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Fly Fishing Tackle Box

A Fly FA Fly Fishing Tackle Box is basically the same as a regular tackle box but only contains fly fishing tackle. It keeps your most needed equipment safe and secure. (Article about “7 Essential Things To Look For In A Fly Box” on

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Best Sellers at Fly Fishing Tackle Box

AVENTIK EUPHENG Line Basket Authentic Danish Fisker Design Fly Fishing Stripping Basket Ergonomic Smooth Curved Super Light Minimize Line Tangles with Silicone Spike for Line Tray

AUTHENTIC DANISH FISKER DESIGN: Authentic with engraved information at the bottom of the photo, as opposed to some illegal copies on the market, which do not bear this information.

MAXIMUM CASTING DISTANCE: Eight cones in the bottom keep the fly line well organized, minimize tangles, and allow it to shoot unimpeded through the guides for maximum distance.

PREMIUM QUALITY & PROFESSIONAL DESIGN: Superior quality: Polypropene of the highest quality is used.

The wide waist belt and neck strap add comfort and ease fatigue. Comfortable enough for a full day of casting. Dimensions: 15X10X4inch (37X24.5X10cm). The belt strap is 7 inches long, and the depth is 6 inches in front, 5 inches in back, and about 4 inches on the sides.

THERE ARE THREE COLORS: STORM GREEN, OLIVE GREEN, AND SAND YELLOW. Only the grey color line baskets now have a rod holder.

Aventik Fly Fishing Boxes Silicone Super Slim Fishing Storage Fishing Tackle Case Waterproof Best Pocket Sizes (Fly Fishing Tackle Box)

BEST QUALITY STANDARDS: Medical-grade silicone pads are safe for the environment and can be used for a long period.

ABS lids that are super clear, see-through, and durable.

Rubber gaskets are used to keep the seals in place, and a silicone insert is used to keep everything secure.

There are no patent issues with this silicone because it is sliced by module.

Pocket sizes: 7.36″X4.02″X0.63″ GREAT CAPACITY: Pocket sizes: 7.36″X4.02″X0.63″

Aventik Streamer Fly Boxes Click Lock Large Streamer Flies Foams Fishing Tackle Box Boating Fishing Boxes 14X11X3.35inch/10.43X8.27X3.15inch (SF1B Black -10.43X8.27X3.15inch)

Aventik’s high-quality plastic click-lock streamer fly carrying bag is a spacious box for fly fishing.

Streamer fly box of excellent quality in a large size for storing streamer flies, salmon flies, and saltwater flies.

Large streamer fly fishing box for big flies, with a flexible handle for convenient transport.

Both sides of the interior have high-density slit foam for long-term use. Hook corrosion is protected by a rust inhibitor in the foam. Fly box for boating flies streamer box

Dimensions: 14X11X3.35 inch (360X 260X85mm).

We have three color options.

Aventik Super Large Capacity Fly Boxes Slim Foam Clear Lid PP Collection Fishing Boxes Competition Fishing Hook Tackle Boxes (Fly Fishing Tackle Box)

The foam measures 12×8.4×0.2inch and is suitable for A4 paper. It’s ideal for the Aventik 24L box.

Design A, B, and D are suitable for a wide range of flies, including dry, wet, nymph, streamer, and saltwater flies.

Extremely thin and strong.

WITH FISH MEN IN MIND: Excellent for storing your flies at home or on the water. Ideal for boat and competition anglers who need to carry a large variety of flies.

Aventik Waterproof Fly Fishing Boxes Easy Grip Foams Multi Magnetic Compartments Tackle Box 7.36 “X4.02 ” X0.63 “

Riverruns waterproof fly box flies storage super slim portability in any pocket. Floating in the water, completely waterproof.

Pocket fly box with a super transparent ABS lid that is clear and strong. EAV foams of high quality last for a long time. Strong magnetic pads can hold not only flies but any small item. Never worry about “Blow in the wind” with this magnet.

LA, LB, and LD have an easy grip foam design. A, B, and D all have high-quality foam cutting. A is best for dry flies and most flies, while B is best for bead heads and wet flies.

The compartment numbers in the box are denoted by the letters 6C,12C, and 18C. The bottom of each of these compartment boxes has a strong magnetic board. Magnetic compartments with a C end.

7.36″X4.02″X0.63″ Dimensions: 7.36″X4.02″X0.63″ (187X102X16mm).

fishpond Tacky Double Haul Silicone Slit Fly Box – Burnt Orange

Fly Box Dimensions: 7″ x 3.75″ x 1″

Flies are not included.

The capacity for 287 flights is enormous.

Tacky silicone anchoring technology is the original and patented technology.

Magnetic closure with a strong latch

Long-lasting strength and durability

Withstands a wide range of temperatures

Flambeau Outdoors Zerust MAX 4004ZMP Tuff Tainer – 6-PK Bundle, Smoke Gray (Fly Fishing Tackle Box)

ZERUST ANTI-CORROSION TECHNOLOGY: Exclusive VCI fully integrated into the box emits a corrosion-inhibiting vapor that forms a protective layer over metal to prevent rust in harsh marine situations.

PERMANENT RUST DEFENSE: The patented Zerust compound prevents rust and corrosion by inhibiting electrochemical processes. Provides a minimum of 5-years of protection, ensuring rust-free tackle season after season.

NON-TOXIC, HASSLE-FREE ANTI-RUST FORMULA: Fish cannot detect the harmless, odorless, tasteless, and invisible Zerust VCI mist that protects tackle, yet it is FDA-approved for humans.

SMART TACKLE ORGANIZATION: When the lid and base are closed, the translucent smoky gray colored lid and base enable quick and easy identification of tackle. For easy storage, they’re stackable.

PER BOX SPECIFICATIONS: Dimensions are 11″ L x 7.25″ W x 1.75″ D. There are 15 separators that may be removed and 20 compartments with a partial bulk storage portion. Made in the United States of America with pride.

Flies Direct Waterproof Fly Box

100% Waterproof with a Silicone Seal to Keep Your Flies Dry

It has a capacity of 126 flies (63 Flies on each side)

Guaranteed 100% Customer Satisfaction

M MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch Fly Fishing Box Two-Sided Waterproof Easy Grip Foam Jig Fly Box Multiple Sizes (Fly Fishing Tackle Box)

Waterproof fly box – The clasp is secure, and the gaskets on both sides work well to keep moisture out. They also float in the water and are waterproof, ensuring that your flies stay dry.

Made of high-density, impact-resistant ABS plastic. It is extremely robust because of the tough plastic lids. The clasps are secure, yet they’re also simple to open.

Clear plastic coverings on two sides to improve storage and make finding out what you want easy and quick.

High-Density Easy Grip Foam – Keep your flies from shredding the foam by keeping them in the slots. Enough room to keep your flies in order

There are four different sizes to choose from.

ā€”X-Small: 4.1″ X 3″ X 1.2″; Small: 4.9″ X 3.9″ X 1.57″; Large: 5.9″ X 3.8″ X 1.77″; X-Large: 7.3″ X 4.6″ X 1.5″; X-Large: 7.3″ X 4.6″ X 1.5″; X-Large

M MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch Super Slim Waterproof Fly Fishing Box Easy Grip Foam Multi Magnetic Compartments Lure Tackle Box

Waterproof Fly Boxā€”Both sides are sealed with silicone gaskets to keep your flies dry.

Made of high-density, impact-resistant ABS plastic. It is extremely durable due to the tough plastic lids.

Strong magnets for quick fly storage that will keep your flies safe.

Design that is extremely slimā€” The thickness is only 0.6in. The slim fly box is easy to transport.
7.3 (L) x 3.9 (W) x 0.6 (H) INCHES

Martin Complete Fly Fishing Kit, 8-Foot 5/6-Weight 3-Piece Fly Fishing Pole, Size 5/6 Rim-Control Reel, Pre-spooled with Backing, Line, and Leader, Includes Custom Fly Tackle Assortment, Brown/Green (Fly Fishing Tackle Box)

MEDIUM ACTION: The 8-foot 3-piece fly fishing rod combo has a moderate action, making it excellent for capturing light and medium-sized fish such as panfish, trout, walleye, bass, and other species.

EXPERTLY CRAFTED MATERIALS: A durable 5/6 weight fiberglass rod blank supports a 4-6 LT6F line weight and comes with a soft EVA rod handle for all-day comfort and a firm grip.

DURABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: This rim control size 5/6 single action fly fishing reel is fully loaded and pre-spooled with 6 weight floating premium fly line, backing, and leader. The reel features a 30-yard LT6F line capacity and a backing capacity of 50/20 yds/lbs. A sturdy aluminum frame, lightweight aluminum spool, metal clicker with on/off control, and push-button release are all included.

6-PIECE TACKLE KIT: This bespoke fly tackle selection includes 6 pieces of fly tackle as well as a getting started pamphlet that teaches fly fishermen how to cast, tie knots, and care for their gear.

TRUSTED: Martin has been assisting people in enjoying and discovering the outdoors through fishing since 1954. Martin products are covered by a one-year warranty against faults in workmanship and/or materials from the date of original retail purchase.

Mustad Rigger Bag, Water-Resistant 500-Denier Tarpaulin w/Waterproof Zippers, One-Handed Neoprene Handle, Grey/Blue

Plenty of Storage – There are ten inside plastic compartments that can hold enough hooks, rigs, chatter baits, or spinnerbaits for several days of fishing.

Water-resistant and long-lasting tarpaulin (500 Denier) is used to keep the contents of the bag dry.

Carry it with one hand – a one-handed carry handle

Durable – the help hook and leader material is made of strong mesh.

Inner pockets are zip-locked for security and organization.

New Phase – Fly Fishing Box Double Sided – Ice fishing Box – Grey – Holds Hundreds of Flies and Streamers (Fly Fishing Tackle Box)

PERFECT SIZE – Holds 363 lures in a watertight double-sided fly box. Steelhead, trout, ice fishing, fishing, salmon, grayling, pike, bass, panfish, carp, saltwater, and tarpon are all excellent choices. The dimensions are 7.5″ x 4.5″ x 1.75″. It’s light and easy to transport.

WATERTIGHT – Made of high-density plastic with rubber gaskets, this fly box will keep your flies dry if dropped in water. It floats, making it easy to find.

DURABLE – Our goods have been thoroughly tested to assure that they will not fail you when you need them most. To keep your flies safe, use the snap-tight lid and high-density slit foam. You’ll use this box for years because it’s tough, resilient, and watertight.

PERFECT GIFT ā€“ Do you know a fisherman or woman in your life who deserves the best? For any Angler, this is a terrific birthday, Father’s Day, or just because present.

We are a firm established in Idaho that sources the greatest fly fishing equipment from across the world.

Outdoor Planet 12 Pieces Top Rating Dry/Nymph/Streamer Fly Fishing Flies Trout Fly Assortment

A double-sided box can effectively hold a hundred different sizes of flies.

Streamer Foam, Slit, and Easy Grip

This 100% waterproof fly box is an excellent all-purpose fly box for carrying dry flies, nymphs, and streamers.

It measures 4.17″ x 3″ x 1.34″, making it small enough to fit in the pockets of most vests or packs.

Despite its small size, this small box is easy to carry and will save space in your pocket and fishing bag.

Plano 360710 ProLatch 3600 Size Open Compartments Stowaway Boxes, Clear (Fly Fishing Tackle Box)

Length of the package: 4.1 cm

18.7 cm package width

27.8 cm package height

PORTABLE TOOLBOX is a product type.

SF Fly Fishing Box Waterproof Double-Sided Small Pocket Floatable

It can hold 126 flies (63 Flies on each side).

Slit Foam – Insert the hook through the slit.

5.35 Inch x 3.38 Inch x 1.41 Inch, fits in small pockets (Vests, Jeans, Shorts).

Waterproof – Silicone Seal Keeps Your Flies Dry

100% floatable- Dropped it in the water by accident? Not a problem. The Fly Box is a floater.

SF Super Slim Fly Fishing Trout Flies Fly Box (Fly Fishing Tackle Box)

Slim fly fishing box for midges and small nymphs; NOT for large hackled flies; even when turned over, it keeps them organized and handy.

It’s lightweight and effective, and it’s simple to open and hold. It’s also simple to see the contents and quickly find the fly without having to open it.

It is small and thin enough to fit into the breast pocket of your favorite outdoor shirt, making it very portable and easy to store.

The thickness of this fly box is only 0.5inch, despite its large capacity. When you go fishing, you can bring more fly boxes than ever before.

This fly box can float on water, freeing up your hands, and it is also difficult to lose.

Shoreline Marine Large Marine Caddy

Keeps your boat tidy and organized.

Lures or tools can be hung from the holes around the edge.

There are no more excuses for a sloppy boat.

Tacky Original Fly Fishing Fly Box (Fly Fishing Tackle Box)

Flies are not included.

A single-sided box can hold up to 168 flies.

Box with two sides It can hold up to 336 flies.

Invented and patented silicone anchoring technology

Magnetic closure with a strong latch

Z-MAN Binder-1 Bait Binderz, Blue

Designed to fit standard size Z-Man bait bags with pre-punched holes.

Encourages keeping ElaZtech baits in their original packaging and away from other types of soft baits.

Baits can be accessed without having to remove the packaging from the binder, allowing for quick bait and color changes.

Tough 500 denier nylon construction ensures durability, and zinc-plated binder rings provide corrosion resistance.

The zippers have been removed, an internal storage pocket has been added, and an embroidered logo representing Z-Man has been added.