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Ice Fishing Rods

Ice fishing rods are much shorter than those used for fishing in freshwater or saltwater. Spinning rods ranging in length from 24 to 36 inches are the most common type of rod used for modern ice fishing. (Article about “Ice Fishing Rods & Reels” on

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Best Sellers at Ice Fishing Rods

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13 FISHING – Code Silver – Spinning Fishing Combos

Stainless Steel Ball Bearings 4+1

Handle made of aluminum with a soft touch knob

Aluminum Spool in Two Tone with HTS Frame and Rotor with Fat Bail Wire

Japanese HTC 2 Blank Rod Construction 24 Ton

Guides made of stainless steel with polished inserts

13 FISHING – Descent/Snitch – Inline Ice Fishing Combos

Five Ball Bearings of Stainless Steel

Soft-Touch Composite Frame Reel Construction

Blank Graphite Material

Guides of Stainless Steel with a Flex-Core Tip

13 FISHING – FreeFall Ghost Radioactive Pickle – Inline Ice Fishing Combos (Ice Fishing Rods)

Inline Reel with 3+1 Ball Bearings and a 2.5:1 Gear Ratio.

Instant Anti-Reverse

Reduce Speed Limiting

PC2 Flat-Tip Blank with a High-Visibility Tip

Thin Wire Guides from ALPS

13 Fishing – Heatwave – Spinning Ice Fishing Combos

Blank Made of Durable Fiberglass

Inserts Made of Polished Stainless Steel, and Stainless Steel Guides

Graphite body reel with a lightweight aluminum rotor

Knob with a Contoured Handle

1BB Reel

13 FISHING – Infrared – Lake Trout – Ice Fishing Rods

Blank Made of Durable Fiberglass

Stainless Steel Guides with Inserts Finished to a High Polish

Seating Designed to Fit Your Evolve Reel

13 Fishing – Microtec Walleye – Spinning Ice Fishing Combos (Ice Fishing Rods)

3BB Reel

Aluminum Spool Reel with Soft-Touch Handle Knob.

Solid Fiberglass Blank

Specific Handle Designs for Walleye Applications

Stainless Steel Guides

13 Fishing – Omen – Ice Fishing Rods

J36T Blank

Transform Ported Reel Seat

Split Grip Portuguese 3A Cork Handle

Transform Thin Wire Guides

13 FISHING – SoniCor Stealth – Spinning Ice Fishing Combos

Resilient Fiberglass Blank

Guides of stainless steel with polished inserts

1 BB Reel featuring a DIGI-Balanced Gear System

Graphite Body Spinning Reel and Rotor

13 FISHING – The Snitch – Ice Fishing Rods (Ice Fishing Rods)

Graphite that is Solid Blank

Tip with a Flex-Core

Stainless Steel Guides

High-Grade Cork Combined with a Custom Evolve Handle

13 FISHING – Tickle Stick – Ice Fishing Rods

PC2 Flat-Tip Blank Development

Hi-Vis Tip

Custom Evolve Reel Seat with 3A Portuguese Cork Selected by Hand

Thin Wire Guides from ALPS

13 FISHING – Vital – Ice Fishing Rods (Ice Fishing Rods)

Solid Fiberglass Blank

Guides made of Stainless Steel, with Polished Inserts

Cushioned Reel Seat with an Evolve Design

Warranty from the Manufacturer, Limited to One Year

13 FISHING – White Noise – Ice Fishing Rods

Toray Graphite Blanks that are Solid

Guides Evolve are Lightweight and Electric Blue.

Hidden Evolve Reel Seat

13 FISHING – Wicked – Ice Fishing Rods

Toray Graphite Solid Blank

Thin Wire Guides from ALPS

Soft-Touch-Finishing Evolve Reel Seat

13 FISHING Widow Maker (Ice Fishing Rods)

Toray Graphite Blank 36 Ton High Performance

Handmade 5A Portuguese Cork Handle

ALPS Double Diamond Coated Thin Wire Guides

Abu Garcia Venerate V2 Cork Spinning Rods

24T carbon blanks are stable and responsive.

Rod blank actions that are medium-fast

Rings made of lightweight stainless steel

Seat for a blank touch reel that is lightweight.

Hook keeper is included.

Aventik Telescopic Fishing Pole Ultra-Light Ice Fishing Rod Fishing Reel Kit

Ice fishing rods of 23.6 inches collapse to 11.22 inches / 28.5 centimeters and weigh 1.52 ounces / 436 grams without packaging. Packs easily into a backpack or shoulder bag.

Ice fishing Reel, Weight 46.7g, Easy for Beginners to Use

This ice-fishing rod’s fiberglass construction provides outstanding sensitivity and durability.

Stainless steel guides with Ceramic inserts are more robust and prevent lines from adhering to the guides.
This rotating rod’s handle is made of soft EVA cork imitation. Strong, lightweight, and simple to use. Provides superior traction even when the handle is wet.

Berkley Cherrywood HD Ice Fishing Spinning Rod

Blanks made entirely of fiberglass 100 percent

Long-lasting coating for rods

Handles made entirely of cork

Seat for the sliding ring reel made of graphite

Stainless steel guides and inserts

Celsius CEBP-27L Bp 27 ” L Rod (Ice Fishing Rods)

Designed to withstand the harshest possible conditions

Developed specifically for fishing on ice

Simple and easy storage and transportation options.

Celsius CEL-24L Light Ice Rod 24 “

Designed to withstand the worst possible conditions

Developed specifically for fishing on ice

Simple and easy storage and transit options.

a light action tubular glass blank measuring 24 inches.

Fluorescent tip, chrome guides, and EVA handles are some of the features of this tool.

Includes a free spring bobber as a bonus.

Daiwa Megaforce Travel Spin, Travel-Spinning Rod

2.25 meters / 7.38 feet in length

Casting Weight: 7–25 grams (0.25–0.88 ounces)

The transport length is 62 centimeters (24.4 inches).

4 parts, 7 guides

Weight: 120 g (0.26 pound)

Dr.Fish Ice Fishing Rod Reel Combo Complete Kits with Backpack Seat Box Ice Jig Rap Shad Spoon Catch Ready

This season, increase your chances of success on the ice with the Dr.Fish Ice Catcher 24-Inch Ice Fishing Rod and Reel Combo Kit with Backpack Seat.

24-inch ice fishing rod attributes The increased sensitivity of the strong graphite blank and the comfort of the grips make for a pleasant winter experience. Rod type: spinning

The 5BB spinning reel with a spare spool facilitates ice fishing for crappie, pike, and walleyes.

An incredible variety of ice fishing lures, including balanced lures such as jig rap, jigger shads, jig head, and soft plastic worm. All in the most efficient manner.

Other important units include two ice bombers, a backpack seat, and a storage box. All are carefully chosen to aid ice fishermen in catching more walleyes, pikes, and crappies.

Fenwick Eagle Ice Fishing Spinning Rod Black, Cork, 30 ” – Light – 1pc (Ice Fishing Rods)

Solid carbon blanks for enhanced durability and sensitivity

Ergonomic reel seat design

Guides are made of lightweight stainless steel with aluminum oxide inlays

Superior burled cork grip

HT PLC-25M Polar Light Medium Walleye Ice Rod, 24-Inch

The total length of the package is 8.636 cm

The width of the package is 14.224 cm.

The height of the package is 99.5680 cm

The type of product being sold is FISHING EQUIPMENT.

KastKing Konvert Twin Tip Ice Fishing Rods, 27 ” Ice Spinning Rods, 2 Different Action Tips in One Rod – M/ML, Easy to See Strike Tips, 2 Different Models – Glass or Graphite & Travel/Storage Case

Two Separate Ice Rods in One – The new KastKing Konvert Hardwater Ice Rods are genuine “Convertible” since they are comprised of two different ice rods. Each rod has a handle with a two-piece graphite reel seat and two tip parts, each with a distinct motion. One action is Medium, while the other is Medium Light. With the perfect action tip, you will always be prepared to present the ideal lure.

100 percent Graphite Blank – The new KastKing Konvert Hardwater Ice rods are constructed with a light and sensitive IM6 Graphite Blank that is 100 percent graphite. This material is utilized in the handle and throughout the Medium and Medium Light section of the tip. They are sensitive to even the tiniest of bites, yet strong enough to set a solid hook. Unparalleled ice fishing experience with a single rod

Strike Tips that are Highly Visible in Chartreuse – Whether you are fishing in a dark ice shelter, in brilliant sunlight, or on stormy days, the bright chartreuse green strike tips of the Konvert will allow you to detect more subtle bites. Even the smallest nibbles are visually transmitted with this color contrast. When utilizing our strike tips, all other rods appear antiquated.

Twin Tip Ice Rods Are Portable And Easy To Store – Konvert Twin Tip Ice rods are 27″ in length when constructed, but pack down to less than 17″ for transport or storage convenience. Compatible with backpacks, ice sleds, and ice houses. They also take up less space when it’s time to store items at the end of the season. The length of the handle is slightly about 12 inches, while each of the two tips is 16 inches. Each set has 3 items.

Includes A Convenient Travel/StorageCase – To protect the safety of your favorite ice rod, we offer a clear, plastic travel/storage tube that can accommodate the handle and both points. Additionally, it can be utilized to store the second tip while the first is in use. The travel tube is only 17″ long and 1.5″ in diameter, making it incredibly simple to transport and store your rods.

MTM IFB-1-30 Ice Fishing Rod Box (Red)

Dimensions: 36″ x 10.2″ x 5.2″

Holds up to eight rods with space for tackle and tip-ups; Four sections for accessories.

Notched foam cushioning holds rods securely in place.

Large ergonomic handle

Lockable, sturdy snapping latches; Made in the USA

Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Ice Fishing Reel & Rod Combo

Spinning reel with a size 20 that is suitable for ice fishing applications

Ported aluminum spool

The original Ugly Stik blank was designed with a transparent tip.

Seat for the reel with a twist-lock mechanism and EVA grips

One-piece stainless steel guides

Ugly StikGX2 spinning rods

Spinning reel of size 20 equipped with one ball bearing

Tempo Sphera Fishing Rod, Ultra Light Fishing Spinning Rod, with Fuji Reel Seat, 30Ton Carbon Blanks Fishing Pole, Durable Guides with SiC Inserts, Strong Sensitive Action Fishing Rods

Blanks made of Amazingly High-Quality Carbon Fiber Sphera fishing rods are built with blanks made of high-quality graphite rated at 30 tons, which results in incredible power, strength, and accuracy while minimizing the risk of cracking. You can quickly subdue fish if you have stronger power and a response that is at its optimal level.

Guides Made of Durable Materials and SiC Inserts: The frames of our spinning rod are made of durable stainless steel, and the guides are made of sic, which makes the fishing rod more smooth and prevents the line from sticking. The design of our spinning rod has been reinforced, which makes it more sturdy and ensures smooth, steady, long casts.

Premium Components: The graphite Fuji reel seat that is attached to our fishing pole is sturdy and reliable, which ensures that the reel will remain securely in place! You’ll have the best fishing experience possible thanks to the comfortable EVA handle, which also absorbs sweat.

High Performance: Sensitive and Solid Carbon Fiber Construction for the purpose of improving both the performance and sensitivity of the action. Spinning rods from the Tempo brand deliver an exceptional level of durability along with a precisely tuned action for fishing.

Multiple Applications: Choose from one of twelve lengths, ranging from an ultralight spinning rod that is 5 feet 6 inches long to a heavy power spinning rod that is 7 feet 0 inches long. It is possible to use a Sphera fishing rod for bass fishing, catfishing, trout fishing, walleye fishing, or as a salmon rod, catfish rod, or steelhead rod. In addition, if you’re looking for fishing gifts for men, this pole is an excellent option.

Zebco Dock Demon Spinning Reel or Spincast Reel and Fishing Rod Combo, 30-Inch Durable Fiberglass Rod, QuickSet Anti-Reverse Fishing Reel

MODERATE ACTION: This 30-inch 1-piece fishing rod combo has medium power and moderate action, making it easier to catch light and medium-sized fish such as panfish, trout, walleye, and bass.

EXPERTLY CRAFTED MATERIALS: A durable fiberglass rod blank and an ultra-tough dial-adjustable drag deliver smooth casts and retrieves, while a cushioned EVA handle eliminates pain and guarantees a sure grip.

EASY FISHING: When reeling in your prized catch, Zebco’s QuickSet anti-reverse reel prevents your handle from going backward and creates a secure hookset in the mouth of the fish. It has a powerful right-hand retrieve, a patented no-tangle design, and comes with 6-pound Zebco Cajun line pre-spooled.

SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION: Premium all-metal gears, a 2.6:1 gear ratio, and dual-ceramic pick-up pins offer a buttery-smooth retrieve, longer life, and ultra-high abrasion resistance, ensuring a memorable fishing experience.

TRUSTED: Zebco has been inviting people to enjoy the outdoors since 1949. Zebco products are assured against faults in workmanship and/or materials for one year from the date of original retail purchase.