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Ice Fishing Lines

The primary difference between ice fishing lines and open water lines is that lines made for ice fishing are generally much lighter. (Article about “Ice Fishing Lines” on

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Best Sellers at Ice Fishing Lines

Aventik Ice Fishing Lines Zero Memory Fine Diameter High Strength Very Sensitive Multi Sizes 3 Options Fluorocarbon Braided Monofilament

Ice super line with excellent handling

The most durable and abrasion-resistant super line in its class.

Excellent sensitivity – immediate feel for tiny cold-water bites

Ultra-thin diameter enables excellent lure presentation and motion while maintaining low visibility.

Microfused Dyneema fibers are three to four times stronger than monofilament fibers.

Berkley FireLine Micro Ice Fishing Lines

Ice super line with excellent handling.

Superline is the strongest and most abrasion-resistant in its class

Excellent sensitivity – you get an instant feel for even the smallest cold-water bites.

With its ultra-thin diameter, this lure delivers incredible presentation and action even in low visibility.

Extraordinary strength and toughness – Dyneema fibers that have been micro-fused together are 3 to 4 times stronger than monofilament.

Berkley Trilene Cold Weather Monofilament Ice Fishing Line, 110 Yards

Electric Blue Pony Spools 4 110

Berkley Trilene Micro Ice Monofilament Ice Fishing Lines

Design with low stretch for solid hook-sets

Outstanding strength-to-diameter ratio

It aids in maintaining better control of your jig.

Berkley Trilene Micro Ice Monofilament Ice Fishing Lines

High-quality mono for quick connections

Design with low stretch for solid hook-sets

Improved control over your jig

Outstanding strength-to-diameter ratio

Clear steel or Solar are both options.

Beyond Braid Braided Fishing Line – Abrasion Resistant – No Stretch – Super Strong -Blue Camo, Moss Camo, White, Green, Pink, Blue, 4 Strand 8 Strand

WATER REPLIES FOR NO FREEZE-UPS- The smooth fluoropolymer and hydrophobic coating prevents your line from freezing.

NO EXTREME SENSITIVITY STRENGTH- Because braided line PE fibers do not stretch, you can feel every bite and enjoy fast hooksets, enhancing your hookup ratio.

8X STRANDS- Our 8X braid is made up of 8 tightly braided PE fibers, resulting in a thinner, smoother, and higher-performing line. With 8 strands, this line is much rounder and more natural.

ABRASION RESISTANT- The ultra-strong structure helps you to pull fish out of the most difficult and icy situations.

Clam Corporation 10979 CPT Frost Mono 3lb Metered (Orange/Clear) 110 Yard, Multi, One Size (Ice Fishing Lines)

China is the country of origin.

Fishing Equipment is the product type.

Dimensions of the item package: 7.62 L X 7.62 W X 10.414 H (Cm)

The item’s package weight is 0.181 kilograms.

Clam Pro Tackle Frost Braid – 8lb – 3lb Dia – Smoke – 50 Yard (Ice Fishing Lines)

a four-strand braid with a very tight weave

Almost no wiggle room

Clam Pro Tackle Frost Braid – 8lb – 3lb Dia – Hi-Vis Yellow – 50 Yard (Ice Fishing Lines)

a four-strand braid with a very tight weave

Almost no wiggle room

Gliss Fishing Line / 8-40 Lb. – 150 Yards/Green/Zero Stretch/Lowest Diameter to Strength Ratio/Ultimate Sensitivity and Superior Line Management/Thinner Than Braid and Just as Strong

Gliss for ICE Fishing Line – 150 yard spool – 24 lbs Green

McCoy Fishing Ice Fishing Line (Ice Fishing Lines)

Co-Polymer Fishing Line of Superior Quality

Superior Abrasion Resistance and Strength

There is almost no memory.

Nylon Fishing Bait Elastic Thread 0.2 mm Length 656 ft Per Spool Stretchy Invisible Fishing Line Clear Fishing Thread (Ice Fishing Lines)

Invisible design: the nylon fishing bait elastic thread in clear color makes the bait elastic and invisible in water; this nylon fishing bait elastic thread sticks to itself and holds the bait firmly in place, making it a useful tool for most fishermen.

What you will receive: the package contains 2 pieces of fishing bait elastic threads with a diameter of 0.2 mm and length of 656 ft/ 200 m per spool, as well as a reusable plastic storage case in each spool, in sufficient quantity to meet your casual fishing needs.

Practical bait elastic thread: the sea fishing line helps to keep soft baits like shrimp on the hook for much longer; it can help you cast further, and it is difficult to lose the bait, allowing the bait to sustain more nibbles by smaller fishes.

Lightweight and portable to carry: nylon fishing line is not easily snagged, is lightweight and portable to carry outdoors, and can also be stored in a bag, pocket, or car. It can be stored in a reusable case, which takes up less space.

Simple to use: There is no need to tie knots when using fishing bait thread; simply twist around the bait and tighten. It is appropriate for the majority of people, whether they are novice or experienced anglers. Practical and useful gifts for fathers, boyfriends, and other important people who enjoy fishing on special occasions such as birthdays, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and so on.

Pisfun Super Strong Braided Fishing Line 4 Strands Fishing Line Saltwater Freshwater 14-80LB 500M(547 Yard)/1000M(1100 Yard) Advanced Braided line (Ice Fishing Lines)

With a tight-weave construction, it has extremely low memory and is easy to cast and handle. It will take you to where the fish are hiding.

Made from four super-strong fibers, this yarn has unrivaled strength and a consistent roundness that makes casting easier than ever before!

High Sensitivity: It provides you with the sensitivity to detect even the smallest bite, the control you require for a secure hookset, and the strength to withstand even the most difficult fish to catch.

Abrasion resistance, tensile strength, stretch resistance, and knot strength are all superior to other comparably-priced braid lines, making the Pisfun Braid Line the best choice for saltwater fishing.

Included in the package is: 1 * Pisfun Braid Line

Power Pro 23300080050A Ice-Tec 50-Yard Ice Line, 8-Pound, Blue (Ice Fishing Lines)

Exceptional sensitivity

Awe-inspiring abrasion resistance

The PTFE coating sheds water and reduces ice buildup.

Increased water repellency prevents freezing.

Spectra fiber is used entirely.

Sports Category: Outdoor Lifestyle

Power Pro provides this information.

The line for ice fishing

Power Pro 23400100050A Ice-Tec 50-Yard Ice Line, 10-Pound, Blue (Ice Fishing Lines)

Exceptional sensitivity

Awe-inspiring abrasion resistance

The PTFE coating sheds water and reduces ice buildup.

Increased water repellency prevents freezing.

Spectra fiber is used entirely.

Sports Category: Outdoor Lifestyle

Power Pro provides this information.

The line for ice fishing

PowerPro Ice-Tec (Ice Fishing Lines)

Exceptional sensitivity

Awe-inspiring abrasion resistance

The PTFE coating sheds water and reduces ice buildup.

Increased water repellency prevents freezing.

Spectra fiber is used entirely.

Sports Category: Outdoor Lifestyle

Blue is available.

Rapala Invisiline Ice Fluorocarbon Clear

2-pound clear InvisiLine Ice Fluorocarbon

100% fluorocarbon with near-invisibility.


Superior abrasion resistance, strength, and sensitivity

Low stretch index ensures maximum hook setting power.

Sinks four times as rapidly as monofilament.

Reaction Tackle Ice Braid – Ice Fishing Braided Line, Tip-Up Line, 8 Strands, Zero Memory (Ice Fishing Lines)

ICE BRAID: Specifically designed for ice fishing, it is wound tightly for low water absorption and resistance to ice buildup, and it is much stronger than other types of ice fishing lines. Every 10 feet, the camo color option changes.

ULTIMATE STRENGTH: Near-zero stretch, abrasion resistance, and low memory make this high-quality PE braided fishing line ideal for ice fishing, jigging, and tip-ups.

HIGH QUALITY: Count on this fishing braid! Reaction Tackle has a wide variety of colors and sizes available, as well as the best customer service!

SUPER THIN: Slick, professional-grade, flies through fishing rod guides, small diameter compared to other types of fishing lines makes this string super strong, heavy-duty fishing line, and difficult to break, allowing you to catch more fish.

GREAT VALUE: Professional grade fishing line braid at a fraction of the price of most major competitors. Now available in test lines of 4, 6, 8, 10, 20, and 30 pounds.

Seaguar IceX Fluorocarbon Fishing Line – Low Memory, Micro Diameter with Exceptional Abrasion Resistance, Knot and Tensile Strength, More Sensitive to Help Detect Bites, Made for Hard Water (Ice Fishing Lines)

Seaguar Fluorocarbon Resins are used to create this product, which is of the highest quality.

Ice Line with Micro-Diameter Memory and Low Memory

Designed to Perform in Hard Water Environments

Abrasion Resistance that is unrivaled

Even on the coldest days, the knot and tensile strength are exceptional.

SKYSPER Nylon Monofilament Fishing Line 1000m 1094 Yard 10lb 20lb 30lb, Strong Mono Fishing Line Nylon Fishing String Wire Black Blue Clear Green (Ice Fishing Lines)

Total length: 1000 meters (1094 yards), line diameter: 0.27mm, test weight: 10lb, 20lb, 30lb (different pounds of lines are for different sizes of fish)

Extremely Abrasion Resistant – Made of imported Japanese nylon line, which is more durable and strong, and effectively resists being hit by obstacles in the water.

Super Low Ductility – The fishing line’s high strength with low stretch reduces unnecessary vibration and resists fishing reefs and debris.

Skysper blade mono fishing lines can be used in both freshwater and saltwater. It will not freeze, making it ideal for ice fishing.

Skysper nylon thread works well with machine quilting, crafts, and home decoration, making it ideal for stringing beads and making jewelry.

Sufix 832 Ice Braid Fishing Lure

Ghost 832 Ice Braid 4 pound

Sufix Ice Braid Fishing Lines (75 YD Spool)

The braid has been bred to withstand the harshest fishing conditions.

Advanced Y6 Braiding produces a line that is extremely strong, handles beautifully, and resists ice build-up.

This braid is ideal for all cold water and through-ice fishing.

Sufix Ice Magic Fishing Line (Clear)

Sufix Ice Magic is an all-temperature line designed to keep things under control.

Even when the temperature drops below freezing, the material will remain strong and repel water.

As a result, Ice Magic is an excellent choice for ice fishing.

Sufix InvisiLine Ice Fluoro 50 Yds

Sufix InvisiLine ice 678-005C

Visibility is extremely low.

superior toughness

Sunline Fluorocarbon FC Ice

Low memory for ease of use and improved biting detection

High resistance to ice edges abrasion

High strength-to-diameter ratio

Outstanding knot strength

Clear and visible gold

THKFISH Ice Fishing Jigs Ice Fishing Gear Ice Fishing Jigs Fishing Lures Fishing Hooks 70pcs

SWIMMING ACTION: The swimming action is effective in both freshwater and saltwater fishing. Jigs for fishing Stir up deep or suspended game fish by swimming in enticing circles. Produces some slobs and has good all-around action. Use for suspended fish or on the ground. Jig head lures are effective for a wide variety of fish, including walleyes, bass, trout, pike, crappies, Panfish, bluegill, and yellow perch.

ATTRACTIVE ICE FISHING JIGS: Eye-catching raised-fin attachment. Body coating with a vibrant pattern and color. The innovative jigs have the ability to attract fish from a wider area and are ideal for darker water and low-light conditions. Vibrant colors will elicit an incredible response and make fishing targets more appealing.

FANTASTIC FISHING LURES FOR ANGLERS: Winter jigging lures made of environmentally friendly materials. Big fish find it more appealing because of the simulation of fish scales. Reduce the size of your lure for winter fishing while still getting down the hole quickly with these jigs. Excellent fishing jigs for “activating” the fish!

FISHING HOOKS ARE SHARP AND DURABLE: Fishing jigs are of high quality. The hook is sharp and long-lasting. Because of the weight, it is especially effective when the fish are a little deeper. Works great on a dirt, rock, or gravel base. The mechanically sharpened barbed hook point allows for greater penetration and hook-ups.

GREAT RANGE OF SIZES: 5 different colors and styles are included, and they are packaged in a single box: 0.75g (1/38 ounce) *14 pieces, 0.5g (1/56 oz) each *14 pieces, 0.6g (1/46 oz) each *14 pieces, 0.75g (1/38 oz) each *14 pieces, 1.24g (1/23 oz) each *14Pcs. Excellent for ice fishing. NOTE: Due to the manufacturing process, we ship Shapes and Colors at random, but we will send you 4-5 styles in a variety of colors.

Woodstock Line 12-TU-50-20-MTR 50-Yard Metered Tip-Up Line 20 No., Black/Tan 12/Disp

20 pcs., Black/Tan 12 pcs., Dips’

Woodstock Line provided this information.

The line for ice fishing