Ice Fishing Combos

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Ice Fishing Combos

When you think of purchasing an ice rod and reel, you probably think of a combo the vast majority of the time. (Article about “Why a Spinning Rod & Reel Combo is Best for Beginners” on

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Best Sellers at Ice Fishing Combos

13 FISHING – Descent/Snitch – Inline Ice Fishing Combos

5 Ball Bearings Made of Stainless Steel

Soft Touch Finish on Composite Frame Reel Construction

Blank Solid Graphite

Flex-Core Tip Stainless Steel Guides

13 FISHING – FreeFall Ghost Radioactive Pickle – Inline Ice Fishing Combos

Inline Reel with 3+1 Ball Bearings and a 2.5:1 Gear Ratio.

Instant Anti-Reverse is a type of software that allows you to reverse a process in real-time.

Controlling the Dropping Speed

Construction of a PC2 Flat-Tip Blank with a High-Visibility Tip

ALPS Thin Wire Guides are a type of wire guide that is very thin.

13 Fishing – Heatwave – Spinning Ice Fishing Combos

Fiberglass Blanket Durable

Guides made of stainless steel with polished inserts

The reel and Rotor are made of lightweight graphite.

Handle Knob with Contoured Surface

Reel 1BB

13 Fishing – Infrared – Spinning Ice Fishing Combos

Fiberglass Blanket with a Long Life

Guides made of stainless steel with polished inserts

Three-Ball Reel with Instant Anti-Reverse Technology

Aluminum Spool with Anodized Fat Bail in Two-Tone Finish

Reel and rotor constructed of lightweight graphite.

13 Fishing – Microtec Panfish – Spinning Ice Fishing Combos – Titanium Spring Bobber Tickle Tip

Reel No. 3BB

Handle Knob with a Soft Touch and an Aluminum Spool Reel

Blanket made entirely of fiberglass

Guides Made of Stainless Steel

13 FISHING – SoniCor Stealth – Spinning Ice Fishing Combos

Fiberglass Blanket with a Long Life

Fiberglass Blanket with a Long Life

Guides made of stainless steel with polished inserts

There is one BB Reel equipped with a DIGI-Balanced Gear System.

Reel and rotor constructed of lightweight graphite.

13 FISHING – Thermo Ice Tactical – Spinning Ice Fishing Combos

Fiberglass Blanket with a Long Life

Fiberglass Blanket with a Long Life

Guides made of stainless steel with polished inserts

Reel with Instant Anti-Reverse and two BBs

Spool made of aluminum

13 FISHING – Whiteout – Spinning Ice Fishing Combos

7-Ball Reel with Instant Anti-Reverse Technology

Spool made of aluminum with a large bail design

Toray Graphite Blank in Solid Form

Evolve Solo Guides are a great way to learn more about Evolve.

13 FISHING – Wicked Maverick – Spinning Ice Fishing Combos

A 5 BB Reel with an Instant Anti-Reverse feature.

Spool made of aluminum with a large bail design

Toray Blank with a solid surface

Performance Guides that Evolve

Lubricant for the Defrost Reel

Installation instructions for the reel band can be found in the product images.

Alwonder Ice Fishing Rod and Reel Combo, Right Handed Inline Ice Fishing Reel 2.1FT Ice Fishing Pole Ice Fishing Gear Set with Jigs Bobber Soft Plastic Worm Grub Lures Jig Head

Inline Ice Fishing Reel: The reel body is made entirely of aluminum alloy to provide durability and corrosion resistance. We chose a 1.55oz very lightweight and right-hand aluminum handle inline ice fishing reel for our ice fishing outfit.

Ice Fishing Rod: 26″ lightweight spinning rod with fiberglass blank and imitation wood EVA handles, tough and durable, easy to transport, ensures comfortable ice fishing in the freezing winter.

Varied Ice Fishing Jigs: A skillfully selected combination of ice fishing lures such as colorful ice fishing jigs, red soft plastic worms, green grub lures jig heads, and various ice fishing lures allow you to capture a wider variety of fish.

Ice Fishing Float: Ice fishing floats are composed of foam material that is sturdy and trustworthy, as well as resistant to fading and fraying. The bright yellow color painted on the fishing float allows you to see clearly if the fish rise to the bait.

1 Pack Inline Ice Fishing Reel, 1 Pack Ice Fishing Rod, 1 Pack Durable Plastic Box, 2 Pack Ice Fishing Floats are included in the package. Colorful Ice Fishing Jigs 6 Pack, Green Grub Lures Jig Head 7 Pack, Red Soft Plastic Worms 50 Pack

Aventik Telescopic Fishing Pole Ultra-Light Ice Fishing Rod Fishing Reel Kit

The 23.6-inch ice fishing rods collapsed to only 11.22 inches / 28.5cm in length and weighed 1.52 oz/436g when not packed. It’s small enough to fit into a backpack or sling bag.

Weight: 46.7g, and it’s simple to use even for a novice fisherman.

This ice-fishing rod is made of high-quality fiberglass, which provides improved sensitivity and strength while also being more comfortable.

In addition to being more smooth and durable, stainless steel guides with ceramic inlays prevent lines from sticking into the guides.

The handle of this revolving rod is made of soft EVA imitation cork. Durable, lightweight, and simple to operate. Even when the handle is wet, it maintains its great traction.

Daiwa Team ICE Combo QG750TDIQ24UL


Graphite Building Rod

Guides Made of Aluminum Oxide

Cork handle is long-lasting.

Tip Top Highlighted

Dr.Fish Ice Fishing Rod Reel Combo Complete Kits with Backpack Seat Box Ice Jig Rap Shad Spoon Catch Ready

With the Dr.Fish Ice Catcher 24″ Ice Fishing Rod Reel Combo Complete Kit with Backpack Seat, you can increase your chances of success on the ice this season.

The following characteristics are included in the 24″ ice fishing rod: While a solid graphite blank provides superior sensitivity, the comfortable handles allow for comfortable operation even in freezing winter temperatures. Spinning rods are the most common.

The 5BB spinning reel with a spare spool makes it much easier to bring crappie, pike, and walleyes up to the surface of the frozen water.

Incredible selection of ice fishing lures, including balanced lures such as jig rap, jigger shad, jig head, and soft plastic worm, as well as ice fishing accessories. All of this is done in the most productive manner.

Other important pieces of equipment include two ice bombers, one backpack seat, and one storage box. All have been carefully chosen to assist ice anglers in catching more walleyes, pike, and crappies on the ice this winter.

Frabill 690002 Combo Straightline Bro 124 Ultra Lt, Multicolor, One Size

China is the source of this product.

Ice fishing rod and reel in one package

This product is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

Made from the highest-quality materials available.

Frabill 6984 Combo Spin Pnfsh Popper 24 Ultra Lt, Multi, One Size

Since 1938, anglers have put their trust in Frabill.

This panfish system has been designed to provide the best possible performance, strike detection, and a secure hook set.

Rod characteristics include an ultra-sensitive micro-spring bobber, blank-through construction, a custom reel seat with cork, solid fiberglass composite blanks, and lightweight micro ice guides. Rod specifications include:

Reel Specifications: 1+1 ball-bearing reel | Infinite anti-reverse | Chrome-plated ABS spool | Ambidextrous handle | Pre-treated with Sub-Zero Lube | 1+1 ball-bearing reel | Infinite anti-reverse

Action: Ultra Light | Length: 24″ | Spool Type: Standard | Application: Multi-Purpose Panfish Jigging | Action: Ultra Light | Spool Type: Standard |

Micro ice guides that are small and lightweight

The bobber is equipped with an ultra-sensitive micro spring.

Frabill Ice Hunter Sniper Spinning Combo 30 ” Light Action, Black

Since 1938, anglers have put their trust in Frabill.

Ice Hunter Sniper Spinning Combos are ideal for reeling in smaller fish that require a lighter action and a more sensitive tip. | Length: 30″ | Action: Light | Tip: Super Sensitive | Length: 30″ | Action: Light | Tip: Super Sensitive |

Application: Finesse Walleye/Larger Panfish (Walleye/Larger Panfish)

Featuring solid fiberglass rod blanks for superior sensitivity, this rod allows you to feel even the smallest movements and hits on the water.

The split-grip is a type of grip that has two halves. The EVA handle provides more sensitivity and a more comfortable grip in the cold | Stainless steel ice guides provide a more secure grip in the cold |

Characteristics of the reel Handle with deluxe quick-fold feature | Infinite anti-reverse feature | 5+1 ball-bearing reel with machined aluminum spool | Multi-disc front drag | Retrieve with either left or right hand

Boating is a type of sport.

Frozen Lines Ice Fishing Rod and Reel Combo | Durable and Premium Quality Ice Fishing 75pcs Kit | Ice Fishing Jigs Lures Line Rod Reel Floats Included |

Frozen Lines are the ultimate ice fishing setup. Everything you need to get out on the ice to start fishing is included in this 75-piece ice fishing set. One Ice Fishing Pole, one Ice Fishing Reel, one 30m Ice Fishing Line, fifty Soft Plastic Worms, five fishing bobbers, three 20g Ice lures, three 10g Ice Lures, ten Ice Hook Jigs, and one Lure Storage Box are included.

ROD OF HIGH QUALITY AND DURABILITY: The two-piece rod is constructed of solid proxy fiber and measures 20.5″ in length. It’s Cork and Eva handle makes this rod the most comfortable rod a fisherman can own, allowing him to relax and enjoy those long days on the ice. Your ice fishing setup time will be as quick and simple as possible thanks to the grade D aluminum rings, which allow the line to flow effortlessly through them.

ICE FISHING REEL WITH ULTRA SMOOTH AND LIGHTWEIGHT: The extra-strong carbon nylon handle ensures a smooth and comfortable reeling experience for you. The reel’s spool is made of CNC oxidized aluminum, which makes it strong, weather-resistant, and long-lasting. Prior to investing in new ice fishing equipment, make certain that your current setup will last for longer periods of time.

ICE FISHING LURES WITH REAL LIFE-LIKE MOVING ACTION: Our Winter Ice Fishing Jigs have been meticulously designed to produce lifelike imitations of minnows, which are ideal for use on frozen bodies of water in winter. This swimming action is extremely effective for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, and the high quality and durability of the sharp treble hooks ensure that the fish do not escape.

As an added bonus, you’ll receive in-depth fishing guides to help you catch more fish all year long, as well as a fishing journal to help you keep track of your daily fishing and catch totals.

HT Enterprise RH-24LSC Red Hot Ice Fishing Rod and Reel Combination

Can withstand even the most extreme outdoor conditions

Specifically tailored to meet your ice fishing requirements

Designed to be simple to use

Pflueger President Inline Ice Fishing Combo

System of 6+1 bearings

Free spool auto-stop button

For improved presentation, use a magnetic-free spool brake.

The gear ratio is 5.3:1.

Spool of aluminum

PLUSINNO Ultralight Winter Ice Fishing Rod Reel Combo 26/27/28 inch. Medium Light Fast Action Multi-Species Spinning Ice Fishing Pole Tackle Walleye Perch Panfish Bluegill Crappie

THE PLUSINNO Ice Spinning Rod Set is sensitive and strong, making it an excellent choice for serious ice anglers looking for durability and performance. This ice-fishing rod’s fast action tip and high-quality fiberglass construction provide superior sensitivity and strength, allowing you to feel every bite and haul in your catch.

The reel is made of lightweight aluminum, which reduces weight without sacrificing strength and durability. The reel’s body and rotor are also made of lightweight aluminum, which reduces weight without sacrificing strength and durability. Its ultra-smooth performance is attributed to the use of 3+1 bearings in conjunction with precision gear engagement.

Super smooth guides made of stainless steel with ceramic inserts make them more smooth and durable, prevent lines from sticking into the guides, minimize friction, and also increase sensitivity by transmitting vibrations from the line through the guide and into your hand.

COMFORTABLE EVA GRIPS FOR WINTER USE: This spinning rod has a cork handle and soft EVA grips for winter use. As a result, it is just sturdy enough for long-term use while remaining lightweight for convenience. Once again, the rod is equipped with an EVA handle that provides a superior grip even when the rod is wet or soiled.

ICE FISHING SET WITH THE BEST VALUE: Includes an ultralight ice fishing rod and reel, fishing line, and an ice fishing lure kit. It is a comprehensive ice fishing kit that can meet the majority of the needs of a beginner and can be purchased in a single transaction. This winter, make sure you have the best ice fishing experience possible.

Shakespeare Fuel Ice Fishing Reel & Rod Combo

The rod is red translucent solid glass with an EVA foam handle and graphite rings.

Guides made of stainless steel with stainless steel inserts

The pre-spooled line on a 20-size ultralight spinning reel

Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Ice Fishing Reel & Rod Combo

A spinning reel in size 20 that is suitable for ice applications.

Aluminum spool with ports

Authentic ugly Stik blank with a distinct clear tip design
Reel seat with EVA handles that twists into place.

Guides made of stainless steel in a single piece

StikGX2 spinning rods that are aesthetically displeasing

1 ball bearing is included in the price of this 20-size spinning reel.