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Shop Online Gadgets: Today, there are countless gadgets to be found in any industry. Numerous subjects such as apps for smartphones, funny things to give as a present, drones, an abundance of electronic gadgets, office gadgets, all kinds of things that you can connect with USB, and much more.

Various gadgets are also used in teaching, such as a globe, a skeleton, a galileo thermometer, and so on… Even the software industry uses gadgets; just think of a sidebar or a desktop on your screen.

Further, there are also: wedding gifts, a unique farewell gift for a colleague employee, home gadgets, cool tools, carnival costumes, and power banks, …

There are gadgets in the categories ‘food and drink’, ‘summer gadgets’, ‘toys and games’, ‘needlework’, ‘outdoor gadgets’, ‘clothing and accessories’, ‘residing living’, …

Gadgets In These Troubled Times Of Covid 19

Yes, you read that right! Unbelievable, but true! Now there are already gadgets on the market related to the terrible disease “Corona”. In this section you can already find very cheap gadgets such as: ‘multifunctional touch screen tool’, ‘warning button for 1.5 meters distance’, ‘antibacterial ballpoint pen’, …

Furthermore, you have a somewhat more expensive class such as: ‘virus-free door handle’, ‘social distance alarm’, ‘protect and safety screen’, … And then you have the most expensive gadgets such as: ‘various Plexi protective walls in all possible sizes’. As you can see, the business has to keep running and most entrepreneurs are inventive enough to design and offer such articles.

What would you buy for someone’s birthday?

Since there is an inexhaustible market for gadgets, you can quickly make your choice. Why not give a fun gadget to the family joker? Or a technical gadget for the handyman? We also think that such a gift is perfect! It’s unbelievable to see how wide the range is. And most gadgets are, as they were, made to give away.

5G Network
5G Network

For Your Website

These gadgets are little items made by Google users like you. In fact, these are cool and dynamic materials that appear on every website on the web. They call these apps “gadgets” because their creators are Google users. Of course, they are free for you to use, and can add them to any website you run. In addition, you can use them on a variety of Google properties (your iGoogle page, Google Desktop, Blogger, and Page Creator).

Other gadgets

Perhaps personalized gadgets such as a ballpoint pen or coffee mug with the owner’s name and in very peculiar designs. Many companies also offer gadgets as promotional gifts to their potential customers; of course with their advertising on it. This often happens at various trade fairs.

And we haven’t even talked about the gadgets in the game world or the video department. Nowadays there is a lot of publicity for new releases of games or music or film and gadgets are frequently developed for this. Just think of the boy in a Spiderman costume or a little girl playing with her cute dolls from her favorite movie “The Little Mermaid”.  Mother and father who have their own personalized cap of their idol from the music world, sports world or why not from “Disneyworld”?

Television Offers

In these times of online purchases, there are of course also many companies that propose teleshopping where there is a frequent promotion for household items that are promising or various helpers for car maintenance, etc…  Usually, there are also many gadgets to offer.

Providers of Gadgets

Of course, many well-known websites have gadgets in their range. Sounding names are of course ‘Ebay’, ‘Amazon’, ‘AliExpress’, ‘Walmart’, … But all ‘car brands’, ‘computer brands’, ‘the sporting goods industry’ often have gadgets. And of course, many other sectors also offer them. Listing them all would probably take a lot of space on this site. I intend to search on those various websites for the most exclusive gadgets and possibly compare them. These will then be regularly shown here.

The CES tech fair in Las Vegas


(Take a look at

CES is the abbreviation for “Consumer Electronics Show”. The fair has all kinds of novelties to offer in the areas of external video cards, beamers, SSDs, televisions, home automation sensors, CPU coolers, USB hubs, wearables, game chairs, smartphones, razors, 3D chips, video cameras, TV cards, game controllers, laptops, memory modules, home cinema and audio sets, monitors, led lamps, headsets and headphones, systems, motherboards, external hard drives, video cards, chipset coolers, routers, speakers, home automation base stations, processors, vacuum cleaners, consoles, navigation systems, power banks, power supplies, barebones, keyboards, external SSD’s, …

At this fair, you will find the latest highlights in the field of gadgets. This fair is usually organized in January. Some highlights at CES 2020 were :

  • the announcement of micro-LED televisions
  • laptops with folding screens
  • new smart devices for help in the household
  • even faster WiFi
  • more phones with 5G

The origin of the word gadget

Where does the word “Gadget” come from? Of course, there are many stories. But the following is the most told story :

The word was already used in the nineteenth century. A certain company called “Gaget, Gauthier & Cie” designed a small-scale model of the statue of liberty. Because they wanted to make their company known, they called it “Gaget”. Later on, the word became known as “Gadget”.

The word ‘gadget’ first appeared on paper in the book written by Robert Browns: “Spunyarn and Spundrift: A sailor boy’s log of a voyage out and home in a Chinese tea-clipper“.

In the beginning, people spoke of a gadget when they forgot the exact word of a device. Most gadgets can be found in consumer electronics. Nowadays many people are looking for the newest gadgets.

Whether or not correct names for gadgets are also :

  • a popular funny object without much value
  • electronic gadget
  • fashion article
  • new thingy
  • useless thing
  • small playful object

1080P Webcam with Microphone, EMEET C960 Web Camera, 2 Mics Streaming Webcam with Privacy Cover, 90°View Computer Camera, Plug&Play USB Webcam for Calls/Conference, Zoom/Skype/YouTube, Laptop/Desktop

Full HD 1080P Webcam with Privacy Cover for Video Calls – The EMEET is a computer webcam optimized for professional video streaming. Realistic 1920 x 1080p video and a 4-layer anti-glare lens make the video smooth. The object will be in the focal length range of 1.97 to 197 inches because of the fixed focal length. This will make the image clearer. You can automatically remove the privacy cover on the C960 USB webcam to meet your privacy needs. It is a great choice for a home office.


Built-in 2 Noise Reduction Mics: The EMEET webcam with microphone for desktop has 2 omnidirectional noise reduction microphones that pick up your voice and filter out background noise to make an excellent radio effect.


With an EMEET computer webcam, you can talk without any trouble because your voice is so clear. (When installing the webcam, make sure to set the microphones to use the EMEET C960 USB webcam as the default device.)


Low Dependence on Light: The EMEET HD webcam 1080p uses automatic low-light correction technology so that the streaming webcam can take a picture even when there isn’t much light. The EMEETC960 camera for your computer also has a low-light boost, a color boost, and an exposure adjustment so that you can look your best in both dim and bright lighting. Picture yourself working by a sunny window. Is it convenient that when you get a video call, you don’t have to close the curtains first to get a normal exposure picture?


Plug-and-play and a wide view of 90 degrees. No driver is needed. The EMEET C960 PC webcam can be used without drivers, so you can just plug it in and use it. This will save you time. The web camera is easy to carry around because it folds up, and the 70.87-inch/1.8m USB cord is long enough for any job. With its 90° wide-angle lens, the USB camera can fit more people. In video calls, you don’t have to change the direction of the webcam all the time to show people in different places.


High Compatibility and Multiple Applications: The C960 webcam for laptops works with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7/8/8.1/10, Mac 10.4 or later, and Android Smart TV. The streaming camera works with a huge range of popular programs, including Zoom, Facetime, Facebook, Skype, YouTube, and more. This web camera is perfect for you as a tripod-ready universal clip, whether you use it to study or teach online, work from home, attend a conference, a meeting, or video call.

PROS and CONS from verified buyers on Amazon

As you can see there are both positive and negative impressions of the product… So you can clearly see that every person has his own opinion, and what is good for one person, is bad for another, and vice versa. Therefore, you can actually really rate the product if you try it out yourself. The choice is yours!


I’m super happy I found this one.


The camera lighting adjusts really well to the room lighting and you really don’t need to have a light on to be able to see things in the camera during the night.


I’m happy to say that you can adjust the angle of the camera quite easily without having to take it off your monitor or worrying about it falling.


The hinge is stiff but in a positive way.


this webcam is plug-n-play and works great


Video clarity is impressive. Worth every penny I spent on it!


I love the way the picture is crystal clear.


The merchant suggested I install the software from their website to adjust the color, which worked perfectly.


Pleasantly surprised at the overall quality.


This is good quality, wide-angle camera and is easy to use. I recommend it, especially to those of us who are not computer experts.


It does auto-focus really well and the microphone is good.


As soon as you plug the USB, the setup will show on your computer and you can toggle it from there. Fairly priced.


Works well on both Pcs and Macs. Also used with both WebEx and Zoom. Having 1080p is certainly an improvement over 720p cameras.


Only worked well for 7 months. Afterward, the color of the picture captured by this camera became distorted.


Above all, I wished I could zoom in or narrow the field of view.


Small issue with lighting conditions when part of the image is lit and part is shadowed.


overall it is great, works on discord but might crash discord if you’re on less powerful laptops/PCs


very crisp all-around audio quality is nothing to rave about.


The auto-white balance makes this practically unusable.


as a streamer, my lighting conditions change regularly (sometimes pink, blue, or other LED colors.)


Maybe good for someone needing it for casual meetups for work or calling family, but for any other purposes – NO SHOT.


However, I took a chance on a name I didn’t know. The camera shows totally green picture. I should have stuck with the names I know. Maybe they may prove me otherwise. It’s not easy being Green.


There is no way to change the focus or settings on this camera – I tried going to their website and they have no software or anything to help with this webcam.


There is no ring to focus on (it is fixed for looks only). I tried several times to restart it, I tried several ports, and I even tried uninstalling and installing again. And as they say, we can always restart the computer. Nope, nada… nothing. Still fuzzier than my dog – and unless you are a samoyed, that is hard to do.


it’s like going back 100 years in video quality. At least the microphone worked otherwise you could clearly reenact the 1920s silent movie era.


This brings me to the conclusion of this article. I hope you enjoyed it, and please feel free to leave any questions, more information, comments, ambiguities, or untruths in the comments.