Unique Fishing Gadgets

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Unique Fishing Gadgets: Preface

Unique Fishing Gadgets

There are also a lot of unique fishing gadgets to be found in the fishing world. And this applies to all types of fishing. But first and foremost you should know that there are 5 basic methods in fishing that can then be practiced in the various fishing types. So you have:

  • bait fishing: the classic and most used in the world (Interesting link: Britannica.com – Bait Fishing)
  • baitcasting: a fishing rod is used with a spinning reel on top of the rod
  • fly fishing: it uses the weight of the line to cast the bait. That bait consists of a hook with a coastal kind of prey in the form of feathers or something similar.
  • trolling: mostly used behind a moving boat
  • spinning: a fishing rod is used with a spinning reel at the bottom of the rod

Bait FishingBait Casting Reel Fly Fishing

Trolling   Spinning

These 5 methods are used in both freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing.

Many gadgets are used for fishing itself, but various things can also be found around the theme of fishing. Here are some headings:

Unique Fishing Gadgets: Gadgets for children

  • MUMUSUKI: If your child loves fishing and really likes everything that has to do with fishing, this cuddly toy will probably please him/her. Assuming it’s not afraid of a fish-shaped pillow. It is a “real look” design of a carp in a nice 3D simulation. The children can play and throw with it, but the cuddly toy can also be used as a pillow in bed or, for example, for comfort in the car, and why not on the sofa? These “carp” is available in the sizes 40cm / 60cm / 80cm. The fish is visible on both sides which makes it look even more lively. The pattern is also very beautiful decorative. For enthusiasts, it can also make your home more vibrant. Maybe something for the aquarium fanatics? And when used in bed, you will sleep softly but not get up with a fishy smell … The materials used are PP cotton and plush. Really comfortable and very soft. The zipper is also professionally concealed in this cuddly toy and therefore invisible. Also useful for cleaning. It is a really fun gadget and nice to give as a gift to family or acquaintances.
  • PLUSINNO: If the children are a bit older and can start fishing, there are also handy fishing kits especially for beginners. This kit contains a fishing rod with the latest design of 2020. The design is made of epoxy in combination with plastic and EVA. It is durable but also a light rod that can be handled very easily by a child. Even when the children are playing in the water, they are not going to lose their grip. Of course, the following items are also included: a carry bag, float bobbers, spin-cast reel, jig heads, a selection of crankbaits, swivels, sinkers, and soft lures. The reel is also easy to use and extremely safe for children.
  • Learning through play: Your child will have fun and create fantasies with this simulated fishing equipment. Social skills, fine motor skills, and hand-eye cooperation are stimulated. Magnets are used in the game itself. The set consists of 11 parts: fishing pole, tackle box, 3 worms, vest, fishing net, 3 fish, and activity guide. Only for children from the age 3+.

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Gadgets for men

  • FISHOHOLIC: A cup made of stainless steel, double-walled and vacuum-insulated. Suitable for soft drinks, beer, soup, tea, coffee, … It is a black tumbler with the Fishoholic logo on both sides. But be careful if you use it for alcohol and drink too much of it as you may well keep the fish company!
  • Fish 20 Ounce Jumbo Mug: A beautiful ceramic mug with a large handle. For a volume of 20 ounces. Suitable for hot drinks such as soup, tea, and coffee. The mug is printed all around with images of fish. It can be placed in both the microwave and the dishwasher. This gadget was manufactured in New Hampshire with just the solar energy to do it.
  • MRCUFF Fish Fishing Reel Fisherman: 4 pairs of French-looking cufflinks. These come in a presentation box with gift wrap around it. A microfiber cleaning cloth is included.

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Various gadgets

  • GoFish Cam Wireless Underwater Fishing Camera: Full HD video 1080P @ 60Fps, 30Fps, and 720P @ 60Fps. With this camera, you can take beautiful pictures of what can be seen under the water. The device is completely stable and has a hydronic shape. The in-line rigging is very easy. For fishing in deep water or night fishing, the device is also equipped with green LEDs. You can use the user-friendly app to save the recordings and share them with family and acquaintances later.
  • Line Cutterz Aluminum Hook Holder Ring – Pulls Knots Tight Safely: This is a very light gadget that serves to remove knots from the fishing line where the fishing hooks can be safely hooked. An aluminum block was used to mill the ring out of it. Then it was also anodized black. It has two silver Cutterz logos that were etched in. Suitable for the heavier work with, for example, fluorocarbon fishing lines.
  • Karecel Hand Warmer: This hand warmer is electric and rechargeable. It uses a reusable 5200 mAh, portable USB battery. Very comfortable and usable in very cold periods such as winter. Can of course also be used for various things that happen Outdoors, such as outdoor camping, hiking, traveling, or visiting sporting events live, and the like. The device can even be used as a power bank, so a hand warmer and an emergency battery combined. For safety, an internal protection system was built to prevent short circuits and overloads. The product is explosion-proof, shock-resistant, anti-slip, anti-combustion, radiation-free, and uses green energy, resulting in healthy heat transfer. The device is equipped with an environmentally friendly lithium-ion battery and is made of high-quality aluminum and ABS. Three settings are available: 104 ~ 113 ° F (40 ~ 45 ° C) / 113 ~ 122 ° F (45 ~ 50 ° C) / 122 ~ 131 ° F (50 ~ 55 ° C).
    This gadget heats up in seconds. The status of the battery and the heating is shown through 3 indicator lights. As a power bank (5200 mAh) it can be used to charge the most common devices such as smartphones and other things that are USB rechargeable.
  • Elkton Outdoors 60L Insulated Fish Cooler Bag: A giant insulated fish cooler bag with a capacity of 60 liters. Leak-proof and equipped with handles with an easy grip. Thanks to the double-walled insulation of premium quality, the fish is guaranteed to stay fresh. Two sizes are available: 40 “x20” and 60 “x20”. This cool bag can easily be stored by a 3-point folding system. When designing, Elkton has provided a non-stick coating on the inside. The bag can be rinsed with a garden hose, cleaned with soap, and towel-dried. The lining and the outside of the cool bag have been made completely leak-proof. Due to this high quality, it can be used for years.
  • Lixada Wireless Digital Fishing LED Alarm Alert Set 4 Fishing Bite Alarm + 1: Presented in a nice case. It includes a receiver with an LCD indicator and 4 stainless steel chain pendants. When a fish bites, this is reported with clearly visible LED alarm signals. It is provided with a 256 variable code so that there is no interference with other anglers. Various things can be set such as the volume, the tone knob, and the sensitivity. Also, an illuminated swinger can be connected via an extra connection. The device is equipped with an antenna and has a range of 100 meters. The surface is finished with special rubber. The swinger is illuminated with a 4 LED system and can show different colors. The material is made of stainless steel. The sizes of the alarm are: 9 x 5 x 4.5 cm (3.5 x 2 x 1.8 inch). The dimensions of the receiver: 17.5 x 6.2 x 3.9 cm (6.9 x 2.4 x 1.5 inch).
  • 15,000 Lumen 30ft Cord Waterproof AC Underwater Fishing Light Green LED Submersible Dock LightUnderwater Fishing Light, Dock Light, LED, Submersible, Green. On the picture of the product, you can see “A School of Bait Fishing and Florida Gar Stacked Around the 15,000 Lumen Light”.
  • ReferenceReady Lots of Knots Bundle – Outdoors, Fly Fishing, Climbing, and Boating Knot Cards – Includes 57 Knots: For those who have difficulty making knots, there are still these handy reference cards. In the total set 57 knots are shown and explained in a crystal clear way. These include knots for fly fishing, climbing, nautical knots, and knots for general outdoor use. The knots are explained with fantastically detailed diagrams and all kinds of useful tips. The cards are made of completely waterproof, premium plastic cardboard and are quite thick, which makes durability victorious.
  • Electric Fish Scaler, Powerful Cordless Fish Scaler Scale Scraper Remover Cleaner Skinner Kit Build in 12V Rechargeable Battery: This scaler is equipped with a powerful motor torque and is ideal for scaling your fish. In the fish market, one can see several fishmongers using this device because it is so convenient. It is a compact handheld design that can be used cordlessly. It also has a waterproof level that allows it to be immersed in water. The built-in rechargeable battery ensures a long operating time. You can really use this fish scaler everywhere!
  • LE LED Camping Lantern Rechargeable, 600LM, Detachable Flashlight, Perfect Lantern Flashlight for Hurricane Emergency, Hiking, Fishing and More, USB Cable and Car Charger Included: This lantern is ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, hiking, etc … The lantern is illuminated on 2 sides and the other 2 sides the light is provided by 2 flashlights that are also removable. The device has 600 lumens, a beam angle of 360 degrees, and is also water-resistant. The power is supplied by a built-in rechargeable battery of 1800 mAh, or three D batteries. 6 AAA batteries are included for the flashlights to provide the lamps with energy. Of course, this camping lamp can also be used for emergencies such as natural disasters, power outages, survival kits, and countless other situations.

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So here I have shown some interesting gadgets that can be used in fishing. But there are of course many more such as the rods, the reels, the floats, the hooks, the fishing lines, the unhookers, the pliers, the rod holders, etc … I will discuss these in more detail in the other sections that can be found via the navigation bar. I hope you have been able to find a little bit of inspiration and do not hesitate to contact me if you want to provide information or additional information. Have fun fishing!