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Fly Tying Materials Catalog

The fly tying thread is the most important item that is used in flies because it is what holds all of the materials in place. The hook is the next most important item. (Article about “Think Thread Doesnā€™t Matter When Tying Flies?” on

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Best Sellers at Fly Tying Materials Catalog

BBTO 12 Pieces Fly Tying Chenille Fly Tying Materials 65.64 Yards Chenille DIY Fly Tying Thread Craft Fly Tying Tinsel for Streamers Wooly Buggers Nymph Flex Hackle

Large quantity: there are a total of 12 pieces of fly tying materials in the package, which come in 12 different colors. A large quantity and a variety of colors can meet your daily use and replacement needs, and you can also share them with others.

Assorted colors: These mixed colors fly tying threads come in a variety of colors, including blue, gray, green, pink, black, white, yellow, orange, red, brown, and many others, allowing you to select the colors that best suit your needs.

Touchable: these fly tying supplies are made of chenille, which is thick and solid, sturdy, and not easily broken. Furthermore, this material is soft and comfortable to the touch, providing you with a pleasant user experience.

Suitable size: each soft chenille yarn is approximately 5 meters/ 5.47 yards in length, so you will receive a total of 60 meters/ 65.64 yards of chenille cords from the 12 pieces; they are long enough for you to use for a long time.

Applicable ranges: You can use these chenille floss line threads in a variety of applications, including streamers, wooly buggers, nymphs, flex hackle, body material, and so on. They can make your items more vibrant and beautiful, giving you a nice decoration effect.

Brule 3-D Epoxy Fish Eyes (3mm-20mm) 60 Pack, Handpoured, Fishing Fly Tying Streamers Lures Crafts (Fly Tying Materials Catalog)

Realistic 3D hard domed epoxy fish eyes with adhesive backing (super glue still required for firm hold)

PREDATOR sizes are as follows: Combo 1-3 (15, 17, 20mm); Combo 4, Silver and Gold (15, 18, 20mm); Frost (15, 20mm); BlueShimmer (15, 20mm) (24mm-28mm)

There are four different types of backing materials: Halo (non-transparent holographic), Checked Silver (non-transparent checked holographic), Mirage (transparent holographic), and Solid.

Each eye is hand-poured to ensure the highest quality.

60 eyes per pack, sizes based on eye diameter

Drchoer Fishing Lure Eye 2D/3D/4D/5D Lifelike Realistic Artificial Holographic Fake Eyes Sizes:3/4/5/6/7/10mm for Fly Tying Lures Crafts DIY Materials Tool

2D/3D/4D Dimensions: 3mm(0.112″), 4mm(0.16″), 5mm(0.2″), 6mm (0.24″). 4 sheets, total of 732 pieces

5D Sizes: 6mm (0.24″), 7mm (0.28″), 10mm (0.39″).

1 sheet, 72 pieces

6 SIZES IN ONE PACK: We have 6 sizes to choose from, ranging from 0.12″ to 0.39″.

Suitable for a wide range of DIY bait,

Adhesive, which can be used to stick lures, jigs, or crafts.

Made of epoxy, which is both durable and lightweight.

Super-realistic fish eye design and 2D/3D/4D/5D holographic color add large eye contour and flash to make fly or fish skull eyes live.

It can be easily applied to the surface and firmly grasped with its strong rubber back. However, for a stronger grip, we recommend adding a few drops of strong glue or epoxy resin.

Gejoy 1242 Pieces 3D 4D Fishing Eyes Oval Fishing Lure Eyes Realistic Fishing Eye for Making Fishing Bait Fly Tying Streamers Lures Crafts (6 Sizes: 3 mm/ 4 mm/ 5 mm/ 6 mm/ 8 mm/ 10 mm) (Fly Tying Materials Catalog)

Multi-size and styles: Our oval fishing lure eyes come in six different sizes, including 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, and 10 mm. They also come in a variety of styles, so you can use them to meet your specific needs.

Reliable material: the realistic fishing eyes are made of epoxy resin, which is durable and lightweight, allowing your bait to adapt to any situation.

Delicate design: these fishing eyes are designed in 3D and 4D domed shapes, with bright and vivid colors that are appealing to fish. The domed epoxy is also long-lasting.

Simple to use: the realistic fishing eyes have strong rubber backs that allow them to be easily applied to the surface and firmly grasp the surface. They also have a self-adhesive backing that allows them to stick to most surfaces or recommend that glue be added to stick to uneven surfaces.

You will receive 1098 pieces of 3D simulation fishing eyes and 144 pieces of 4D simulation fishing eyes, which will be sufficient for you to use and satisfy your various needs when making bait. You can also share them with your fishing-obsessed friends.

M MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch 100PC/LOT Tungsten Fly Tying Beads Head for Nymph Fishing Materials 10 Colors

100 PCS PER LOTā€”A great value for fly tying and backed by a quality warranty.

MEW MATERIALā€”Shiny and smooth from 100% new material, not recycled, 97 percent TUNGSTEIN (Environment Friendly). Tungsten beads are much harder and denser than brass beads. Sink quickly and get the fly to where the fish are.

HOLES IN THE COUNTERSUNKā€” The shapes are perfectly round, and a counter hole allows for easy attachment to your hooks.

TEN COLOR OPTIONS FOR CREATIVE VERSATILITYā€” Gold (24K real gold coating), Black Nickel, Copper, Metallic Rainbow, Fluo Yellow, Fluo Orange, Metallic Red, Fluo Pink, Fluo Green With our beads, your flies become more fishy and catchy.

ALL THE SIZES YOU REQUIREā€”5/64″(2.0mm) for hook sizes #16-#20; 3/32″(2.4mm) for hook sizes #14-#18; 7/64″(2.8mm) for hook sizes #12-#16; 1/8″(3.3mm) for hook sizes #10-#14; 5/32″ (3.8 mm) for hook sizes #8-#12; 3/16″ (4.6 mm) for hook sizes #6

Phecda Sport 10 Packs Crystal Flash Fly Fishing Line Fly Tying Material for Fishing Lure Dry Flies (Fly Tying Materials Catalog)

10 Packs of Crystal Flash Fly Fishing Line in a Single Color

Each pack contains at least 150 pieces, with a length of about 30cm.

PET-Environmentally Friendly Material

There are ten colors to choose from: pearl white, pearl pink, pearl green, pearl purple, pearl blue, pearl yellow, red, green, silver, and rainbow.

You Can Make Your Own Fishing Flies for Dry Flies and Saltwater Flies.

Phecda Sport 15 Cards Multi Colors Tinsel Chenille Line Crystal Flash Line Fly Fishing Tying Material for Nymphal Bugs Scud

Fly Fishing Tinsel Chenille 10 Cards (total 50 meters). Color Selection at Random

Fly Fishing Tinsel Chenille 15 Cards (total 75 meters). Color Selection at Random

Width: approximately 7mm-1cm

Color: Display as the images shown.

Use for fly fishing lures. DIY tying of baits, lures, and streamers, body decorating, fly fishing tinsel chenille, and crystal flash fishing insects

Riverruns UV Clear Glue Thick Thin Flew+UV Power 395nm Zoomable Pen Light for UV Glue Curing, Heads Bodies and Wings, Medical, Doctor Nurse Diagnostic, Small Mini Stylus, IPX5 Water-Resistant (Fly Tying Materials Catalog)

Thick UV glue (standard UV glue) is excellent for making surf candies, epoxy shrimp, baitfish heads, or any flies heads; it is also useful in bodies or wing cases, or to coat a small thread head.

Thin UV glue flows easily and penetrates well, making it ideal for use on flies’ bodies, wings, or as coasting for decal eyes and heads. They’re great for making nymphs, scud backs, chironomids, and anything else you can think of.

Flew uv glue is ready to use and requires no preparation. This super strength flex UV glue will make vivid flies move extremely realistically. They also provide the best protection against all types of knots. The customer can open the bottleneck with the dubbing needle. Cure in seconds under UV light, leaving the surface crystal clear and glass smooth. When compared to traditional epoxy, it remains clear and never turns yellow. It is also extremely durable. Tack-free at all times. Both are multi-purpose and can be instantly cured with UV light or sunlight.

DESIGN IS SMART AND COMPACT: Only 5.6 inches in length, with a zoomable UV lens and IPX5 water resistance. Riverruns 395nm UV pen cures UV glue faster than traditional 12 or 51 LED UV lights. You can zoom in and out for different sizes of UV glue by rotating the top section of the light. Ideal for tying flies’ heads, bodies, and wings. 2*AAA batteries provide a 7-hour run time. (Because of shipping safety concerns, batteries are not included.)

MULTI PROFESSIONAL FUNCTIONS: Excellent for medical personnel. Dentist UV glue curing and medical checking; nail paint dryer; fluorescent agent detection; currency, driver license, official identification cards, and passport authentication Detection of pet urine and small insects; detection of AC leaks. Detailed explanation

Riverruns UV Clear Glue Three Formula Thick, Thin, and Super Flew +12 LED UV Power Light Fly Tying for Building Flies Flies Heads Bodies and Wings Tack Free (Fly Tying Materials Catalog)

Flew UV glue is ready to use and requires no preparation. This super strength flex UV glue will make vivid flies move extremely realistically. They also provide the best protection against all types of knots.

SAMSFX Fly Tying Materials Squirmy Wormy Soft Worm Lures Flie Making Assorted Colors

Each color has 27-30 legs, for a total of 54-60 legs in the pack.

Each leg is about 4.5″ / 11.5cm long and 0.1″ / 2.5mm thick.

Environmentally friendly materials and ultra-soft plastic rubber were used to create this product.

Available in a variety of top fish enticing colors

Excellent for making your own trout buzzers. New blood worms, squirmy wormy, soft lures for fishing, noctilucent baits

XFISHMAN Fly Tying Thread Kit 6/0 Fly Tying Supplies Fly Fishing Materials Accessories (Fly Tying Materials Catalog)

Why do you need a 6/0 thread? If you’re just getting started with trout flies in sizes 4-20, your 6/0 thread will suffice. Our 3/0 is ideal for tying bass bugs, wooly buggers, spinning hair, and other similar projects. Some people tie all of their dries with 8/0, but this takes practice!

Why is a strong thread required? ā€”- When tying some complicated flies, whether for a beginner or a master, a broken thread means restarting, which wastes a lot of time. This thread set combines custom fiber with high strength, ensuring that you can finish the tying smoothly without breaking the thread.

Why do you need six different colors of thread? To achieve the best results, different flies require different color combinations. This set’s six colors are the most commonly used. They can meet 90% of your fly-tying needs.

A strong thread for fly sizes 4-20 with a breaking strength of 35 oz.

150 yards, size 6/0

XFISHMAN Fly-Hooks-for-Fly-Tying-Dry-Wet-Barbless-BL-Nymph-Flies Curved Czech Scud Fishing Hooks 10# ~16# Assortment Pack of 100-240 Hooks with Box

EASY TO USEā€” Clearwater flies tying hook assortments come in an 8-compartment hook pallet (magnetic bottom with foam dividers).


Each assortment contains a total of 240 hooks (30 of each size). It would cost more than $50 if purchased separately.

POPULAR SIZESā€” The most common sizes and styles of each hook type. For example, if you choose sizes 10, 12, 14, 16, you will receive dry and wet nymphs fly hooks.

EXTREMELY STRONGā€”made with 2X-heavy wire for added sturdiness.

SHARPENED POINTS ā€”They have precision-ground, chemically sharpened points, as well as low-profile barbs.

XFISHMAN Fly-Tying-Lead-Wire-Fly-Tying-Material- Fly-Fishing-Supplies-Accessories (Fly Tying Materials Catalog)

This XFISHMAN Lead Wire Assortment includes spooled lead in a variety of sizes. Lead wire is supplied on standard thread spools in a convenient six-compartment box.

Round lead wire is a common fly tying material used to add weight to flies.

Spools of standard lead wire for weighting flies. Wrap it around the shank of your hook and tie the fly. It’s pretty straightforward.

Assortment 6 Pack 1 ounce / spool

XFISHMAN Fly-Tying-Materials-Rubber-Legs-Silicone-Rubber-Skirt 12-24 Colors Fly Tying Supplies

Create your own fishing lure skirts with this wild assortment of high-quality silicone strips.

Those working on secret one-of-a-kind baits would benefit greatly from the assortment.

Barred color legs are widely used in many flies tying patterns.

Silicone skirt replacement for Spinnerbaits, Buzzbaits, Spoons, Blades, and Jig lures.

Each pack includes approximately 40 strands (legs) measuring 5.5″ in length and is available in 12 popular colors.