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Fishing News 20240506-20240512
Top Fishing Gadgets – Fishing News 20240506-20240512

Fishing News 20240506-20240512

Fishing News 20240506-20240512
Fishing News 20240506-20240512

Fishing News 20240506-20240512 – Here you can check out some international news that has something to do with fishing. Some items are very actual.

Encounter Kastine Coleman: Newfoundland’s Sole Female Fly-Fishing Instructor (Fishing News 20240506-20240512)

May 6, 2024

(source: – by Grace Elliott · For CBC N.L.)

Discovering the Magic of Fishing

Kastine Coleman, Newfoundland’s Sole Female Fly-Fishing Instructor, traces her love for fishing back to idyllic childhood days spent by George’s Lake. With goggles secured, she marveled at salmon gliding beneath her and cast lines with her father.

From Passion to Profession

Transitioning from recreational angler to professional guide, Coleman established Tight Loops Tight Lines in Corner Brook. Her pursuit of certification with Fly Fishers International underscores her dedication to mastering the craft and sharing it with others.

Empowering Anglers, Especially Women (Fishing News 20240506-20240512)

Recognizing the intimidation factor in male-dominated fishing circles, Coleman aims to empower her students, particularly women. Through patient instruction and mentorship, she cultivates independent anglers who navigate the waters with confidence.

Safety Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Coleman’s journey wasn’t without challenges. A near mishap spurred her to hone her casting skills for safety’s sake. This experience fueled her determination to master the technical aspects of fly-fishing, transcending mere physical strength.

Embracing the Fly-Fishing Community

Discovering the broader community of professional fly-fishers was a revelation for Coleman. Immersing herself in study and examination, she earned her certification, solidifying her place among Newfoundland’s esteemed instructors.

Nurturing an Appreciation for Nature

Beyond angling prowess, Coleman imparts a deeper appreciation for nature to her students. By immersing themselves in the sensory experience of fishing, they forge connections not only with the sport but also with the ecosystems they inhabit.

Premier Denies Reports of Illegal Chinese Fishing (Fishing News 20240506-20240512)

May 7, 2024

(source: – by BVI NEWS)

Premier Dr. Natalio Wheatley has responded to concerns raised by Territorial At-Large Representative Stacey Mather about potential illegal fishing by Chinese vessels near Anegada. Dr. Wheatley stated that he has not received any confirmed reports of such activity.

This issue came to light during a recent House of Assembly session, where Representative Mather questioned the Premier about fishing nets found on local shores that appeared to be of Chinese origin.

No Confirmed Illegal Activity, But Measures in Place

Premier Wheatley assured the public that the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries has not detected any unauthorized Chinese fishing operations within the Virgin Islands’ territory. He added that there have been no boat seizures or crew detentions related to illegal fishing since his government took office.

However, Dr. Wheatley acknowledged the potential for illegal fishing to occur in the Virgin Islands’ waters. To address this concern, he highlighted the steps his government has taken to improve border security.

Enhanced Border Security Measures (Fishing News 20240506-20240512)

A key measure is the Joint Task Force (JTF), established in March 2020. This task force combines the efforts of the Department of Immigration, His Majesty’s Customs, and the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force to strengthen border security.

The Premier also mentioned plans for new legislation that would utilize technology, such as satellite monitoring, to bolster surveillance of the BVI’s exclusive economic zone.

Foreign Objects on Shores Raise Concerns

While there is no confirmation of illegal activity by Chinese fishing vessels, Representative Mather remains concerned about the appearance of foreign objects, particularly those with Chinese markings, washing up on BVI shores. He has called for further discussion on this matter.

Crappie Fishing Fun at Chautauqua Lake (Fishing News 20240506-20240512)

May 8, 2024

(source: – by FORREST FISHER)

Unforgettable Spring Fishing Adventures

Spring is here, and that means Chautauqua Lake is teeming with crappie! It’s a perfect time to create lasting memories with your family. Pack a small charcoal grill, hot chocolate, hot dogs, and marshmallows for a fun fireside experience by the lake. While you might spend more time making memories than catching fish, that’s all part of the charm.

Crappie Hotspots and Techniques

Chautauqua Lake is a popular destination for anglers seeking crappie, but don’t overlook Findley Lake, Bear Lake, and the Cassadaga Lakes for excellent spring crappie fishing. Black crappie are more common, and right after ice out, they move into the canals. Currently, they’re spawning along the lake’s weed lines.

Tips for Catching Crappie (Fishing News 20240506-20240512)

Suspending a minnow below a bobber is a classic and effective crappie fishing technique. Watch the bobber closely for any dips or dunks, and set the hook gently when you see a bite. Local bait shops like Chautauqua Reel Outdoors recommend minnows or micro tube jigs for daytime crappie fishing, while walleye fishing at night with minnow-like stickbaits can also be productive.

Boat vs. Shore Fishing

Early-season anglers enjoy using kayaks, canoes, and other small boats to target crappie. Life jackets are mandatory, and chest-high waders can be helpful, but be aware that cold water can limit your fishing time.

For those who prefer shore fishing, artificial baits like tiny tube jigs in red, white, or chartreuse suspended under a brightly colored float are a good choice. Two-color or three-color jig tails with white are particularly effective.

Popular Fishing Locations

Popular crappie spots on the south lake include Arnolds Bay, Hadley Bay, Sherman Bay, and Burtis Bay. On the north lake, Bemus Bay, Whitney Bay, Irwin Bay, and the weed beds near Mayville Town Park attract many anglers. Don’t forget to check out the stanchions of the Veteran’s Bridge crossing mid-lake, which can also hold schools of crappie.

Finding the Biggest Crappie

Look for emerging weed beds in 4 to 6 feet of water. Savvy anglers target “stick-out spots” where underwater weed growth extends outward from the main weed line. These spots often hold larger crappie schools feeding and searching for nesting sites, typically found in deeper water (7 to 10 feet) on the outside edge of the emerging weed line.

KwaZulu-Natal: A Year-Round Fishing Paradise (Fishing News 20240506-20240512)

May 9, 2024

(source: – by Yogashen Pillay)

KZN Tourism boasts that KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) offers exceptional fishing opportunities throughout the year, making it a dream destination for anglers. With warm waters even in winter and the most diverse fishing experiences in South Africa, KZN caters to all skill levels and preferences.

Economic Impact and Variety

KZN Tourism highlights the significance of recreational fishing in South Africa. Over a million people enjoy fishing, contributing a staggering R19 billion annually and supporting nearly 100,000 jobs. This industry thrives on seasonal variations, and KZN offers a multitude of fishing options across its various tourism routes.

Midlands Meander: A Haven for Anglers

The Midlands Meander, stretching from Mooi River to Hilton and Karkloof to the Drakensberg foothills, is a prime example. Julia Amaral, spokesperson for the area, emphasizes its popularity among anglers. Visitors can try their luck at catching trophy trout, outsmarting cunning bass, or battling the unique indigenous yellowfish. Fishing events throughout the year add to the region’s allure.

Beyond Trout: Unveiling KZN’s Treasures (Fishing News 20240506-20240512)

Fishing blogger Albert Gatchet brings to light the thrill of catching tigerfish. He describes them as “toothy terrors” with incredible power and razor-sharp teeth, offering an exhilarating challenge.

Winter Wonders: Crystal Clear Waters and Big Catches

Ian Logie, owner of Local is Lekker Fish Safaris, explains that winter brings clearer waters due to less rainfall and river silt. This translates to better chances of catching shad, Garrick, and even game fish drawn in by the Sardine Run. He highlights the South Coast as a hotspot for winter fishing, particularly during the Sardine Run, a spectacular natural phenomenon.

Planning Your Fishing Adventure

Evert Saaiman, manager at Angling and Outdoor World, points out that April marks the start of prime fishing as water temperatures remain pleasant. This is the time for big catches, with competitions offering the chance to land a giant couta exceeding 30kgs.

KZN Tourism reminds visitors to be responsible anglers. Familiarize yourself with seasonal restrictions, bag limits, and protected areas. Additionally, ensure you have the necessary permits before casting your line in the magnificent waters of KwaZulu-Natal.

Boca Grande Pass: Tarpon Capital of the World (Fishing News 20240506-20240512)

May 10, 2024

(source: – by Yogashen Pillay)

Tarpon Season Kicks Off!

May is here, and Florida’s Boca Grande Pass is abuzz with activity – tarpon season is officially on! Prepare yourself for a thrilling experience, even if it means enduring the initial shock of stepping out of the cool airport into the hot and humid Florida air. After a quick rest at your hotel, anticipation will likely keep you up well before your alarm.

A Unique Fishing Experience (Fishing News 20240506-20240512)

Your short rental car ride culminates in meeting your guide and boarding the boat. Within minutes, you’ll be surrounded by the magnificent creatures you’ve obsessed over for years – tarpon! Witness them crashing through the surface, chasing bait, and leaping for air. The scene will be a vibrant mix of drifting boats, eager anglers, guides, and excited guests. Many will already be battling hooked tarpon, with experienced captains skillfully navigating through the crowded pack.

This is a far cry from the solitude some anglers may be accustomed to. Be prepared for a lively atmosphere, often described as a “boat bumping circus.” The prime tarpon season in May and June brings out the crowds, but the migration keeps these incredible fish in the area until late fall, sometimes even December.

A Rich History Beyond Fishing

Boca Grande boasts a rich history dating back thousands of years. The Calusa people thrived here, taking advantage of the abundant fishing and hunting opportunities offered by Charlotte Harbor. Spanish and Cuban fishermen later joined them, drawn to the seemingly endless natural resources. By the early 1900s, big game sport fishing exploded, attracting anglers worldwide eager to challenge the “silver king.” Additionally, phosphate mining along the Peace River flourished, with the product shipped out from Boca Grande’s docks. The naturally deep pass, reaching depths of 80 feet, provided a perfect passage for large vessels.

A Near-Tragedy on Eagle Lake (Fishing News 20240506-20240512)

May 11, 2024

(source: – Opinion by John Wetrosky)

This article recounts a terrifying ordeal faced by a group of anglers on Eagle Lake, Ontario. It serves as a cautionary tale for all venturing out onto cold waters in the early fall.

The story begins with the author reminiscing about a close friend who shared his passion for musky fishing. One year, the friend planned a late-season trip to Eagle Lake, renowned for its trophy muskies, with his son and father.

The weather turned cold and blustery as their trip approached, but their determination couldn’t be dampened. Despite warnings about the boat’s limitations in rough water, they set off for a calmer bay on the white-capped lake.

A Boat in Peril (Fishing News 20240506-20240512)

Their boat, a tri-hull model known for its flat bottom, wasn’t ideal for handling rough waves. Many guides even avoided using them for that reason. As the wind howled and waves grew larger, the friend, a seasoned sailor, knew they were in trouble.

A large wave slammed into the bow, momentarily stopping the boat. Another giant wave swept over the stern, instantly filling the boat with water. The bilge pump couldn’t keep up, and the back of the boat sank, leaving only the bow afloat. With no other boats in sight, the friend and his son clung desperately to the bow, submerged in the frigid water.

A Stroke of Luck and a Father’s Intuition

Back at the resort, the friend’s father, who had decided to stay behind that day, noticed a white cooler drifting across the lake. Recognizing it as his son and grandson’s cooler, he knew something was wrong.

Alerted by the father’s concern, the resort owner and he immediately launched the resort’s larger boat and found the two clinging precariously to the vertically floating bow. Hypothermia had already begun to set in when they were pulled to safety.

This near-tragic event serves as a stark reminder of the dangers lurking beneath the surface, especially during the unpredictable early fall weather. The author concludes with a plea for caution and a wish for good luck to all anglers, including mothers who might be enjoying their special day on the water.

Remembering Those Lost at Sea: The First National Fishing Remembrance Day (Fishing News 20240506-20240512)

May 12, 2024

(source: – by Megan Price)

The South West of England joins the entire UK in commemorating the first National Fishing Remembrance Day. This solemn occasion honors all those who have tragically lost their lives while working in the fishing industry.

A Day of Reflection Across Communities

Events are being held across the region, with Newlyn, Looe, and Brixham hosting services to remember these fallen heroes. Sheryll Murray, MP for South East Cornwall, pays tribute to her late husband, a fisherman himself. “It’s truly fitting to have a national day of remembrance,” she states. She stresses the importance for everyone to attend a service, “just to pay respect to those men who sacrificed everything to provide for us.”

Maritime Charities Spearhead the Initiative (Fishing News 20240506-20240512)

Maritime charities, including the Fishermen’s Mission, The Seafarers’ Charity, and Stella Maris, have come together to establish this annual day of remembrance. Warmly welcomed by Parliament, the initiative reflects the deep impact these losses have on families, friends, and entire communities.

Remembering the Human Cost

Marc Evans, Chief Executive of the Fishermen’s Mission, emphasizes the long-lasting impact of these tragedies. “Generations feel the weight of this loss,” he says. He views this national day as a significant moment, “allowing us to come together and remember the fishermen who gave their lives at sea.”

Evans poignantly describes the profound grief within fishing communities. “You return to port incomplete, a friend missing,” he reflects. “The pain never truly fades, and the need to remember is ever-present.” He concludes by expressing the honor of leading these services, a privilege to pay tribute to those who won’t be forgotten.

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