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Reel Replacement Parts

When learning how to fish, it is essential to have a solid understanding of the components that make up a fishing reel as well as the functions they serve. Open-face reels are another name commonly used to refer to spinning reels. Because they are simpler to operate and less likely to become entangled than baitcasting reels, spinning reels are typically the sort of reel that is the most popular among beginners. (Article about “Fishing Reel Parts of Spinning Reels” on

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Reel Replacement Parts

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Boost torque and power.

It Fits EVA or PVC handle knobs.

Exclusively for Abu Garcia fishing reels.

Ideal for anglers who prefer increased power and leverage.

Fits all ambassadeur round reels up to 6500, right or left-handed.

Boost torque and power.

Design with an Ergonomic Bent Handle.

Handle Knobs can be EVA or PVC.

BASSDASH Casting Spinning Fishing Rod Sleeves Protective Rod Socks for Fishing Poles Up to 7-1/2ft

Made of abrasion-resistant, long-lasting PET mesh sheaths and an adjustable bungee loop.

The rod sleeves are tightly woven and expandable and are designed to store and protect fishing rods, including fragile line guides and rod tips. They will also prevent tangles and abrasions on the fishing line when baits are tied on.

Both casting and spinning rod sizes are available. Spinning rod sleeves are larger in diameter to accommodate the larger line guides of spinning rods.

Strong shrink tube end with integrated loop for easy storage; Bungee cord on the opening side for an adjustable fit

There are several colors to choose from, allowing you to organize your fishing rods by color.

GOMEXUS 1 Piece A27 Bass Fishing TPE Knob Compatible for Shimano Stradic Tranx SLX Daiwa Tatula 13 Fishing Spinning Baitcasting Reel 27mm

A27 is the series name.

TPE Surface Material

1.06 inch/27mm diameter knob

0.55oz/15.5g in weight

Bearings, adjustment washers, a hex wrench, and one Gomexus knob were included with the product.

Japanese NMB bearings are more resistant to seawater corrosion than standard bearings.

Because of the soft TPE material, A27 provides a comfortable grip and a non-slip surface even when the hand is wet. This gives you complete control when cranking a bait or fighting a fish. Your fingers will thank you later once you’ve installed it.

Install time: 5 minutes It comes with all of the necessary small parts and does not require an adapter to fit. Direct fitment takes only 5 minutes to replace your damaged or old original power knob. After installation, you’ll feel as buttery smooth as the stock handle. Because there is no shaft, drill fitment is not possible.

Shimano Stradic CI4+, 08 11 Biomaster 1000-5000, Vanquish 1000 – 4000, Vanford, Sustain FI, Sustain FG, Stella FJ 1000-5000, Sahara FI, Nasci, Ultegra, 20 Twin power 1000-5000 Shimano: Stradic CI4+, 08 11 Biomaster 1000-5000, Vanquish 1000 – 4000, Vanford, Sustain FI, Sustain FG,

Saltist Back Bay 3000 4000, Ballistic EX LT 1000 – 4000, Fuego LT 1000 – 4000, Certate 1003 – 3500, Exceler LT 1000 – 4000, Tatula LT 1000 – 4000, Procyon LT 1000 – 4000 If your country is not listed, please contact us to confirm.

Shimano: Tranx, SLX, Curado DC, Calcutta D, Calcutta B, Cardiff, Antares / Daiwa: Lexa, Coastal TW, Fuego CT, Tatula, Zillion, CC80 / If your country is not listed, please contact us to confirm.

GOMEXUS LMY-A38 Power Handle Compatible with Shimano Stradic FL Vanford Daiwa Certate LT Spinning Reel Handle

LMY-A38 – LMY-A38 – LMY-A38 – LMY 2.68inch/68mm in length, which provides more torque with less effort; 1.62oz/37g; Knob diameter: 1.5inch/38mm; Knob bearings: Japanese NMB

Professional Design – The LMY has an anodized surface treatment and is CNC forged as a single piece, resulting in increased stability and conductivity.

A must-have for big fish – For bottom fishing and jigging, the 68mm length is longer than most standard handles. The ergonomic spherical knob provides a secure grip. Once you’ve learned how to use it, you’ll be able to quickly defeat large fish. More power, less discomfort!

Ample Accessories – Everything you’ll need is included, including a wrench and a washer. NMB bearings, which are durable and buttery smooth, have been installed by Knob. Don’t toss the package. (Accessories are at the bottom of the page.)

Vanford 2000-5000,Stradic FL 2000-5000,Ultegra FB 2000-5000,Stradic Ci4 2000-4000,Stradic FK 2000-4000,Exsence 3000 4000,Stella FJ 2000-5000,Stradic Ci4 2000-4000,Stradic FK 2000-4000,Exsence 3000 4000,Stella FJ 2000-5000,Stradic Ci4 2000-4000,Stradic FK 2000-4000,

If your city isn’t on the list, please contact us to double-check.

GOMEXUS Power Handle 7x4mm Compatible for Cardiff 200 300 400 Calcutta 300 Tranx 100 200 Baitcasting Reel Handle Replacements

LC75 is the series number. The length is 2.95inch/75mm, which allows for more torque to be generated with less effort. Japanese NMB bearings are used in the knob, which has a diameter of 1.5 inches (38mm) and weighs 1.30oz (37g).

Material: TORAY carbon fiber, which is considered to be the best in the business. Prerium Material: TORAY carbon fiber, which is considered to be the best in the industry.

Despite having 7-9 times the strength of steel, it weighs less than a fifth of the weight of steel.

A must-have for big fish – The 75mm length is significantly longer than the average stock handle for bottom fishing. The ergonomic spherical knob provides a secure and pleasant grip. Once you’ve learned how to use it, you’ll have no trouble defeating large fish from the depths. Having less pain means having greater power!

Everything you need in terms of accessories is available. Included are: the left nut, the right nut, the nut retainer, the screws, and the gasket. Knob has fitted NMB bearings, which are long-lasting and buttery smooth in its products. Please do not chuck the box. Accessories are located at the bottom.

Models of 7x4mm compatible reels from Shimano include the Cardiff 200, 300, 400, Calcutta 300, Tranx 100, and 200. If your country is not listed, please contact us to verify. You can also take the measurements yourself.

GOMEXUS Power Handle Compatible for Shimano SLX Tranx Daiwa Tatula Zillion Abu Garcia Revo 13 Fishing Baitcasting Reel Replacement Parts Fishing Reel Handle with TPE Knob 100mm 120mm | Bass Fishing

BDH-CA27 is the series name.

Cork is the material used for the knob.

Material of the handle: aluminum

3.94 inch/100mm in length

1.06 inch/27mm diameter knob

1.27oz/35.7g in weight

Unique Design: The BDH handle plate is thick in the center to provide solid cranking.

Grip: The cork surface provides a more comfortable grip even when your hand is wet. It has the same buttery smooth feel as the stock one.

Sufficient Accessories: We supply everything you require. Included are a left nut, a right nut, a nut retainer, a screw nut, and a wrench. The knob has used NMB bearings, which are long-lasting and buttery smooth. Don’t toss the box. The accessories are located at the bottom.

Shimano 7x4mm Compatible Reel Models: Tranx 100 200, SLX DC, Curado 200e, Curado DC, Calcutta B, Calcutta conquest 100 200, Antares, Scorpion, Metanium, Bantam 13 Fishing – Any reels will do. If your country is not listed, please contact us to confirm.

GOMEXUS Power Knob Compatible for Shimano Stradic CI4 Sahara FI Daiwa Ballistic LT Exceler LT Spinning Reel Handle Replacement Direct Fitment Metal

WHAT YOU WILL GET – Ergonomic Gomexus 38mm black blue power knob is made of 7075 aluminum cold-forged, only weighs 0.94oz/26.6g, and is matched with Japanese stainless steel bearings, giving you a light and strong experience while having unparalleled smoothness, fishing in freshwater, inshore to saltwater redfish, snook, trout, bass, grouper, catfish, and other fish species will have a different experience.

WATERPROOF & LONGEVITY – We understand that water resistance and service life are two of your top concerns. The GOMEXUS power knob is weatherproof and will not corrode when exposed to seawater or fish mucus. Drip hole design for improved drainage. This product has undergone three years of upgrades and improvements since its inception. Its water resistance and service life far surpass your expectations. It is an excellent choice for both amateur and professional anglers.

Shimano 08 11 15 Twin Power 1000-4000; Daiwa Saltist 2500-4000, 16 Catalina 3500-4000, Saltist Back Bay 3000 4000, 17 Saltiga BJ 3500-4000, 18 Tatula LT 1000-4000, and other models.

DRILL FITMENT for Spinning Reels – Shimano Nexave, Catana; Daiwa BG MQ; Penn Pursuit; Abu Garcia, Okuma, Quantum, and Pflueger spinning reels Compatible models are not limited to the explanation below.

EASY TO INSTALL – Direct installation takes 3 minutes while cutting and drilling takes 15 minutes (When needed to drill). The original knob, which is held in place by a rivet, must be drilled (Drill tips). The hole size is 5mm; start with a 3mm bit, then expand the hole to 5mm with a 5mm bit; with accessories supplied, as shown in picture 6. And our after-sales team would be delighted to answer any installation or after-sales questions you may have; please do not hesitate to contact us.

AN OUT OF THE BOX AND UNIQUE GIFT – Are you looking for that one-of-a-kind gift? This is one of those gifts that can be given to anyone on any occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and other special occasions. This is without a doubt the best gift for fishing enthusiasts, with an unconditional full refund available for 60 days and a truly worry-free shopping experience, so buy with confidence!

RONCHEN Fishing Spinning Reel Handle, All-Metal, with The Grip EVA for Spinning Reels Replacement Grip Parts,2 Pack, Silver, Medium large

DURABLE MATERIAL – Made of high-quality metal, this fishing reel handle is durable, lightweight, and portable.

COMFORTABLE HAND FEELING – The fishing rod handle’s hand control knob is made of EVA material, which is both comfortable and non-slip.

EASY TO INSTALL – The spinning fishing reels No additional tools are required to install or operate the nut and washer. The metal hexagonal torso is strong and unbreakable, and it can be securely attached to the reel.

WIDE APPLICATION – There are two types of fishing reel replacement parts: medium reel handles for the 2000&3000 series and large reel handles for the 4000 and 5000 series, both of which are suitable for most fishing reels.

PURCHASE WITHOUT STRESS – Please determine the model of your spinning wheel before purchasing and using it. If you are dissatisfied with the reel grips after purchasing them, please contact us via email and we will resolve your issue as soon as possible.

SAMSFX Rubber Fishing Reel Handle Grip Sleeve Non-Slip Baitcaster Knob Covers for Casting or Spinning Reel

PACKAGING: 12 PCS (6 pairs). Mix Color Black Camouflage, Green Camouflage, Red Camouflage, Blue Camouflage, Yellow Camouflage, and Purple Camouflage (2pcs per color). This fishing handle cover improves the comfort and grip of your current reel handles.

MATERIAL: Made of a soft rubber composite, this bait cast reel handle easily slides over your existing bait cast reel handles. Extendable handle sleeve that fits most brands and styles of spinning, baitcasting, and spincast reels.

SOFT & NON-SLIP DESIGN: These reel grips increase the grip on the reel handles even in wet conditions. No more missing out on big bass because your hands slipped in the rain. The soft material added comfort and grip to your baitcasting reel knob, and the fit is snug and will not come off.

FUNCTION: Assists with hand fatigue and grip when fighting large fish, making fishing more comfortable, especially for long casts.
VERY ADAPTABLE: The sleeve extends to fit most brands and styles of fishing spinning, baitcasting, and spincast reels. They may be difficult to put on, but they will not slip off.

Tbest Fishing Spinning Reel Handle Metal Rocker Arm Reel Replacement Power Handle Grip

High-Quality Material: The Fishing Spinning Reel Handle is made of premium metal, making it sturdy and durable, as well as lightweight and portable. Quality can provide a more secure guarantee for your life.

The handle knob is made of EVA, which feels comfortable and has a stylish design, so you can use it with confidence. Help you focus on fishing and enjoy your leisure time, and provide you with a great weekend break experience.

Durable Accessory: Metal-made hex trunk is strong and unbreakable, providing a firm grip on the reel. The spare fishing accessory is dependable. It’s a good choice for a reel repair replacement because it’s simple to replace and install.

Application: There are two models of the Fishing Spinning Reel Handle to choose from, each suitable for a different reel to meet your needs. Excellent choice for reel repair replacement handle parts.

After-sales Guarantee: If you have any questions about the product or run into any problems while using it, please contact us directly. We will get back to you as soon as possible with a solution. There is no need to be concerned about after-sales services.

TEAMWILL Black EVA Power Fishing Reel Handle Grip for Abu Garcia Daiwa Baitcasting Reel

Aluminum handle with a high-density lightweight EVA knob that is sturdy and long-lasting.

It is made of an aluminum alloy, which gives it excellent resistance to saltwater and abrasion.

Good for replacing an old or broken handle, as well as reel repair parts.

Suitable for use with a baitcasting raft or a drum fishing reel.

It is simple to install and will provide you with a pleasant user experience.