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Some Interesting Fishing Locations in New Brunswick (Canada)

New Brunswick Fishing Locations – For all you sportfishing enthusiasts who feel like fishing somewhere in New Brunswick, here are a few locations.

North Pole Stream (New Brunswick Fishing Locations)

New Brunswick Fishing Locations - Page 5

Exploring the North Pole Stream in New Brunswick, Canada

In the heart of New Brunswick, Canada, lies a hidden gem known as North Pole Stream. This pristine waterway, one of the major tributaries of the Southwest Miramichi River, beckons fishing enthusiasts with the promise of decent-sized brook trout and Atlantic salmon. To access the prime fishing spots, visitors must navigate the intricate network of logging roads that wind through the lush wilderness, often leading to the crystal-clear waters near feeder streams.

The Journey to North Pole Stream

Located to the west of Miramichi, North Pole Stream gracefully converges with the northern bank of the Little Southwest Miramichi River. Its strategic location, north of the Kennedy Lakes Protected Area, ensures that it remains a sanctuary for both novice and seasoned anglers. It’s not just the fish that make this stream alluring; it’s the experience of immersing oneself in the pristine natural beauty of the area.

Preserving the Natural Beauty (New Brunswick Fishing Locations)

The North Pole Stream is home to the Sinclair and Palisade stretches, both of which have been designated as live-release Crown reserves. This designation underscores the commitment to preserving the aquatic ecosystem and ensuring the sustainability of fish populations. Visitors to this pristine wilderness are encouraged to catch and release, leaving the fish undisturbed in their natural habitat.

Navigating Regulations

To fully enjoy your time at North Pole Stream, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the various regulations in place. These regulations may pertain to catch limits, fishing seasons, and the use of specific equipment. Before embarking on your fishing expedition, consulting the latest guidelines is not only advisable but also an integral part of responsible angling.


In conclusion, the North Pole Stream in New Brunswick, Canada, offers a unique opportunity for anglers to connect with nature while seeking out prized fish species. Its breathtaking surroundings, commitment to conservation, and well-maintained regulations make it a must-visit destination for those looking to embark on an unforgettable fishing adventure. Whether you are a local or a visitor, the North Pole Stream welcomes you to explore its pristine waters and immerse yourself in the wonder of the great outdoors.

Oromocto River (New Brunswick Fishing Locations)

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Exploring the Rich History of the Oromocto River in New Brunswick, Canada

Nestled in the heart of New Brunswick, Canada, the Oromocto River holds a name steeped in indigenous heritage. The river’s name, derived from the Maliseet language, can be translated as “deep water” or “good river for easy canoe navigation.” Throughout its history, this river has seen various spellings, from “Ramouctu” to the French rendering of “La Rivière Kamouctu” in 1684. However, the name “Oromocto” as we know it today was first introduced by Charles Morris in 1775, and it has been the accepted spelling since the early 19th century.

The Legacy of Oromocto Island and Oromocto Lake (New Brunswick Fishing Locations)

The influence of the Oromocto River extends beyond its pristine waters. Oromocto Island and Oromocto Lake bear its name, serving as a testament to the river’s importance in the region’s identity. The presence of these geographical features not only reflects the river’s significance but also enhances the natural beauty of the area.

A Hub of History: The Town of Oromocto

In 1956, the town of Oromocto was officially incorporated, marking a pivotal moment in the river’s history. This town, situated on the banks of the Oromocto River, has a unique distinction as the home of Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Gagetown. This base stands as the largest military training facility within the British Commonwealth, making Oromocto not only a hub of historical importance but also a center of military significance.


The Oromocto River, with its rich linguistic and historical background, offers a glimpse into the cultural tapestry of New Brunswick. The legacy of its name, its influence on the region’s geography, and its connection to Canadian military history make this river a truly remarkable part of Canada’s heritage.

Peltoma Lake (New Brunswick Fishing Locations)

Exploring the Scenic Peltoma Lake in New Brunswick, Canada

Peltoma Lake, a charming circular waterbody, graces the landscape south of the Little Lake community, just off Brown Ridge Road. It’s not just a pretty sight; this lake offers an enticing opportunity for brook trout fishing. Anglers can expect to reel in some respectable-sized brookies from time to time, making it a rewarding destination for fishing enthusiasts.

A Tranquil Oasis in Southwest New Brunswick (New Brunswick Fishing Locations)

Nestled in the southwest region of Tracy, Peltoma Lake is accessible by traveling southwest along Peltoma Settlement Rd, then heading south onto Brown Ridge Rd, and finally making a westward turn onto Peltoma Camp Ln. This idyllic lake presents an escape into nature’s beauty, where the serenity of the surroundings welcomes all who seek solace in the great outdoors.

A Round Lake of Promise

The circular shape of Peltoma Lake adds to its allure, creating a picturesque setting for both anglers and nature lovers. Its proximity to Little Lake and the meandering Brown Ridge Road ensures that it is easily reachable for those eager to experience the beauty of New Brunswick’s wilderness.

Fulfilling Fishing Dreams

Peltoma Lake is more than just a visual treat; it’s a place where dreams of successful brook trout fishing come true. The occasional capture of good-sized brookies adds to the excitement, making it a worthwhile stop for anyone with a passion for angling. Peltoma Lake, with its circular charm and fishing potential, promises a memorable experience in the heart of New Brunswick’s natural splendor.

Pokemouche River (New Brunswick Fishing Locations)

New Brunswick Fishing Locations - Page 5

Exploring the Enigmatic Pokemouche River of New Brunswick, Canada

Nestled in the northeastern reaches of New Brunswick, Canada, the Pokemouche River beckons with its mysterious beauty. The name of this river, with its roots in the Algonquin language, adds an air of intrigue. Its journey begins near the town of Hautes-Terres, where its headwaters flow and it winds eastward for approximately twenty kilometers before gracefully emptying into the Gulf of St. Lawrence at Inkerman Lake.

A Waterway of Distinct Communities

As the Pokemouche River meanders through its watershed, it touches several communities that are integral to the region’s identity. Maltampec and Pokemouche are among the names etched into the river’s story, contributing to the cultural tapestry of this part of New Brunswick.

Tributaries that Shape Its Character (New Brunswick Fishing Locations)

The river’s character is not solely defined by its own course. It is sculpted by the contributions of tributaries like the South Branch Pokemouche River, Cowans Creek, and the Waugh River. These streams enrich the Pokemouche River’s flow, adding to its significance and ecological diversity.


The Pokemouche River, with its Algonquin name and journey to the Gulf of St. Lawrence, holds a unique place in the heart of northeastern New Brunswick. The communities it touches and the tributaries that embrace it come together to form a beautiful narrative of this region’s natural and cultural heritage.

Renous River (New Brunswick Fishing Locations)

New Brunswick Fishing Locations - Page 5

Discovering the Natural Beauty of Renous, New Brunswick

Nestled in the northern part of New Brunswick, the quaint community of Renous beckons those seeking a respite from the urban chaos. Renous is a haven celebrated for its captivating natural landscapes, a plethora of outdoor pursuits, and the warm embrace of its residents.

A Glimpse into Renous’ Rich History

Renous’ history is steeped in the early 19th century, attributed to the industrious Scottish settlers who chose to make this place their home. The community derives its name from the Renous River, gracefully winding through the region. In 1966, Renous earned its official status as a village, a milestone in a legacy shaped by the influential figure, John McLean, a renowned local businessman and politician.

Embracing the Outdoors in Renous (New Brunswick Fishing Locations)

Renous, New Brunswick, remains an unspoiled haven for enthusiasts of the great outdoors. Blessed with awe-inspiring natural vistas, it beckons adventurers to indulge in a range of outdoor activities. From angling in its pristine waters to traversing its winding trails and simply savoring the tranquility of the wilderness, Renous offers a sanctuary for everyone yearning to reconnect with nature.


Renous, with its lush landscapes, abundant recreational opportunities, and warm-hearted inhabitants, entices those seeking an escape from urban life. It is a place where fishing enthusiasts, hikers, and nature lovers can all find their slice of paradise.

Restigouche River (New Brunswick Fishing Locations)

New Brunswick Fishing Locations - Page 5

Exploring the Restigouche River: A Canoeist’s and Angler’s Paradise

Locals fondly refer to it as “running the Restigouche,” and this nickname is well-deserved. The Restigouche River, designated as a Canadian Heritage River, stands as an idyllic haven for canoe enthusiasts and salmon anglers alike.

Embrace Nature’s Bounty

One of the most exhilarating ways to embrace the Restigouche is by planning a river expedition. Canoe rentals are readily available through GP Canoe Adventure, ensuring you can navigate its pristine waters with ease. Alternatively, for a classic salmon fly-fishing experience, consider booking a stay at the historic Larry’s Gulch Lodge. This presents a rare opportunity to cast your line in eight kilometers (five miles) of exclusive reserved water.

Wandering Amid the Appalachian Range (New Brunswick Fishing Locations)

As these waterways snake through the heart of the Appalachian Range, the Restigouche, Kedgwick, and Upsalquitch rivers invite you to forge a deep connection with nature. Along the way, pause for a refreshing swim in their crystalline depths and bask in the serene beauty of endless evergreen forests.

More Adventures Await

For those eager to explore beyond the riverbanks, take a hike to the summit of Mount Carleton Provincial Park. This mountain soars as the highest peak in the Maritimes, promising awe-inspiring vistas. Alternatively, if you crave the thrill of two wheels beneath you, head to Sugarloaf Provincial Park for some exhilarating mountain biking adventures.

Richibucto River (New Brunswick Fishing Locations)

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Exploring the Richibucto River: A Scenic Gem in Eastern New Brunswick

Nestled in eastern New Brunswick, Canada, the Richibucto River is a natural wonder that gracefully flows into the Northumberland Strait, just north of the town of Richibucto. Spanning an impressive length of 80 kilometers, this river bears a name of profound significance, as it translates to “river of fire” in the Mi’kmaq language.

A River of Cultural and Historical Significance (New Brunswick Fishing Locations)

As you journey along its banks, you’ll encounter more than just breathtaking scenery. The Richibucto River’s course takes you through picturesque villages such as Five Rivers and Elsipogtog First Nation, each with its own unique charm and cultural heritage. Notably, it was in this very region that Arthur James Balfour, better known as Bonar Law, the British Prime Minister, spent his formative years.

A Natural Wonder Waiting to Be Explored

The Richibucto River offers a unique opportunity to connect with the natural beauty of New Brunswick. Whether you’re an avid angler, a nature enthusiast, or simply seeking a tranquil escape, this river beckons you to explore its pristine waters and discover the rich cultural tapestry woven along its shores.

Rivière du Nord (New Brunswick Fishing Locations)

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Discovering the Beauty of Rivière du Nord: A Tranquil Gem in New Brunswick

In the picturesque province of New Brunswick, Canada, the Rivière du Nord gracefully winds its way into the serene waters of Caraquet Bay, situated to the west of the charming town of Caraquet.

A Gem in the Heart of Caraquet

Caraquet, known for its coastal beauty and maritime charm, is blessed to have the Rivière du Nord meandering through its heart. The river brings not only natural beauty but also a touch of tranquility to this vibrant region.

A Waterway of Serenity and Exploration (New Brunswick Fishing Locations)

The Rivière du Nord is more than just a river; it’s a gateway to exploration and relaxation. With its tranquil waters and scenic surroundings, it offers an inviting space for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.

A Haven for Nature Enthusiasts

Whether you’re drawn to the allure of fishing, the serenity of a leisurely boat ride, or simply the pleasure of strolling along its banks, Rivière du Nord welcomes you to immerse yourself in its natural wonders. It’s a place where the beauty of the natural world meets the charm of coastal living.

Rivière Tobique (New Brunswick Fishing Locations)

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Exploring the Majestic Tobique River: A Natural Wonder in New Brunswick

Nestled in the heart of northwestern New Brunswick, Canada, the Tobique River, pronounced “Toe-Bick,” is a picturesque waterway that embarks on an incredible journey. Originating from the pristine Nictau Lake within Mount Carleton Provincial Park, this river stretches a remarkable 148 kilometers before merging with the Saint John River near Perth-Andover.

A Scenic Route Through Victoria County

As it flows, the Tobique River takes a general southwesterly course through Victoria County, New Brunswick. Its journey commences just outside the quaint community of Nictau, where it is formed by the merging of two main tributaries, the Little Tobique River and the Campbell River. From there, it meanders through a series of charming communities, including Riley Brook, Blue Mountain Bend, Oxbow, and Three Brooks.

Unveiling Natural Beauty and Recreation (New Brunswick Fishing Locations)

One of its notable waypoints is the town of Plaster Rock, where it is joined by the Wapske River. Westward, beyond the Tobique First Nation, the river continues its course, ultimately converging with the Saint John River. Just before the Tobique Dam, an inviting private beach graces the left side, offering an opportunity to capture the river’s stunning beauty, particularly during the fall foliage season.

A Magnet for Outdoor Enthusiasts

The Tobique River has long been a magnet for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers, beckoning to them with its serene waters. In the summer, it transforms into a popular tourist destination for boating and kayaking, providing a refreshing escape for those seeking adventure on its gentle currents. Moreover, during July, the river plays host to the captivating event known as the “Fiddlers on the Tobique River Run.”

A Tribute to Chief Noel Tobec

The river’s name, Tobique, is a tribute to Chief Noel Tobec, a prominent Maliseet leader who resided at the river’s mouth from 1706 to 1767. His legacy lives on through this remarkable waterway, which continues to be a source of natural wonder and cultural significance in the heart of New Brunswick.

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