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Fishing News 20240624-20240630
Top Fishing Gadgets – Fishing News 20240624-20240630

Fishing News 20240624-20240630

Fishing News 20240624-20240630
Fishing News 20240624-20240630

Latest Fishing News 20240624-20240630 – Here you can check out some international news that has something to do with fishing. Some items are very actual.

Strengthening Bilateral Cooperation in Fisheries and Maritime Economy (Fishing News 20240624-20240630)

June 24, 2024


On June 24, H.E. Mr. Alexey V. Popov, the Russian Ambassador to Conakry, met with H.E. Ms. Fatima Camara, the Minister of Fisheries and the Maritime Economy of Guinea. During this important meeting, the two dignitaries discussed the prospects for developing bilateral cooperation, with a particular focus on the resumption of the work of the Russian-Guinean Joint Commission on fisheries.


Furthermore, the meeting provided an opportunity for an exchange of views on ways to intensify scientific cooperation and the training of managers for the fishing industry. Notably, the issue of joint studies in the marine waters of Guinea was given special attention, underscoring the shared interest in enhancing scientific understanding and research in the maritime domain.


Recognizing the significance of ongoing international collaboration, H.E. Mr. Alexey V. Popov extended an invitation to H.E. Ms. Fatima Camara to participate in the upcoming VII International Forum of the Fishing Industry in St. Petersburg and the Exhibition of the Fishing Industry, Seafood and Technology, scheduled for next September. This invitation signifies the desire to strengthen the partnership between Russia and Guinea in the fisheries and maritime economy sectors.

Bridging the Gap: Collaborative Effort between Fishers and Marine Scientists in Malta (Fishing News 20240624-20240630)

June 25, 2024

(source: – In partnership withThe European Commission)

The Importance of Collaboration

Luca Pisani, a marine biologist at Aquatic Resources Malta, emphasizes the importance of maintaining a strong working relationship with fishers who welcome scientists like him aboard their ships. This collaboration bridges the gap between fishers and policymakers, ensuring decisions are based on accurate data about the health of the ocean according to Luca, a member of a three-man research crew at Aquatic Resources Malta, linked to the Maltese Public Department.

Building Trust with Fishers (Fishing News 20240624-20240630)

However, Luca acknowledges that fishers can be a little skeptical or timid when working with them, as they worry that the information gathered might lead to policies or regulations that could adversely affect their interests. Nonetheless, he assures that the biological team does not provide any information on illegalities or the control sector, as their primary concern is to understand what is being caught to get a clear picture of the situation in the sea.

The Benefits of Mutual Understanding

Only by truly understanding what is happening at sea can data be channeled properly to inform understanding and decision-making, according to the marine biologist. Luca emphasizes that it is in everyone’s interest, especially theirs, to have a good working relationship with fishermen, as their interests are intertwined. If the sea is not doing well, the team wants to know, so they can raise the issue with policymakers and decision-makers, equipping them to take the proper course of action to protect the sea and the interests of the fishermen.


Luca Pisani’s collaborative efforts with fishers demonstrate the importance of bridging the gap between the scientific community and the fishing industry, ensuring that policies and regulations are based on accurate and comprehensive data, ultimately benefiting the maritime ecosystem and the livelihoods of those who depend on it.

Celebrating World Fisheries Day: Sustaining Ocean Resources (Fishing News 20240624-20240630)

June 26, 2024

(source: – by Kyiv  •  UNN)

Worldwide Significance of Fishing

Fishing is a vital economic activity globally, providing substantial food sources and income for millions, particularly in developing nations. The annual worldwide fish catch ranges from 100 million tons, and each person consumes approximately 20 kilograms of fish per year.

Observing World Fisheries Day

On June 27th, various events take place in many countries to commemorate World Fisheries Day. This observance was launched in 1984 at the International Conference on Fisheries Development and Regulation in Rome.

Addressing the Threat of Overfishing

While fishing is an age-old human practice, the event aims to draw attention to the pressing issue of overfishing. Scientists warn that without intervention, several major commercial fish species could face extinction within 50 years. Currently, around 30% of the world’s fish stocks are overfished, and 60% are caught at maximum sustainable levels, disrupting the natural balance and recovery of fish populations.

Celebrating International Pineapple Day (Fishing News 20240624-20240630)

Coinciding with World Fisheries Day, June 27th also marks International Pineapple Day. The tropical fruit was first introduced to Africa and India by Portuguese sailors in the 16th century, and it later gained popularity in Europe as a symbol of luxury and hospitality.

Recognizing Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises

Additionally, the United Nations has designated June 27th as the Day of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, acknowledging the significant role these businesses play in the global economy, comprising approximately 90% of all enterprises and employing 70% of the total workforce.

Commemorating the ATM’s Birthday

On this date in 1967, the world’s first cash dispenser was installed in a British bank, fulfilling John Shepherd-Burron’s vision inspired by a chocolate vending machine.

Observing Sunglasses Day

June 27th also marks Sunglasses Day, celebrating the evolution of this fashion accessory from its early 17th-century origins to the modern UV-protective eyewear.

Celebrating Microbiome Day (Fishing News 20240624-20240630)

Fans of the microbial world can join the Microbiome Day celebration, recognizing the crucial role of the diverse community of bacteria, fungi, and viruses found in our bodies and the surrounding environment.

Honoring St. Samson’s Day

According to the church calendar, June 27th is also St. Samson’s Day, commemorating the life of the humble and faithful man who dedicated himself to helping the poor and sick.

Combating Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing in Tien Giang (Fishing News 20240624-20240630)

June 27, 2024

(source: – by ???)

The Border Guard of the Mekong Delta province of Tien Giang, along with relevant agencies, has been making tireless efforts to encourage fishermen to strictly adhere to regulations on seafood exploitation at sea. Their goal is to ensure that there are no violations related to illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing in foreign waters.

Relentless Endeavors Yield Results

Thanks to these relentless endeavors, there have been no fishing vessels from Tien Giang reported to have committed such acts since 2022. The province’s efforts have paid off, and the local community has seen a significant reduction in IUU fishing activities.

Collaborative Approach to Prevention

In Go Cong Dong district, one of the areas known for its strengths in seafood exploitation, the border guard stations under the Tien Giang Border Guard Command are collaborating with relevant authorities to organize communication campaigns and provide training sessions. These initiatives aim to educate organizations and individuals involved in fishing activities on Vietnamese and international fisheries laws and regulations.

Strict Controls and Monitoring (Fishing News 20240624-20240630)

Attention has been paid to strictly controlling and prohibiting vessels from engaging in offshore fishing that violates foreign waters. Additionally, the authorities have been refusing permits for ships without vessel monitoring system (VMS) equipment. This measure is crucial in ensuring compliance with regulations.

Raising Awareness and Compliance

Over the past six months, the Tien Giang Border Guard Command has coordinated with various agencies to organize sessions to raise public awareness of the importance of complying with regulations on seafood exploitation at sea. As a result, 100% of fishing vessels in the locality have now been equipped with VMS.

Continued Vigilance and Enforcement

Moving forward, the authorities have announced that monitoring and inspection will be tightened for fishing vessels at high risk of IUU fishing. This proactive approach demonstrates the province’s commitment to eradicating illegal practices and upholding the integrity of the fishing industry.

Pushing for a Timely WTO Fishing Deal (Fishing News 20240624-20240630)

June 28, 2024

(source: – by REUTERS)

In a significant move, dozens of countries have voiced their support for concluding the World Trade Organization (WTO) negotiations on cutting harmful fishing subsidies within the next few weeks. This push aims to address the issue of overfishing, which has been exacerbated by the billions of dollars in government subsidies that encourage industrial fishing fleets to deplete the world’s oceans.

Unresolved Challenges from the First Agreement

While the first part of the international WTO agreement to curb these subsidies was agreed upon in 2022 and is set to take effect once enough countries ratify it, the negotiations left some of the most complex issues unresolved. This includes the challenge of curbing subsidies that contribute to overcapacity and overfishing.

Broad Coalition Seeking a Speedy Conclusion (Fishing News 20240624-20240630)

WTO documents reveal that a diverse coalition of more than 40 countries, including major subsidizer China, the United States, and island fishing nations like Mauritius and Vanuatu, are now seeking to complete the talks by a July 22-23 WTO meeting in Geneva. This collective effort underscores the urgency and importance of reaching a successful conclusion to the negotiations.

Consultations and Revised Draft Deal

To facilitate the process, the chair of the negotiations, Iceland’s Ambassador Einar Gunnarsson, plans to consult with WTO members in the coming days. The goal is to publish a revised draft deal by July 11, allowing for a timely resolution of the outstanding issues and the implementation of the much-needed measures to address the detrimental impact of fishing subsidies.

Shark Attack on Fishing Man in Florida (Fishing News 20240624-20240630)

June 29, 2024

(source: – by Emily Shapiro)

In a concerning incident, a man in his 40s was severely injured after a shark attack while he was fishing in Florida. The attack occurred around 11 am on Friday near the port of Fernandina, which is located north of Jacksonville near the Florida-Georgia border.

Quick Response and Medical Attention

A responding deputy from the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office quickly boarded the man’s boat and applied a tourniquet to his right arm to slow the bleeding. The deputy then drove the boat to the shore, where rescue crews were waiting to provide further medical care.

Airlifted to the Hospital in Critical Condition (Fishing News 20240624-20240630)

The victim was subsequently airlifted to a hospital in critical condition. However, the authorities have expressed optimism that he is expected to recover from the attack.

Recent Shark Attack Incident in Hawaii

This incident comes on the heels of another tragic shark attack in Hawaii, where a well-known surfer and lifeguard, Tamayo Perry, was killed by a shark on Sunday. Perry was a respected figure in the local surfing community and had appeared in various media productions.

Devastating Loss for the Family

Perry’s wife, Emilia, expressed her deep grief and devastation over the loss of her husband, while also finding solace in the belief that he is in a better place. The incident has underscored the risks and dangers that ocean enthusiasts can face, even in seemingly tranquil settings.

Diplomatic Tensions Over Naval Sailor’s Death (Fishing News 20240624-20240630)

June 30, 2024


In a concerning incident, a Sri Lankan Navy sailor was killed during an operation targeting Indian fishermen and their fishing vessel off the coast of Kankesanthurai in the Jaffna peninsula. In response, the Sri Lankan Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned an official from the Indian High Commission in Colombo to voice its concerns.

Formal Note and Conveyed Concerns

A senior Foreign Ministry official handed over a formal note to the Indian diplomat, highlighting the persisting issue of illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing, particularly the destructive bottom-trawling method, and the “indiscriminate poaching by Indian fishermen in Sri Lankan waters.” The Sri Lankan side conveyed its concerns over the matter.

Raised at the Diplomatic Level

The issue was also reportedly raised in New Delhi when Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner to India, Kshenuka Senewiratne, called on External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar on June 25. However, neither official mentioned discussing the specific incident of the naval sailor’s death in their updates on the social media platform ‘X’ after the meeting.

Incident Attributed to “Aggressive Maneuvers” (Fishing News 20240624-20240630)

In a media statement, the Sri Lankan Navy attributed the fatal mid-sea incident to the “aggressive maneuvers of an Indian trawler” that “resisted” apprehension by the patrol unit. As a result, 10 Indian fishermen were arrested on charges of illegal fishing, and their fishing trawler was confiscated.

Longstanding Fisheries Conflict in the Palk Strait

This development has brought the longstanding fisheries conflict in the Palk Strait back into the spotlight. Northern Sri Lankan fishermen have persistently demanded that their Indian counterparts stop using the destructive bottom-trawling method, which has put their livelihoods under severe pressure. Both governments have been urged to work out a durable solution and resume talks between representatives of fishermen’s organizations from both sides.

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