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Buy Fishing Rod Online – The simplest explanation for a fishing rod is undoubted: a stick with a line attached to one end. In the world of fishing, there are of course many versions of fishing rods. In fact, there are 2 large groups: fixed-line fishing rods and casting rods. And in those groups, you also have different types of rods.

Fishing Rods
Fixed-Line Fishing Rod
Fishing Rods
Casting Rod (Telescopic)

In the past, people used the materials bamboo and reed for the manufacture of fishing rods. Today’s modern fishing rods consist of composite materials such as graphite or fiberglass. At the end of the line, a hook (with or without barb) is of course attached.

The bait will then be placed on this fishing hook. If a fish takes the bait, the fisherman can see this by the float on the line or if the top of the rod makes movements. And when the float “runs away” or goes down, it’s time to bring in the fish. If a casting rod is used, the fish can be hauled in with the help of the reel. A landing net is also used for this.

Buy Fishing Rod Online – Fixed-Line Fishing Rod (Fishing Rods)

First and foremost, one has to ask which type to use: a telescopic or an insertable rod. The most experienced anglers will opt for the insertable rod. This must take into account the fishing method, ease of use, and the load on the rod.

Telescopic rods are also cheaper and are mostly used by anglers who want a pole. The telescopic rods are also quick to set up and the assembly is rarely removed. On the other hand, they are also heavier and have a larger diameter than an insertable rod. The casting distance is also much shorter due to the various segments that overlap and therefore negatively influence the action.

Fishing Rods
Insertable Fishing Rod
Fishing Rods
Telescopic Fishing Rod

A fixed-line fishing rod is sometimes referred to as a “pole”. Here fishing is done without a spinning reel.

The fishing line is attached to the top of the rod and cannot be longer than the rod itself, otherwise, you cannot cast. This fishing line has a certain thickness, for example, 0.14mm, and contains a float, weights, and a hook with bait. If you use a thin line it will tangle more easily than a thicker fishing line. But if you use a thicker fishing line, the fish might notice it and will not take it.

So: the lighter the line, the more chance of a catch. The fisherman must decide for himself which fishing line is important to him in the given circumstances.

Buy Fishing Rod Online – Casting Fishing Rod (Fishing Rods)

Carbon fibers

These are used in the construction of modern casting rods. It is lightweight and yet stronger than steel. They also have excellent recovery properties. The carbon rods are therefore the most expensive in the range. The load on the material is calculated in psi (pound per square inch).

However, care must be taken to ensure that the carbon is not mixed with other fibers such as boron or kevlar. This can affect the properties of the rod. An advantage is that thinner wall thicknesses can be used, precisely because carbon is so strong. And thinner walls also mean less weight.

Casting rods

These rods are in the middle price range and consist of a mixture of glass and carbon fiber, which makes them slightly heavier.

The pure fiberglass rods are the cheapest in the segment.

With the casting rod, you also have various sizes such as a small spinning rod or a large sea rod. The small model will be about 1.5 meters long, the largest can be 4 meters long. With a casting rod, the fishing line is wound on a spinning reel and can be tens of meters long.

With this type of rod, you can cast a long way to possibly go deeper fishing on larger waters. The length of the rod is totally subordinate to the line being cast.

When the angler has a fish on the line, a special bracket on the reel creates a kind of “slip” that releases the line little by little but the fishing line remains under constant tension. (Maximum resistance is carried out on the fish) In this way of fishing, one can therefore use lighter fishing lines.

When hauling in the fish, there is a small battle between the fish and the angler to get the fish into the landing net. The fish has to be worn out, as it were. This is certainly necessary for the larger specimens. It is necessary in advance that the reel itself is optimally adjusted to prevent line breakage and to release the necessary slip.

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Fishing Reel
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Landing Net

Buy Fishing Rod Online – Match Fishing Rod (Fishing Rods)

This is a rod that looks a bit like a casting rod but works differently. These kinds of rods were developed in England. It has been ensured that this rod can be used to fish in still water, but also on running water. A light casting rod, on the other hand, cannot do this well.

The rear part of the match rod is rigid but the rod does have a very flexible top part. The fact that most of the flowing waters in England only get deeper far from the bank was a reason to develop this match rod. (A fixed-line rod would not reach it or it should be very long …)

There are two types of match rods: float match rods and sliding lead rods. The feeder rod is an example of a sliding lead rod. When making match rods, the main focus was on being able to use them on various types of water. The types of fish that are fished play a secondary role. Here, too, it applies that you can work with different fishing line thicknesses. The way of hauling in the catch is also the same as when fishing with a casting rod.

Fishing Rods
Match and Feeder

Carp Fishing Rod (Fishing Rods)

Since the carp is a very combative fish, special stronger rods had to be made. The weight of the carp can also reach 50 kg.

It must therefore be a progressive bending rod to be able to fish with lighter fishing lines. A distinction is made here between the carp ledger rod and the carp pen rod. The former is used for long-range fishing for carp with a “not-tense” line. The carp pen rod, on the other hand, is used for fishing at short distances (up to just below the rod tip) and with a float.

For carp rods, the unit of work is expressed in ‘lbs’. The weight is required to allow the rod to bend at a 90 ° angle. The slightly more expensive models of carp rods also state the line width to be used.

Buy Fishing Rod Online: Carp Pen Rod

This rod must also be strong, but it is considerably lighter than the ledger rod. Usually, a light float is used and fishing is done just below the shore. The labor force is 1-2 lbs, making this rod suitable for fishing smaller carp. A line width of 20/00 is used.

A 2lbs reel rod is used for larger carp and water where there may be obstacles. This includes a line with a 30/00 thickness. The carp rod is quite long, from 3.7 m to 4.1 m. (Sometimes even longer). Guide eyes are placed on the rod through which the fishing line passes. There are between 10 to 13 of those eyes on the rod. With the help of these guides, good resistance and a progressively bending rod can be the result.

Fishing Rods
Carp Rods

Carp Ledger Rod (Fishing Rods)

Fishing with this heavier rod from 2.5 lbs to 3 lbs is very popular. The fishing line must have a minimum strength of 35/00. The fisherman is therefore out to catch larger specimens and at greater distances. A sliding lead of 40 to 80g is used for this. The most common size for this rod is 3.60m.

There are also 6 or 7 guide eyes on the rod. Usually, the nylon fishing line is replaced with a braided line without stretch. This way you have a better feeling with the fish.

Night Fishing

There is also a lot of night fishing for carp where people camp in a tent. One cannot continuously stare at the line and therefore a “bite alarm” is used. As soon as the fishing line moves, it starts to squeak. With this type of carp fishing significantly less carp is caught but when it happens most are of a large size. Carp pen rod fishing has much better (but also smaller) catches.

Passive Fishing

This type of fishing is also called “passive fishing” and is therefore intended for patient fishermen. Usually, there are many beginners who also want to fish for carp and were only influenced by various pictures of huge carp that were caught. If in reality, they have to wait a long time for a serious catch, many of these fishermen will drop out. That is why you will also find carp equipment on several second-hand markets.

Buy Fishing Rod Online: Fly Fishing Rod (Fishing Rods)

This is a very special casting rod with special construction. One works with a floating line that can sink slowly or quickly. There is an artificial fly at the end of the fishing line. This remains on the surface of the water and you do not need a float.

As soon as a fish bites, the fisherman can see this immediately. There is also no ordinary spinning reel but a fly reel is used. The fishing rod, fishing line and fly reel must be optimally adjusted to each other. This optimization is referred to by the term “aftma” where the lower = the lighter and the higher = the heavier.

Before you start fly fishing you must first learn the rather difficult technique. One must be able to offer the weightless bait at a targeted place a few meters away. The fly rod is mainly used in fast-flowing water fishing for salmon or trout. But now the rod is also used in still water to fish for roach or pike.

Fishing Rods
Fly Fishing Rod

Lure Fishing Rod (Fishing Rods)

This casting rod is used for fishing with lures such as spoons, plugs, and spinners. At the same time, they also serve as a kind of bite alarm because a feeling is passed on when the fish bites, such as a hit nerve. There is a specific rod for each type of lure. You can cast the lure with this rod and fish back in by feeling.

Spinning Rod

Spinning rod fishing uses a small rotating metal blade with a single hook. Sometimes an artificial fly is attached to it. The rods are ultra-light and have a casting weight between 2 to 16 grams. These types of rods are usually used to fish for perch, zander, or pike.

In addition to the spinner, a shad, a jig, a small spoon, a light plug or another light lure can also be used. Just make sure that the lure does not exceed the casting weight. You can even catch whitefish (such as roach) with this rod and using very small spinners. For this, a rod with 2 grams of casting power is recommended.

Buy Fishing Rod Online: Plug and Spoon Rod

Counterfeit natural prey is also called a “plug”. This plug is usually provided with 2 or 3 trebles (triple hook). A spoon, on the other hand, is just a metal plate with a single treble hook. The casting weight varies from 20 to 60 grams. The heavier ones are used for trolling or dead bait fishing.

Baitcaster (Fishing Rods)

This type of rod can be compared to the previous ‘Plug and Spoon Rod’ but is used with a spinning wheel instead of a spinning reel. With a spinning wheel, you can make more perfect casts and use heavier lures combined with a thicker line. However, the baitcaster is placed at the top of the rod.

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Fishing Spoons
Fishing Rods
Treble Hook
Fishing Rods
Shad Bait Fish
Fishing Rods
Trout Floating Fishing Plug

Bream Fishing Rod (Fishing Rods)

This is a very specially designed rod for bream fishing. This rod can only be found at rod builders in Belgium or the Netherlands and is used for fishing with light bait and a light float. The intention is that, despite the lightness of the material, one can still throw far. It is a soft, long, progressively bending casting rod.

The length is between 2.70 m and 3.80 m. Thin lines are used to catch the rather lazy bream. This rod is also used for tench fishing and ultra-light carp fishing, mainly fishing on the bottom using a float or sliding float as a bite indicator. The line width varies between 10/00 to 16/00.

Buy Fishing Rod Online: Flake Fishing Rod (Fishing Rods)

Just like the bream fishing rod, the so-called “flake fishing rod” can only be found at the better rod builders in the Netherlands and Belgium. However, this rod is short and is specifically designed to use soft baits such as a bread flake. It’s also a soft, progressively bending casting rod.

Much attention was paid to the design so that the soft bait cannot fly away during the cast. This rod is used for fishing roach and has a length of 2 m to 2.70 m.


So in this concise article, I described some types of rods. Hopefully, it has made you a little wiser. If there are any questions and/or comments, please let us know. Thank you for reading.

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