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Some Interesting Fishing Locations in New Brunswick (Canada)

New Brunswick Fishing Locations – For all you sportfishing enthusiasts who feel like fishing somewhere in New Brunswick, here are a few locations.

Saint John River (New Brunswick Fishing Locations)

New Brunswick Fishing Locations - Page 6

Discover the Scenic Beauty of the Saint John River

The Saint John River, known as Wolastoq to the Wolastoqiyik First Nation, translates to “beautiful river” in Maliseet. This majestic waterway has captivated travelers with its natural splendor, making it an ideal destination for a scenic drive. Encircled by verdant rolling hills of farmland, it offers a picturesque setting that beckons exploration.


Whether you’re in the mood for swimming, boating, kayaking, canoeing, or even water skiing, the Saint John River has something for every water enthusiast. Additionally, cable ferries operate at various points along the river, providing a charming means to access welcoming communities on the opposite bank. It’s not just any river; the Saint John River boasts the esteemed honor of being the 38th waterway to join the Canadian Heritage Rivers System.

A Journey Through 400 Kilometers of Beauty (New Brunswick Fishing Locations)

Embarking on a journey along the Saint John River promises an adventure filled with natural wonders. Stretching approximately 400 kilometers (250 miles), this remarkable river meanders from the northern city of Edmundston to the enchanting Grand Falls Gorge. Continuing its course, it leads you to the riverfront capital city of Fredericton and ultimately culminates at the Saint John River’s southern jewel, the Reversing Falls Rapids in Saint John.


As you traverse this picturesque route, you’ll witness the evolving landscapes and the vibrant communities that line its banks. The variety of experiences along the Saint John River ensures that every stop is as captivating as the last.

The Lush Landscape and Endless Possibilities

The lush, green rolling hills of farmland that envelop the Saint John River add to its allure. These fertile fields provide a breathtaking backdrop, enhancing the river’s beauty. Whether you seek tranquility or adventure, this river offers an array of possibilities.


For those in search of tranquility, the gentle flow of the river and its serene surroundings create a perfect setting for relaxation and contemplation. Conversely, adventure seekers can indulge in water-based activities, from swimming and boating to the thrill of water-skiing, adding an exciting dimension to their journey.

Exploring the Communities Along the Way

One of the most captivating aspects of a journey along the Saint John River is the opportunity to explore the friendly communities that dot its shores. Cable ferries operate at strategic points, ensuring easy access to these charming locales across the river.


These communities offer a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of the region and provide a warm welcome to visitors. With their unique charm and local attractions, they make for delightful stops on your scenic drive, making the Saint John River an unforgettable adventure from start to finish.

Sevogle River (New Brunswick Fishing Locations)

New Brunswick Fishing Locations - Page 6

Exploring the Rich Heritage of the Sevogle River

The Sevogle River, a Canadian waterway nestled in central New Brunswick, is a fascinating river with a unique character. Comprising two branches, the North Sevogle and South Sevogle Rivers, it converges at the Square Forks, where it takes on the name “Big Sevogle River” to distinguish itself from the smaller “Little Sevogle River.”

A Glimpse into Indigenous History (New Brunswick Fishing Locations)

The rich history of this river goes back to the Mi’kmaq people, who may have referred to it as “Sewokulook” or “river of many cliffs” and “Elmunakuncheech,” meaning “little beaver hole.” These names carry with them a sense of the river’s significance to the indigenous people of the region.

The Journey Begins

The journey of the Sevogle River begins in the Big Bald Mountain area of the Miramichi Highlands, a region located in north-central Northumberland County. As it gracefully flows southeast through dense forests, it eventually merges with the Northwest Miramichi River at Big Hole Tract, situated at Indian Reserve 8, a few kilometers northeast of Red Bank.

Angling Paradise (New Brunswick Fishing Locations)

The Sevogle River is renowned for its Atlantic Salmon fishing opportunities, attracting fishing enthusiasts from far and wide. For many years, one of the major salmon pools near the river’s mouth was under the lease and control of the Colgate family of the United States. This testament to its allure as a fishing destination underscores its significance in the world of angling.

The Annual Salmon Run

Every year, from mid-June through late September, the Sevogle River hosts the annual Atlantic Salmon Run, a spectacular natural event that beckons admirers of this remarkable species. However, it’s important to note that angling for Atlantic Salmon in this river is subject to specific regulations. Only fly fishing is permitted, and all large salmon must be released back into the river, ensuring the sustainability of this precious aquatic ecosystem.

Skiff Lake (New Brunswick Fishing Locations)

New Brunswick Fishing Locations - Page 6

Exploring Skiff Lake: A Natural Wonder in New Brunswick

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of southwestern New Brunswick, Canada, lies Skiff Lake, a breathtaking glacier lake. This hidden gem, located near the charming village of Lakeland Ridges, is a true marvel of nature. Skiff Lake’s beauty is accentuated by the presence of 27 scattered islands that dot its tranquil waters, offering a paradise for explorers and nature enthusiasts.

A Geological Marvel: Granite Boulders and Mount Pleasant Caldera

The lake is surrounded by imposing granite boulders, which are believed to have been formed during one of the eruptions of Mount Pleasant Caldera, adding a touch of geological wonder to this serene setting. It’s a place where the forces of nature have crafted a scene of awe-inspiring beauty.

A Historical Gem: Lord Northcote and Northcote Island (New Brunswick Fishing Locations)

Skiff Lake’s history is as captivating as its natural allure. It was Lord Northcote who, in the 18th century, paddled a skiff to one of the islands and claimed it as his own. Today, that island is known as Northcote Island, a testament to its historical significance. The first island camp, built on Northcote Island, marked the beginning of a tradition of lakeside living that endures to this day. Among these, the “Lady of the Lake” camp holds the distinction of being the oldest on the eastern shore of the lake.

A Hub for Outdoor Enthusiasts: Outfitters Along the Shore

Over the years, Skiff Lake has been a destination for fishing enthusiasts and adventurers. Numerous outfitters have set up shop along its shores, catering to those seeking outdoor experiences. Among them, Crombies Camps, Foulke Camps, Skiff Lake Outfitters, and Skiff Lake Inn have all played their part in making this lake a hub for recreational activities.

A Diverse Aquatic Ecosystem: A Paradise for Anglers

What truly sets Skiff Lake apart is its diverse aquatic ecosystem. The waters of the lake are teeming with a variety of fish species, making it a haven for anglers. Among the fish that call Skiff Lake home are land-locked salmon, smallmouth bass, brook trout, American eel, white perch, white sucker, burbot (also known as cusk), smelts, sunfish, and pickerel. The presence of these fish ensures that every angler has the opportunity to enjoy a fruitful day on the lake, surrounded by the tranquil beauty of this natural wonder.

Spednic Lake (New Brunswick Fishing Locations)

Discover the Untamed Beauty of Spednic Lake

Nestled in the heart of Aroostook County and the Down East and Acadia regions of Maine, as well as the Province of New Brunswick, Canada, lies the unspoiled gem known as Spednic Lake. It’s a place where nature’s beauty remains untouched, offering some of the most breathtaking scenery you’ll encounter.

A Unique Border Experience: Boating Between Two Nations

What makes Spednic Lake truly distinctive is that it straddles the border between the United States and Canada, with the border running through the middle of the lake. This means that when you embark on a boating adventure here, you have the remarkable opportunity to navigate between two countries, experiencing the best of both worlds.

The Vast Expanse of Spednic Lake (New Brunswick Fishing Locations)

Spednic Lake is no ordinary body of water; it sprawls across a vast 17,219 acres, making it one of the five lakes that constitute the renowned Chiputneticook Lakes. These include North Lake, East Grand Lake, Mud Lake, and Palfrey Lake, each with its own unique charm and character.

The Legacy of Vanceboro Dam

A significant chapter in the history of Spednic Lake is the construction of Vanceboro Dam in 1836, strategically placed between Vanceboro, Maine, and St. Croix, Canada. Before the dam’s existence, Spednic and Palfrey Lakes were distinct bodies of water, albeit closely situated. However, the dam, subject to modifications over the years, altered the landscape by raising water levels on Spednic Lake and effectively merging the two lakes into a single entity. Vanceboro Dam, owned by the Domtar Maine Corporation, plays a pivotal role in managing water levels, overseen by the International St. Croix River Board.

Swan Pond (New Brunswick Fishing Locations)

New Brunswick Fishing Locations - Page 6

Swan Pond: A Tranquil Oasis in Ladies’ College Park

Nestled within the serene confines of Ladies’ College Park on the picturesque campus of Mount Allison University, you’ll find Swan Pond, also affectionately known as Lily Pond. This delightful water feature has a rich history dating back to its excavation in 1901, and it has since become a beloved symbol of the university’s natural beauty.

A Fountain of Artistry: John Hammond’s Design (New Brunswick Fishing Locations)

In 1904, the enchanting Swan Pond received a unique addition in the form of a fountain designed by the accomplished artist John Hammond. This fountain, a testament to Hammond’s creative vision, adds an element of artistry to the already stunning surroundings. It not only enhances the visual appeal of the pond but also contributes to the soothing ambiance.

A Swan’s Tale: The Last Pair

Swan Pond, as the name suggests, was once home to a pair of majestic swans, becoming an endearing feature for both the university community and visitors. However, in 2015, the last remaining pair of swans that graced the pond sadly passed away, marking the end of an era. While the swans may be gone, their memory continues to be a part of the Swan Pond’s history and charm.

Taxis River (New Brunswick Fishing Locations)

Uncovering the Origins of Taxis River

Nestled within the landscape of our community lies Taxis River, a name with a unique and fascinating history. This waterway owes its name to Tex, or more specifically, Speare Tex, an indigenous individual who once established his encampment along the river’s banks, eventually leading to the river being named Taxis River. Interestingly, the name “Tex” was commonly pronounced as “Tax,” which gave rise to the moniker we know today.

A Glimpse into the Past: Speare Tex’s Legacy (New Brunswick Fishing Locations)

The history of Taxis River becomes even more vivid through the accounts of one of our oldest residents, Mr. Herbert Hinchey. He recalls witnessing the remnants of the old fireplace and parts of the dwelling where Speare Tex once resided. These historic relics were situated at the lower end of the Intervale, currently under the ownership of Mr. Allister MacMillan.

A Hunter’s Domain: Speare Tex’s Hunting Grounds

During Speare Tex’s time, the hunting grounds extended across both sides of the Taxis River in this region. It’s worth noting that the intervale, now a characteristic part of our landscape, was vastly different then, shrouded in the natural beauty of dense forests. The legacy of Speare Tex and his connection to Taxis River are integral components of our community’s heritage, a testament to the rich tapestry of history that envelops us.

Upsalquitch River (New Brunswick Fishing Locations)

New Brunswick Fishing Locations - Page 6

Exploring the Majesty of Upsalquitch River

Embarking from the pristine Upsalquitch Lake, the Upsalquitch River is a majestic watercourse that weaves its way through a remarkable landscape. It’s accessible through a network of logging roads as well as traditional road and highway systems, providing diverse entry points for those eager to discover its beauty.

A Scenic Journey to Restigouche River

The journey of the Upsalquitch River takes you on a scenic adventure, ultimately leading to its convergence with the Restigouche River north of Robinsonville, near Highway 17. This juncture offers a breathtaking spectacle, showcasing the harmony of these two waterways.

A Haven for Sea-Run Atlantic Salmon (New Brunswick Fishing Locations)

One of the distinguishing features of the Upsalquitch River is its thriving population of sea-run Atlantic salmon. These remarkable fish can be sought after along the canoe route that traces the river’s course. Alternatively, anglers can explore the Northwest and Southeast Upsalquitch Rivers, each offering their own opportunities for salmon fishing.

Navigating Angling Regulations

For those who love angling, it’s essential to be aware of the various angling restrictions that apply to different parts of the Upsalquitch River. This includes designated fly fishing-only sections, as well as closed sections. Additionally, non-resident anglers should note that during certain parts of the season, a licensed guide is required when fishing on most stretches of the main, southeast, and northwest branches of the river. These regulations are in place to ensure the sustainability of the river’s precious ecosystem.

Yoho Lake (New Brunswick Fishing Locations)

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Exploring the Tranquil Waters of Yoho Lake

Nestled in the heart of New Brunswick, Canada, Yoho Lake is a pristine gem waiting to be discovered. Its proximity to the capital city, Fredericton, and the village of Hanwell makes it a convenient escape into nature’s beauty. With an average depth of 3.66 meters (12.0 feet) and a maximum depth of 13.69 meters (44.9 feet), this lake boasts a varied topography that beckons explorers.

Yoho Stream: Nature’s Outlet

Yoho Lake is not just a body of water; it’s part of a larger ecosystem. It feeds into the Yoho Stream, a vital conduit of freshwater that ultimately merges with the South Oromocto River. This connection ensures the vitality of the surrounding landscape, fostering a diverse aquatic environment.

A Diverse Aquatic Ecosystem (New Brunswick Fishing Locations)

The lake is a haven for a variety of fish species. Anglers will find themselves in the company of Yellow Perch, Rainbow Trout, Atlantic Salmon, Striped Bass, Smallmouth Bass, and redbreast sunfish. Notably, Yoho Lake serves as the most northern source worldwide for redbreast sunfish, making it a unique destination for those seeking these vibrant fish. The lake’s ecosystem is enriched by an abundance of Common Loons, adding to the charm of the natural surroundings.

A Symphony of Nature

Yoho Lake isn’t just a body of water; it’s a symphony of nature waiting to be explored. Whether you’re an angler seeking diverse fish species or a nature enthusiast captivated by the call of Common Loons, Yoho Lake offers an immersive experience in the heart of New Brunswick. It’s a reminder of the wondrous beauty that can be found in our natural world.

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