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Gisborne Fishing Locations
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Some Interesting Fishing Locations in Gisborne (New Zealand)

Gisborne Fishing Locations – For all you sportfishing enthusiasts who feel like fishing somewhere in Gisborne, here are a few locations.

Mohaka River (Gisborne Fishing Locations)

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Exploring the Mohaka River Landscape

The Mohaka River, nestled in the heart of the East-Central North Island, New Zealand, presents a captivating landscape. Originating from the Kaweka and Ahimanawa ranges, it embarks on a scenic journey, meandering southeast, northeast, and then southeast once more, ultimately embracing Hawke Bay of the Pacific Ocean.

A Symphony of Tributaries

A harmonious confluence of rivers enhances the Mohaka’s allure. Noteworthy tributaries include the Waipunga, Taharua, and Hautapu, each contributing to the river’s dynamic character. This intricate network spans a basin covering 910 square miles, creating a diverse ecosystem that beckons exploration.

Gorges and Terraces: Nature’s Sculptures (Gisborne Fishing Locations)

The Mohaka River, stretching an impressive 107 miles, carves its path through dramatic gorges, unveiling nature’s sublime artistry. In its final 17 miles, the river gracefully descends, surrounded by terraces soaring 250 feet high—a breathtaking panorama for those enchanted by the beauty of the great outdoors.

Fishing Paradise at Mohaka River

For avid anglers seeking a pristine haven, the Mohaka River unveils unparalleled fishing possibilities. The river’s diverse topography and thriving ecosystem offer an abundance of fish species, creating an angler’s paradise. Whether casting a line from the riverbanks or venturing into its meandering waters, the thrill of a catch awaits.

A Historical Tapestry: Mohaka’s Past

Beyond its natural splendor, the Mohaka River is woven into the historical fabric of New Zealand. The town of Mohaka, perched on the coast, serves as a reminder of a sheep-grazing district with a rich past. Raupunga, a few miles upstream, bears witness to history as the Napier-Gisborne rail line, marked by a viaduct since 1937, spans the river, connecting the region’s narratives.


In 1869, the Mohaka River became the stage for a tragic episode—the Mohaka Massacre. Sixty Europeans lost their lives to the tumultuous events, leaving an indelible mark on the river’s legacy. Today, the Mohaka River stands not only as a geographical wonder but also as a custodian of tales from a bygone era.

Motu River (Gisborne Fishing Locations)

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Nature’s Cradle: The Motu River Landscape

Nestled in the southwestern side of the Raukumara Range, the Motu River gracefully meanders through the mountainous terrain, draining the southwestern part of the Raukumara Peninsula. Rising as high as Arowhana at 4,724 feet, this majestic river paints a scenic masterpiece of moderately hard Taitai rocks—sandstones, mudstones, and breccias.

A Wilderness Veiled in Greenery

As the Motu River weaves its course, much of its watershed remains a lush haven, draped in dense forest cover. The Motu Gorge, a highlight along the Gisborne-Opotiki Highway, offers a captivating scenic drive, inviting travelers into the heart of untouched nature. The rugged beauty of the landscape captivates, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts.

Hydro-Electric Dreams: The Motu River Potential (Gisborne Fishing Locations)

Enveloped within a continuous gorge, the Motu River holds the promise of sustainable energy. With the possibility of developing four dam sites along its course, there lies untapped potential for hydroelectric power generation. This prospect, though considered in 1965, remains a testament to the river’s untamed power and the delicate balance between harnessing it and preserving its natural allure.

Rumbling Cascades: Motu Falls

Just 3 miles downstream from Motu, the river showcases its wild side with the dramatic Motu Falls. A spectacle of nature’s force, these falls serve as a reminder of the untamed spirit of the Motu River. The cascading waters create a symphony that resonates through the surrounding wilderness.

Historical Echoes: Te Kooti’s Pursuit

In the annals of history, the Motu River witnessed a chapter in the pursuit of Te Kooti in 1872. The upper reaches became the battleground as Te Kooti eluded capture, seeking refuge in the formidable Urewera Country. The name “Motu” itself, meaning “isolated” or “severed,” echoes the challenges and seclusion that define this historic river’s narrative.

Motueka River (Gisborne Fishing Locations)

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Alpine Origins: The Motueka River’s Journey

Originating in alpine headwaters, the Motueka River embarks on a 110-kilometer journey, weaving through diverse landscapes from its source to the sea. This picturesque river plays a pivotal role, contributing over 60% of the freshwater inflow to the pristine Tasman Bay.

Braided Beauty: Kohatu to Wangapeka River Segment

In a captivating 10-kilometer stretch between Kohatu and the Wangapeka River, the Motueka River reveals its braided charm. This unique configuration fosters a habitat for a variety of river-nesting birds, including oystercatchers, black-billed gulls, banded dotterels, pied stilts, and black-fronted terns. A rare glimpse into nature’s harmonious coexistence unfolds along this segment.

Guardians of the Waters: Water Conservation Order (Gisborne Fishing Locations)

The Motueka catchment stands under the protective umbrella of a Water Conservation Order, a testament to its ecological significance. This safeguard not only cherishes the flourishing trout angling but also upholds the values of the elusive blue duck. Beyond its role in recreation, the order recognizes the Motueka River’s contribution to the wild and scenic landscapes that define its surroundings.

Trout Haven and Scenic Splendor

As one navigates the Motueka River for trout angling, the catchment unfolds as a haven for fishing enthusiasts. The protective measures in place ensure that this angler’s paradise remains abundant with opportunities. Amidst the pursuit of trout, the surrounding scenery, with its wild and scenic values, transforms the fishing experience into a symphony of nature and sport.

Nuhaka River (Gisborne Fishing Locations)

Gateway to Nuhaka River: A Roadside Haven

Nestled along Opoutama Rd, the Nuhaka River welcomes travelers heading toward the Mahia Peninsula from the quaint Nuhaka settlement. Positioned beside the main road bridge, this site serves as a gateway to the river’s charm, drawing in enthusiasts and sun-seekers alike.

Summer Delight: A Popular Recreation Hub

Amidst the scenic backdrop, the Nuhaka River site becomes a buzzing hive of activity during the summer months. Popular for swimming and bridge-jumping, it transforms into a recreational haven where laughter and splashes resonate against the natural surroundings. A lively atmosphere defines this spot, creating memories for those seeking adventure.

Caution in the Current: Signage for Water Quality (Gisborne Fishing Locations)

Permanent signage stands guard at the Nuhaka River site, a silent sentinel cautioning visitors. Given the river’s popularity, water quality criteria may occasionally be exceeded. These signs, a crucial safety measure, ensure that enjoyment aligns with awareness, fostering a responsible approach to the river’s allure.

Agricultural Tapestry: Nuhaka’s Diverse Catchment

The Nuhaka River boasts a catchment shaped by agriculture, with pockets of forestry and native vegetation. This diverse tapestry contributes to the river’s unique ecosystem, creating a dynamic landscape where the human imprint intersects with the natural world.

Okataina Lake (Gisborne Fishing Locations)

Gisborne Fishing Locations - Page 2

(Carl Lindberg, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons)

Nature’s Serenity: Lake Okataina Reserve

Nestled at the end of Lake Okataina Road, the reserve, managed by the Department of Conservation, offers a pristine natural haven. Native bush graces the water’s edge, creating an untouched landscape accessible through various walkways within the Okataina Scenic Reserve.

The Echo of Laughter: Unraveling Okataina’s Name

“Okataina,” meaning “The lake of laughter,” finds its roots in the tale of Te Rangitakaroro and his warriors. As they rested, a jest about the lake being an ocean sparked laughter that echoed, immortalizing their amusement in the lake’s name—Te Moana-i-kataina-a-Te Rangitakaroro.

Historical Waterways: Okataina’s Role in Travel Routes (Gisborne Fishing Locations)

In the pre-European era, Lake Okataina served as a vital link in travel routes, witnessing the portage of canoes from Lake Tarawera. The lake, surrounded by remote scenic beauty, embraces native bush showcasing rimu, totara, rata, and kahikatea—a living testament to its historical significance.

Fishing Bliss: Okataina’s Abundant Waters

Lake Okataina, with limited spawning grounds, thrives on an annual trout liberation. Abundant food sources, including smelt, koura (crayfish), snails, and bullies, foster an environment where trout quickly attain trophy sizes. Accessible by boat, the lake offers unparalleled fishing opportunities, with winter spawning runs inviting fly fishing along the beach near Okataina Lodge.

Pouawa River (Gisborne Fishing Locations)

A Glimpse of Pouawa River’s Path

The Pouawa River, a defining feature of the Gisborne Region in New Zealand’s North Island, winds its way predominantly southeastward. Spanning a journey of 15 kilometers, it gracefully meets the Pacific Ocean, creating a picturesque landscape just northeast of Gisborne.

Rippling Waters: Pouawa’s Dynamic Flow

The river’s dynamic flow, meandering southeast, narrates a tale of nature’s persistent movement. Its rhythmic course, marked by twists and turns, captures the essence of a living waterway carving through the heart of the Gisborne Region.

Nature’s Canvas: Pouawa River’s Coastal Dance (Gisborne Fishing Locations)

As the Pouawa River nears its destination, the coastal dance unfolds, showcasing the harmonious meeting of the river and ocean. The landscape, shaped by the river’s persistent journey, stands as a testament to the intricate dance between land and water.

Fishing Possibilities: Exploring Pouawa’s Waters

For fishing enthusiasts, Pouawa River offers possibilities waiting to be explored. Its waters, a habitat for various fish species, create an inviting canvas for anglers seeking the thrill of a catch. The blend of riverine charm and coastal allure sets the stage for an unforgettable fishing experience.

Repongaere Lake (Gisborne Fishing Locations)

Lake Repongaere: A Fishing Haven

Nestled amidst New Zealand’s picturesque landscapes, Lake Repongaere offers a tranquil escape for nature enthusiasts and anglers alike. Located approximately 14 kilometers northwest of Gisborne city center, this serene lake beckons anglers with its diverse fish population and serene surroundings.

Lake Characteristics

Lake Repongaere is a shallow lake, spanning around 35.8 hectares and boasting a circumference of approximately 2.3 kilometers. Oriented in a north-south direction, the lake stretches for about 845 meters in length and reaches a maximum width of around 565 meters in an east-west direction.

Water Sources and Drainage (Gisborne Fishing Locations)

The lake receives its water from a network of streams flowing from the west, south, and east. To the north, the lake overflows, sending its waters through the adjacent wetland and into the Repongaere Stream. This stream, in turn, empties into the Waipaoa River via the Pouaru Stream.

Surrounding Landscape

Lake Repongaere is enveloped by a picturesque wetland that extends furthest to the north. The lake’s catchment area, encompassing 2.8 square kilometers, is defined by hills reaching heights of up to 223 meters.

Angling Opportunities

Lake Repongaere teems with a variety of fish species, making it a popular destination for anglers. The lake’s shallow waters provide an ideal habitat for brown trout, rainbow trout, black bullies, and smelt. Anglers can cast their lines from the shore or venture onto the lake in boats to explore its depths.

A Tranquil Retreat

Beyond its fishing allure, Lake Repongaere offers a tranquil escape into nature’s embrace. The lake’s serene surroundings, coupled with its diverse wildlife, provide a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation. Whether seeking solitude or enjoying the company of loved ones, Lake Repongaere promises an unforgettable experience.

Rotokaha Lake (Gisborne Fishing Locations)

Exploring the Beauty of Rotokaha Lake

Nestled within the Tiniroto group of lakes, Rotokaha Lake, also known as The Tinitroto Lake, captivates visitors with its serene beauty. Situated along the inland road from Gisborne to Wairoa, the lake is a hidden gem waiting to be explored.

Tranquil Waters Await Fishing Enthusiasts

For avid anglers, Rotokaha Lake offers an idyllic setting to indulge in their favorite pastime. The tranquil waters are teeming with various fish species, providing an excellent opportunity for a rewarding fishing experience. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a novice, the lake welcomes all to try their luck.

Diverse Fish Species for Angling Adventures (Gisborne Fishing Locations)

Dive into the diverse world of fishing at Rotokaha Lake, where a variety of fish species await your skilled cast. From rainbow trout to brown trout, the lake boasts a rich ecosystem that promises an exciting and diverse angling adventure. Each catch tells a unique story of the lake’s vibrant aquatic life.

Strategic Spots for the Perfect Catch

Finding the perfect fishing spot is crucial for a successful day at Rotokaha Lake. Along the northern side of Tiniroto Road, near the charming Tiniroto township, you’ll discover strategic locations that promise an abundance of bites. Explore the shoreline, cast your line, and let the anticipation of a perfect catch heighten your fishing experience.

An Unforgettable Fishing Getaway

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and embark on an unforgettable fishing getaway at Rotokaha Lake. With its picturesque surroundings and thriving fish population, the lake provides a serene retreat for those seeking both relaxation and the thrill of a good catch. Make your way to this hidden haven and create lasting memories by the water’s edge.

Tapuaeroa River (Gisborne Fishing Locations)

Discovering the Tapuaeroa River

Nestled within the Gisborne Region of New Zealand’s North Island, the Tapuaeroa River beckons with its natural beauty. Originating in the Raukumara Range, the river flows southeast, weaving its way through picturesque landscapes.

A Meandering Journey Through Raukumara Range

Embark on an adventure along the Tapuaeroa River as it meanders through the rugged terrain of the Raukumara Range. The active flow of the river creates a dynamic and captivating landscape, offering a scenic backdrop for anglers seeking a unique fishing experience.

Abundant Fishing Opportunities Along Its Banks (Gisborne Fishing Locations)

For avid anglers, the Tapuaeroa River is a haven of possibilities. The river’s waters are teeming with a variety of fish, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a diverse and fruitful fishing expedition. Cast your line along its banks and let the current guide you to the perfect catch.

Confluence of Waters: Tapuaeroa and Mata River

Witness the majestic union of the Tapuaeroa River and the Mata River near the town of Ruatoria. This confluence marks a significant point where the two water bodies join forces, giving rise to the Waiapu River. Explore the synergy of these rivers and the unique fishing opportunities it presents.

Fishing Bliss in the Heart of Ruatoria

As the Tapuaeroa River merges with the Mata River, the town of Ruatoria becomes a focal point for fishing enthusiasts. Explore the heart of Ruatoria for strategic spots along the riverbanks, where the merging currents create an environment ripe for unforgettable fishing bliss.

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