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Fishing Rod Storage Systems – Fishing Rod Rest

If you plan on fishing for a long time, you may get tired in the long run if you keep the rod in your hands at all times. To have your hands free when fishing, the rod must of course be supported by something else. A fishing rod rest is used for this.

This rest can be adjusted in such a way that the rod is in a constant good position. It is also much better because there is less play on the rod as opposed to always holding the rod in your hands. The top of the rod can therefore always be aimed at a fixed place where fishing is effective. Here one also speaks of static fishing. So here too there are many different models. Every angler will have to decide what he feels most comfortable with.

Fishing Rod Peak (or Bankstick)

The simplest is the fishing rod peak that can be attached to the back of the rod. Maybe this rest is better known as “bankstick”. The fishing rod must of course be equipped for this. Usually, you can simply screw on the spike. This peak is then inserted into the bottom in a good way, taking the position of the rod into account. However, for heavier and/or longer rods this is quite difficult to use. Such a simple peak can also be used for sea fishing. This is then placed in the sand or between the stones. Usually, this peak is already part of the sea rod.

Simplest Rod Rest - Fishing Rod Storage Systems
Simplest Rod Rest
Bank Sticks - Fishing Rod Storage Systems
Bank Sticks

Rod Pod

With a rod pod, you can store several rods. It is a kind of tripod on which you can usually put 3 fishing rods. This rod pod can have a 3-legged or a 4-legged setup. If you would like to raise or lower your rod tips, this type is recommended. The 3-legged rot pod can be compared to a tripod on which a camera is placed. This type is less stable than a 4-legged rod pod. Make sure that the 3-legged rod pod is on a solid bottom.

With a 4-legged rod pod, it is more difficult to place the rods up and down because the rods are flatter on the frame. But the stability, on the other hand, is much better. The use of this rod pod is very pleasant as you can fish in a large open area without too many obstacles.

Tri Pod - Rod Pod - Fishing Rod Storage Systems
Tri Pod – Rod Pod
4 Legged Rod Pod - Fishing Rod Storage Systems
4 Legged Rod Pod

It is most recommended to work with a 4-legged rod pod because it is more stable and can be placed on any ground. For example, it will never be possible to use banksticks on a quay or any other surface that cannot be inserted. Even if the rod pod is made of aluminum, the 4-legged rod pod will still prove its stability.

Snag Ears

Sometimes it happens that a rod is pulled off the rod pod by a serious fish taking the bait. But there are also small devices for this, the so-called snag ears. These snag ears are included with many bite alarms. The snag ears are small, special rods that can be placed on the back of the alarm. Then the fishing rod is placed between those 2 rods so the fishing rod can no longer be moved to the left or right.

Snag Ears - Fishing Rod Storage Systems
Snag Ears

Fishing Rod Storage Systems – Fishing Rod Stopper

You can compare this rod stopper a bit with the snag ears, but where the device is attached to the rod itself. This is especially useful when fishing with a closed slip on the reel. Because who has never seen his fishing rod end up in the water?

Fishing Rod Stopper - Fishing Rod Storage Systems
Fishing Rod Stopper

Boat Support for Fishing

Of course, there are also rod supports for boat fishing. Extremely useful for trolling.

Berkley Boat Rod Holder - Fishing Rod Storage Systems
Berkley Boat Rod Holder

Fishing Rod Storage Systems – Storage Racks for Fishing Rods

When you come home from a long day of fishing you naturally want to make sure your rods are properly stored. Especially when it concerns more expensive materials that must be treated with all care. The fishing rod storage racks exist for this.

Here you have the standing rod racks and the rod racks that are attached to the wall. You can already store many rods in a standing rod rack; there are already on the market where you can easily store 12 rods. But the rod racks for the wall are also popular. The rods are stored horizontally so that not much space is required. And the view of such a display is great! You can also attach such a fishing rod rack to the ceiling.

If you are planning to buy such a fishing rod storage rack, you must therefore know what quality it should be and which rods you want to store. Think of rods with or without a reel. The material also plays a role: you already have shelves in plastic but also beautiful hardwood. Turn your fishing rod rack into a beautiful showcase!

Rod Rack - Standing - Fishing Rod Storage Systems
Rod Rack – Standing
Rod Rack - Wall/Ceiling - Fishing Rod Storage Systems
Rod Rack – Wall/Ceiling

There are even people who store their rods in a rack attached to the interior of their car …

Rod Rack in Car - Fishing Rod Storage Systems
Rod Rack in Car

Storage Bag

You can also choose to give your rod extra protection by storing it in a special storage bag. This is again important for precious copies. With the more expensive storage bags, you have also built in a stabilization bar so that it cannot fold in half. Here you also have various sizes: from 1 rod to 3 rods, and different lengths. There are even special versions for the type of fishing: carp fishing, saltwater fish, coarse fish, and so on.

Fishing Rod - Storage Bag - Fishing Rod Storage Systems
Fishing Rod – Storage Bag

Fishing Rod Storage Systems – Maintenance

After fishing, it is also recommended to take good care of the rod (s). This is best done after every fishing session and also an annual thorough check. Clean all rod parts thoroughly with a damp cloth. Pay particular attention to where the closures are because this is where the most dirt or sand can be found. Grains of sand is enough to damage your fishing rods. If you want to take extra care, you can rub the rod afterward with beeswax or teak oil.

With casting rods, one must check that the eyes do not get worn. This can cause damage to the fishing line with all possible consequences. A tip to check those eyes: take a ladies’ nylon stocking and run it through the eye. If she continues to falter then something is definitely wrong … If it is really necessary you can restore the paint on the rod by applying a layer of varnish.

The spinning reel must also be well maintained and rinsed. Do this for a long time for reels that are used for sea fishing. People who really want to be sure can still enter their rod (s) in a fishing tackle shop to have it checked.

Fishing lines and lures should also be viewed after each fishing session. With lines on a fishing reel, if you have doubts about the quality, you have to completely unwind this line and confirm it again, but the other way around. So you have a new fishing line, as it were. Hooks and split rings must then be checked again for rust and the sharpness of the hook. Spoons and spinners can be cleaned again by cleaning them with fluoride toothpaste and a toothbrush. Then rinse them thoroughly under the tap and wipe them dry. You can remove any deposits by soaking them in an anti-scale agent.


I hope that with this information I have been able to teach you something. If you have any questions/suggestions/information, you can always leave me a message. Thank you.

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