-sided design and a secure latch locking system are all features of this product.

These long-lasting parts boxes are made without the use of PBA.

Design that is one-of-a-kind with two sides,

The box containing fishing lures The internal Y-line design provides effective protection for the hooks while also making it simple for you to take the lure. Additionally, there are two independent latches for easy access to either area.

The clear, yet durable material allows you to see what is inside your lure box without having to unlatch or open the lid, making it quick and simple to find, and change, baits when you need them.

This bait box is available in four different colors (red, yellow, green, and gray), which can be combined with bright colors to better match your preferences and highlight your own unique personality and appearance. At the same time, this fishing equipment box is small and portable, making it easy to transport.

LESOVI Fishing Tackle Box, Double-Sided with Removable Dividers, Fishing Lure Tray, Waterproof Seal, Sun Protection, Tackle Storage Box (Fishing Tackle Storage Trays)

On both sides, there are 44 compartments.

This fishing equipment box is made of polypropylene (PP).

It is simple to transport

Space organization that is adaptable

Three colors (red, yellow, and translucent) are available, which can be combined with bright colors to better match your preferences and highlight your own unique personality if desired. Consider the sensation you would have if you mentioned a briefcase. We believe that this fishing storage box will provide you with a unique and memorable experience and sensation.

Lure Lock Tackle Box w/1 Fixed Compartment and Proprietary Gel Technology (Small)

After being punctured, the proprietary gel technology in the 1 compartment tackle box self-seals, making it ideal for fishing trips.

The proprietary gel technology is odorless and will protect your lures, baits, weights, hooks, and other terminal tackle from damage while you are fishing.

It has a transparent construction as well as sturdy yet simple-to-open green latches.

Made entirely in the United States! Lure Lock products are designed, engineered, crafted, and assembled entirely in the United States.

The Small Tackle Box measures 9 1/8″ x 5″ x 1 3/8″ in size.

Meboyz Fishing Lure Boxes, Bait Storage Case Fishing Tackle Storage Trays Accessory Boxes Thicker Plastic Hooks Organizer Containers for Vest Casting Fly Fishing – Waterproof Seal (Fishing Tackle Storage Trays)

A rubber belt around the perimeter of the gap has been designed to provide quite excellent waterproof performance, ensuring that your employees remain dry and comfortable at all times.

In addition to protecting your hooks and flies from being crushed or bent out of shape, magnetic components are also useful for soothing small items.

A high-strength ABS material that is more durable and has fine workmanship, resulting in an excellent experience for the consumer.

A tight lock design ensures that it will never open in your pocket or bag.

Slim enough to fit into a fishing backpack or fishing vest‘s pocket without bulging.

OriGlam Fishing Lure Tackle Box, Fishing Tackle Storage Trays, Double Sided 10 Compartments Waterproof, Organizer Case Boxes Containers, for Vest Casting Fly Fishing

The fishing lure box has a one-of-a-kind design that is double-sided. The internal Y-line design provides effective protection for the hooks while also making it simple for you to take the lure.

Identifying Your Lures – The clear, yet durable material allows you to see the contents of your lure box without having to unlatch and open the lid, which makes it quick and simple to find and change baits when you need to.

Lightweight and portable – Better colors match your preferences and draw attention to your own unique personality. At the same time, this fishing equipment box is small and portable, making it easy to transport.

Improved Waterproofing – We designed it so that it has an extremely good waterproofing performance. It will also float in water, which is an added bonus. You no longer have to be concerned about misplacing your fishing equipment box.

Put it in Your Fishing Backpack – Because they are so small, you can easily slip them into the pocket of your fishing backpack or fishing vest. They are the perfect size for your needs.

Plano 23750 StowAway Organizer, 3-28 Adjustable Compartments (Fishing Tackle Storage Trays)

Full-width bulk storage is available.

Without the use of Inhibitor Chips

Approximately 14″ long by 9″ wide by 1.9″ high (H)

A latch provides additional security to ensure that lures and gear remain in place, even when being tossed around in transit.

Plano 3113305 PLANO Tackle Systems Hybrid Hip 3 Tray Box

Dimensions when closed: L=20.14 inches x W=12.41 inches x H=12.3 inches

Accessible via a simple clamp to slide-out drawers or to open the top and the Drawers accordion-style up. Drawers can be taken out and replaced with other items. Drawers can be removed and Plano StowAway boxes can be installed in their place. This set includes dividers.

The ideal tackle box, or simply a fantastic option for keeping you organized no matter what your hobby is.

Made in the United States of America.

Three heavy-duty latches with brass bails are included. There is a large bulk storage area.

Transparent Double Sided Fishing Lure Box, Plastic Tackle Storage Tray Fishing Box Organizer Case (Fishing Tackle Storage Trays)

OBJECTIVE —- An important fishing accessory, primarily used for storing various types of baits and lures, is the bait bucket.

Transparent lid designs make it simple to see what’s inside the box, allowing you to replace lures when they become worn out or damaged.

THESE ARE SEPARATE COMPARTMENTS — Several compartments are provided for storing and organizing fishing tackle, and separate compartments are provided on each side for easy sorting.

SUPPORT HANGING —- With the hanging hole designs, you can hang it on the wall for easy storage and prevent loss of the item.

EASY TO OPEN AND CLOSE —- With its double-sided design and fixing buckle, the box is simple to open and close.

VGEBY Fishing Box, Portable Waist Fishing Box with Belt Plastic Fishing Tackle Bait Lure Hook Storage Organizer for Fishing

The fishing box is made of high-quality plastic that is impact resistant, chemical resistant, and insect resistant, and it is equipped with a sturdy and safe latch to keep the fish in.

Foldable fishing box: The fishing box has an ergonomic design that allows it to be folded, which saves space, is convenient for storage and is simple to use. FOLDABLE FISHING BOX

7 Individual STORAGE COMPARTMENTS: The fishing box features 7 independent storage compartments, which makes it easier for you to organize and categorize your bait and other fishing equipment.

TRANSPARENT BOX DESIGN: The transparent box design makes the interior structure of the fishing box visible at a glance, making it appropriate for stream fishing, river, and lake fishing, as well as sea fishing.

EQUIPPED WITH BELT: The fishing box is simple to transport; simply attach a belt to it and tie it around your waist. This will free up your hands, allowing you to enjoy your fishing activities in greater comfort.

Wild River CLC PT3500 Small Utility Tray (Fishing Tackle Storage Trays)

The Pro Latch, which is not a molded part of the box and will never break off of the box, is incorporated into the design.

Perfect for smaller tackle and bait, such as sinkers and hooks, among other things.

compartments that can be adjusted from 5 to 9

Clear to allow for easy viewing of the contents on the inside.

Wild River CLC PT3600 Medium Utility Tray

The approximate dimensions of a medium utility tray are 10.75″W x 1.75″H x 7″.

The Pro Latch, which is not a molded part of the box and will never break off of the box, is incorporated into the design.

Perfect for smaller tackle and bait, such as sinkers and hooks, among other things.

From 6 to 21 compartments that can be adjusted

Clear to allow for easy viewing of the contents on the inside.

ZXDIN3 Medium Plastic Fishing Tackle Box Storage Organizer Box 3600 with Adjustable dividers Tackle Tray Parts Crafts Case 4 Pack

Dimensions: 10.9 x 7.1 x 1.65 Inches

Removal of the internal compartment dividers allows for a more flexible configuration of the compartments, with 12 small clips and three bigger horizontal bars to customize your fishing equipment storage.

Ideal for storing lures of various sizes, terminal equipment, and fishing lines in a more organized manner with more storage space.

High-quality, environmentally friendly PP material that is BPA-free.

Precision-molded heavy-duty latches assure a secure fit every time.

You will receive a total of four packs.